Workplace Dream Meanings

Workplace Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

The “work” aspect of your life.

Your real-life work or job (even if the dream workplace doesn’t resemble your actual workplace).

The idea of working or being productive.

The idea of your job status (such as having one, not having one, needing one, or getting one).

Your relationships at work, or people you know there.

See also: Business; Building; Factory; Working; Job; Coworker

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
Schools, colleges, universities and the workplace have much in common. They are all centers of learning, anxiety and ambition, and places where people interact and learn from each other. This is why the unconscious may use them as interchangeable dream metaphors. Your boss may appear in your dream as a teacher, or colleagues may appear in the guise of school friends or classmates. So if a dream places you in a workplace, remember to look for any links with school scenarios.

If your dream featured your actual workplace and colleagues you work with everyday, it may have been highlighting your preoccupation with your job. It may also have been trying to draw your attention to a specific aspect of your job. You spend much of your time at work, so work is of considerable importance emotionally.

If you are comfortable at work, dreams of the workplace and the people with whom you work may become symbols of reassurance and reward; but if you are not comfortable at work, they can become symbols of frustration.

If you had a dream in which you were performing mindless repetitive tasks on an assembly line, perhaps you feel as if you are being treated like a mindless automaton in waking life or that others are making relentless demands on you. Or do you feel that you are losing your sense of identity in your job or that people in your life are taking you for granted?

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

50 dream interpretation about workplace related.


To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win well-earned success by concentrating your energy. It can also signify a creative breakthrough.

If unusual characters appear in the workplace, such as members of your family, try and bring their influence into your work life. Also see “Coworkers”, “Fired” and “Quit.”... work dream meaning


1- Dreaming of voting in an election, whether general or within the workplace, highlights our wish and ability to belong to groups.

If we are conscious we arc voting with the group we are happy to accept group practice. Voting against the group indicates a need to rebel.

2- While the process of voting is supposed to be fair and just, when we dream of this we may be questioning that process.

To dream of being elected to a position is to seek power.

3- Spiritually when we have given unconditional acceptance to something, we have placed our trust in it.

A votive offering is a spiritual request.... vote dream meaning


Material aspects: Depending on what seems to be happening in a dream a factory can actually represent the workplace and our attitude to our employment.

An assembly line might suggest a sense of boredom for instance.... factory dream meaning


General Meaning: Established works or visions in your life. Different buildings will represent different visions or ministries.

• If you are dreaming of being in a building from your past, it is possible that hurts or what happened back there is being stirred up once again in your life.

If you dream of the house you grew up in, it could indicate that you are either facing conflicts from the past or perhaps putting things from the past to rest.

• Look up the subject of Healing Dreams in the Way of Dreams and Visions for more on this.

• Office Buildings • An office building is where you work and speaks of your life in the workplace and world.

• It is also a good picture of business and wealth. In the Old Testament such business was conducted at the city gate.

• Positive: We have often seen a ribbon cutting ceremony in front a new building.

• This is a picture of a new ministry or division of the ministry that the Lord has established in the spirit.

If you are in intercession and see something like this, then the Lord is calling you to birth the new vision in the spirit.

To release it through decree.

Negative: If you see a building being demolished, you need to decide of this is a good or a bad thing. At times a prophet will be called of the Lord to speak destruction on a work that is not of Him.

• If you are a prophet you might see a building being built or torn down in the spirit.

It is for you to speak that forth in the spirit.

• Jeremiah 1:10 See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant..... buildings dream meaning


You are in the midst of a transition in life, perhaps directly connected to personal growth or assessment. Climbing up stairs should be interpreted as ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Going down stairs connects to revisiting places or moving into lower levels of thought, such as anger and envy, or facing your own emotional development by revisiting old issues. Where the stairs are is important to consider.

A stairway in a home is about personal transitions, whereas stairs in public environments reveal issues around how you operate out in the world, in full view of others. There may be literal elements of this image in a dream, as a dream that takes place on a stairway at your workplace will likely connect to issues that are work-related.

A stairway in a public park may reveal shifts that involve issues of relaxation and leisure.... stairs dream meaning


(Candle; Flame; Light; Torch) If a pregnant woman sees herself carrying a lamp in a dream, it means that she will beget a son. As for a sick person, a lamp represents his life.

If the lamp is dimmed in the dream, it means his death.

If one sees himself repairing a lamp in a dream, it means that he will recover from an illness.

