The meaning of the symbols of touched, mad seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of touched and mad mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Touched Mad


A religious symbol of mary, the mother of jesus christ... madonna dream meaning


To dream of being mad, shows trouble ahead for the dreamer. Sickness, by which you will lose property, is threatened.

To see others suffering under this malady, denotes inconstancy of friends and gloomy ending of bright expectations.

For a young woman to dream of madness, foretells disappointment in marriage and wealth. ... madness dream meaning

Mad Dog

To dream of seeing a mad dog, denotes that enemies will make scurrilous attacks upon you and your friends, but if you succeed in killing the dog, you will overcome adverse opinions and prosper greatly in a financial way.

See Dog. ... mad dog dream meaning


See “angry”... mad dream meaning


To see a madstone applied to a wound from the fangs of some mad animal, denotes that you will endeavor, to the limits of your energy, to shield self from the machinations of enemies, which will soon envelop you with the pall of dishonorable defeat. ... madstone dream meaning

Mada, Mala

See “madeline”... mada, mala dream meaning


Highly esteemed, enlightened one... madeline dream meaning


See “margaret”... madge dream meaning


Victorious in adversity... madison dream meaning


Does not represent god’s covering of protection; see “natural”... man-made dream meaning

Madame Bovary

To those who understand the novel, the desire to engage in an adulterous affair. ... madame bovary dream meaning


One has a light, humorous approach to life. ... madcap dream meaning


1. One feels he/she has accomplished (made) things.

2. Fear that a criminal will come into one’s life. ... made dream meaning

Bread Or Roti Made Of Flour

It symbioses excessive wealth. Prosperity and a comfortable life is in store for the one who eats it.... bread or roti made of flour dream meaning

Coins Made From Copper, Bronze Etc.

Receiving them symbolises evil gossiping about oneself and imprisonment. It could also mean unwholesome rizq and a lowly trade.... coins made from copper, bronze etc. dream meaning

Intoxicants Made From Dates Or Grapes

They signify apprehension and doubt about one’s resources or about the lawfulness of one’s earnings.... intoxicants made from dates or grapes dream meaning


(See Insanity; Mental derangement)... madman dream meaning

Ring Made Of Iron

Wealth that a person will receive from the king.... ring made of iron dream meaning

Yellow Ring Or A Ring Made Of Lead

He will be the receipient of things of little value.... yellow ring or a ring made of lead dream meaning

Madness (mental)

A dream of madness is never a fortunate sign but again this is something that must be taken in context of the entire dream. Should you dream of being mad yourself you will fall into grievous error unless you act to correct your actions. Being mad also denotes that you may suffer a loss of property through sickness.

To see others suffering from this shows you have false friends and should beware.... madness (mental) dream meaning

Madness (mental Condition)

A dream of madness is never a fortunate sign but again this is something that must be taken in context of the entire dream. Should you dream of being mad yourself you will fall into grievous error unless you act to correct your actions. Being mad also denotes that you may suffer a loss of property through sickness.

To see others suffering from this shows you have false friends and should beware.... madness (mental condition) dream meaning

Mad Dogs

See Dogs.... mad dogs dream meaning

Man-made Disaster

Disaster dreams typically indicate that something is terribly wrong with your life or about to go wrong if the current situation remains unchanged. They will tell you that a job, a relationship, a religion, or a conscious attitude is not good for you and is leading you to crisis.

If the disaster in the dream is specifically manmade and not natural, such as a terrorist attack, or a plane, train, car, or bus crash, this image may be urging you to change an attitude or belief system before the situation in waking life becomes perilous. These dreams are telling you that you are not in a safe place and you need to move away from it.

Oftentimes, the unconscious will use cultural symbols and images to bring to mind some thematic experience or situation. For example, to dream of the attack on the World Trade Center can be symbolic of a tragedy, a horrendous situation, an attack, or the destruction of one’s working environment. Similarly, any form of terrorist attack can be symbolic of an intrusive invasion of your personal space in waking life, a violent clash of opinions or cruel, sadistic and cowardly behavior.

If you dreamed of making a panicstricken call to the emergency services, could your unconscious have been highlighting your fear that an emotional trauma has devastated your world, or is about to, and that you urgently need help? A dream focusing on a disaster in your home may be saying something about your attitude to life. It might be that you are ready to make important changes that will involve destroying what you have built up over the years, or it could be a warning that your present, or planned, actions could prove disastrous in the long run. Much depends on your reaction. Supposing that you dreamed your house was falling down; if you were relieved, unconcerned or walked away from the ruins, you are ready to move on and leave the past behind you.

You may have had a dream that focused on manmade environmental pollution and the disease, destruction, decay and death to which this leads.

If you have had such a dream, the dream is urging you to avoid an attitude, thought or emotion that is not good for you, now or in the future.

Other people’s attitudes and beliefs may also be contaminating the way you think and feel, and this can sometimes be shown in dreams about toxic waste or poisons. On the other hand your dream may be urging you to become more environmentally aware.

If demolition features in the dream, it can highlight either self-inflicted trauma or changes in your life, depending on the circumstances of the dream.

If you are carrying out the demolition, you should be in control, but if someone else is, you may feel powerless in the face of change. You may also be conscious of a build-up of tension within you that can only by released by a breakdown of old attitudes and approaches.... man-made disaster dream meaning

Fits / Madness

If you have dreams that involve uncontrollable trembling, fits or fever, such dream can be alarming but in general suggest that you are worrying more than you need to about trifling affairs or matters of little consequence, whilst the important things slip by unnoticed. You should try to relax and cultivate more interests. On the other hand, are you in a fever of excitement about something or someone? To dream that you are insane or mad, and unable to perform everyday tasks reflects an unjustified humiliation from the past or an embarrassing moment from the present that is unsettling you. Being mad or irrational in a dream, or meeting a mad person may also indicate that you are facing urges or emotions that feel threatening or that you cannot control properly.

If you are confronted by a mad man or woman, this can indicate a part of yourself that you have not integrated successfully.

If you are that mad person, then are you feeling threatened by the irrational parts of your personality or do you sense that you don’t fit in with your social group? Occasionally, you may experience a trembling or wave sensation when you awake, especially when you are aroused quickly from deep sleep; although disconcerting, this is usually the result of temporary confusion between the sleeping and waking worlds that should pass without need for concern. If, however, this occurs on a regular basis and you feel faint and dizzy when you get up, it might be wise to have a check-up with your doctor to rule out problems with your blood pressure.... fits / madness dream meaning

Natural Or Man-made Disasters

You are often confronted in dreams by overwhelming floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, bombings or chemical warfare. These dreams may depict personal problems raging out of control and can be amongst the most frightening of dreams.... natural or man-made disasters dream meaning