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To dream that you are wrapping a gift,suggests that you may be trying to express some feeling or have something awkward to say that has to be carefully packaged.
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Symbolic of the love of Christ, Eph. 4:8... gifts dream meaning


(Cloth; Cover) Wearing a wrapping around one’s waist in a dream represents a husband and a wife who live together without sexual relationship.

A wrapping in a dream also may represent a dullish or a simple-minded child.

(Also see Wrap up; Wrap)... wrapping dream meaning

Wrapping Paper

(see Box)

What is the paper covering? This may represent portions of yourself that you have hidden, suppressed, or concealed for whatever reasons.

If the paper is being removed in your dream, then you are likewise opening up those aspects for closer examination and eventual integration.... wrapping paper dream meaning

Wrapped / Wrapping

(1) A wrapped parcel may mean you are hiding - suppressing or repressing - some part of your personality (for suppression / repression).

(2) If it is yourself you are wrapping up in a dream, this may symbolize either a desire to conceal your feelings from yourself or from others; or a sense of shame or guilt or inadequacy; or a longing for the warmth of love. In all cases the first thing to do is to remove the wrappings - that is, to uncover that part of yourself that needs attention.... wrapped / wrapping dream meaning