Toxin Dream Meanings

Toxin Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Toxic substances, such as cigarette smoke, controlled drugs and alcohol and other environmental toxins that can make you ill and pollute the environment often represent emotional toxins that render situations poisonous to you.

If you do not smoke in everyday life and find yourself lighting up in your dream and enjoying it, this suggests an addictive pattern in real life that may be related to unhealthy eating patterns or even relationships. In some cases, the image can represent unhealthy thinking patterns, such as anger, jealousy or obstinacy.

Knowing that your unconscious has sent you this warning should be enough encouragement to take a look at what is trying to control you and reduce the risks involved. A desire for sex may be expressed in the dream imagery of a cigarette placed between the lips and cupped in the hands when being lit, whilst a stubbed-out cigarette may signal the end of a love affair. Lighting a match could express the dreamer’s desire for enlightenment and spiritual love, matches that refuse to light express spiritual doubt and dead matches symbolize loss of faith. A cigar’s oral and masculine associations have been related to latent male homosexuality, although the cigar-smoking Freud discouraged overdoing this sexual symbolism with his famous comment, ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

23 dream interpretation about toxin related.


Something just below the surface of your consciousness is troubling you and asking you to notice it.

The challenge with interpreting a dream with an itch in it is that the itch itself will not tell you whether it is a good idea to scratch it or not. An itch can be the persistent underlying thoughts that, if you dive more deeply into them, will result in pain and suffering, like addictive tendencies or other persistent anxieties. At the same time, an itch could be asking you to go a little bit deeper in your consideration to see why something may be bothering you, the solution to which may be just under the surface.

The source or cause of the itch is important to consider. An itch emanating from a wound is usually in a healing process. This might mean that resentments or unspoken thoughts about a recent emotional battle have left potential scars. An itch that spreads a toxin, such as poison ivy, would represent the addictive quality of what happens when you open the door to harmless satisfaction only to find the challenging compulsion to repeat harmful behavior. An itch in a socially sensitive area, such as the genitals, connects to thoughts and desires that are private, secret, and sexual in nature.... itch dream meaning


A dream that features vomiting reflects a need to reject and expel harmful emotions or ideas.

The body possesses a natural reflex for getting rid of something harmful that has entered the digestive system. This regulatory impulse senses the presence of toxins or poisons and triggers a muscular contraction to expel the unwanted material. While vomiting can be caused by different stimuli, from tainted food to a viral infection to self-inducement, the symbolic meaning is the same: getting rid of something that is perceived to be bad. Because of the connection between vomit and food, this image will always have something to do with nurturance and self-care.

If it shows up in a dream, there is something amiss in how you are being nurtured.

(See Gagging.)... vomiting dream meaning

Jung, Carl (1875-1961)

Son of a pastor, his paternal grandfather and great grandfather were physicians. He took a degree in medicine at the University of Basle, then specialised in psychiatry. In early papers he pioneered the use of word- association, and influenced research into the toxin hypothesis regarding schizophrenia. Jung’s addition to modern therapeu­tic attitudes to dream work arose out of his difference of view with Freud regarding human life. Jung felt life is a meaningful experience, with spiritual roots. His interest in alchemy, myths and legends added to the wealth of ideas he brought to his concept of the collective unconscious.

The subject of sym­bols fascinated him and he devoted more work to this than any other psychologist. He saw dream symbols, not as an attempt to veil or hide inner content, but an attempt to eluci­date and express it.

It is a way of transformation where what was formless, non-verbal and unconscious moves towards form and becoming known. In this way dreams ‘show us the unvarnished natural truth’. By giving attention to our dreams we are throwing light/upon who and what we really are—not simply who we ait/as a personality, but who we are as a phenomenon of cosmic interactions.

Jung recommended looking at a series of one’s dreams in order to develop a fuller insight into self. In this way one would see cenain themes arising again and again. Out of these we can begin to see where we are not balancing the different aspects of ourself.

