Xenophobia Dream Meanings

Xenophobia Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

(see also Alien)

Any fear of a stranger or foreigner in a dream may symbolize a fear of something in your own unconscious, probably something you have repressed (on repression).

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd
lucky numbers: 02-08-27-28-36-46

deporting a foreigner: loss of a faithful friend.

disliking: family quarrels.

having hatred for: happiness.

insulting: a mystery wil be solved.

man being married to a foreign woman: luck and prosperity.

woman, man: congenial work and good news.

melting pot, of the: a marriage outside the family causes upset.

of xenogamy: wil have unexpected friends come to dinner.

2 dream interpretation about xenophobia related.

Xenophobia (fear Of Strangers Or Foreigners)

1. Reverse: happiness, contentment.

2. Feeling as if a friend has been lost.

3. Domestic difficulties. ... xenophobia (fear of strangers or foreigners) dream meaning

X Xenophobia

Acting xenophobic with a stranger shows your own fears and insecurities, and could be in the working field or in amorous relationships. Being rejected by this type of attitude denotes your fear of not being accepted as you are.... x xenophobia dream meaning