Underbrush Dream Meanings

Underbrush Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

To pass with difficulty through the underbrush is a sign of a confusing and perilous situation, full of obstacles that must be overcome to successfully finish projects. To get lost in the underbrush can be interpreted as an unexpected situation in which the dreamer has lost control and needs outside help.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke


If the entanglement of your dream is physical—you are tangled up in bushes or in underbrush—the dream tells you about a problem that could get worse and give you a headache. The way the dreamer approaches the situation and tries to break free from the entanglement summarizes her attitude toward the events that occur in life.

When the nature of the entanglement is personal and you are involved in a situation of misunderstanding with people around you, the dream augurs good relationships and good environment for communication and understanding.... entanglement dream meaning


Its meaning is similar to that of UNDERBRUSH in that it represents obstacles to be overcome. It also alludes to situations or bits of the personality that are dark and mysterious. To go into the thicket to discover what is inside, or avoid it and go around, will be keys that reflect the attitude of the dreamer with respect to her life circumstances at the moment.... thicket dream meaning


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being far away from his flock: misfortune wil be brief, leading to a long and healthy life.

farmer dreaming of a: need outside support from your unusual y bountiful harvest.

leading herd of sheep to pasture: are ful enough to give spiritual nurturance to others.

through a forest: wil find valuable things if you dig in the underbrush.

living in a forest: profit from a secret wel -kept and wel -cultivated.

losing some of his flock: your preoccupation with your own affairs neglects your work.

several, gathering flocks: honor of short duration on your route to success.

watching: good earnings ahead if you take yourself seriously.

very young: prosperity and good reputation wil take years of minor upsets to develop.

whose flock is scattered: big earnings wil be taken from you bit by bit. ... shepherd dream meaning