Zephyr Dream Meanings

Zephyr Dream Meaning: From 6 Different Sources

1. A preference for romantic, poetic pleasures over all else.

2. Too much focus on searching for love relationships, and low self-esteem.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
To dream of soft zephyrs, denotes that you will sacrifice fortune to obtain the object of your affection and will find reciprocal affection in your wooing.

If a young woman dreams that she is saddened by the whisperings of the zephyrs, she will have a season of disquietude by the compelled absence of her lover.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller
(See Wind).

To dream of listening to the soft sounds of zephyrs, is a portent of deceit by a lover.

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
The fed of this mild warm breeze in your dream suggests that you are in danger of letting your heart overrule your head in regard to business or financial affairs; it would be in your own best interests to remove the rose- colored spectacles if you can.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett
Inconstancy is augured by this dream (Gypsy). A symbol of lightness and fickleness.
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream
Author: Katherine Taylor Craig

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Zephyr (soft Breezes)

When you dream of the zepher winds, it indicates you think more of love than you do of fortune, and you’ll spend everything you have to capture the object of your affections.

If you are saddened by them the soft winds, your lover will be going away for a long period of time. Soft winds ruffling a child’s hair means the child will have a long and mostly happy life.... zephyr (soft breezes) dream meaning