The meaning of the symbols of suffering, small and po seen in a dream.

I suffering from small po on dream

What does the symbols of suffering, small and po mean in a dream?

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To fed that you are poisoned in a dream, denotes that some painful influence will immediately reach you.

If you seek to use poison on others, you will be guilty of base thoughts, or the world will go wrong for you.

For a young woman to dream that she endeavors to rid herself of a rival in this way, she will be likely to have a deal of trouble in securing a lover.

To throw the poison away, denotes that by sheer force you will overcome unsatisfactory conditions.

To handle poison, or see others with it, signifies that unpleasantness will surround you.

To dream that your relatives or children are poisoned, you will receive injury from unsuspected sources.

If an enemy or rival is poisoned, you will overcome obstacles.

To recover from the effects of poison, indicates that you will succeed after worry.

To take strychnine or other poisonous medicine under the advice of a physician, denotes that you will undertake some affair fraught with danger. ... poison dream meaning


If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which you are innocent, it foretells that you will successfully outstrip rivalry.

If the arrest is just, you will have a season of unfortunate incidents.

To see police on parole, indicates alarming fluctuations in affairs.... police dream meaning


See “water”... pool dream meaning


Pomegranates, when dreamed of, denotes that you will wisely use your talents for the enrichment of the mind rather than seeking those pleasures which destroy morality and health.

If your sweetheart gives you one, you will be lured by artful wiles to the verge of distraction by woman’s charms, but inner forces will hold you safe from thralldom.

To eat one, signifies that you will yield yourself a captive to the personal charms of another. ... pomegranate dream meaning


To see a porcupine in your dreams, denotes that you will disapprove any new enterprise and repel new friendships with coldness.

For a young woman to dream of a porcupine, portends that she will fear her lover.

To see a dead one, signifies your abolishment of ill feelings and possessions. ... porcupine dream meaning


To see a pond in your dream, denotes that events will bring no emotion, and fortune will retain a placid outlook.

If the pond is muddy, you will have domestic quarrels.

See Water Puddle and kindred words.... pond dream meaning


Any dream in which you see the Pope, without speaking to him, warns you of servitude. You will bow to the will of some master, even to that of women.

To speak to the Pope, denotes that certain high honors are in store for you.

To see the Pope looking sad or displeased, warns you against vice or sorrow of some kind. ... pope dream meaning


To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you. ... pocket dream meaning


See “poor”... poverty dream meaning


To dream of a pot, foretells that unimportant events will work you vexation.

For a young woman to see a boiling pot, omens busy employment of pleasant and social duties.

To see a broken or rusty one, implies that keen disappointment will be experienced by you. ... pot dream meaning


To dream of gazing upon the portrait of some beautiful person, denotes that, while you enjoy pleasure, you can but feel the disquieting and treacherousness of such joys. Your general affairs will suffer loss after dreaming of portraits.

See Pictures, Photographs, and Paintings.... portrait dream meaning


To dream of seeing a red hot poker, or fighting with one, signifies that you will meet trouble with combative energy.

To play at poker, warns you against evil company; and young women, especially, will lose their moral distinctiveness if they find themselves engaged in this game. ... poker dream meaning


To dream of a porch, denotes that you will engage a new undertakings, and the future will be full of uncertainties.

If a young woman dreams that she is with her lover on a porch, implies her doubts of some one’s intentions.

To dream that you build a porch, you will assume new duties.... porch dream meaning


To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealing with you. You may detect them through watchfulness.... powder dream meaning


Profane words and actions... pollution dream meaning


A haven... port dream meaning


A root; see “root”... potato dream meaning


1. Use caution around superstitious matters; a need to be more self-confident.

2. A need or desire for more relaxing activ­ities.

3. Rising passions, a pleasurable release. ... poppy dream meaning


To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings. and ill luck generally.... post-office dream meaning


To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently be of a distressing nature than otherwise.

See Letter Carrier.... postman dream meaning


Having nothing to do with one’s literal size; figuratively limited only; see “last”... small dream meaning


1. Success in personal aspirations.

2. Reverse: loss, weakness.

3. Energy and enthusiasm.

4. A lack of inspiration and guidance (if the electric power is out). ... power dream meaning


Seeing a porter in a dream, denotes decided bad luck and eventful happenings.

To imagine yourself a porter, denotes humble circumstances.

To hire one, you will be able to enjoy whatever success comes to you.

To discharge one, signifies that disagreeable charges will be preferred against you. ... porter dream meaning


1. Intimacy issues.

2. A need for release, usually emo­tional energy.

3. Need or desire to not take sexuality so seriously. ... pornography dream meaning


To dream of a politician, denotes displeasing companionships, and incidences where you will lose time and means.

If you engage in political wrangling, it portends that misunderstandings and ill feeling will be shown you by friends.

For a young woman to dream of taking interest in politics, warns her against designing duplicity.... politician dream meaning


To see ponies in your dreams, signifies moderate speculations will be rewarded with success.... pony dream meaning


Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good.

To dream of digging them, denotes success.

To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain.

To cook them, congenial employment. Planting them, brings realization of desires.

To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future. ... potatoes dream meaning


Index finger criticizes; middle finger curses; thumbs up is approval, down is disapproval; little finger is submission; see “fingernails”... pointing dream meaning


(See Peg)... pole dream meaning

Polar Bear

Polar bears in dreams, are prognostic of deceit, as misfortune will approach you in a seeming fair aspect. Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship. Rivals will try to supersede you.

To see the skin of one, denotes that you will successfully overcome any opposition.

See Bear.... polar bear dream meaning


To dream that you, or any of your friends, appear to be poor, is significant of worry and losses.

See Pauper.... poor dream meaning


To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not be to your liking, and you will seek a change in your location.... portfolio dream meaning


To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment, with satisfactory results.

For a young woman to see a potter, foretells she will enjoy pleasant engagements.... potter dream meaning


Used to make a public statement... poster dream meaning


To find a pocketbook filled with bills and money in your dreams, you will be quite lucky, gaining in nearly every instance your desire.

If empty, you will be disappointed in some big hope.

If you lose your pocketbook, you will unfortunately disagree with your best friend, and thereby lose much comfort and real gain. ... pocketbook dream meaning


Poppies seen in dreams, represents a season of seductive pleasures and flattering business, but they all occupy unstable foundations.

If you inhale the odor of one, you will be the victim of artful persuasions and flattery.

(The mesmeric influence of the poppy inducts one into strange atmospheres, leaving materiality behind while the subjective self explores these realms as in natural sleep; yet these dreams do not bear truthful warnings to the material man. Being, in a manner, enforced.) ... poppies dream meaning


To dream of porcelain, signifies you will have favorable opportunities of progressing in your affairs.

To see it broken or soiled, denotes mistakes will be made which will cause grave offense.... porcelain dream meaning


To see dressed poultry in a dream, foretells extravagant habits will reduce your security in money matters.

For a young woman to dream that she is chasing live poultry, foretells she will devote valuable time to frivolous pleasure.... poultry dream meaning


An important, highly emotional message is being conveyed (note the content of the poetry). ... poetry dream meaning


1. Self or character (as in how one “shapes up”).

2. The begin­ning of a new and creative project.

3. Progress in life or toward specific goals. ... pottery dream meaning

Pan, Pot

Receptive state of mind and feelings, perhaps con­nected with creativity (cooking), family life, or providing for one’s needs. Chamberpot: feelings and values connected with excretory functions; female sexuality. Idioms: flash in the pan. ... pan, pot dream meaning


Anything pointed can refer to male sexuality, reach­ing a point—arriving at a culmination or change; a meaning, a decision to be made. ... point dream meaning


Earing popcorn may comment that you feel puffed up in a situation. Popping popcorn on the stove may mention that you are cooking up explosive thoughts in your mind. Popcorn may also indicate opening fertile potentials that are encapsulated within.... popcorn dream meaning


To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies are thrusting your interest aside, through your own inability to keep people interested in you.... porpoise dream meaning


(Crocodile; Guardian; Mercury; Thunder; Watchman) A policeman in a dream represents security and peace, prayers, a secret friendship, a hidden love, protection against Satan or his party, or perhaps he may represent one’s guardian dog.

A policeman in a dream also represents the angel of death, a fright, or distress.

If a policeman brings his helpers with him in a dream, it means a scare, sorrows, sufferings, punishment, or a danger. He also may represent an evil person, a perfidious and a harmful beast or a lion.

If someone in authority sees himself befriending a policeman in a dream, it means that he will make a new covenant, or introduce an amendment to the law, or draft a new constitution which he will sign. Ifone sees himselfputting a policeman in prison in a dream, it means that he will engage in a political fight.

(Also see Crocodile; Lieutenant; Mercury’)... policeman dream meaning


(Inflorescence; Money; Spadix; Spathe; Spores) In a dream, pollen means money or a pregnancy.

If a sick person sees pollen in his dream, it means that he will recover from his illness, or it could mean his death. Pollen in a dream also means hoarding merchandise or provisions. Ifone picks a spathe or two in his dream, it means that he may beget a child or two.

If one eats pollen in his dream, it means that he will live from the revenues of such children. Observing the florescence oftrees in a dream means the rising of one’s star and anticipation of benefits. Seeing a yellow spathe and not eating from it in a dream represents the anger of a landlord toward his ranchers. Pollen in a dream also means money or illness. Picking up spores of pollen in a dream also means the illness of one’s wife that could lead to her death, or receiving a sizeable inheritance.... pollen dream meaning

Swimming Pool

Symbolic of a gathering place for people.

If the water is dirty it symbolizes evil activity around you... swimming pool dream meaning


You will be attending a social event at which you will be very unsure of yourself.... postcard dream meaning


To dream of polishing any article, high attainments will place you in enviable positions.... polishing dream meaning


If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble, but if you only see pork, you will come out of a conflict victoriously.

See Bacon.... pork dream meaning


Important personal message... poem dream meaning


A spiritual condition; see “bound”, “loose”, and “witchcraft”... possessed dream meaning


See “bag”... pouch dream meaning


(Charmer; Poet; Reciting) A poet reciting his verses in a dream represents a man who brings peace to people’s hearts, entertains them and dispels anger from their hearts if God’s name is mentioned in his poem. Ifhe does not mention the name of God Almighty in the dream, then his words may be baseless and false.