See abreaction; active imagination; ampli­fication; archetypes; black person; collective unconscious; compensatory theory; creativity and problem solving in dreams; dream analysis; Fromm, Erich; identity and dreams; individuation; lucidity; mandala; dream as spiritual guide; unconscious. ... jung, carl (1875-1961) dream meaning


A poison or toxin can represent actual or imagined: Mental or emotional negativity.

Ill will.

Threat or danger.

Something seeming “off” or not quite right in your life.

See also: Drug... poison dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-12-13-15-25-29

belladonna ointment, being made into: approaching harmony of toxin and antitoxin.

eating the fruit of this deadly plant: you harbor forceful antagonism for the wrong source.

mandrake root, eating: fear of castration from the poisons in your mind.

of this narcotic herb: convolutions from which health must free itself to heal.

vegetables: wil ease your arthritis pain if you eliminate them from your diet. ... nightshade dream meaning


1- For most people the way they see themselves is important.

To be overly conscious of something like a pimple in a dream is to suggest some worry as to how one comes across to others.

A pimple can also represent some kind of blemish in our characters which at some time or another will have to be dealt with.

2- Since a pimple usually suggests the body’s inability to throw off toxins, such a symbol in dreams indicates our inability to throw off infection or negativity. It has only come partly to the surface of our consciousness.

3- A pimple can suggest a spiritual blemish that is, something which causes ugliness in our lives.... pimple dream meaning


A figuratively “pissy” attitude that dampens everyone and everything it touches. Ridding oneself of toxins of a literal or figurative nature, such as addictions. Anger that is not expressed positively (e.g., getting “pissed”).

A way of marking your territory. Animals do this regularly.... urine dream meaning


Dreams of menstruating denote clarity, sensitivity, intuition, and that you are in a powerful time in your life, feeling full and fertile with regards to your projects and relationships. You are feeling connected to source and to your life blood, releasing negative thoughts, beliefs, and physical or emotional toxins that stand in the way of your healthiest expression. You are in the flow of life, fully experiencing the ebbs and flows, and highs and lows.

See PMS and Blood.... menstruation dream meaning


Ridding oneself of toxins in the body; low energy.

If throwing up, verbalize, get things up and out.

See Disease.... sick dream meaning


This dream could have a physiological cause simply because you have to go to the bathroom. The unconscious, in this case, recognizes the body’s need and uses the dream to wake you. On the other side, the urge to go to the restroom means that you expect to get rid of old habits and change your lifestyle. In the same manner, the unconscious could be advising you that you are incubating an infection. The act of going to the bathroom would be a way of eliminating toxins.

To dream of the restroom indicates legal problems regarding property.... restroom dream meaning


It refers to oneself, as in the word sorcxehxty. Al­though it includes the totality of our expenence, it seems to be most pointedly referring to our sense of identity. From this sense of ourself we project meaning on to the rest of the world in some degree. Thus many symbols are stylised body forms.

The cross is a standing figure with arms outstretched, a church’s structure a representation of the body, and the mira­cle of sexual reproduction—the mystery enacted within it; a maypole, the penis. Therefore various things can represent our body or aspects of ourself. Seeds, swallowed teeth can be sperm, anything long and pointed, even a linger, can be the penis; anything hairy, a male; anything receptive like a bottle, bowl or cave, a woman or vagina.

A body, or our body, also represents physical life; material existence; the process which causes growth and aging. This includes all the processes of nature in us.

A dead body: our skin or shape is felt as our boundary, the edge of our universe.

The dead body depicts a whole set of personality traits or attitudes, very often potentials, which have been denied life by us. We have not allowed them expression.

A person hun in love might kill out any feelings towards the opposite sex. This ‘dead pan of them can be shown as a body. May also be the way we meet feelings about death. Sickness in body: can refer to an awareness of illness in pan of body shown. Most often depicts psychological problem symbolised by pan of body— see body pans below. Maggots in body: possible need to cleanse body of toxins or infection, sense of dis-ease emotion­ally in that area of self. Iniunes: huns or events that may lead to emotional scars—see body areas below.

