Tangerine Dream Meanings

Tangerine Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

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lucky numbers: 08-09-18-21-29-33

being the color of: the state of your liver is murky; consider the stigma of a derelict lifestyle.

materials: the purifying power of a flame.

have clothes: wil make smal financial gains, but a tremendous impression.

blossoms, picking: balancing intuition with intel ect.

making a crown of: a slowly increasing income wil al ow a steady, rich emotional life.

wearing: your virginity is safe until the love affair you wil never forget or regret.

buying: disappointment in love because you bypassed nurturing.

eating an: each segment of your life needs equal attention.

nectarines: a hypocritical woman wil cause a calamity to you.

making marmalade: the turning away of impurities.

of an, tree: wil shed tears at the beauty of its blossoms.

planting: wil make an unsuccessful trip until this fruit of knowledge blooms.

with ripe: abundance of health and spiritual vitality al around.

peeling, an: in the luscious indulgence of the body wil come peace.

selling: loss in a venture that was a gamble.

tangerines, peeling a: a death wil cause you to take better care of your health. ... oranges dream meaning