A lamp with a weak battery, or low electrical current represents health problems for a pregnant woman.

A strong lamp that lights one’s entire house denotes righteousness in that house. Ifone turns off the light in his house in a dream, it denotes the suspicious character of the owner, his financial troubles, his death, the death of a father, a mother, a wife, a child or a sick person. Ifone sees a sick person rising to the sky and carrying a lamp in a dream, it means the return of his soul to its Lord. Ifone draws light from someone else’s lamp in a dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge. Extinguishing the light of an oil lamp in a dream means attempting to conceal the truth by opposing a truthful witness, yet he will fail to win his case. Carrying a lighted lamp in the daylight in a dream represents a religious and a righteous person. Walking with a lamp during the night in a dream means observing a night vigil and prayers.

If such a person is religious by nature, then it represents benefits. Otherwise, it means that he will see wonders. Carrying a lamp at night in a dream also means repentance from one’s sins. Carrying an unlit lamp, candle, or torch in a dream means business losses, or problems at the workplace.

If one sees a lamp filled with oil that does not burn in a dream, it means sorrow and distress.

(Also see Lamp stand; Wick)... lamp dream meaning

Wooden Bowl

(Bowl) In a dream, a wooden bowl represents the world, or earning money from a business during a trip, while a porcelain or a ceramic bowl in a dream signifies earnings from a local business.

A bowl in a dream also represents one’s condition, state, or the management of his affairs. Licking a bowl, or licking one’s fingers after cleaning the bowl with one’s hand in a dream means consuming one’s share in this world and the nearing of one’s death.

A wooden bow1in a dream also represents a woman, a housekeeper, the workplace, or one’s shop. Ifone sees a gathering of people or scholars partaking in a sweet meal from a large wooden bowl in a dream, it represents a community project that unites people’s hearts and allows them to share their knowledge.

If one sees a group of people gathering to eat a fish or a piece of rotten meat in a dream, it means that a group of evil people are gathered to take advantage of a prostitute.

(Also see Bowl)... wooden bowl dream meaning


also see Digging

1- Dreaming of mines signifies bringing the resources of the unconscious into the light of day. We are able to use the potential we have available. Interestingly in dreams mines can also represent the workplace.

2- This is one of those symbols which can actually be a word play.

The things in the dream are ‘mine’.

3- Mines spiritually suggest the ability to ‘mine’, or learn from the emerging unconscious.... mines dream meaning


A very aggressive sport in which you can make a goal playing offensively and defensively, football may thus metaphorically reflect an individual who will do anything to win and achieve his or her goals. Viewing a football game in your dream may be a response to some aggressive behavior in your workplace. It may mention the need to get more aggressive in pursuing your goals professionally.... football dream meaning


Depth Psychology: Dreaming about having an asthma attack needs to be taken seriously. You are either living in a “suffocating” relationship. or your workplace, colleagues, or everyday existence do not give you room to breath. Waste no time finding the reason for this dream!... asthma dream meaning


To dream of impotence implies a general pressure to perform, but particularly in the workplace.

It is possible that there is a situation occurring in which you are being emasculated; your unconscious is alerting you to the importance of regaining your power at this time.... impotence dream meaning


To dream that you are in charge of a zoo implies that you may be feeling out of control of your charges in waking life. Whether it be in the workplace or home, you may feel as though you need a tight rein on your children or employees as they are behaving restlessly and possibly recklessly. Time out for everyone, especially yourself, is advised when finding yourself dreaming of zoos and zoo keepers.... zookeeper dream meaning

Compete / Competition

Material aspects: As today’s world is highly competitive our dreams may highlight competitiveness in ways that we do not consciously recognize.

Dreaming of running a race might highlight such competition in the workplace.... compete / competition dream meaning


Material aspects: This can simply represent our everyday workplace or a task which we have undertaken. You might like to consult the entry for work.... corporate dream meaning


Material aspects: The commercial meaning of font as a form of lettering can give rise to images in dreams particularly in relation to the workplace.

To be changing a font would suggest doing things differently, whereas not being able to load the correct font suggests a difficulty in getting matters into perspective.... font dream meaning

Mine / Miner

Material aspects: Dreaming of mines signifies bringing the resources of the unconscious into the light of day. We are able to use the potential we have available. Interestingly in dreams mines can also represent the workplace. You might also like to consult the entries for digging / excavation and metal.... mine / miner dream meaning

Pool / Pond

Material aspects: Dreaming of a pool deals with our need for the understanding of our own emotions and inner feelings.