See dead people dreams; hiding.

Bodiless: Example: lI felt as if I was going very deep inside myself. It was dark but at first there were noises of the world around me. I seemed to go in much deeper and it was very dark, but with the feeling of great space. Everything was all right until I didn’t hear any noise at all, all that space and no noise was too much and my whole body freaked out and then pulled out very fast before I could stop it’ (Kate P).

The ‘noises’ around us, sensory impressions, other people s ex­pressed feelings and actions, are building bricks for our sense of self. In a real sense we create each other by believing in each other. With prolonged absence of other people and events, and especially if we lose our noises’ and body aware­ness, we feel we—our sense of identity—is dying. Bodiless- ness may therefore show us feeling unrecognised, unnoticed. May also be feelings of loneliness; being cut off from sexuality and body drives. In its positive side it is exploration of the unconscious and void.

See identity and dreams.

If you are right handed, the left of the body: represents inner feelings which support outer action, such as confidence, our less used or supportive functions.

If we are an intellectual, the left might depict one’s feelings, and vice versa.

The left may represent our mother’s influence in our life and body.

The right of the body: our outer activity and dominant func­tions; expressed abilities; our father’s influence in life and body.

If father is an anxious man there might be a lot more signs of stress on this side of the body. Top half of body: thinking, feeling. Bottom half: sexuality and instincts. Half a body: if top missing, lack of thinking and higher emotion; if bottom, trauma to, loss or denial of, sexuality and sensuality. Old head on baby body: immature sexuality and emotions; vice versa: immature personality. Dismembered body: emo­tional or mental stress and breakdown; may be followed by emergence of new self.

The areas of our body are sometimes thought of as sense organs. This may seem strange but is very simple. Without language, communication would be difficult. So language en­ables us to sense what another being is communicating.

If we had been castrated or had a hysterectomy prior to adoles­cence, we would never develop sexually. Without that devel­opment we would not understand two kissing people; or what a mother was feeling when she held her baby. Out of the sex drive develops a whole world of feelings and tenderness which enables us to understand many things we see in the world.

It is therefore important when reading the particular de­scriptions below to remember that each psychological area of our body gives us some insight into ourself and life around us, which is missing if the area is injured or traumatised. ... body dream meaning


(see Birds, Feathers, Flying, Wings)

In the Middle Ages, quails were characterized as having amorous personalities, and were given the symbolism of erotic energy.

Courage and victory in battle. In Rome, these were fighting birds.

In a cage, the quail came to represent the embodied soul that seeks freedom.

Transmuting any poisons that threaten your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Aristotle believed that quails could safely eat toxins like hemlock that normally killed humans.

Unexpected blessing.

The ancient Hebrews received quails as a miraculous feast (Ex. 16:11-12).

Among Hindus, the quail symbolizes spring and the returning sun. Similarly in Russia, this was an emblem of the dawn, a time of hope and new beginnings (see Time).... quail dream meaning


The purpose of the diaper ultimately points to the freedom it brings. By virtue of the diaper’s presence, the wearer is able to be unconcerned with when and where the release of toxins and waste occurs. Since there is often shame connected with the acts of defecation and urination, the diaper can be thought of as a container for your shame. Are you holding on to things that make you feel bad about yourself?... diaper dream meaning


Cleanup or removal of (physical, emotional, or mental) toxins from your life.

The ability to discern what’s useful from what’s not.

Self-protection within yourself (such as by letting go of toxic thoughts or self-defeating beliefs).

The essence of your physical existence.

The ability to deal with the aftermath of conflict (including taking responsibility for your part in it).

See also: Immune System; Gland; Blood; Allergy... lymph dream meaning


Self protection (perhaps on a subconscious level).

Ability to adapt to a situation or environment.

A particular time you spent outdoors in real life.

