Zip codes Dream Meanings

Zip Codes Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

(see Numbers)

A way to locate someone or something for which you have been searching. Make special note of these numbers, and see if you can’t find a waking representation of them.

Effectiveness of communications. Having the wrong zip code on a letter will keep its message from being delivered promptly. Are you directing your words in the right way, to the right people?

A numerological code equating to basic personality traits that either need to be developed or honed to improve your relationships. Add all the numbers together (for example, 14127 = 15 = 1+5 = 6), and look that number up herein for more ideas.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco


Connections with others; one s ability to be ‘open’ or ‘closed’ with others. ... zip dream meaning


Bringing attention to the relevance of that particular area... zip-code dream meaning

Zip Line

Dreams of a zip-line represent that you are moving swiftly and joyously from one place in your life to another. Consider the feeling tone of this dream and whether or not you feel that you have a handle on these rapid moves and changes in your life.... zip line dream meaning

Zip Lock

Dreams of a zip lock bag signify your desire to keep a secret sealed, or to preserve your true feelings. You might feel that you need to zip your lips until you feel safe to express yourself.... zip lock dream meaning