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What does the symbols of transactions mean in a dream?

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Usually is connected to present business. You are either too busy or not active enough. As in Factory, the image of “business” also represents a symbol for monetary transactions, which, in turn, depend on the interaction of the dreamer’s individual characteristics. What kind of business is it? What does the business sell, what is your role in the transaction?... business dream meaning


1- To dream of being a tenant suggests that at some level we do not want to take responsibility for the way we choose to live. We do not want to be burdened by having full responsibility for our living space.

To have a tenant signifies that we are prepared to have someone live in our space. This may lx: the type of dream that occurs as we arc preparing to become involved in a full-time relationship.

2- If we follow up the idea of a tenant being someone with whom we have a commercial relationship, then we will have some insights into how we handle such transactions.

If the dreamer is a man and the tenant a woman then the tenant is likely to represent his Anima (see Introduction).

If the situation is reversed then the tenant will epitomise her Animus (see Introduction).

3- Dreaming of having a tenant in the spiritual sense can have two meanings. One would link with the idea that within us we have many personalities who must be synthesised into a holistic being.

The other would suggest that tenants (inherited beliefs) can be evicted if they are inappropriate.... tenant dream meaning


Symbol: Dreaming about fruit is usually a sign that new plans are in the making.

Vision: Eating fruit: your hopes of finding love are going to be fulfilled. Eating sweet fruit: a project is going well. Eating bitter or sour fruit: expect problems to affect a certain matter. Rotten fruit: your love relationship leaves you dissatisfied. Seeing many different kinds of fruit: an argument will be resolved to your satisfaction. Looking at a display of fruit in a grocery store: attractive business transactions are in the making. Offering or selling fruit: you are trying hard to win someone s approval. Picking fruit always indicates positive changes in relationships. Picking fruit off the ground: small efforts will bring great rewards. Holding a fruit basket: you are afraid your partner will reject you.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about fruit are often about sexual needs and are a good sign for new plans and romantic relationships. They also indicate rewards for past efforts. Rotten fruit, on the other hand, always means adversity.... fruit dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: In everyday life the exchange of payment is constantly taking place. When we find this highlighted in dreams it is necessary to give some thought to our attitude to such transactions.... bill dream meaning


To dream of pondering over addition, denotes that you will have a struggle to overcome difficult situations, which will soon prominently assume formidable shapes in your business transactions.

To find some error in addition, shows that you will be able to overcome enemies by fortunately discerning their intention before they have executed their design.

To add figures with a machine, foretells that you will have a powerful ally who will save you from much oppression.

If you fail to read the figures, you will lose fortune by blind speculation. ... addition dream meaning


To dream that you receive advice, denotes that you will be enabled to raise your standard of integrity, and strive by honest means to reach independent competency and moral altitude.

To dream that you seek legal advice, foretells that there will be some transactions in your affairs which will create doubt of their merits and legality. ... advice dream meaning


To dream of a beautiful and ingenuous countenance, you may safely look for some pleasure to fall to your lot in the near future; but to behold an ugly and scowling visage, portends unfavorable transactions. ... countenance dream meaning


To dream of crystal in any form, is a fatal sign of coming depression either in social relations or business transactions. Electrical storms often attend this dream, doing damage to town and country.

For a woman to dream of seeing a dining-room furnished in crystal, even to the chairs, she will have cause to believe that those whom she holds in high regard no longer deserve this distinction, but she will find out that there were others in the crystal-furnished room, who were implicated also in this sinister dream. ... crystal dream meaning


To dream of owning diamonds is a very propitious dream, signifying great honor and recognition from high places.

For a young woman to dream of her lover presenting her with diamonds, foreshows that she will make a great and honorable marriage, which will fill her people with honest pride; but to lose diamonds, and not find them again, is the most unlucky of dreams, foretelling disgrace, want and death.

For a sporting woman to dream of diamonds, foretells for her many prosperous days and magnificent presents.

For a speculator, it denotes prosperous transactions.