A poet in a dream also represents someone who pieces together a conversation, or who embellishes his words with lies, or who deceives people by giving them bad advice, encourages them to do wrong and to abstain from what is right, or misleads them with deceptive words. In general, seeing a poet in a dream means concoctions, lies, adultery, alcoholism, greed, or someone who writes poems for money and fame.

If the person seeing the dream memorizes poetic verses containing words of wisdom, or verses glorifying God Almighty, or praising His Messenger upon whom be peace, or if one becomes a poet who recites such poems in the dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge, status, honor and receive guidance. In a dream, a poet also represents a seducer who says something and does something else.

(Also see Poem; Snake charmer)... poet dream meaning


(See Column)... post dream meaning


1- When a particular position is highlighted in a dream it usually signifies our moral standpoint, or our position in life. It can also give an indication of how we arc handling situations in our lives.

For instance, something in the wrong position means we are going about things in the wrong way.

2- Our spirit, intellect, ideals and consciences are being brought to our attention when we dream of anything higher or above us. This applies also when dreaming of the upper part of anything (of a building or body, for example). Our altruism may be being brought into question. Anything underneath, below, or downstairs signifies the anarchic or immoral side of our personalities.

The sexual impulses can also be characterised in this way. Something appearing upside down emphasises the potential for chaos and difficulty.

The ‘ups and downs’ of situations in life can be experienced in dreams as the actual movement of one’s position, ‘fhe personality has a need to balance the heights and depths of its experience, and if this docs not happen a warning will usually appear in dream form. Back/Front Rejection and acceptance can be shown in a dream as seeing the back and front of something. Backward/ Forward Having the attention drawn to a backward and/or forward movement usually indicaes the potential to adopt a regressive bae kward-looki ng tendency. There is a need to retire into the past, rather than tackling lears and moving ahead. Centre falso see Shapes) To be conscious of the centre of any aspect of a dream is to be aware of a goal or objective, or perhaps even of the dreamer’s real Self. There is a need to be the centre of attention whatever the circumstances. Far/Near In dreams, space and time can become confused.

Dreaming of something which is far awav, may indicate that it is far away in time. This may be future or past, depending on the dream.

A long way in front would be future, a long way behind would be past. Near or close would mean recently, or in the immediate.

Horizontal This usually symbolises the material world. Left The left side suggests the less dominant, more passive side. Often it is taken to represent all that is dark and sinister and those parts of our personality which we try to suppress.

It is more to do with instinctive behaviour, what feels good inside and with personal behaviour without attention to moral codes.

It is supportive in expression, and receptive by nature, so anything appearing in dreams on the left side can be accepted as a symbol of support. Any pain experienced on the left side is interpreted in terms of sensitivity.

The left expresses the more feminine attributes and often the past. Feelings of being left behind suggest a sense of inadequacy, of disintegration and of having to leave the past behind. Indecision over left or right suggests an inability to decide whether to rely on drive or instinct.

Low In dreams, feeling ‘low’ can suggest a sense of inferiority or humility. Often we will give way to submissive behaviour, and put ourselves in a lower position than others. Occasionally to be below something or someone can indicate a need to explore the underside or negativity of a relationship or situation. Opposite Anything in a dream which is opposite the dreamer may suggest some difficulty in reconciling two paradoxes (Good/bad. male/female, up/down, etc.). This may or may not suggest conflict. One thing deliberately put opposite another There is a deliberate attempt to introduce discord. Changing the position from opposite Differences maybe adjusted.

Right/Left The conflict between right and left is usually between logic and intuition. Right The right side represents the more dominant logical side.

It is the consciously expressed, confident side which perceives the exterior world in perhaps a more objective sense.

It is to do with ‘lightness’ that is, correctness and moral and social behaviour. Anything observed on the right side in dreams is usually significant as the dreamer progresses. Any pain experienced on the right side can also be interpreted in terms of drive. It also expresses the more masculine attributes. Movement to the right indicates that something is coming into conscious awareness. Straight Straight suggests a direct approach, the shortest way between two objects or places. Top To be at the top is to have succeeded in our endeavours.

To be on top is to have assumed control. Trying to reach the top suggests more effort is needed. Under/underneath Being underneath something suggests either taking shelter or submitting to someone else’s handling of us. It may also represent the part of us that we hide, or the part that is less capable.

Up, upper We have the capability of achieving a degree of supremacy. We are capable of getting the ‘upper hand’ in particular situations. We can move away from the mundane, ordinary- everyday world.

Vertical The vertical in dreams tends to represent the spiritual realm.

3- The points of the compass can be read spiritually.

The North signifies the Unknown, and hcnce sometimes darkness.

It is spirituality within the world.

The East traditionally suggests birth and mystic religions. It also represents becoming ‘conscious’.

The South is representative of earthly passion and sensuality.

The West can symbolise death, but more properly the state after death when there is increased spiritual awareness. Traditionally, it can also represent the more logical side of our natures.... position dream meaning

Totem / Totem Pole

1- In a dream a totem pole can link us back to a very primitive need for protection.

It is not the protection afforded by a father, but by those spirits whose energy is powerful enough to be used by us.

2- When an objcct revered as a sacred article is given enough power by a joint belief, the thing itself is perceived as taking on a power of its own. One such object is the totem pole. When it appears in dreams we need to be looking at those parts of our lives which arc based around our belief system to discover whether we are really living according to those beliefs.

3- Both in its symbolic meaning of a protector and as a representative of spiritual matters, the totem pole suggests strength and power.... totem / totem pole dream meaning

Poke / Poker

The poker in this instance suggests rigid and unbending discipline, which is sometimes necessary. There is often the necessity for aggressive action, but also rigid attitudes and behaviour in spiritual development.

To poke someone is to goad them.... poke / poker dream meaning


To dream of dancing the polka, denotes pleasant occupations.

See Dancing. ... polka dream meaning


To dream of seeing poplars, is an omen of good, if they are in leaf or bloom.

For a young woman to stand by her lover beneath the blossoms and leaves of a tulip poplar, she will realize her most extravagant hopes. Her lover will be handsome and polished. Wealth and friends will be hers.

If they are leafless and withered, she will meet with disappointments.... poplars dream meaning


A literal account... poll dream meaning


Using one’s personal abilities and strength to succeed; see “horse” and “game”... polo dream meaning


Stooping sickly; unbalanced leaning; prostrate helplessness; bowing with submissive adoration; leaning unstably... posture dream meaning


Literally enduring longsuffering, one of the fruits of the spirit; see “fruits”... suffering dream meaning

Nail Polish

Symbolic of beautifying yourself ... nail polish dream meaning


To dream of a green poplar denotes fulfilled hopes, if withered it denotes disappointment (Gypsy). It was once held sacred to Hercules. Afterwards it symbolized the Holy Rood of the Christians (Bayley). ... poplar dream meaning

Pool / Pond

A pool can have the same connotations as a doorway – an entry into the unconscious and our deepest emotions.

A pond will tend to represent a man-made construction. Esoterically, a puddle – a small body of water – can be used for scrying, that is, looking towards the future as though into a magic mirror.

To be looking into a puddle may be trying to decide what future action needs to be taken.... pool / pond dream meaning

Ping Pong

A game of Ping-Pong in a dream, if evenly matched, predicts that you will easily achieve your current goals. But if the contest was definitely one-sided, you will have to contend with some strong rivalry before you get what you want. These meanings apply whether you participated in the game or only watched it.... ping pong dream meaning

Power Lines

To see or become entangled in power lines, represents your struggle for power and empowerment. You are experiencing an obstacle toward your goals or in your romantic relationship. This is a common dream for people who are having power struggles with their parents.... power lines dream meaning


To see a lamp-post in your dreams, some stranger will prove your staunchiest friend in time of pressing need.

To fall against a lamp-post, you will have deception to overcome, or enemies will ensnare you.

To see a lamp-post across your path, you will have much adversity in your life. ... lamp-post dream meaning


To dream you see or pass a mile-post, foretells that you will be assailed by doubtful fears in business or love.

To see one down, portends accidents are threatening to give disorder to your affairs. ... mile-post dream meaning


To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business.

If you try to use cancelled stamps, you will fall into disrepute.

To receive stamps, signifies a rapid rise to distinction.

To see torn stamps, denotes that there are obstacles in your way.... postage dream meaning

Potter’s Field

To see a potter’s field in your dreams, denotes you will have poverty and misery to distress you.

For a young woman to walk through a potter’s field with her lover, she will give up the one she loves in the hope of mercenary gain. ... potter’s field dream meaning


An undesirable intrusion... poke dream meaning


One whose words and actions are offensive and conflictive, unless they get their way; see “animals”... polecat dream meaning


Going beyond what is expected in order to shine with excellence... polish dream meaning


Spreading good news that edifies... pollination dream meaning


See “witchcraft”... poltergeist dream meaning


Having more than one partnership, i.E.

A religious person who lives in sin; see “marry”... polygamy dream meaning


See “cape”... poncho dream meaning


Fun-food in a difficult situation; being on a stick indicates pride; see “food”, “ice-cream”, and “pride”... popsicle dream meaning


A warning that something is being perverted from upright to morally unacceptable, i.E. Padding an insurance claim; see “perverted”... porn dream meaning


Enlightenment... porthole dream meaning

North Pole

1. The beginning of journeys, sometimes the end.

2. Plans are moving ahead well.

3. Santa’s home, childhood hopes and dreams, a magical place. ... north pole dream meaning

Pot (marijuana)

1. Responsibilities are being pushed aside (to smoke).

2. Possible health or addiction problem.

3. Ability to feel euphoria, pleasure. ... pot (marijuana) dream meaning

Fishing Pole

A fishing pole in a dream means a ploy and deception.

The same interpretation goes for all fishing tools and equipment.

It is better to see oneself in a dream holding it, than seeing others fishing with it or carrying it. 164... fishing pole dream meaning

Police Dog

(See Dog)... police dog dream meaning


(Gruel) In a dream, porridge means travel by land, abstinence, piety and fear of wrongdoing. Eating porridge in a dream means release from prison, attaining a high ranking position, finding a lost property, or having excellent religious standing. Porridge is mostly made from flour and milk.