Purposely getting a suntan can represent: a desire to project a certain image or control what others think about you, even to your own detriment (such as losing too much weight); exposing (or overexposing) yourself to dangers or toxins (physical, emotional, or mental); the idea of becoming less susceptible to negativity from others (as a suntan increases melatonin in skin).

See also: Sun; Beige; Sunburn... suntan dream meaning


A bathroom represents the consciousness of individuation and privacy.

It is the room where we get to shut the door and be with ourselves in total intimacy.

It is also a symbol of freeing ourselves of waste and toxins. Many dreams that feature a bathroom find us searching for one. Such a dream is about searching for the freedom to be our authentic self, often with the caveat of reaching that authenticity by releasing that which no longer serves us or is detrimental if we continue to hold on, such as resentment or other poisonous thoughts.

A bathroom inside a home connects with personal issues, whereas one that is more public is revealing information about your outside interactions.

A toilet is located in a bathroom. As such, it can relate to relieving yourself of the “shit” in your life that you no longer need.... bathroom dream meaning


You are working to restore balance because of stress, fear, or guilt. There are both emotional and physical correlations to sweating and the appearance of sweat. However, the essential meaning assigned to sweat must connect with its most basic and primal function: to regulate the temperature of the body. We would die if this process did not operate effectively.

If you are sweating in your dream, your interpretation may uncover an unconscious message that some life experience is posing a threat to your equilibrium and balance. Heat represents a visceral reaction to perceived danger in the form of anger or aggression. Sweating represents your desire to restore balance from whatever might be the cause of those feelings of threat. Sweating also serves to rid the body of toxins, so dream-sweat may point to the presence of underlying thoughts, ideas, or behaviors that are ultimately poisoning your sense of well- being.... sweating dream meaning

Diseased, Dismembered, Injured And Deformed Body

If the body is diseased in a dream, this suggests a sickness of attitude or it could simply indicate extreme emotional and physical fatigue. A dismembered body indicates emotional and mental distress; perhaps you are tearing yourself apart over something or someone, or your life is falling apart. Half a body dream images suggest a lack of balance in your life between your outer and inner life.

If the top half of your body is missing, this indicates lack of reasoning and emotional intelligence.

If the bottom half is missing, this relates to loss, or denial of instincts and sexuality.

If the body is injured or you see injuries, this suggests emotional scars or hurts, or repressed anger.

If the body is cut open, this indicates a vital change within yourself or the release of emotional tension.

In times past, such dreams were interpreted as the release of ‘evil spirits’, hence the association of a sometimes painful release of tension.

Loss of limbs in a body usually indicates a sense of inadequacy, sometimes connected with the limb that is lost. For example, loss of legs could suggest an inability to stand up for yourself or someone dependent on you. Loss of an arm could indicate an inability to influence other people, or to give and receive.

If your body is burnt in the dream, this suggests an emotional scar, and if the burn is painful, this suggests that you are relating to this hurt in an unhelpful, self-destructive way. If, however, the burning isn’t painful, it has a more positive interpretation: feelings of potential and new beginnings.

Marks on the body in a dream suggest things you carry with you in life, or experiences that have marked you.

If your body is crawling with maggots, this indicates the need to cleanse your body of toxins, infection or resentment. A murdered body in a dream represents aspects of your life that you find hard to deal with, such as anger towards a family member. Sometimes such anger may be a way of avoiding the real issues involved and, if this is the case, the dream murder may show how you feel about being ‘murdered’ by lack of love or trust.

If you are pulling things out of your body in your dream, this suggests growing self-knowledge; you are becoming aware of thoughts and emotions of which you were previously unaware.

See also SICKNESS AND HEALTH.... diseased, dismembered, injured and deformed body dream meaning

Our Brain Is Washed During Sleep.