To dream of owning diamonds, portends the same for sporting men or women. Diamonds are omens of good luck, unless stolen from the bodies of dead persons, when they foretell that your own unfaithfulness will be discovered by your friends. ... diamonds dream meaning


To dream that you see a newly made grave, you will have to suffer for the wrongdoings of others.

If you visit a newly made grave, dangers of a serious nature is hanging over you. Grave is an unfortunate dream. Ill luck in business transactions will follow, also sickness is threatened.

To dream of walking on graves, predicts an early death or an unfortunate marriage.

If you look into an empty grave, it denotes disappointment and loss of friends.

If you see a person in a grave with the earth covering him, except the head, some distressing situation will take hold of that person and loss of property is indicated to the dreamer.

To see your own grave, foretells that enemies are warily seeking to engulf you in disaster, and if you fail to be watchful they will succeed.

To dream of digging a grave, denotes some uneasiness over some undertaking, as enemies will seek to thwart you, but if you finish the grave you will overcome opposition.

If the sun is shining, good will come out of seeming embarrassments.

If you return for a corpse, to bury it, and it has disappeared, trouble will come to you from obscure quarters.

For a woman to dream that night overtakes her in a graveyard, and she can find no place to sleep but in an open grave, foreshows she will have much sorrow and disappointment through death or false friends. She may lose in love, and many things seek to work her harm.

To see a graveyard barren, except on top of the graves, signifies much sorrow and despondency for a time, but greater benefits and pleasure await you if you properly shoulder your burden.

To see your own corpse in a grave, foreshadows hopeless and despairing oppression.... grave dream meaning


To dream of lumber, denotes many difficult tasks and but little remuneration or pleasure.

To see piles of lumber burning, indicates profit from an unexpected source.

To dream of sawing lumber, denotes unwise transactions and unhappiness.... lumber dream meaning


To see type in a dream, portends unpleasant transactions with friends.

For a woman to clean type, foretells she will make fortunate speculations which will bring love and fortune. ... type dream meaning

United States Mail Box

To see a United States mail box, in a dream, denotes that you are about to enter into transactions which will be claimed to be illegal.

To put a letter in one, denotes you will be held responsible for some irregularity of another. ... united states mail box dream meaning


To dream of being in company with a Jew, signifies untiring ambition and an irrepressible longing after wealth and high position, which will be realized to a very small extent.

To have transactions with a Jew, you will prosper legally in important affairs.

For a young woman to dream of a Jew, omens that she will mistake flattery for truth, and find that she is only a companion for pleasure.

For a man to dream of a Jewess, denotes that his desires run parallel with voluptuousness and easy comfort. He should constitute himself woman’s defender.

For a Gentile to dream of Jews, signifies worldly cares and profit from dealing with them.

To argue with them, your reputation is endangered from a business standpoint.... jew dream meaning


To dream of a ladder being raised for you to ascend to some height, your energetic and nervy qualifications will raise you into prominence in business affairs.

To ascend a ladder, means prosperity and unstinted happiness.

To fall from one, denotes despondency and unsuccessful transactions to the tradesman, and blasted crops to the farmer.

To see a broken ladder, betokens failure in every instance.

To descend a ladder, is disappointment in business, and unrequited desires.

To escape from captivity, or confinement, by means of a ladder, you will be successful, though many perilous paths may intervene.

To grow dizzy as you ascend a ladder, denotes that you will not wear new honors serenely. You are likely to become haughty and domineering in your newly acquired position.

See Hill, Ascend, or Fall.... ladder dream meaning


To dream of ships, foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life.

To hear of a shipwreck is ominous of a disastrous turn in affairs. Your female friends will betray you.

To lose your life in one, denotes that you will have an exceeding close call on your life or honor.

To see a ship on her way through a tempestuous storm, foretells that you will be unfortunate in business transactions, and you will be perplexed to find means of hiding some intrigue from the public, as your partner in the affair will threaten you with betrayal.

To see others shipwrecked, you will seek in vain to shelter some friend from disgrace and insolvency.... ship dream meaning


For a married person to dream that he or she has been cheating in love is a sign of trouble ahead.

To dream that one has overcome a temptation to cheat predicts happiness.