A pool in a wood, for instance, would suggest the ability to understand our own need for peace and tranquility.

An urban swimming pool might signify our need for structure in our relationships with other people, whereas a pool in the road would suggest an emotional problem to be got through before carrying out our plans.

A pond might suggest the emotions associated with the workplace in that this is an environment where relationships are artificially constructed.... pool / pond dream meaning


A booth is synonymous with isolation, although this sense may differ depending on the type of booth you dream about. So, if it is a telephone booth, it predicts an unexpected call or visit; a photography booth, recognition in at the workplace; erotic, an unsatisfying sexual facet; and aesthetic, underestimation by the environment. The more uncomfortable the sleeper feels in the booth, the worse the situation in her circle of friends will be.... booth dream meaning


Any article of clothing relates to your personal expression and the persona you are choosing to present to the world. Wearing a suit indicates a connection to more formal activities as well as to the workplace for many people.

If you are wearing a suit in a dream, you may be calling upon a more serious aspect of your expression.... suit dream meaning


The meaning of a dream of contamination often depends on the occupation of the dreamer.

A sanitary engineer might be fed up with the garbage he deals with on a daily basis. Another dreamer might be experiencing an internal contamination from conflicts in the person’s value system (e.g., the dreamer might be stealing supplies from the workplace while at the same time receiving bonuses for being an exceptional employee).... contamination dream meaning


Retirement dreams represent the end of one’s contribution and value to the workplace, as well as an end to doing what others dictate and becoming one’s own boss.... retirement dream meaning


Shaving the beard in dreams may mean that you find yourself in a situation that requires direct and forceful action. You should therefore be more expeditious with your decisions. On the contrary, dreaming of a long and copious beard symbolizes wisdom and creativity.

If you get carried away by creative intuition you will attain your goals. The longer the beard, the greater your chances of success. The beard also symbolizes the primitive and wild man present in subject’s interior: the most indomitable sexual side. According to Freud, men who dream of shaving their beard are afraid of losing their confidence in sexual matters. On the other hand when a woman dreams that she grows a beard, it shows her desire for a more masculine role: for example at the workplace. In the case that an elder with a gray and long beard is portrayed, it is a sign that your unconscious wants to convey its advice for greater knowledge and understanding of things.

A long and strong beard denotes honor and eloquence; but a too long one indicates lawsuits and losses. A short one predicts litigation and family disagreements. As for color: a brown beard denotes evils; red, false friends; blonde, success; black, pain; and gold or silver, wealth.... beard dream meaning


The cactus is a negative sign because, like its spines, it reflects the painful moments that the subject is going through. This may be because someone constantly pricks you with her comments or because you need to protect yourself somehow.

Dreaming of a cactus also evidences hardship in the professional setting.

If it is in bloom, however, it announces that finally the value of the sleeper will be recognized at the workplace.

For Mexicans, the cactus is an aphrodisiac, therefore it portends good times in the sentimental field.


analysis of a dream

Eva dreamed: “I was in a beautiful golden cage, on the edge of a terrace. I had a pretty landscape before my eyes: a green valley full of flowers of every color and very tall mountains on the horizon. The sky was intensely blue and bright. I felt good, safe, and happy in my cage and I sang constantly. From my mouth came beautiful melodies in strange languages.” To see yourself caged in a dream is a sign that the unconscious feels repressed and wants more freedom and freedom of expression. Eva is a very timid person who has a hard time with social interaction. Her dream is reflecting—with the golden cage—her comfortable world closed up in herself, in which she feels safe and sound. This is a calming dream that encouraged her to let her emotions flow freely, like a gentle melody. The idyllic landscape she contemplated through the bars represented the desires Eva could not reach due to her own inhibition. The fact that she sang in unknown languages reveal her inability to communicate with others, and to understand herself.... cactus dream meaning


This dream has an ambivalent sense. On one hand, it is a symbol of physical beauty, purity, and divinity (in fact, goddesses like Venus or Diana have always been painted naked); and it reflects a desire for freedom, sincerity, and self-improvement. On the other hand, it represents lust or vain exhibitionism.

If in the dream you feel distressed or embarrassed it means that you reject your own body.