The flour comes out of grinding.

The milk emanates from the udders of an animal and the porridge is cooked on fire, thus all three can be interpreted according to their individual meaning. Eating porridge in a dream during the summertime means stress, adversities, trouble and a fight.

(Also see Breakfast food)... porridge dream meaning


(See Deferment)... postponement dream meaning

Times In Which Dreams Are Most Potent

It must be borne in mind that the most authentic dreams are the ones observed in the latter part of the night and during Qayloolah (sleeping at midday ) and during the day. Dreams during the fruit-ripening season and fruit-selling season are also very potent.

The most inopportune time wherein dreams hardly have any significant meaning is during the winter season and when rain is imminent.... times in which dreams are most potent dream meaning


Symbolic of a rough path or trouble in life, Prov. 10:9 NLT... pothole dream meaning


From a Freudian point of view, pockets may symbolize the female reproductive organs. However, for many people this dream may have an entirely different meaning.

The pockets in your dreams could represent those things that you keep just for yourself: your memory, your secrecy, your valuable possessions, or your inner resources.

If you were hiding your hands in the pockets, it suggests that you may feel a degree of helplessness or guilt, in regard to some situation in daily life.... pockets dream meaning

Policeman / Woman

See roles. ... policeman / woman dream meaning

Postage Stamp

A postage stamp put on a letter may point to the cost or value of the message sent or received in a dream. It may represent the payment of dues.... postage stamp dream meaning

Power Plant

Visiting a power plant may mention the need to get to know or realize the source of your power, where it really comes from.

A nuclear power plant may comment on a destruc- rive potential in your immediate environment that could easily destroy your life.... power plant dream meaning

Melting Pot

Depth Psychology: The melting pot is the place where hopes and desires, rational thinking and passions together make up your personality.

The dream is a challenge to resolve contradictions in your personality.

If the pace of the dream is moderate, it means that you are maturing at a steady pace, but if it is hectic and explosive, growing up for you is wrought with tension.... melting pot dream meaning

Pocket Watch

Vision: Seeing a pocket watch in your dream: you have either overslept or you have no sense of time. Pay more attention to your appointment calendar—and keep your appointments! See Clock.... pocket watch dream meaning

Poison Ivy

To dream of poison ivy indicates hostile attitudes or scheming thoughts running through your head. It symbolizes jealousy, anger, and revenge. On the other hand, poison ivy may likewise signify getting into a situation that you should avoid.... poison ivy dream meaning

Potato Chips

To dream of potato chips signifies the hedonist in you.... potato chips dream meaning


A very fortunate dream indeed; keep a guard on your speech for a time and everything you undertake will be accomplished.... poach dream meaning


Dreams of a ponytail represent innocence, naiveté, and simple enthusiasm.

See Hair.... ponytail dream meaning

Solar Power

Dreams of solar power represent that you are maximizing your personal resources and tapping into your infinite spiritual source that doesn’t run out.... solar power dream meaning

Totem Pole

Dreams of a totem pole signify a sacred marker to remind you of your power and of who you really are.

A totem pole can also represent rank, status, and power. Consider whether you are the high or low man on the totem pole. Also, a totem pole is a phallic symbol, perhaps representing your desire for sacred sexuality.

See Tantra.... totem pole dream meaning


A dream about being popular, usually represents the dreamer’s wish to be more popular in real life. This dream can also foretell happy social times.

The dreamer may be having a positive period of personal growth.... popularity dream meaning


See Foreign.... portugal dream meaning

Special Powers

This symbolizes a desire to increase your confidence through enhanced abilities. Most special powers can be related to one of the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth.

A power associated with heat or flames should be considered as a function of combustion and the transformation that fire can generate. Any power associated with water connects to emotions; the use and manipulation of water relates to channeling the power of emotion, whereas transmuting water to either steam or ice has the impact of altering emotional energy for one’s use.

The grounded element of earth is represented by anything rock-like or by strength-oriented power. Air is the element in question when powers such as invisibility or flight are concerned.

If your special power does not conform to one of the elements, the key to your interpretation will lie in discovering the underlying use and essence of the power you possessed in the dream. Ask yourself what area of your life needs amplification based on the area of your skills and abilities that was amplified by the increased power.... special powers dream meaning


To dream of a fish-pond, denotes illness through dissipation, if muddy.

To see one clear and well stocked with fish, portends profitable enterprises and extensive pleasures.

To see one empty, proclaims the near approach of deadly enemies.

For a young woman to fall into a clear pond, omens decided good fortune and reciprocal love.

If muddy, the opposite is foretold.... fish-pond dream meaning


To dream of some one stabbing you with a poinard, denotes that secret enemies will cause you uneasiness of mind.

If you attack any person with one of these weapons, you will unfortunately suspect your friends of unfaithfulness.

Dreaming of poinards, omens evil.

See Dagger.... poinard dream meaning


To dream of a pole-cat, signifies salacious scandals.

To inhale the odor of a pole-cat on your clothes, or otherwise smell one, you will find that your conduct will be considered rude, and your affairs will prove unsatisfactory.

To kill one, denotes that you will overcome formidable obstacles. ... pole-cat dream meaning


To see a poor-house in your dream, denotes you have unfaithful friends, who will care for you only as they can use your money and belongings.... poor-house dream meaning


To dream that you are a street-poster, denotes that you will undertake some unpleasant and unprofitable work.

To see street-posters at work, foretells disagreeable news.... street-poster dream meaning

Baking Powder

A small transgression effects one’s good reputation, as a little baking powder effects all of the dough... baking powder dream meaning


Something is slowly, but surely, being “cooked up”, and it is “crock”... crock-pot dream meaning


A sign in the “game of life” that a goal is reached, and it is the end of an event; see “ballgame”... goal-post dream meaning


See “boil” and “egg”... poaching dream meaning


See “acne”... pock dream meaning


Serving to create a substantial memory of the unification of opposing extremes; see “photo”... polaroid dream meaning


A guide of conditions revealed for an important reason... policy dream meaning


Good manners are in order... polite dream meaning


See “mary”... polly dream meaning


Represent victory... pom-poms dream meaning


Sign of fruitfulness and highly esteemed religious authority; see “fruits”... pomegranite dream meaning


A self-righteous person... pompous dream meaning


A spiritual support used to cross-over from the past to a new beginning; see “boat”... pontoon dream meaning


Fast money... pop-corn dream meaning


Gift from god, priceless... portia dream meaning


Literal... positive dream meaning


Revealed in order that one will recognize the problem; see “controlling”... possessive dream meaning

Post Card

A notice of significance, not necessarily postal... post card dream meaning


See “mail”... postal dream meaning


Being notified beforehand helps prepare one for the delay... postponed dream meaning


Information to note... postscript dream meaning


To freely dispense of one’s self, i.E.

To pour out blessings; to pour out one’s wrath... pour dream meaning


Literal... powerful dream meaning


See “last”... powerless dream meaning


See “acne”... pox dream meaning


Serves peace of mind... tea-pot dream meaning

Kettle (pot)

Settle down with others and discuss in a relaxed way. ... kettle (pot) dream meaning


1. Financial obstacles, a failure to live up to earning po­tential.

2. Reverse: a feeling that prosperity is close at hand. ... poorhouse dream meaning


1. Kingly, lordlike behavior; negative, misogynistic (to see the god neptune or poseidon).

2. A desire, usually spiritual/emo­tional, to see the ocean or large body of water.

3. Horses. ... poseidon dream meaning

Post Office

1. Expressive of a need for communication.

2. A message is trying to get through, usually from one level of consciousness to another.

3. Bad news or misfortune is in the offing.

4. Good news is in the offing. ... post office dream meaning

Acquiring Any Portion Of A Swine

Acquiring the meat, blood, hair etc. of a swine means a person will or has acquired unlawful wealth.... acquiring any portion of a swine dream meaning

Celestial Poles

(See Constellations)... celestial poles dream meaning

Climbing The Upper Portion Of A House

If a person sees himself entering an unknown house and climbing the upper protions of the house, it means he will marry some woman who will be a means of prosperity for him.... climbing the upper portion of a house dream meaning

Coffee Pot

(Brewing; Utensil) In a dream, a coffee pot represents ascetic detachment, increased devotion, a son, a servant, a small town, a profitable business or travels.... coffee pot dream meaning

Cooking Food In A Pot

Cooking food in a pot on a fire suggests that he will benefit from a house or a matter relating to a house because a pot symbolizes the guardian of the house.... cooking food in a pot dream meaning

Cooking Pot

(See Pot)... cooking pot dream meaning

Door Post

(Doorjamb) In a dream, a doorjamb or a door post represent the sire of the house or his bottler.

If the door post is removed in a dream, it means dismissal of such a person from his work.

If it is taken away from that site, then it means the death of the owner of that house.

(Also see Door)... door post dream meaning

Earthenware Pot

In a dream, an earthenware pot means a sharing neighbor. It also means a modestly dressed woman, her estate, family and children.

If the pot is made of brass or ceramic in the dream, it may represent a poor woman.

An earthenware pot in a dream also means decision making, concealing one’s secrets, or it could represent a woman who has frequent miscarriages.

(Also see Earthenwarejar; Jar; Pot)... earthenware pot dream meaning

Eating A Sweet Pomegranate

Whether eaten entirely or partially, it means he will receive assets, leaving him richer and wealthier than before.... eating a sweet pomegranate dream meaning

Empty Pot On The Fire

If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.... empty pot on the fire dream meaning

Farm Pond

(See Water level)... farm pond dream meaning

Flock Of Small Birds (ababeel)

Such a flock symbolises a blessed person who devotes his time in worshipping Allah profusely.... flock of small birds (ababeel) dream meaning

Gem Polishing

(Polishing) In a dream, a gem polisher represents the polisher of the hearts, a wise man, a teacher, a shaikh, a sage, a refiner of characters or a 186 gnostic. On the other hand, a gem polisher in a dream may also represent evil, belligerence, hesitation, or travels.