Misfortune in love affairs is predicted by unmarried folk when they dream that they are cheated In card or other games or in business transactions.... cheating dream meaning


Symbol: The symbol of death, a grieving ritual, and penance.

Vision: Dreaming about ashes is not a good omen. Seeing or disbursing ashes in a dream is a message that someone is going to die. Falling into or stepping on ashes means a loss of money—be careful during financial transactions. Dreaming about seeing a lot of ashes: bitter disappointment and hurt. Collecting ashes: an increase in material goods.

Depth Psychology: The image of ashes is either a warning of impending hurt and disappointment or a promise of spiritual rebirth (the phoenix rising from the ashes).... ashes dream meaning


Vision: Watching or experiencing a hurricane is a very bad omen for all plans, business transactions, and private affairs. Be glad if all you lose is money—the hurricane can do a lot worse! Take this dream very seriously! See Storm.

Depth Psychology: This dream is meant to be a warning, because a hurricane always points to an impending crisis. Old opinions, ideals, and out-of-date beliefs and values are being shaken. Nothing will be in the same place afterward.

The dream suggests you start shaping something new within you now, so that the expected hurricane won’t damage your personality!... hurricane dream meaning

Pear, Pear Tree

Vision: Eating one or several pears: you are participating in a fun event or starting a beautiful romance. Seeing a pear tree with many pears: a very good omen for all personal affairs. Seeing a pear tree in bloom: expect good news that will affect your life in the future. I Iarvesting pears: you can look forward to many successful business transactions.

See Fruit.

Depth Psychology: The pear—like the apple—is a sexual symbol. But it is also a symbol of positive contacts and a sign that your relationships are solidly based.... pear, pear tree dream meaning

Sling, Noose

Vision: Having a noose around your neck: you have acted unethically and are now faced with the consequences. Try to find an honest solution quickly.

A sling lying in the road: be cautious in business transactions—someone is setting a trap.

Depth Psychology: Are you trying to catch something or someone? Are you afraid someone is trying to catch you? Paying attention is now the best way to avoid danger, and stick to yrour agenda.... sling, noose dream meaning


Vision: Dealing with or buying stocks points to insecurities about business related issues.

It is a warning about taking risks. Dreaming about calmly sellihg stocks indicates improvement in your financial situation. Stocks burning up in dark smoke: expect losses.

If they are burning up in bright flames, you will be successful in your profession.

See Fire, Money.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about stocks is usually a sign of financial problems.

The dream wants you to be very careful when it comes to financial transactions, like buying and selling!... stocks dream meaning


Vision: Looking at the number u0” in a dream is a good sign for all business transactions. You have a good chance for success and may even win the lottery’.

Depth Psychology: See the chapter “Numbers in Dreams.”... zero dream meaning


To dream of money indicates triumph in endeavors and future abundance.

Dreaming of money may symbolize self-reliance, self-worth, accomplishment, or values. You think highly of yourself. Alternatively, to dream of money points to your stances about love and matters of the heart.

To lose money in your dream indicates petty quarrels at home and some minor disadvantages in your endeavors. You may be feeling feeble, defenseless and hopeless in real life. Additionally, you may be contented with maintaining a low profile life.

To dream about giving money away similarly connotes your generous and loving nature. You are seeking to be loved.

To see others giving money away indicates a feeling of unimportance. You feel that other people are neglecting you and disregarding your emotional needs.

To dream that you have no money indicates your insecurities in achieving your goals. You may be seen as a person without much value and contribution to the community.

To dream that you steal money predicts peril and reminds you to be wary with your transactions. On a positive note, it may point to your progress in achieving your aspirations that brings much satisfaction and fulfillment.... money dream meaning


To dream that you have lost money and are now Bankrupt should be taken as a warning. Some plan is not very creditable to you and should be abandoned at once, as trouble will follow. Be cautious in your transactions and seek the advice of friends older than yourself.... bankruptcy dream meaning


To dream that you have been whipped is a very bad omen—beware of all business transactions for at least a couple of days.... cane dream meaning


It is a sign of coming treachery if you watch Fireworks in your dream. Be careful in your business transactions and avoid speculations.... fireworks dream meaning


It is a warning that all is not well, when you look into a mirror in your dream. Be careful in your business transactions. Your staff is not supporting you properly, and changes are advisable.

