Tusk Dream Meanings

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Tusk Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

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Ivory, as in the rich white tusk of an elephant, represents purity, beauty, and wisdom. Weanng real ivory may evoke protective energies.... ivory dream meaning


Perception of your own power; or you are not letting anybody near you.

The power of the unconscious is not available to you, and you are afraid of it. Points to thick-skinned people who are unaware of their destructive powers (the elephant in the china shop). Warning of one’s own repressed sexuality.

A need to be more patient (thick-skinned), or perhaps you have too much patience. Tusks and trunk are sexual symbols.

The image of a sick or weak elephant points to emotional injuries.

If it is a peaceful elephant, you are handling your unconscious comfortably.

According to early Christian belief as described in Physiofogus , one of the most widely read books of the Middle Ages, the elephant has no sex drive and is a powerful enemy of Snakes. Elephants’ hair and bones were burned inside the house as a protection against evil spirits.... elephant dream meaning