A stone polisher in a dream represents someone who offends or injures people’s feelings with his words.... gem polishing dream meaning

Guarding Post

(Dwellings; Niche) In a dream, a guarding post represents a spiritual retreat, a votive seclusion, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one’s passions and desires.... guarding post dream meaning

Ink Pot Or Ink Bottle

Symbolises a women.

If it breaks or is stolen his wife will die.... ink pot or ink bottle dream meaning

Love Poems

(See Courting; Poet)... love poems dream meaning

Money Pouch

(See Wallet)... money pouch dream meaning

Night Of Power

(The night in which the Holy Qur’an was revealed.) Seeing and experiencing the night of power in a dream means that one’s wish will come true, even if one desired a kingdom or a great treasure.

The same interpretation applies for seeing a celebration of the night of the Nocturnal Journey during which the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, ascended to the heavens to meet his Lord.

The same interpretation is given to seeing the Friday eve in one’s dream.... night of power dream meaning

Ping-pong Ball

(See Ball)... ping-pong ball dream meaning

Poached Eggs

(See Boiled vegetables)... poached eggs dream meaning


(See Constellations)... pollux dream meaning

Pomegranate During Its Season

If it is sweet, it symbolises one’s accumulated wealth.... pomegranate during its season dream meaning

Popular Trend

(See Tambourine)... popular trend dream meaning

Possessing A House

If a person sees himself owning a house known to him it suggests that he will acquire worldly gains proportionate to the spacious ness, attractiveness and elegance of such a house.... possessing a house dream meaning

Possessing The Moon

Acquiring, possessing or reaching the moon means that the observer of this dream will become advisor to the king or his minister or he will be appointed head of state.... possessing the moon dream meaning

Possessing The Stars

If a person sees himself as possessing some or many stars it is an indication that he will gain leadership over the notables as well as laity, their number depending on the number of stars he had possessed.... possessing the stars dream meaning

Possessing, Gathering Or Walking In A Cloud

Possessing, gathering, walking in a cloud or mounting a cloud means the observer of the dream will acquire much wealth and prosperity.... possessing, gathering or walking in a cloud dream meaning

Postal Package

(See Envelope)... postal package dream meaning


(See Back)... posterior dream meaning

Pounding One’s Head

Poundingone’s head, or smiting one’s forehead, or shaking one’s head in a dream means begetting a son at an advanced age.... pounding one’s head dream meaning

Power Of Attorney

(See Proxy)... power of attorney dream meaning

Powerful Hands

Powerful hands symbolise the wielding of great power.... powerful hands dream meaning

Reins Of Power

(See Bridle; Reins)... reins of power dream meaning

Ring Polishing

(Gem polishing) A ring stone polisher in a dream represents someone who offends or injures people with his words.... ring polishing dream meaning

Sour Pomegranate

If a sour pomegranate is eaten, it means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow.

The same applies to any sour fruit.... sour pomegranate dream meaning

Teeth In The Pocket

Pocketing the teeth or wrapping them in cloth or seeing them falling into the hand or keeping them in the house-any of these is a harbinger of a child, brother or sister being born.

If may also mean his deriving some benefit from one of them.... teeth in the pocket dream meaning

The Broken Point Of A Sword

A person’s mother, paternal grandmother, maternal aunt or some lady equal in status to any of these will die.... the broken point of a sword dream meaning

The Portions Between The Navel And Knees

If any portion between the navel and knees is seen as exposed, it means a person’s secrets will be divulged to the people. How much will be divulged depends on how much of that portion is exposed.... the portions between the navel and knees dream meaning

Traveller’s Pouch

(See Food basket)... traveller’s pouch dream meaning

Broken Pot

This is a symbol of someone who has died or passed away because of grief in life or having been crushed by sin, Ps. 31:12... broken pot dream meaning

Polygraph Machine

Symbolic of needing to be truthful, Col. 3:9 NLT ... polygraph machine dream meaning


Beauty and ministry, Song. 4:3, Ex. 28:34 ... pomegranates dream meaning


Symbolic of a person without any understanding of God, Ps. 49:20... pompousness dream meaning


Symbolic of people trying to scam or deceive you ... pool-hall dream meaning


The sensation of spiritual possession in a dream is symbolic of demonic influences in your life, Mk. 3:11 ... possession dream meaning


Symbolic of total destruction, Jer. 19:11... potsherd dream meaning

Potter’s Wheel

Symbolic of being molded or shaped, Jer. 18:6 NLT ... potter’s wheel dream meaning


To dream of your own picture is symbolic of self-examination ... self-portrait dream meaning


A dream denoting love and lovers (Gypsy); an erotio symbol (Freud). The maypole dance and festival had its remote origin in sex-worship (Frazier). ... may-pole dream meaning


A dream of loyalty and devotion (Gypsy). The universal emblem of stability.... pole-star dream meaning


A dream denoting injustice and persecution (Gypsy). A Christian symbol of martyrdom.... poniard dream meaning


To dream of them, especially if they have a... pot-herbs dream meaning

Little, Small

Of little importance; feeling ‘small’; relating to childhood.

See also shrink. ... little, small dream meaning


One’s stance or position in life; the way one is relating to what is depicted, or the way we feel we are relating to it. ... positions dream meaning

Cane / Pointer / Baton

See Rod.... cane / pointer / baton dream meaning

Electricity (as In Power Plant)

Symbol for energy, supply, and transformation of power; or you may be under tension.

If there is an accident in an power plant, and you can’t handle internal tension, this indicates repressed urges—see Termination, Attack, Fire, Surf, Kidnapping, Defloration, Flame, Violence, Greed, Harem, Skin Rash, Wire (High-Tension), Hooker / Prostitute, and in part Elf.... electricity (as in power plant) dream meaning

Environmental Pollution

1. Dealing with real problems and quality of life.

2. Problems of “inner pollution”; emotional burdens and uncertainties.

3. A positive intention to create your own environment, an expression of realizing or ignoring complex personal needs and wishes.

See Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Garbage, Spring, World.... environmental pollution dream meaning


See Cane / Baton.... pointer dream meaning

Poisonous Snake

See Snake. Well-known symbol for a deceptive woman. Dangers in matters of the heart and erotic issues.

See Enemy.... poisonous snake dream meaning

Postures, Movement, Body Language

Even in everyday life, the way we hold and position our body, the inclination of chest and head, the movement of hands, are a means of com­munication.

The apparently intuitive information in some dreams, when investigated, can be traced to an unconscious insight into the language of the living body. We all have this ability to understand body language, but it seems to be some­thing which is inherited from past times before verbal lan­guage. It therefore remains a largely unconscious ability. In our dreams, however, it is a major factor in how the dream is structured.

If you cannot find a satisfying description below, imagine yourself making the movement or posture in the dream to see if you can define what the feeling quality is, or what you are saying non-verbally. It can often be of value to make the movement or take up the posture physically instead of in the imagination. By comparing the movement/posture with an­other one, it can help to clarify its quality.

Example: Marilyn was expenencing emotional pain con­nected with her impending divorce. Marilyn had dreamt of seeing a dinosaur standing in her path, devounng all who approached it. We explored it by having Marilyn find a body posture and movements which for her expressed the feeling of the dinosaur. In doing so Marilyn did not sense anger or aggression, but she did feel like a predator which always had to take to gain her own needs. This feeling immediately re­minded her of her family life as a child. She remembered when she was sent shopping as a very young child of three or four; as well as buying what she had been asked, she pur­chased some sweets for herself. When she arrived home she was treated as if she had done a terrible thing, and that was where she began to feel like a predator. It seemed to her as if her own needs were always gained at the expense of someone else.

‘With this awareness, she could now see that the dinosaur standing iti her path clearly related to her present situation. Bargaining to gain a realistic share of the house and property jointly owned by her husband and herself, felt to her as if she were gaining her needs at his expense, like a predator. That made her feel so awful, she was almost ready to allow her husband to take all, leaving her without house or money to start again. Her awareness of where the feelings arose from, and the unrealistic pan they played in her life, allowed her to relate to the situation with less pain and more wisdom’ (from Mind and Movement, Tony Crisp). ... postures, movement, body language dream meaning

Pocket / Bag

See Container, Suitcase. Indicates the ability to carry a load and, if necessary, the ability to take action.

It is a symbol of that which we carry around with us (purse, attache case, etc.), that which we own.

It is also a symbol of what we are made of (what is in our pockets symbolizes what is in ourselves—what moves us—because the pocket is inside our clothes).

According to Freud, female genitals.

The apron pocket, according to Jung, is the “pocket” the woman or girl carries within her body. In the case of a man or a boy, the pocket refers to the region from which sexual desires arise.... pocket / bag dream meaning

Poppy / Flower

Intoxication; more awareness is demanded. Losing oneself as either a dangerous or a positive sign.... poppy / flower dream meaning

Post / Post Office / Postcard

Sending or receiving important information from the unconscious. Increased awareness, communication.... post / post office / postcard dream meaning

Post / Stake

A post driven into the ground is a symbol for intercourse and it usually starts a spring flowing.... post / stake dream meaning


1- Body language is an important aspect in dreams. Our dream characters may develop exaggerated movements or postures to highlight certain information which we need to recognise.

2- We often pick up information on a subliminal level without being able to understand why.

The postures we or others adopt in dreams often give us the answers to those questions that need answering.

3- An exaggerated posture will indicate emotions. Living and being mean that we are capable of adopting certain recognisable stances and postures (as in yoga) in order to progress spiritually.... postures dream meaning

Billiards / Pool

To see an empty billiard or pool table means you will be lucky in love.

To play the game means that someone is going to be lying to you, or you to them.... billiards / pool dream meaning

China Dishes / Pottery

Personal property will be stolen.... china dishes / pottery dream meaning

Pocketbook / Purse

To dream of losing a pocketbook means that you are frequently careless and disorganized.

To find a pocketbook means that you will have unexpected good fortune.... pocketbook / purse dream meaning

Porcupine / Hedgehog

Indicates business embarrassments, though some Gypsies say it means a better job but disappointment in friends.... porcupine / hedgehog dream meaning

Port / Dock

Symbolizes a home or focal point.

If you dream of arriving at a dock, you will be going home.

