Zip line Dream Meanings

Zip Line Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

A dream with a zip line in it may be expressing a desire for a certain amount of freedom or risk-taking that is safe and contained.
Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox
Dreams of a zip-line represent that you are moving swiftly and joyously from one place in your life to another. Consider the feeling tone of this dream and whether or not you feel that you have a handle on these rapid moves and changes in your life.
Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

27 dream interpretation about zip and line related.


To see linen in your dream, augurs prosperity and enjoyment.

If a person appears to you dressed in linen garments, you will shortly be the recipient of joyful tidings in the nature of an inheritance.

If you are apparelled in clean, fine linen, your fortune and fullest enjoyment in life is assured.

If it be soiled, sorrow and ill luck will be met with occasionally, mingled with the good in your life.... linen dream meaning


According to the position; a warning if it is slanted across something, etc.,... line dream meaning


Connections with others; one s ability to be ‘open’ or ‘closed’ with others. ... zip dream meaning


Bringing attention to the relevance of that particular area... zip-code dream meaning

Power Lines

To see or become entangled in power lines, represents your struggle for power and empowerment. You are experiencing an obstacle toward your goals or in your romantic relationship. This is a common dream for people who are having power struggles with their parents.... power lines dream meaning


Broken lines represent the feminine aspect. Solid lines represent the masculine aspect.... lines dream meaning

Crooked Line

1- When a line appears in a dream as crooked, there is usually the need to register the oddity, as being out of balance or off-kilter. There may be some insinceritv in our dealings with others.

The line may be any sort of line, such as a queue of people, a line of cars or whatever.

2- We must acknowledge our own ability to be diverted from truth and honesty.

3- Deviance from the norm in a spiritual sense can be a falling away of the standards we have set ourselves.

If we are aware of this on a spiritual level, a crooked line will often appear in a dream.... crooked line dream meaning

Finish Line

Dreams of a finish line signifies a mark of completion, achievement and success. Consider whether or not you have won.

See End and Death.... finish line dream meaning

Plumb Line

That which brings balance and justice... plumb line dream meaning

Chalk Lines

1. Death.

2. To learn to play the game more fairly. ... chalk lines dream meaning

Linen Merchant

(Linen shop) A linen merchant in a dream represents trials with women, depression, distress, toiling, adversities and humiliation.... linen merchant dream meaning


You or you witness someone spread liners: you’ll enjoy a peaceful and stable life... liners dream meaning


You are either at the end of your rope, feeling exhausted, as in Blindness, or you have reached your goal.... end-of-the-line dream meaning

Linen / Sheets / Pillowcases

The color is important.

Folklore: Good omen.... linen / sheets / pillowcases dream meaning

Zip Codes

(see Numbers)

A way to locate someone or something for which you have been searching. Make special note of these numbers, and see if you can’t find a waking representation of them.

Effectiveness of communications. Having the wrong zip code on a letter will keep its message from being delivered promptly. Are you directing your words in the right way, to the right people?

A numerological code equating to basic personality traits that either need to be developed or honed to improve your relationships. Add all the numbers together (for example, 14127 = 15 = 1+5 = 6), and look that number up herein for more ideas.... zip codes dream meaning

Linen Closet

Sorting linens in a linen closet may represent managing money It may present your concerns about comfort and attaining an elegant lifestyle. Thus, the linen closet may represent a place where the good things of life are stored. Or it may point to where we store our purest intentions.... linen closet dream meaning

Bottom Line

Dreams of a bottom line symbolize clarity, focus, and finality. This dream can also represent your issues with money.... bottom line dream meaning


Dreams about being on-line represent your inherent connection with the world, the masses and quantum consciousness.

If you dream of on-line dating, then this represents your openness to endless possibilities in love, and that your mental, emotional, spiritual, and geographical boundaries are expanded beyond your familiar sphere of possibilities.

See World Wide Web.... on-line dream meaning

Zip Lock

Dreams of a zip lock bag signify your desire to keep a secret sealed, or to preserve your true feelings. You might feel that you need to zip your lips until you feel safe to express yourself.... zip lock dream meaning

Assembly Line

To dream that you are working on an assembly line, represents repetitious thinking and old ways of doing things.

It is symbolic of predictability and unchanging habits. Also see “Factory.”... assembly line dream meaning

Clothes Line

To dream that you are hanging up clothes on a clothesline, suggests that you are clarifying your thoughts and elevating yourself to a new state of awareness.... clothes line dream meaning

Line Up

To dream that you are standing in line, indicates your need for patience. You should be prepared to wait for something and not have it right away.... line up dream meaning

Standing In Line

To dream that you are standing in line, indicates your need for patience. You should be prepared to wait for something and not have it right away.... standing in line dream meaning

Line Dancing

Were you dancing in line with people you know in a country music scene? If so your unconscious may be reflecting on your tendency to conform or else your habit of stepping out of line or of failing to conform to the behavior your loved ones expect. Were you dancing in line or were you out of step?... line dancing dream meaning

Fishing Line

1. Catching fish;

2. The Gospel. Matt. 4:19;

• Fishing Rod

- Tool of evangelism; Jer. 9:8;

• Fish Tank

- Church... fishing line dream meaning


1. Reveals the private intimate moments between married couple.... linen/bed dream meaning

Washing Line

1. Restoration ministry;

2. Place to hang clothes on; psalm 51:7.... washing line dream meaning