If you see other people naked it can reveal both a desire to know their secret thoughts or a mere sexual attraction. When you find yourself naked in public it denotes anxiety, fear of ridicule, emotional vulnerability, and low self-confidence. You are afraid that others may hurt you if you act spontaneously or make a mistake. Nudity, finally, also means that you feel nostalgia for lost childhood. It represents your true self, without norms or social constraints.

Formerly, mothers used to warn her daughters that if they dreamed of being naked they would soon learn about a scandal. According to some oracles, it predicts that you will make serious mistakes in business affairs, unless you listen to the advice of others. For gypsies, however, this dream brings good luck, especially if the oneiric scene is developed under a starry sky. In general, this dream can also mean innocence.


analysis of a dream

Mary dreamed: “I was in the office when I realized I was not quite dressed. I had forgotten to put pants on and was not wearing underwear! I tried to get my jersey down so it would cover me but it was too short. I felt really bad, insecure, and helpless. However, my colleagues—all perfectly dressed—did not seem to notice anything. At that time my boss called me to come to his office and I could no longer resist; I burst into tears like a little girl. Seeing me so crushed, Ana (a partner) offered me a jacket so I could tie it around my waist, but she said, ‘Girl, I do not know what’s wrong with you lately, but you get too easily distracted... ’ and continued her work without caring much about my situation. Then I woke up.”

Almost everyone has dreamed of being naked—or half-dressed—in a public place. This dream is often associated with sexuality (with a sexual inadequacy or guilt); but also with the fear of somehow “being exposed,” regarding your private or professional life. However, depending on the circumstances of each person, the meaning varies. In Mary’s case, it reflects her vulnerability at the workplace and a concern for revealing some deficiency or inability to others. In the dream, peers do not seem to notice—or do not pay attention to—her nudity, and that is a reassuring element indicating that perhaps Mary was worried for no reason. Failure to wear trousers and the fear that a figure of authority—such as her boss —would find out reveals her concern for success and professional skills; they could be questioned.... nudity dream meaning


If we were raised in a small town, a dream about a village can relate to our childhood.

A village can also symbolize everything from the community we have at our workplace to the global community.... village dream meaning


A winter dreamscape could indicate the dreamer’s favorite time of the year for fun and frolic. However, winter is also a season in which many people experience depression.

This dream could indicate an emotional withdrawal from a personal relationship or a withdrawing of one’s emotional investment in the workplace.... winter dream meaning


Dreams that take place in the workplace often describe our behavior and how we present ourselves to the world. Likewise, offices are organized places with everything classified and laid in order. Perhaps the dream warns you that you should take a look at the organization of your real life. A dream that takes place in the office where you work may well refer to your personality, or perhaps be reminding you of the way you conduct your affairs.

If you are in a strange office, it could be that in real life you compare your lifestyle, activities, and ideals to those of others.

If you dream that you are in an office and you feel happy, it is an omen of prosperity.

If you leave the office, soon you will be deceived.... office dream meaning


People who have been in a war situation may be plagued by dreams that recall their ordeals, but for those who have never seen war, such dreams usually refer to private battles raging either within themselves, or between themselves and other people. Are such battles necessary, or would reconciliation be better than victory? Are you being too hard on yourself? Carl Jung believed dreams of war to represent a conflict between the conscious and unconscious minds, which is a struggle between the deep instinctive forces and the rules of conscious conduct. However, sometimes turmoil is needed in order for the personality to develop and grow.

If you can accept the part of yourself that is trying to find expression, you may be able to draw up a peace settlement. Anger, sorrow or pity are usually found in dreams about war; whichever of these emotions you feel will show the feeling or action in waking life that has provoked the dream.

The clue to the dream’s subject may be found in the identity of the opposing armies, or the landscape, in the soldier’s clothing and the course of the battle may be suggesting a similar action in waking life. Which army did you belong to? If it was a savage army, perhaps your dreaming mind is suggesting that your true allegiance lies with your instincts, but if you belong to a modern, sophisticated army, the dream may be telling you that your inclination is to follow the rule of your intellect.

If you witnessed the outcome of the battle in your dream, or admired the victorious army and its winning tactics, this may give you an indication of how best to resolve the conflict within yourself.

Although war and battle dreams may indicate disagreement between two individuals, they may also point to explosive disagreements between certain groups of people in your life; for example, disagreements in the workplace or differing opinions within the family. Your dreaming mind may be warning you that you will soon be entangled in that conflict and this is especially so if a battlefield features in your dream. The battlefield may indicate the area of conflict and your dream may be indicating whether you should take sides or act as peacemaker. A battlefield scene may also represent your working environment or a battle you are waging with yourself, such as the battle to give up smoking, the struggle to keep to a diet and so on.