To see a ship steam into port similarly indicates that you will be going home, or to the place where you feel most comfortable.... port / dock dream meaning

Powder Flask

Go cautiously, there is some danger should you make the wrong move.

See also Gunpowder.... powder flask dream meaning

Soda Pop

(see Beverages)

The bubbles in this drink reflect an upbeat, happy attitude that can lift the spirits of those around you.

Health: In the Victorian era, soda was only available by prescription, and used to help overcome sickness.

Refreshed energy, zest, or outlooks.... soda pop dream meaning

Lay’s Potato Chips

In that it is difficult to lay down a bag of Lay’s potato chips, the appearance of these chips in a dream may point to your ovenndulgence in fatty foods or to any other ovenndulgent behavior.... lay’s potato chips dream meaning

Police Car

I he arrival of the police in your dreams may signify your need to keep the peace.

A police car may symbolize an internal authority that helps to resolve your inner conflicts. It may also suggest that you let go of guilt and self-judgment.... police car dream meaning

Pontiac Grand Am

The Pontiac named after the Pontiac Indians of the Amencan plains may point to a fighting Native American spirit driving your intentions forward.

The Grand Am may suggest that you view every morning as a new beginning. Thus combined, it may state, “It’s a grand morning for going to battle for your beliefs.”... pontiac grand am dream meaning


A nocturnal animal associated with the lunar aspect, the possum can point out behavior that is too passive. It may mention the need to let your ideas or projects remain dormant for a time or to keep a secret you are incubating in your mind In other words, learning how to play dead can be an effective approach. “Wa t till the nme is right” is the message of the possum. It can also arrive to advocate using a passive approach to a difficult relationship in dealing with a more aggressive individual.... possum dream meaning

Power Ranger

A popular toy appealing mostly to boys and based on the children’s cartoon, the appearance of a Power Ranger in a dream may comment on the freedom to play with your own power. As a play on words, it may accentuate the belief that power equals “our anger.” It may also reveal an inner conflict about accepting your spiritual power.... power ranger dream meaning


The golden teddy bear belonging to Christopher Robin was brought to life by his father, A. A. Milne, in these delightful tales. Pboh offers the attributes of unconditional love and patience. His appearance in a dream indicates a loving friendship.... winnie-the-pooh dream meaning

Postage Stamps

It is a sign of remunerative activities to dream of collecting postage stamps as a hobby.... postage stamps dream meaning


To dream of eating a sack-posset signifies to women much gossiping; and to a man that he shall obtain his sweetheart, of whom a sack-posset is the emblem.... sack-posset dream meaning

Boat, Small

Vision: If you are crossing a raging river in a small boat: you are facing great difficulties right now, but things will get sorted out.

Depth Psychology: A small boat makes it possible for you to reach “the other side”—even if you have to depend on something or someone. Have you made reaching your goal more complicated than it has to be? Are you acting too slowly? See Boat, Ship, Yacht.... boat, small dream meaning

Bowl (small)

Symbol: A small bowl is a symbol of abundance. It holds the essence of eternity.

Vision: Holding a bowl in your hands: someone will make an offer soon. Receiving a bowl as a gift: a happy family life. Seeing a full bowl: expect either an invitation or the visit of a friend.

See .Armor, Container.

Depth Psychology: An empty bowl: step back and think—is it time to replenish your depleted inner resources?... bowl (small) dream meaning

Box (small)

Vision: Looking at a box: you are wasting too much rime grieving for the loss of your youth, and by doing that you are missing the advantages that are part of getting older. Holding a box in your hand: stop for a minute and think about whether—in the future—it will be worth sacrificing yourself for your relatives and friends. Seeing an open box: be careful, someone wants to steal from you. Somebody giving you a box: expect a pleasant surprise in the near future.

See Box, Crate (Large), Package.... box (small) dream meaning

Four Points Of The Compass

Vision: Walking toward the West is a sign of awareness.

The \\est is a region of extroverted (outer-directed) activities and order. Turning to the South means you are searching for warmth in the “land of emotion.” The North is more cool—a place of premonition and intuition.

The East indicates intensity and more introverted (inner-directed) thoughts.

Whichever direction you are traveling in the dream, translate its meaning into your everyday life.... four points of the compass dream meaning

Mail, Mailman, Postcard

Vision: The postman in a dream usually has pleasant information.

A postman bringing money: you are spending money on useless things. Seeing a package: you are about to receive a gift. Writing a postcard: you need to take care of an unpleasant matter.

Receiving a postcard: in a certain situation you are guided more by false hopes than reality.

See Package.

Depth Psychology: Mail represents your attitudes, opinions, and thoughts that can influence others.

See Letter.

A postcard can also refer to an irritating obligation that should be fulfilled as soon as possible.... mail, mailman, postcard dream meaning

Pocket, Purse

Vision: Dreaming about having a hole in your pants, dress, or coat pocket: you are not careful enough with your things.

If you lose your purse: you will be faced with a very embarrassing situation. Finding a purse: a joyful surprise is on its way. Depth Psychology: The pocket contains experiences and memories.

It is also a place where you store your emotional and physical reserves.

If there is still room in the purse: you are open to new insights as well as sexual adventures.... pocket, purse dream meaning


Vision: A closed pocketknife: you are a discreet and unassuming person.

An open pocketknife: you are seething with anger, aggression, and rage—and out for revenge, something you are not yet able to acknowledge.

See Knife.... pocketknife dream meaning

Pointer, Hand Of A Clock

Depth Psychology: The hands of a clock are interesting because of the numbers at which they point.

See Clock and the chapter “Numbers in Dreams.”... pointer, hand of a clock dream meaning

Polecat, Ferret, Skunk

Vision: Seeing a polecat is a warning: pay more attention to your physical body.

If you have problems or troubles, don’t delay in seeing your physician. Sometimes the polecat is also a warning about a dishonest person who wants to steal something from you (but you would have to literally “smell” the deceit!).... polecat, ferret, skunk dream meaning

Police, Police Officer

Symbol: The police officer in a dream represents the dreamer’s father.

Vision: Aside from the above, a police officer symbolizes constraint and control. Men dreaming about the police feel constrained and controlled. Seeing a policeman: do not get involved in other people’s arguments—you could be seriously harmed. Calling the police: a situation that might have resolved itself is now getting out of hand. Getting arrested: it is high time for you to change your behavior—you were out of control and your actions were ethically and morally suspect. Seeing police officers: what you are about to do is highly improper. Talking to the police: you want to settle a score with someone—however, do it person-to-person, without an audience. Seeing a female police officer: the dream will be emotional in nature.

Depth Psychology: The police officer is a symbol for the internal conflicts you have with conventional rules. On the other hand, the police officer wants to make sure that you at least obey the minor moral laws, and thus is the symbol of your conscience.

An unpleasant encounter with a policeman: a bad conscicncc or guilt feelings.

If the police come as “friends and helpers”: you are at peace with conventional norms, laws, and values.... police, police officer dream meaning


Vision: Seeing a poodle is a sign that you need more information and experience if you want to be successful in life. Getting bitten by a poodle: you are about to do something foolish— even stupid.

Depth Psychology: Sec Animals, Dog.... poodle dream meaning

Poplar Tree

Vision: Seeing a poplar tree: unlike the palm tree, the poplar promises happiness and a peaceful old age—you are on the right path! Seeing a crooked or stunted poplar tree: let go of deceptive opinions and negative attitudes! Failing to do so means you will always chase after the wrong goals.

Depth Psychology: A straight poplar tree is a good sign and means that you are on the right path.

A crooked poplar tree: you need to make changes!... poplar tree dream meaning

Pot (overflowing)

A pot overflowing is a warning of obstacles in the way of your advancement.... pot (overflowing) dream meaning


Vision: Being potbellied: life may be easier to take when you have an extra layer of fat for protection, but in this case it means you are too egotistical. Don’t overdo it! See Bacon, Ham, Pig.... potbelly dream meaning

Powder, Pace

Vision: Using face powder: your conscience is not quite clear. Spilling powder: you want to make up for something but without success.

See .Makeup. Depth Psychology: See Face.... powder, pace dream meaning

Harry Potter

A dream of meeting Harry Potter implies that you have a challenging path ahead of you, but if you follow your heart, you can overcome any obstacle.

It is important to find out what makes you special and to draw upon that as a source of power.

To dream that you are Harry Potter means that you are already upon this challenging path and will soon meet success. You may also need to rely upon the strength of your friends.... harry potter dream meaning

Sweet Potato

To dream of a sweet potato implies that you or your partner have more intense sexual urges than the other. You should work together in this area so that your bond gratifies both of you.... sweet potato dream meaning

Finger-post Or Sign-post

An omen of some coming change, though it may only be a fresh house or flat.... finger-post or sign-post dream meaning

Poetry (writing)

A present of jewellery soon to be offered you, possibly a ring.

If the dreamer is a man he should guard his writings; if a girl, her feelings; if a wife, her fidelity of heart.... poetry (writing) dream meaning

Pond Or Lake

It is a good sign for lovers if the Pond is quiet and clear-looking. Look out lor trouble if the Pond is dirty or full of mud.... pond or lake dream meaning


A sign of coming disappointment. Be careful about your plans and do not talk them over with anyone.... pots dream meaning


To dream of animals in a Pound signifies a rise in salary and a change of scene.... pound dream meaning


To dream of Small-pox denotes profit and wealth.... small-pox dream meaning


Because music represents a medium that greatly influences feelings, moods, attitudes and thoughts, dreams of an I-pod represent that your ability to have mastery and control of your emotions, moods and thoughts is in the palm of your hand.

See Music.... i-pod dream meaning

Pick Pocket

Dreams of a pick pocket signify that you are stealing or wanting what is not yours. Your dream is showing you where you are preoccupied with coveting what other people have while neglecting the process of actualizing your own talent and potential.

See Karma, Thief and Rob.... pick pocket dream meaning

Pod Casting

Dreams of pod casting signify telepathy as well as a desire to be on the leading edge of information, technology, intelligence and current affairs. Consider the content of the pod cast.... pod casting dream meaning

Pop Ups

Dreams of pop ups express your frustration at being interrupted, intruded upon and having your space invaded and disrespected. Also, this dream could be a message for you to be more mindful and sensitive about other people’s feelings.... pop ups dream meaning

Post Pardum Depression

If you dream of post Pardum depression, then you are venting out and processing the physiological and psychological changes of having a baby or of giving birth to a creative project. You are growing through a challenging time in your life, and this dream may be giving you the message to seek support.