To a lover, it shows that the swreetheart is not really faithful. Do not be led away by soft speeches or flattery, but find out the real motive under the surface. ... looking-glass dream meaning


This is a dream of warning lest you should undertake something undesirable for you and also injurious to yourself. Be cautious in your transactions. ... bankrupt dream meaning


Material aspects: Financial transactions of any sort in dreams highlight our attitude to money, value and authority. We may need to look at who we feel either owes us or to whom we owe value.... credit dream meaning


Another dream of contrary.

The more and the larger were the checks you signed in your dream, the greater will be your money luck in the near future.

However, the reverse is true if you received payment by check in your dream; you are being warned to be extra cautious in current transactions.... check dream meaning


A cold furnace presages fortunate financial transactions; a furnace with a brightly burning fire signifies an increase in social activities; to stoke or tend a furnace predicts recognition for community or charitable efforts.

See also Coal, Heat, etc.... furnace dream meaning


A display of real jewelry featured in your dream is a fortunate augury for your current interests, but a display of costume jewelry is a warning that you are in danger of being led astray through foolish vanity.

A dream of stealing jewelry is a signal that extra caution is needed in regard to business affairs; to lose jewelry is an obstacle dream and the meaning depends on whether or not you recovered it.

To give or receive jewelry, buy, or sell it pertains to love or domestic affairs and is considered a fortunate omen, whereas to wear it is a warning against impulsive behavior or shady transactions.

The meaning of any jewelry dream must also be correlated to the details, such as the type of the pieces, i. e., ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, etc., as well as the color and kind of the jewels.

See Amethyst, Diamonds, Emerald, etc.... jewelry dream meaning

Money / Handbag / Jewelry / Purse / Wallet

Money, cash or coins in dreams are often thought to be a sign of emotional transactions.

If you give money away, this suggests a generosity of spirit or it might reflect emotional ties that are expected of you at present. Receiving money can suggest the acceptance of emotional support or the emotional needs of the dreamer. Borrowing money can be a warning to hold back as far as financial plans are concerned and to explore all aspects of the deal before going ahead. Making a payment, signing a check or using a credit card are thought to be positive signs that things are going to plan. The notion of saving and investing in dreams may refer to the need to prepare yourself emotionally for situations and relationships that need your attention

A wallet, purse or pocketbook containing personal items may relate to your private world, the kind of person you are and your interests.

If you dream of an expensive designer purse or bag, you may feel a need to have a more glamorous image. A worn purse may symbolize feelings of being worn out and shabby. Do you need to brighten up your identity so that you look and feel brighter? Your dream wallet may symbolize your private thoughts and desires, hidden from public view. Is your wallet full or empty? Are you worried that someone has got too close to you or on the contrary are you seeking greater intimacy? A bag in your dream may symbolically carry your hopes for the future. A heavy bag suggests more projects than you can handle, whilst an empty bag—far from meaning that you have no hope—suggests that you wish to search for new ideas. Frequently associated with fruit, a basket may evoke images of fertility and sexuality. Depending on what is in the basket, it can suggest youthful energy or ripe maturity.

Finally, items of jewelry are symbols of wishes and wish-fulfillment.

If you are given a gift of jewelry in your dream, you may be experiencing a sense of recognition in waking life. Viewing a rare jewel from a distance may be a sign that you have failed to understand the importance or meaning of an event or relationship. Losing a jewel may reflect fears of personal or financial loss in waking life.