If you dream of war, rather than simply a battle, different interpretations are appropriate. War has a more global effect that one-to-one combat or fighting, and this would suggest that you need to be more conscious of the effect your actions have on others. The outcome of war should be the establishment of order, and dreams of wars coming to an end can have a positive interpretation, suggesting that this natural process is taking place on an inner level.... war dream meaning


An actual coworker, past or present.

Your work or workplace.

Teamwork, or your typical dynamics with that person (such as cooperation, competition, or animosity).

A coworker from a past job could represent that person, that job, or that time period in your life.

See also: Person You Know; Workplace; Manager; Working; Time Frame; Past... coworker dream meaning


Diligence, work, study, or anything that feels like that (such as your job, schoolwork, or paying bills).

A desire for, need for, or dislike of one of the activities just mentioned.

The idea of organizing or preparing in order to be more productive.

See also: Furniture; Working; Workplace; Business; Homework; Writing; Sitting... desk dream meaning


An actual, expected, or imagined interview.

An application process or competition (such as for a job or university admission).

A feeling or fear of being questioned, evaluated, or “put on the spot” by others.

A desire to understand or learn about something or someone.

Getting approval from or making a certain impression on someone (or a desire for such).

See also: Talk Show; Job; Workplace; Meeting; Test; Audition; Appointment; Decision, Someone Else’s... interview dream meaning



Adding value, contributing to society, or making a difference in the world.

An agreement, commitment, or arrangement.

An ongoing process or activity.

An activity that feels like work, but isn’t or shouldn’t be.

A feeling or fear of being forced to do something or help out.

See also: Working; Workplace; Interview; Promotion or Raise... job dream meaning


During the early years of your waking life it is likely that you were physically and emotionally dependent on one or both of your parents or, if either or both were absent, on an alternative mother or father figure. As you emerged into adolescence and adulthood, the chances are you became less reliant on them, yet memories of that early dependency usually remain with you on a conscious or unconscious level. Because your parents had such a great influence over you at a time when your personality was developing and you began to assert your individuality and independence, your feelings towards them will remain intense.

Dreams that feature your parents can have numerous interpretations but the key to understanding them depends on the feelings you associate with your parents, particularly those when you where a child and your parents were the center of your universe. When your dream parents are true to character, the message of your dream is usually easy to understand. For example, if your parents appeared in your dream with words of encouragement and love and they were, or are, this warm and loving in real life, then your dream may simply indicate that you are feeling insecure and in need of validation or unconditional love. Perhaps you dreamt that your parents scolded you about your recent poor performance at work and you have memories of them chiding you harshly over poor grades at school? If this is the case, it may be that your dream is highlighting your dissatisfaction at not living up to the standards your parents instilled in you.

If your parents appear together in your dream, this indicates the rules and codes you learned as a child that still speak to you from within.

If you are hurting, killing, burying or trying to avoid a parent in your dream, this suggests a desire to be free from restraints and values gathered from your parents. You may feel shocked by such a dream, but it is in fact a healthy sign of emerging independence as when your dream parents die or are beaten, you can inherit the power gained from what was good in your relationship.

Dreams in which your parents appear foolish, drunk or disorderly have a similar interpretation; they are a means of gaining independence from internalized values. Dreams in which your parents are crushing you are fairly easy to interpret, suggesting that you need to break away from childhood behavior patterns and develop as an individual. Dreams in which parents die or are dead already can be interpreted the same way. When a parent appears in your environment, home or workplace in your dream and there is no sense of tension, this indicates that you have learned to develop your sense of self and can accept your parents as friends.

Frequent appearances by one or both parents in dreams may be a sign that you have not thrown off an infantile overdependence on them. Jung cites a young man’s dream in which the man’s father appeared as a drunken driver, smashing his car into a wall. This was the exact opposite of the man’s real father, who was a most respectable person, and who was rightly—but far too greatly— respected by the son. What the unconscious was doing through the dream was dethroning the father in order to enable the son to achieve a proper sense of himself as a person in his own right, with his own unique destiny and values. So if your dreams regularly feature your parents, this may suggest that you are more dependent on them than is healthy at this stage in your life. Dreams in which your parents hurl abuse at you or behave inappropriately may therefore be trying to shock you into taking your mother or father off their pedestal so you can give yourself some much-needed emotional independence and freedom.

