Tollway Dream Meanings

Tollway Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Paying (money, time, effort, respect, etc.) for what you use or take, or your responsibility to do so.

Paying as you go.

Making progress, but at a price.

“Paying your dues” in life or a particular part of it.

Choosing an “expensive path” (a course of action that requires a lot of time, money, effort, etc.).

Investing time or effort in order to get somewhere or accomplish things.

Consider how you felt about having to pay to use the road, and whether you paid before or after you used the road (which may point to a real-life sequence of events).

See also: Road; Tax

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman


A way to get from one place to another, literally or figuratively (such as a specific path or direction you take, one event leading to another, or an action leading to a result).

Your life path or journey, or a portion of it (past, present, or future).

A connection or route between two things (people, places, situations, etc.).

An experience you participated in with others.

The way you or someone else chose to go about something (as in taking “the high road” or “the road less traveled”).

Being stranded on a highway can represent feeling stuck, alone, or helpless somehow in your life.

Accidentally running off the road can represent: a feeling or fear that you’re off-track somehow in your life; neglecting responsibility for yourself or others; a need to pay more attention somewhere in your life.

Being hit or injured on a road can represent a feeling or fear of vulnerability or harm.

For more clues, consider anything that stood out about the road and events there, where you were traveling to and from, and your feelings about it.

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The idea of participating in or contributing to society or the world.

A requirement by an authority figure in your life.


A commitment, agreement, or arrangement (financial or otherwise).

A demand on you.

A challenging situation.

An issue of responsibility or personal integrity.

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