See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.... post pardum depression dream meaning


Dreams of a potholder symbolize your need to proceed with protection and caution with this spicy, passionate, situation that is heating up. This dream is a message to handle this relationship or situation with care so as to not get burned.... potholder dream meaning

Power Point

Dreams of a power point presentation represent a desire to get your point across and to project your ideas and thoughts upon the screen of life; animating them and making them understandable to the masses.... power point dream meaning

Stock Pot

Dreams of a stock pot symbolize that you are marinating in a particular culture, feeling tone, and/or belief system. This dream is helping you to gain objectivity regarding the ideas and energy you are absorbing from your current environment.

See Cook/Cooking and Pot.... stock pot dream meaning

Wanted Poster

If you dream of someone in a wanted poster, consider that they represent something or someone in whom you are being seduced. Perhaps the love you feel for the person with whom you want to be in relationship is criminal, or maybe you are venting out and exposing your guilty feelings about them... wanted poster dream meaning

Column / Pillar / Pole

interpreted upon 3 sides: honest man, words of glory / pride / honor, elevation of rank.... column / pillar / pole dream meaning


whoever sees a polytheist, and [if] the dreamer was hidden in presence, then it is indicative of: knowledge, victory over his enemies. And if he was not hidden in presence, then he will befriend the deities of the corrupt beliefs / schools.... polytheist dream meaning

Porcelain / Chinaware

a vision of porcelain is interpreted upon 4 sides: woman, maid & young girl, usefulness from direction of women.... porcelain / chinaware dream meaning

Pot / Kettle

interpreted upon 5 sides: woman, caretaker of the house. [missing others..?]... pot / kettle dream meaning

The Pomegranate

Symbolizes fertility; it was the fruit offered to persephone to tempt her to remain as queen of the underworld.... the pomegranate dream meaning

Chicken Pox

If you had chicken pox in yoru dream, this indicates repressed anger and annoyance. You may be holding in your frustrations and not revealing your negative feelings to others.

If you dreamed that someone you know had chicken pox, it is a dream of opposites, that actually predicts good luck for that person.... chicken pox dream meaning

Fireman’s Pole

To dream about a fireman’s pole represents security and stability. You ou should let others help you when you are faced with a difficult decision or situation - you will get all the support you need if you just ask.... fireman’s pole dream meaning

Flower Pot

If there were flowers in the flower pot, look up the meaning under “Flowers”, above.

If the flower pot was empty or just contained soil, this suggests that you have been suppressing anger or frustration. Also, if you or someone you know is involved with marijuana, the flower “pot” may be a reference to this.... flower pot dream meaning

Mashed Potatoes

To see or eat mashed potatoes in your dream suggests that you are experiencing money worries.... mashed potatoes dream meaning

Nail Polish Remover

To dream abuot nail polish remover suggests that you are feeling guilty or regretful about something that you’ve done. You may be worried about how other people will interpret your actions.... nail polish remover dream meaning


A dream of standing at a podium signifies improved status in your social position.... podium dream meaning

Poem / Poetry

To see or read poetry in your dream, signifies inspiration and idealism. It also suggests that you need to improve the lines of communication with someone.... poem / poetry dream meaning

Pogo Stick

If you dream of bouncing on a pogo stick, it usually symbolizes your scattered feelings. You feel like you’re all over the place in your emotions. You need to cut stress out of your life and focus on what is really important.

The exception is if you’re having a great and happy time bouncing on a pogo stick, which means you are overstressed but you are managing to bounce right along life’s path so far without getting stuck in your problems.... pogo stick dream meaning

Poker Chip

A dream that strongly features a poker chip suggests that you need to take a chance or let up on yourself.... poker chip dream meaning

Polka Dots

Seeing polka dots in a dream is an omen of new opportunities.... polka dots dream meaning


If you dream of taking a polygraph (lie detector) test, the meaning depends on whether or not you were lying in the dream.

If you were, ask yourself what you’re hiding from yourself or others. Deep inside, you want the truth to be known.

If you were accused unjustly, you will be annoyed by a troublesome person.

If you dreamed of someone else taking a lie detector test, you may find help from an unexpected source in some situation.... polygraph dream meaning


To dream of seeing pompons represents competition and triumph. Your dream may be telling you to offer more praise and encouragement toward others.... pompons dream meaning


A dream about poo (whether human or animal) is a lucky omen representing money, wealth and profits.

The more embarrassing the situation in the dream, the better luck you will have with money.... poo dream meaning

Pool Table

If you dream of a pool table, you need to get better at cooperating with others.... pool table dream meaning


To dream of drinking pop (like Coke or Pepsi), suggests that you are seeking more pleasure or excitement in your life.... pop dream meaning


To dream about school portables is natural and has no special meaning, if you spend time in them in real life. Consider the other aspects of the dream to figure out its meaning.

If you don’t normally attend classes in portables, then your dream suggests that you are still learning to get over your insecurities and have confidence in yourself as a person.... portables dream meaning


To dream of an open portal symbolizes a new opportunity.

If you walked through, you will take the opportunity.

If you have a choice of many portals in your dream, this represents a difficult decision you must make in real life.

If you are unable to find the portal to get out of someplace, your dream is telling you that you’re on a “road to nowhere” in your life - you must make changes in the direction your life is heading.... portal dream meaning

Post-it Notes

To see Post-It notes in your dream, suggests your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. Also pay attention to what is written or drawn on the Post-It... that may offer you a clue to what particular aspect of yourself you are not letting go of.... post-it notes dream meaning

Pot (cooking Pot)

To dream of a cooking pot symbolizes criticism and anger. This dream may also suggest that you need to start accepting the consequences of your actions.... pot (cooking pot) dream meaning


To see a potion in your dream, indicates misfortune and negative consequences. You should not try to purposely alter the normal rhythm of things.... potions dream meaning


A dream that features potpourri is sending a clear warning from your conscience. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into any bad or immoral behavior, no matter how fun or tempting it may seem.... potpourri dream meaning

Super Powers

To dream that you have superpowers, indicates your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. Also see “Control Water”, “Flying”, “Telekinesis”, “Telepathy” and “X-ray Vision.”... super powers dream meaning

Poison Gas

Negative emotions that you avoid. ... poison gas dream meaning

Pounds (300)

Creating twinning program.... pounds (300) dream meaning

Swarming With Small Bugs

Many annoying thoughts/ideas.... swarming with small bugs dream meaning

Police Station

See Police, Judge.... police station dream meaning

Pool(the Game)

See Bollards.... pool(the game) dream meaning


See Manners.... politeness dream meaning


Discussing politics in your dream is considered a sign of success, providing the conversation was with someone of your own sex and the discussion wasn’t heated; however, to talk politics with someone of the opposite sex suggests you are currently engaged in a futile effort.

To dream of being involved in a political campaign predicts added responsibilities with inadequate compensation.... politics dream meaning

Pointer / Pointing

A point / dot may symbolize the (true) centre of the self or psyche (see also Signpost).... pointer / pointing dream meaning


(1) Being possessed by bad spirits represents neurosis (where psychic contents flood the conscious mind) or psychosis (where the conscious mind is drowned in the flood).

(2) Being possessed by a good spirit may represent (the possibility of) submitting to a ‘higher’ self than the ego; allowing creative forces from your unconscious to take a leading and guiding role in your life.... spirit-possession dream meaning


All the strong, assertive parts of self coming together to accomplish a goal.... posse dream meaning

Pot Holder

Protection; be aware in your work, handle with care.... pot holder dream meaning


To dream that you poison someone is a symptom of life full of tensions and conflicts with the people around you. You should try a more peaceful communication with them. To be poisoned in dreams, however, alerts of the arrival of bad news about a relative who is in trouble.

If you poison yourself it says that in real life you are carrying something out that is harmful to you.... poisoning dream meaning

Pop Quiz

You are being tested on a small amount of knowledge, experience, or wisdom in a very unexpected manner.

(See Taking a Test, Exams.)... pop quiz dream meaning

Stripper Pole

The pole around which a stripper dances is a symbol itself for the penis, and the dance itself is a seduction of the feminine principle interacting with the masculine principle. This dance can be symbolic of an erotic or sexual desire, but it can also be a symbol for stimulating the life force and creative impulses within you.... stripper pole dream meaning

Demonic Possession

The idea of being possessed by something outside of your human self is connected to relinquishing responsibility for certain feelings that are deemed unacceptable. This is a fairly common dream image and represents a sudden outburst of any number of pent-up, dark emotions, such as guilt or rage. At the heart of this symbol, however, is the concept of not feeling responsible for the behavior in question or the intensity of the feelings being expressed. As the saying goes, “The devil made me do it.” Such a dream is asking you to look at where you are either blaming someone else for your own overwhelming feelings or are unwilling to take responsibility for your own reactivity.... demonic possession dream meaning

Hedgehog / Porcupine

If a hedgehog or porcupine appears in a dream, it might indicate that the dreamer, or someone they know, is very prickly, easily offended or irritated by the remarks or actions of other people. It might also represent a vulnerable part of oneself that is quick to withdraw, but can react by lashing out and hurting others.... hedgehog / porcupine dream meaning

North Pole / Arctic

Seeking balance, higher conceptual aspects to focus on.... north pole / arctic dream meaning

South Pole / Antarctic

Basic elements of an issue or concept that are difficult to discover.

Foreign cities in dreams have similar interpretations as foreign countries in general, but by choosing a specific city, your dreaming mind is drawing your attention to something about that city that is of particular significance or meaning to you. This list is solely designed to give you some pointers, so if your dream city doesn’t appear here, or you want to find out more, it might be worthwhile to do some additional research on the history, culture and significance of specific cities that appear in your dreams.