See also CRYSTALS, GEMSTONES AND ROCKS; MONEY AND SHOPPING.... money / handbag / jewelry / purse / wallet dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-10-16-18-52-55

escaping from an: your rigid system of beliefs has been dismantled.

falling into an: careful journey through treacherous transactions.

but not hurt: money lent wil not be returned; confront your own emptiness.

others: be circumspect in al your dealings; face the fear you had abandoned.

in general: an indefinable relief that your potential can be realized.

saving others from an: a relationship with yourself required before taking risky action.

oneself: keep eyes wide open to face your shadow. ... abyss dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-05-08-09-13-21

babbling noises, making: you wil suffer grief.

beating a wild: damage in your own affairs.

bones of: bad business transactions.

chased by a, being: vexation caused by enemies.

fight, a, starting a: you wil be molested by friends.

fighting with another beast, a: you are likely to become il .

running: only material pleasures wil concern you.

scuffling with a: cruel suffering; if you attempt to rise above your station. ... beast dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-08-13-15-20-32

celebrating, Day: wil be going fishing.

discovering America: good business transactions.

fleet of ships of: rapid success of hopes and desires.

statue of: postponement of success. ... columbus dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-17-21-31-35-45

being: be prepared to resist strong temptations put in your path.

another, one, to: are in line for social advancement if you get past the fol y of vice.

others: wil be cheated by friends over your lack of modesty.

to you: are making excuses for being remiss in business transactions.

insolent to you, being: new position improves your finances, responsibility and respect.

children: wil have a vigorous mind if you keep your temper at bay. ... impudent dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-18-25-28-46-47

making a, of things: wil be made love to by unexpected person.

children: wil receive a legacy that cannot relieve the sense of abandonment.

sailors’, hall: wil be very fortunate in business transactions.

things being in a: idolize money, ignoring the organization’s purpose to support its continuance. ... mess dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-06-21-26-35-40

collecting: take your profits from intel igent chances, a little at a time.

digging many from the earth: your potential y dangerous ventures wil be fortunate.

only one: a corporation wil be dissolved in humiliation and disgrace.

eating: big distinction with social life wil aid your finances.

business partners: be cautious in dealings with them, some are poisonous.

poisonous: large-scale money transactions draw out the worst.

sprouting: big advancement for healthy desires and natural haste in al your affairs. ... mushrooms dream meaning

Cash / Money

The appearance of cash or money in your dream represents those things you value in life, or perhaps your feelings of self-confidence. It can also signify, your energy, personal resources or what you feel about yourself. In some cases, dreams of cash or money link in with feelings of hardship or misery associated with the struggle to survive or pay your way. For Jung, money appears in dreams as a symbol of spiritual power and represents your ability to achieve your goals; in many dreams, money can depict your personal sense of power to change things or the power you feel you have over others; what you pay in order to satisfy your desires or actions can also relate to sexuality and self-giving.

For Freud, money is a symbol of excrement and dreams of hoarding money express an anal fixation, perhaps caused by the parents mishandling the dreamer’s toilet training in childhood. Such dreams may therefore suggest an obsessively orderly and obstinate personality. Dreams of a pile of coins are especially potent symbols of anal preoccupations.

Most modern dream analysts believe that dream money or cash is a symbol of security, although it may also indicate things of intrinsic value to you or the way in which you value yourself. Whenever you dream of money and those things with which it is associated—such as shopping, writing checks, banks, investments, prizes or wills—you should consider whether they are commenting on the importance of things with a non-materialistic value in your waking life. Bear in mind, too, that money can represent emotional transactions in waking life.

Giving money may signify a generosity of spirit or kindness, or it may reflect emotional ties. Receiving money can suggest the acceptance of emotional support, whilst borrowing money may be a warning to pay attention to your current spending levels. Dreaming of a lack of money can suggest a lack of qualifications or the need to achieve a desired goal and hoarding money can indicate selfishness. Finding money suggests that you are realizing something valuable or gaining power; such a dream is often accompanied by a feeling of release from stress. Holding on to money in your dream signifies feeling insecure, or being ‘tight’ emotionally or sexually; it is also a symbol of not using your power to get what you want. Losing money is a symbol of losing power or opportunity, or can simply represent the pain of loss. Not having enough money indicates a sense of being inadequate or may even be reminding a man about his failing potency. Stolen money represents feelings of guilt about gaining power, a sense that you do not deserve what you get; it may also reveal a sense of feeling cheated or feeling that others are taking us for granted. Perhaps you have given yourself cheaply in sex or in a relationship. According to ancient dream-lore, it was considered fortunate to dream of receiving or finding money, with some traditions going further and saying that a dream of finding money means a birth. Money dreams, of course, may simply reflect anxieties about your finances.... cash / money dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-37-40-46-48-49

being crowned: initiation into a league of important people through your achievements.