Whether or not your parent’s behavior in real life mirrors their behavior in its dreamland negative, reoccurring dreams about parents often raise the question of whether it is time for you to become more independent and strike out on your own, regardless of what your parents may think is best for you in waking life.

If you behaved inappropriately towards your parents in your dream, for example swearing at them, listing their faults or even murdering them, such a dream is likely to be a safety valve that enables you to let off tension that you may have been repressing in waking life. It is also likely to be an indication that you need to break free of parental control and take charge of your destiny. Finally, if an interpretation of the appearance of your mother and father still eludes you, it may be that your anima (if you are a man who dreamed of your mother) and your animus (if you are a woman who dreamed of your father) may be making an appearance; alternatively, it may be that another archetype has disguised itself as one of your parents.... parents dream meaning


Your workplace.

Curiosity or questioning.

A desire for understanding, knowledge, or answers.

Testing an idea.

An experiment or experimental approach.

A mystery to be solved.

Science, scientists, logic, or a logical approach.

Someone running a laboratory can represent power, control, or an authority figure in your life.

See also: Science; Chemistry; Test... laboratory dream meaning

Medical Office

A workplace, environment, or organization where problems are fixed or solutions are found (such as your workplace, a customer service department, etc.).

Consider also your motivation for and feelings about visiting the medical office.

See also: Medical Treatment; Healer; Doctor; Nurse; Healing; Health; Illness; Injured; Hospital; Medicine; Rescued, Being; Rescuing; Problem... medical office dream meaning


Being prepared to go out into the world, interact with others, or be seen.

Ability to make progress or achievement.

A sense of authority or being in charge.

Maturity or adulthood.

Consider also the type of pants.

For example, dress pants might represent the workplace.

Expensive or designer pants might represent status or an attempt to convince others that the wearer is important.

Old or dirty pants might represent hard work, a focus on areas of the self other than appearance, or neglected self-care.

See also: Clothes; Leg... pants dream meaning

Promotion Or Raise

Real or desired: Validation or recognition.

Reward for hard work.



See also: Job; Money; Increasing; Workplace; Superior... promotion or raise dream meaning


The positive aspect of ants lies in their incredible industry, organization and persistence. Whenever they appear in a dream, whether as positive or negative creatures, they suggest that hard work and persistence will make a difference in your life. The negative aspect of ants comes out in their robotic nature; dreaming of thousands of ants moving in rigid, pre-determined patterns can suggest you need more variety in your waking life. In this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly. Ants can also indicate that you are feeling neglected and insignificant in your waking life or that petty things are annoying you. Cooperation may be the only way to achieve your desires. Dreaming of a column of ants is another image reflecting the importance of hard graft and teamwork in real life. An anthill in your dream may symbolize the workplace.... ant dream meaning

School And Work

Dreams that focus on school and the workplace reflect your anxiety about how well you are being perceived or how well you are performing in waking life.

If you are still at school, or if you have a job and your dream referred to your actual workplace, then your dreaming mind was probably referring to your everyday concerns.

If you have left school, or the school or workplace in your dreams is unfamiliar to you, your dreaming mind may have been suggesting a past feeling or experience that has relevance for your current situation. Such dreams could also indicate a sense of restriction and your resentment that you can’t spend your time doing what you want. They could also be commenting on your social interaction with your peers and authority figures, since relating to others is an essential part of school and work.

Jung regarded dreams as teachers and guides on the road towards wholeness; from his perspective, dreams that feature schools and teachers were especially significant because schools are places of learning and maturing into a healthy adult. Jobs are closely linked to self-esteem in waking life, so the type of job that features in your dream—and the reward or lack of reward associated with it—can be significant indicators of your feelings of self-worth and of the success or failure of your approach to life’s challenges.

Education... school and work dream meaning


A business, company, or other commercial entity could represent: A group or community, especially one with shared goals or shared experience.

Productivity or accomplishment.


Your work, job, career, or work income.

A system for tangible or intangible trading.

A real-life company you’ve dealt with or are thinking about doing business with.

Something you associate with the business, such as its purpose, products, reputation, or your personal experience with it.

See also: Organization, Membership; Factory; Processing; Store; Shopping Center; Entrepreneur; Restaurant; Workplace... business dream meaning


A specific real-life place where you interact with or work alongside others (such as your workplace or school).