Title: Sleep and the Brain: A New Discovery
  • Introduction

    • Scientists make a discovery about the human brain and sleep
    • Importance of the discovery
    • Purpose of the study
  • The Study

    • Research team and leader
    • Number of subjects and their age range
    • Methodology used
  • Findings

    • Cerebrospinal fluid washes the brain during sleep
    • Blood flows out of the brain during sleep
    • Neurons stop functioning during sleep
    • Brain waves and cerebrospinal fluid waves are in sync during sleep
    • Significance of the findings
  • Implications

    • Potential for new psychological and neurological discoveries
    • Investigation of the combination of brain waves, blood flow, and cerebrospinal fluid
    • Age-related cognitive impairments and Alzheimer's disease
  • Conclusion

    • Researcher's plans for future work
    • Hopes for future discoveries

Scientists have recently made an interesting discovery about the human brain and sleep through a study conducted on 13 subjects. The research shows that while people sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid washes the brain and blood flows out of it. This washing process is essential for removing toxins and waste products from the brain.

Led by Laura Lewis at Boston University, the team of researchers found that the cerebrospinal fluid washes the brain in rhythmic and breakthrough waves during sleep. While previous studies have shown electrical wave activities in the neurons of the brain, this study also revealed waves in the cerebrospinal fluid. The phases of the brain during sleep were illustrated to conduct the research, and the images obtained from the study demonstrate how the brain is washed during sleep.

The data collected from the research shows that after people fall asleep, the neurons in the brain stop functioning, and the blood flows out of the brain. This is when the cerebrospinal fluid takes over and starts washing the brain from beginning to end. The findings from this research are significant because they could lead to new psychological and neurological discoveries. The combination of brain waves, blood flow, and cerebrospinal fluid can be investigated, especially for age-related cognitive impairments. As people age, their brains produce fewer and slower waves, which could be a significant factor contributing to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Lewis conducted this study with 13 young adults aged between 23 and 33. In the ongoing processes of her research, she plans to involve older participants to understand how the movement in the brains of people who are older is affected. She hopes that this research will lead to new discoveries about Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related cognitive impairments.... our brain is washed during sleep. dream meaning

Toxic Dream

A Toxic Dream is usually a very realistic, upsetting dream that’s most likely to occur when your body is overloaded or stressed during sleep.

The terrible, nightmarish quality of a Toxic Dream can signal that your body, emotions, or mind were in a toxic state at the time of the dream.

This type of dream can result from a number of factors from earlier in the day, including: eating refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, etc.), processed or junk food, or additives or preservatives; eating too much too close to bedtime; ingesting drugs or other substances that tax the body; encountering environmental toxins (mold, exhaust fumes, etc.); physical, emotional, or mental stress; toxic feelings (such as going to bed angry); not resting your body and mind enough during the day.... toxic dream dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Restoring balance from stress, fear, or guilt.

Dreaming Lens: Were you sweating in your dream? Was someone else? Was it subtle or profuse? Was the sweat visible, or was it evident by other means, such as stained clothes? Was the sweating connected with a specific physical activity and did you know what that was? Was it healthy sweating or indicative of fear or anxiety? Did you wake up sweating?

Personal Focus: There are both emotional and activity-orientated correlations to sweating and the appearance of sweat. However, the essential meaning assigned to sweat must connect with its most basic and primal function: to regulate the temperature of the physical body. We would die if this process did not operate effectively.

If you are sweating in your dream, your interpretation may uncover an unconscious message that some life experience is posing a threat to your equilibrium and balance. Heat represents a visceral reaction to perceived danger in the form of anger or aggression. Sweating represents your desire to restore balance from whatever might be the cause of these feelings of threat. If someone else in your dream is sweating, consider what their Character Aspect might represent for you. It may be that a particular way you have of being in the world is heating things up and a restoration of balance is necessary. Sweating also serves to rid the body of toxins, so dream sweat may point to the presence of underlying thoughts, ideas, or behaviors that are ultimately poisoning your sense of well being.