Christ’s, of thorns: another’s glorification is significant to you.

cross on it, with a: benefits through another’s death.

damaged: your need to be admired is fal ing on blind eyes.

flowers, of: a creative venture wil be a huge success.

head, on the: wil benefit through distant relatives.

gold: great protection of high officials.

iron, of: beware of business transactions that appear to be righteous.

placing on another’s head: are worthy of social advancement.

royal: expect a great task from which trust wil be gauged.

king’s, a: need too much reassurance from loved ones.

queen’s: feeling neglected and wish to escape.

thorns, of: are at the threshold of initiation into martyrdom.

tiara, wearing a: social activities of a happy nature.

girl, a: her ambition is beyond her reach.

tin, of: your hopes for success are dashed. ... crown dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-13-21-33-35-45

being covered with feather plumes: egocentric satisfaction of rising to power.

black plume: burdens and postponement of profits wil be borne with aplomb.

breath of God, on the: the uplifting thoughts to holiness.

brown: your fortunes have been clipped by petty annoyances and unrequited loves.

collecting flying: your vain money hopes are futile.

eagle: access to the heavens for the realization of your ambitions.

gray: false pride wil limit your journey through life to you alone.

light blue: realization of own ambitions to become social y popular.

molting: don’t act if you doubt; a new opportunity is offered in the morning.

ostrich: fortunate business transactions, if you keep your head high.

pillow of down: fortunate affairs of pride and purse.

pen, a: an apology, due to you, brings an upturn in financial matters.

people wearing, in hats: rapid success of own hopes for a job wel done.

tuft of, a: great honors wil crown you.

red: irritating friction from coworkers.

wearing a plume in own hat: wil gain favor, but your methods wil be contemptible.

daughters: public honor for a talent wel developed, especial y if white feather.

friends: wil be tortured with inability to gain honorable long-lasting friendships.

others: vanity brings unhappiness yet your aspirations are attainable.

relatives: unexpected gains.

white: the accusation wil be proven false. ... feathers dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-13-16-31-37-40

being an: a commanding triumph over al affairs.

among other: wil enforce success in your affairs, to your detriment.

appointed: deserve dignity and distinction, but are unwil ing to earn them.

dismissed as an: warning of an over-inflation of your own command of the situation.

of an: rashness does not lead to business transactions in your favor.

ordered by an: your resentment blocks your seeing the necessity of fol owing orders. ... officer dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-03-10-27-46-56

children: loss of a member of the family through kidnapping.

dressing warmly to keep from: loss of an inheritance.

others: wil lose money in stock market transactions.

relatives: they wil soon receive new clothes.

wife and husband: wil buy something they both like. ... shivering dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-05-34-37-40-55

ache: keep your business plans to yourself or they wil cause violent fever.

migraine, having a: your pet project wil succeed, if you keep your own counsel.

bald, being: have disregarded virtuous teaching and are envious of another’s hair.

back of the, on the: your ideas are barred to the public.

going: society’s esteem increases for an attraction emanating from an internal source.

left side of the, on the: death of a relative who squandered his life on il icit pleasures.

right side: death of a friend who committed indiscretions and did not return to favor.

woman going: after 50, who you are cannot be hidden from your face.

cut off, having your: trust your intuition or you wil create new enemies.

another’s: wil surpass your friends in success.

chicken with its: others wil decide what to do next.

in half, a: wil win legal conflict with powerful people of vast influence.

stranger’s, a: wil defeat an unknown adversary.

dead person’s, a: wil discover the secret of servitude, pain and misery.

facing your back, your: your thoughtless stunts create long-term pain.

foreigner, of a: wil take a long journey and be unduly influenced by others.

holding own, in hands: wil have a brain disease and subsequent nervous disorder.