An environment with a characteristic of a library (such as quiet, authority figures or experts, learning or studying, books, or information).

Browsing, shopping, or picking things out.

Information or knowledge.

Organization, or an information system (such as your files on your computer).

Shared resources, or a setting that includes community resources.

The idea of borrowing or lending.

The idea of responsibility or being penalized for not following through on a promise (as in late fines).

For more clues about meaning, consider what stood out about the library, the events there, and your feelings about them.

See also: Book; Building; Room; Quiet... library dream meaning


A real or imagined interaction among the meeting attendees in the dream (or whomever or whatever they represent).

A group decision-making process.

Collaboration or sharing of information.

Productivity or a productive process.

Something else that meetings represent to you (being put on the spot, boredom, duty or responsibility, leading or following, etc.).

For more clues, consider the meeting’s purpose, context, dynamics, attendees, and your feelings during the meeting.

See also: Working; Workplace; Class; Interview; Appointment; Visiting; Joining; Organization, Membership; Meeting Someone; Person You Know... meeting dream meaning


A place to rest (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually).

Your place in the world, a community, group, family, workplace, or otherwise (since a seat can represent your place in a room).

Not being able to find a place to sit can represent: feeling like there’s no opportunity to rest or take a break in real life; feeling challenged in figuring out where you “fit in” right now.

See also: Sitting; Sofa; Bench; Buttocks; Stolen Item... seat dream meaning


Working during a dream can represent: Feeling like you’ve been busy or working hard (perhaps too hard) in real life, even in non-job related activities.

A problem, challenge, or project that’s on your mind.

Wanting or needing to be productive right now.

See also: Job; Workplace; Manager; Coworker; Task; Meeting; Homework; Phase or Process... working dream meaning


1. Workplace,

2. Organization,

3. Church; Psalm 11:3... building dream meaning


1. Stronghold;

2. Defiling the body; Eph. 5:4; 4:29.


May represent

1. Unity,

2. Going in circles,

3. Changing.

4. Eternally/eternity,

5. Doubt, broken unity in your workplace, family, friendships or ministry;

6. Broken circles can also represent a broken promise, contract or covenant Deut. 33:27; Jer. 10:10; Eccl. 3:11;... cigarettes dream meaning


Newness or cleanliness.

A beginning, fresh start, or clean slate.

Perceived perfection.

The perception that whatever the new object represents in your life is lacking problems, flaws, or complications.

Something that’s trendy, modern, or cutting-edge can represent: feeling that you’re “ahead of the curve” or ahead of the times (or a desire for such); keeping up with others or wanting their approval.

Something unknown or unexplored might represent: an opportunity to learn or discover; something in your real life that feels new or unfamiliar to you (such as a new workplace or project); being open to new possibilities; feeling confused, unsure, or lost; things seeming strange or “not as they should be” somewhere in your life.

See also: Starting Over; Unknown Thing; Person Unknown; Fashionable; Creativity; Different; Discovering; Changing; Weird; Location; Unknown Thing... new dream meaning


Processing an input into a modified output can represent: Transformation or change.


Renewal or rebirth.


Personal healing or growth.

A factory that reshapes metal into a final product might represent a novice becoming an expert or a baby growing up into an adult.

A plant that refines raw ingredients (such as a mill or oil refinery) might represent refinement (such as of character, skills, or discernment).

A plant that recycles old materials into new products might represent transforming an outdated belief into an updated one.

See also: Making or Building; Factory; Workplace; Business... processing dream meaning


A real, imagined, or desired relationship.

The relationship person in the dream can represent a different relationship person in real life (for example, in a dream where you’re back with an ex-boyfriend, he might represent your current boyfriend, a new person you’re curious about, or a general desire to be in a relationship).

A relationship in a dream can also represent a different kind of relationship in real life (for example, dreaming that you’re married to a coworker might represent your platonic, day-to-day workplace relationship with that person).

See also: Romantic Partner; Ex; Breaking Up; Two; Marriage; Romance... relationship dream meaning

Time Frame

The time frame, period, or era depicted in a dream can set the mood (such as the 1800s Wild West depicting your workplace) or point to a certain time of your life (such as a 1970s disco representing your senior year in high school), so look for real-life parallel events and feelings from that time in your past.

However, sometimes the subconscious mind uses familiar events from the past to represent current events in your life.

For example, your high school graduation 20 years ago might actually represent the promotion you received last week, or a past boyfriend might represent your current romantic partner.

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