On a social level, sweat is sometimes evidence of inner stress. This can reveal the presence of guilt or panic that betrays the person beyond their ability to control their sweating. If you feel this may be the case in your dream, your interpretation should involve investigating secrets or issues in your waking life that you might rather keep hidden. Sweating may indicate that these thoughts have the power to reveal themselves through inadvertent means. Sweat appearing on the face or brow likely point to issues related to your persona and how others may perceive you. Underarm sweat connects directly to stress and anxiety. If this includes the presence of body odor, then your interpretation should look at situations that may be causing feelings of shame. ... sweat/sweating dream meaning

Needing And Going To The Toilet

To dream you desperately need the toilet and either cannot find one, or they are all in use, or have no doors or locks, suggests a need to let go of something. While you may already know what this is, you don’t know how to approach it and you are struggling to express your emotional needs. Going to the toilet is a process which helps us eliminate toxins, and when we can’t do this in our dream or find ourselves doing it in strange situations, this indicates a need to release something that is unhealthy for us. Toilet training starts at an early age, it is part of growing up, so dreams about using the toilet can take us back to childhood. You could be feeling small and as if your needs don’t matter. It’s time to speak up and put yourself first.... needing and going to the toilet dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-07-15-24-25-49

brain, having a: self-punishment for guilt over hostile resentment.

chilblains, having: your anxiety pushes you into deceptive dealings, which leads to il ness.

constipation, suffering from: memories must be re-experienced before they can be let go.

convulsions, having: your predicament can be al eviated by strong wil .

others: much underhandedness among your fel ow workers.

cyst, growing a: a morbid col ection of energies unable to harmonize.

delirium, having: danger through a secret not kept.

children: enhanced prospects for the future.

others: a new col eague wil betray you once your guard is down.

edema, suffering from: al your nutritional indiscretions wil turn on you.

fits, having: are unable to attend to your duties because of il ness.

flu, suffering from the: take a long rest after you are wel .

frailty, of: feel you can’t match another’s expectations.

gallstones, having: a bright future after obstacles are passed.

germ, of a: the inner manifestation of a good or bad growth direction or idea.

having an: move out of the restrictive atmosphere.

children: my consolation is that you are the one who is distressed.

disability: apply for a complex job that you haven’t done before, though you want the chal enge.

enemies: great temptation wil not be favorable for you.

indigestion: your pessimistic thoughts make life difficult to swal ow.

nonfatal: take a multivitamin complex.

others: someone you know wil go to prison.

relatives: arguments with loved ones wil worry you.

sweetheart: must forego some anticipated pleasure to gain future ones.

unknown: diagnosis is positive for new love.

woman dreaming of: despair at inability to improve another’s welfare.

head cold: are germinating an excuse to not do an arduous task.

hemorrhoids, having: have foolishly exposed yourself to parasites.

hoarse because of a cold, being: being disil usioned by the words of others.

others: put additional energy and nourishment into love matters.

speaking with a, sound: wil lose an opportunity from inability to express your views.

infirm, being: mischief makers can plot against your affectations, not your actions.

influenza, dying from: faithful friends wil show compassion toward you.

jaundice, having: a warning to check out your yel owness with a doctor.

mate: quarrels with sweetheart over unfaithful heart.

lockjaw, having: wil marry a nagging partner and grind your teeth, not state your case.

dying from: inability to speak your mind wil destroy your life.

many people in a hospital with: an epidemic of petty proportions affecting a multitude.

mentally ill person, a: thrive among the chaos or harm wil come to you.

seeing yourself as a: overly imaginative people build sham castles.

nervous condition, having a serious: wil discover a treasure among frayed minds.

pneumonia, of: wil have a lengthy il ness as long as you do not fol ow your better judgment.

dying from: wil suffer big losses; dissolution of own hopes.

prickly heat, having: a confluence of toxins are attacking your nervous system.

spleen, having an enlarged: malice, spite, il -temper, melancholy and ennui.

stomach, having a: are weak-wil ed and easily persuaded to stray.

swollen glands: a clue to a significant il ness, which needs to be eliminated.

visiting people with an: wil find a way to attain your own goal. ... illness dream meaning