See alsoLANDSCAPES.... south pole / antarctic dream meaning


Located in north-central Europe, the cold winters in Poland may mirror a lack of emotional warmth in your waking life; but the country could also stand for a hearty character and loyalty to tradition and family.... poland dream meaning

Positive Activity

If your dreaming mind depicted you engaged in positive activities such as beginning a new health regime or hobby you love, losing weight, cutting out smoking and alcohol, spring cleaning, sorting out your wardrobe, volunteering for charity work, washing your car, mowing the lawn, picking up litter, holding a door open for the person behind you, the message may be that you need to undertake similar action in your waking life.

If you cannot draw a parallel between your dream and your waking life, ask yourself which positive actions you need to take in your life. Has your general outlook on life become cynical and jaded; is it time to freshen your attitudes up in some way?... positive activity dream meaning

Poseidon / Neptune

Poseidon was the explosive and unpredictable god of the seas.

If he or other creatures of the sea appears in dreams, his stormy nature may point to great changes—or the need for you to make great changes—in your waking life.... poseidon / neptune dream meaning

Potted Plant

1. Represents a young believer with limited root structure.... potted plant dream meaning

Pots And Pans

1. Vessel;

2. Doctrine;

3. Tradition; Rom. 2:20; Ex. 25:29; Jer. 1:13.... pots and pans dream meaning

Light Pole

1. Jesus;

2. Righteous Christian; Matt. 5:14-15.... light pole dream meaning

Pond, Pools

1. God’s blessings, church, home, family; Isaiah 41:18.... pond, pools dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-19-20-22-25-34

cold isolation: pet project wil be frozen out of business plan.

storage: an obstinate refusal to extend your frozen emotions.

sledding to a: achievement of ambitions beyond your wildest dreams. ... poles dream meaning

Patio / Porch

To dream that you are in the patio suggests your openness toward a particular situation. To dream that the doors to the patio are opened represents your receptive state of mind.

If the doors are closed, then it indicates that you are not being openminded enough in waking life. Because the front of your home is symbolically much like your face, to dream of a porch represents your personality, your social self, your façcade and how you portray yourself to others. It is the portion of your life on display to others. Whatever happens on your porch in your dream is something that has become quite public, suggesting that you feel exposed in some way. Consider the condition and size of the porch. To dream of an enclosed porch suggests your tendency to distance yourself from others and your desire for privacy. To dream of an open porch signifies your outgoing nature and welcoming attitude.... patio / porch dream meaning

Letter / Parcel / Postcard / Telegram

The arrival of a letter in your dream represents a realization, usually about someone else, or news about yourself. Your reaction to the letter is important. Did you feel anxious, resigned or happy? How you opened the letter is also significant. Did you open it eagerly or did you put it aside unwilling to open it? Whenever a letter appears in your dream, your dreaming mind is telling you that something needs your attention in waking life. Dreaming about receiving letters, just as in daily life, usually represents receiving news, information or messages from someone specific, from your unconscious or from the world at large. You may be coming into greater awareness about some aspect of your life or yourself.

If your dream letters remain unopened, this may represent missed opportunities.

If the letter is black around the edges, this may refer to your feelings about death.

If the letter is from a particular person, this suggests specific feelings or thoughts concerning the person the letter is from.

If you get to read the letter in your dream, try to see if the text has any bearing on your waking life.

If the letter came from abroad, you may be thinking of traveling or are thinking of someone who lives abroad. To dream of writing a letter may tell you of the need to communicate information to someone; a dream of writing several letters may tell you that there are many people you wish to make contact with.

If you dream of sending a letter, this may be a prompt to contact the person to whom you are posting the letter or to impart information to them.

Incomprehensible or unintelligible letters may suggest frustration at being unable to solve some problem. A letter that turns out to be a blank page is a clear sign that you should stop waiting for other people to take the initiative and take the initiative yourself. An anonymous letter can be a message from your unconscious that you need to slow down and reflect on your actions in waking life. While handwriting in a dream letter can reveal personal feelings or communications, a typewritten or word-processed communication implies a more impersonal communication.

Dreams of sending a telegram may occur during times of stagnation or routine in your professional life and may serve as an urgent stimulus to change. Alternatively, dreaming of receiving a telegram may express an urgent yearning to make contact with someone. Because of their indiscreet and fun nature, dreaming of postcards may suggest that you need to be more open with those around you. According to Freud, parcels may symbolize female sexuality.

If you are excited about opening a parcel, this may suggest the heady thrill of a new relationship, but if you do not want to open a parcel, this may express a fear of intimacy with others.... letter / parcel / postcard / telegram dream meaning

Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare

If you have experienced a traumatic event, for example an attack, accident or disaster, such as an earthquake, you may find that your dreaming mind recalls the horror of that event but as time passes the nightmares tend to become less intense. In general, they have little meaning other than your memory of it and are an attempt by your dreaming mind to help you deal with the original horror. Post-traumatic stress nightmares are usually different from other nightmares as the content of the dream will closely resemble a traumatic event that happened in their waking lives.

POWs from World War II and concentration camp survivors have been known to suffer post-traumatic stress nightmares for up to fifty years after the event. Unlike ‘normal’ nightmares, these dreamers can experience significant physical symptoms during REM sleep and non-REM sleep, such as an increase in respiration and heart rate, muscle twitches and more than one arousal. Adults might experience other traumatic events in their lives, such as the loss of a loved one or bankruptcy, and these events can also continue to play out in dreams over the years in the form of nightmares. The more standard anxiety nightmare dreamers, however, have nightmares that relate to work, school or relationship stresses. The threat here isn’t to your life but to your self-confidence and sense of self.... post-traumatic stress nightmare dream meaning


lucky numbers: 35-40-42-43-46-49

fanatic, being a: resolve the conflict within yourself before you inflict it on another.

man, being a: time to take charge of your life.

company of a, being seen in the: disgrace to yourself for another’s careless words.

party, affiliation with a: argue your conviction, then change party.

another person’s: a change for the better to come.

running a, campaign: your opposition is fruitless without programs for change. ... political dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-09-20-25-30-36

being photographed for a: are an exhibitionist who sees no other way for distinction.

drawing: wil argue about a bil for food when there are larger issues at stake.

hanging a: an infirmity, after charges about the poster’s content.

making a: reconciliation with your opponent on the issue at stake.

name and face on a: your irascible acts have been noticed.

on another’s wall: wish fulfil ment, theirs and yours. ... posters dream meaning

Party / Post Office / Theatre

If you are attending a party in your dream, it may mean that you should get out a little more and embrace life; or perhaps you need to celebrate something about yourself.

If the party you are attending is dull or you aren’t enjoying yourself for some reason, then it may be an indication that you have doubts about the social skills you possess.

If you dream of a political party rally, it shows that you are prepared to stand up for your beliefs. When a dream is set on stage, whether it is in the form of an opera, play or ballet, this suggests you are working through an issue that relates to the way you are seen by others. To dream that you are in a post office signifies an important message from your unconscious or inner wisdom. It may relate to your need to reach out and communicate with others. You may be trying to maintain your beliefs or make contact with someone from your past.

See also ARTS AND CRAFTS; LEISURE; LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION.... party / post office / theatre dream meaning

Your Position

It is worthwhile to pay attention to the position you assume within the setting of your dream, as this can give you an indication of your stance or moral position in life or towards a certain situation. It can also give an indication as to how you are handling situations in your life.

If you are standing in a lofty position relative to other people or the landscape in your dream, this suggests the need for a wider perspective; it can also suggest feelings of superiority, or of having risen above your station.

If you are adjacent, beside or adjoining someone or something in your dream, this suggests a close connection with some aspect of yourself or your life; it can also suggest something you can no longer avoid. Things that fall behind you in a dream represent what you have left behind or of which you are unaware. Things that are below you represent that which you can look on from detached viewpoint. Alternatively, submissive behavior may be suggested.

If someone or something is positioned very close to you in your dream, this indicates a situation that is imminent, near at hand or being realized now.

Things that appear in the distance refer to feelings with which you no longer strongly identify, but they may also indicate the future or the past. Things in front of you refer to what is being dealt with now in your waking life. Things that are opposite you represent resistance to the direction you want to take or the need to reconcile opposites in some way. Things by your side suggest supportive feelings or taking sides in some way. Something in the wrong position in a dream may indicate that you are going about things in the wrong way. The upper part of anything (of a building or a body, for instance) typically refers to your intellect and ideals, whereas the lower part of anything refers to the unconscious. Something upside down signals the need for change. Rejection or acceptance can be seen in a dream as viewing the back or front of something and backward or forward motion indicates delays or progress and whether or not you have a forward—or backward-looking approach to life. To be aware of the center of something in your dream is to be aware of your real self. Horizontal things symbolize the material world, vertical things symbolize the spiritual or intuitive realm, whilst straight things suggests a direct approach.

To be on top, trying to reach the top or being on an upper level might suggest you are assuming control and are capable of achieving the upper hand in waking life. Going down or being underneath something may represent the part of you that wants to hide or feels less confident. Going north in your dream suggests a journey into the unknown; going south is representative of passion and following your heart; going east suggests rebirth and becoming self-aware, whilst going west suggests the more logical side of your nature. Anything observed in dreams on the right-hand side usually represents your progress in waking life, as the right-hand side represents logic and correct behavior. Movement to the right can indicate that something is coming into consciousness; it can also express more masculine attributes such as dominance. The left-hand side is less to do with dominance or reason, and more to do with instinctive behavior and dreams, as the left-hand side expresses feminine attributes. Indecision over whether to go left or right in a dream suggests an inability to decide if you want to follow your obligations or your instincts in real life.

See also BODY.... your position dream meaning

Shoe Polish

lucky numbers: 01-04-19-28-46-54

being a shoeblack: pride has gone beyond reason; its value is yours alone.

polishing shoes: perfection is a doable activity.

having shoes polished by professional: wil have legal dealings with an attorney.

shoeshine boy shining others’ shoes: joy and contentment.

of dreamer’s husband: wil receive invitation to a dance. ... shoe polish dream meaning

Positive Emotions

Your dreams can provide you with deep and powerful insights into your moods, and can be used to help you manage feelings of joy as well as sadness.