hunter, being captured by a: be wary of associating with wild unruly savages.

large rounded: dignity and esteem from good business transactions.

many: must meet dishonor in love with fortitude and good sense.

of own: wil receive something good unexpectedly.

being turned sideways, a one-eyed Jack: are too preoccupied with seduction.

round, having a: extract yourself from your involvement before it defeats your heart.

savage, of a: your base desires wil keep you hovering at the bottom.

severed, a: fresh bitterness over dashed hopes.

sick person dreaming of a large: wil get wel soon if you are not obsessed with worry.

small: beware of those whose pleasure is undermined with ulterior motives.

smashing your: resolve conflicts one step at a time.

three-headed person, of a: honor and money immediately upon changing your occupation.

torso without: your rapid rise is based on unstable probabilities.

without a body: a mildly amusingly experience wil prove your future. ... head dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-11-23-24-26-37

animals with: the dilemma is a wake-up cal for you to listen to your inner voices.

blowing a: extended social activities of a happy nature; hasty news of a sinful nature.

while hunting: useless chatter wil distract participants from the matter at hand.

bull or cow, of a: have an unusual degree of stolid organizational ability.

buying: good business transactions through your strong wil power.

hearing the sound of a: the cavalry is coming to your wel -deserved aid.

man, having, on his forehead, a: danger of a disease that brings death.

others: clashes and conflicts over another’s problems.

receiving, as a gift: feel cheated at every turn; are more anxious for marriage than love. ... horns dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-17-32-42-43-54

advancing in a: wil lose the case unless facts are discovered.

against you to get money owed: you spend money too freely in careless acts.

appealing a: wil be cheated by friends through unpleasant notoriety.

beginning a: use caution against unfavorable happenings in business ventures.

business transactions, starting a, for: wil suffer losses from legal entanglements.

others: involves money losses from enemies influencing others against you.

losing a: wil have a passing temptation to lend a friend money; don’t.

man starting a divorce: people wil think little of your harassment.

woman: is standing up for principles long since lost, as wil lover.

recover money owed to you, to: success in business; is the battle worth the fight?

winning a: avoid speculation, money wil be lost; concentrate on what you can earn. ... lawsuit dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-24-32-41-45-50

being at a, station alone: are preparing for a rapid rise in your business.

with friends: hard times on a new project until you establish momentum.

relatives: abundant means if you leave present situation.

being forced to walk the rails: the long string of tasks you are leaving behind.

being in a, car alone: an odd assortment of Samaritans wil aid you.

with children: hard work to raise them in a mobile situation.

friends: a healthy, active social life does not eliminate the possibility of foul play.

relatives: good business transactions from skil ed manipulation of affairs.

changing switches: the good, as outlined, is not what you want.

colliding: your plans, as outlined, wil be catastrophic.

crossing: are at cross-purposes with your life.

borders: wish to escape from the chal enge of success.

enemies being in a, car: a catastrophe is ahead of unfavorable turns.

others: use caution in business activities, others may disappoint you.

jumping track: are ambivalent about a proposed change in direction.

signals, ignoring: move forward with caution on your new job offer.

station, waiting at the: need a boost from a mentor with influence.

for a late train: take time and attention to detail in new relationship.

spending the night in a: an encounter long ago leaves a residue of guilt.

switching engines: reevaluate the leadership and consider the opposition.

underground: an obstacle needs for you to be attentive to it.

walking on the wrong track: have maneuvered yourself into a corner. ... railroad dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-18-27-31-34-41

children’s marriage, of: an inheritance of flaws unsealed and thoughts unsaid.

friends, of: sickness of children who depended upon their attention.

having a final: the dissolution of an unsupported union.

husband and wife, of: gossip by friends becomes more lascivious than the truth.

others desiring your: beware of shady people; look for their motives.

planning a, from someone: feel you must introduce old lover to the new lover.

separating from a business partner: success in your portion of the business.

those you love: failure of some cherished plan because no one asked what they wanted.

sweethearts, of: idle talk by people around you does not constitute truth.

sweetheart wanting a: be cautious in business transactions involving mate. ... separation dream meaning