Perhaps you have woken up from a dream with feelings of euphoria or unexplained happiness, or found yourself laughing without knowing why. Every now and again your dreaming mind may give you an emotional and psychological boost by creating images in which you feel deeply secure, happy and loved. It may also conjure up images of freedom, adventure, success and excitement to spur you on. Dreams that leave you with such lingering feelings of joy and exhilaration are less common than those that leave you with feelings of dread and uncertainty. This may be because there are always constant challenges and responsibilities to face in the real world and your dreams tend to reflect your anxieties about meeting these challenges. Even though they are relatively rare, feelings of immense happiness in dreams are just as important to understand as feelings of sadness according to Jung and most other dream analysts. Joyful, uplifting dreams allow you to focus on the real-life experiences and situations that evoked them, as well as the way you feel about yourself and your life.

See also AMBITION AND SUCCESS; NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; RELATIONSHIPS; SEX.... positive emotions dream meaning

Dolphin / Porpoise

Dolphins are actually mammals but many people think of them as being fish. They have incredibly positive associations in both the real and the dream world. They are intelligent, friendly creatures that are reputed to steer sailors to safety when their ships are in trouble. They were also once believed to guide the spirits of the dead to the afterlife, which is why they are a symbol for Christ. So if a dolphin appears in your dream or you are swimming with dolphins, it may indicate fun, friendship and a sense of optimism. They may also symbolize your sense of connection with others; when dreams of dolphins happen during low points in waking life, dreamers tend to report feeling more positive the next day. Because dolphins are often thought of as spiritually advanced beings, full of love, awareness, inner harmony and healing energy, if playful dolphins appear in your dreams, perhaps you need to adopt a non-resistant stance to life and learn to go with the flow. If, however, the dream dolphin is injured or in danger in your dream or the dolphin is attacked by a shark, this implies that some important connection is being threatened in waking life. Two dolphins facing in opposite directions in your dream can represent the duality of your nature, suggesting that you may need to accept that you are not one dimensional and that negative aspects of your character contribute to your wholeness as a human being.... dolphin / porpoise dream meaning

Detective / Policeman

If a detective appears in your dream, this may be a sign that you may be attempting to solve an issue or are worrying about something that needs to be cleared up.

If a detective is following you within a dream, it may be a sign that other people want to know more about you. A dream about a police officer or army officer may suggest the importance of following correct procedure or correct behavior. Perhaps an aspect of your behavior in waking life is upsetting others?

Policemen can also represent the father figure, whilst a policewoman can bring to mind a dominant female in your life. A fireman relates to how you deal with your emotions or outbursts of energy.... detective / policeman dream meaning

Transition Point

If your dream journey reflects your progress in waking life, transition points such as bus stops, airports, taxi queues, stations, ports and harbors often represent transitional points in your life. So too do tunnels, crossroads and bridges. Such images suggest that you are about to leave one stage of your life behind and are getting ready to take a new direction. Pay attention to your feelings in these dreams, as they will mirror your desire to move on with your life. Dreams of crossroads are a potent symbol of the need to make choices and changes in your waking life. Remember that whenever you make a choice you also reject something, so pay attention to the path on which you decide to travel in your dream and the surprises it might have in store. Signposts have a similar interpretation and if the sign bore words, can you make any connections with your waking situation? Did you follow the directions or decide to take a different route in your dream? If you followed a different route, your unconscious is urging you to depart from the route you are following in your waking life.

Bridges are points of transition that link the past with a potential future, so if you dreamed of wandering across a bridge, could you see what was waiting for you on the other side?... transition point dream meaning

Parsley / Parsnip / Peas / Peppers / Potato

In dreams, parsley represents unrecognized but nourishing benefits in your life. Are you taking some things for granted, such as your health or the love of your family? If parsnips appear in your dreams they may signify neglected opportunities in waking life, whilst the appearance of peas could indicate difficult decisions that need to be made. Shucking peas is thought to portend recovery from illness, dried peas are symbolic of tenacity and strength of purpose, but to dream that you eat peas suggests some form of deception. When peppers appear in dreams pay attention to their color; are they red or green, as this will influence the interpretation? Peppers typify the need for a response of some kind in waking life and to dream about pepper or peppers indicates that you need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. Alternatively, there may be something that is bothering or irritating you, and your dream may be trying to point to the source.

In dreams, a potato could suggest an essential or basic element in your life; it could also suggest being inactive or a ’couch potato’, as well as a delicate or awkward situation or a ’hot potato’.

If you see mashed potatoes in a dream, you may have to make decisions involving financial cutbacks. Potato skin relates to the most potent aspects of an issue; the place from which the greatest number of benefits will be derived. Yams or sweet potatoes are symbols of pleasant memories.... parsley / parsnip / peas / peppers / potato dream meaning

Pear / Pineapple / Pomegranate / Prune

In China, the pear is regarded as a symbol of longevity, and in the West, the pineapple is an emblem of fertility, quality and selfconfidence behind a prickly exterior.

If pomegranates appear in your dream, they signify fertility, good health and longevity, as well as the allure of sex. To see prunes in your dream symbolizes an emotional or creative blockage. They may also represent aging, as suggested by the saying ’as wrinkled as a prune’.... pear / pineapple / pomegranate / prune dream meaning

Unlocking The Power Of Your Dreams

Dream interpretation provides powerful knowledge about yourself that you might not discover otherwise, if you can understand the language of dream symbols. Encoded within dream symbolism you can find clues to what makes you tick, answers that point you toward your ideal life, and insights to help you resolve past issues and move through the challenges ahead. In fact, dream symbolism is so potent that sometimes translating just one dream symbol can unlock the meaning of an entire life transforming dream. This book teaches you how to translate dream symbol meaning and use it as the key to unlock the power of your dreams.

A Practical Goal
The practical goal of dream interpretation, as I see it, is to find the value in each dream so you can then apply it to improve yourself and your life. A dream’s value may be profound and life changing, or as simple as the realization that eating sweets too close to bedtime can trigger nightmares. Whatever the content of a dream, you can learn from it. So as you explore your dreams, keep the following objective in mind:

Find the value in your dreams.

  • The Value in Dreams
  • Virtually every dream offers value, revealing some new understanding about yourself or your life. If you pay attention to your dreams, they can help you:
  • Better understand yourself and your needs.
  • Get answers to important questions.
  • Clarify life purpose and direction.
  • Discover creative ideas and visions.
  • Help resolve issues from the past.
  • Resolve fears and move ahead.
  • Identify important health conditions.
  • Learn how to reduce stress in your life.”

Quotation: Nancy Wagaman. “The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary”... unlocking the power of your dreams dream meaning


Special powers or superpowers can represent having or desiring: Power.





Freedom or autonomy.

The experience of your “true” potential state of being (such as living without limiting beliefs or self-judgments).

For more clues, consider the type of power.

For example, the power of invisibility could represent a desire to know or understand, or to “disappear from” a responsibility.

Invincibility against harm can represent your ability to not let other people’s judgments or negativity influences “get to you” in real life.

Someone else having special powers can represent a feeling or fear of them having power over you, harming, or manipulating you.

See also: Witch; Disappearing; Future; Paranormal; Healer; Hypnosis; Invincibility; Muscle; Superhero... powers dream meaning

Possession (demonic)

Universal Landscape: Release of pent-up rage without regard to responsibility.

Dreaming Lens: Are you possessed in the dream or is someone else? Do you know the person who is possessed? Do you know what force is responsible for the possession? Is the image from the film The Exorcist, or is it some other image of possession?

Personal Focus: Many of the associations in this term connect to the film The Exorcist. This enormously popular and infamous movie in which a twelve-year-old girl suffers demonic possession created several permanent images in the collective about this phenomenon. It is a fairly common dream image and represents a sudden outburst of any number of pent-up, dark emotions, such as guilt or rage. At the heart of this symbol, however, is the concept of not feeling responsible for the behavior in question or the intensity of the feelings being expressed. As the saying goes, “The devil made me do it.”

In Aboriginal cultures before written history, demonic possession was a community illness that was treated by the local shaman. It was frequently a way for hidden grievances to be expressed in a public way. A person possessed by a demon was free to say things and express that which normally would be kept private. This could be as simple as marital dissatisfaction or resentment between family members. The appearance of the symptoms of possession and the public exorcism that followed, allowed for such conflicts to be aired, addressed, and resolved.

This illuminates how to interpret such an image in a dream. When someone is possessed by a demonic force, deeply hidden frustrations, resentments, and pain are at the root. The only way to free yourself from such a challenge is to express that which has been held back. This is often true of anger and other hostile expressions over which we either have no control, or about which we fear we may lose control. When these pent-up feelings gather enough force, the image of demonic possession may be the dream expression of daytime frustrations.

A person who has trouble controlling outbursts of rage may dream of being possessed. Examining this can help them identify the small feelings that spark the fear of being overtaken by bigger feelings. If possession shows up in your dream, it is a call to action to investigate the authenticity of any of your expressions and your willingness to take responsibility for all of them—both the pleasant and not so pleasant.... possession (demonic) dream meaning

Police Officer

lucky numbers: 03-13-17-22-28-36

arresting you: wil be wrangling with relations over family secret.

others: believe partners in deal are stealing the profits.

your friends: their affection wil aid you in regaining your confidence.

being arrested by a: your ethics are in question, your actions are not.

unjustly: a determined al y wil win over every rival.

with cause: guilt feelings for breaching your moral code.

being a witness for a: your evidence can be turned against you.

calling the: your domestic situation has reached a violent end.

feeling stalked by a: have strayed from your moral path, but wil profit temporarily.

female, a: you react over-emotional y to your guilt.

handcuffing an arrested person: are a protector of the just to the unjust’s detriment.

interrogated, being: the wrong people are inquiring into your credit.

killing a: don’t weaken your case by intentional y flouting opposing opinions.

mace-bearer, being a: recover from feeling let down by a friend communicating anger.

of a: reassuring sight that inspires belief in yourself.

of a, station: apprehension over inability to honor commitments.

being questioning at: wil force al iance, that your partner wil misinterpret.

with friends: desire to meddle in other’s affairs does not bring happiness.

siccing a, dog on you: wil be expected to comply with rules you believe are wrong.

trailing you: your offense wil not disappear without an apology.

using a club as a weapon: someone holds enmity against your luck and faithfulness. ... police officer dream meaning