Spa Dream Meanings

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Spa Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

To dream that you are at a spa suggests that you need to take time out and pamper yourself. Perhaps you need to come clean and wash away old secrets, pains, or guilt.

It is time to let your emotions out and begin the healing process.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. Need to go to a place where one can be refreshed re life.

2. Need to cleanse oneself of hidden feelings.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

48 dream interpretation about spa related.


To dream of sparrows, denotes that you will be surrounded with love and comfort, and this will cause you to listen with kindly interest to tales of woe, and your benevolence will gain you popularity.

To see them distressed or wounded, foretells sadness.... sparrow dream meaning


1. Need to be free.

2. Need to not feel so crowded by a situation. ... space dream meaning


To dream of a kind of shovel called spade, denotes that you will have work to complete, which will give you much annoyance in superintending.

If you dream of cards named spades, you will be enticed into follies which will bring you grief and misfortune.

For a gambler to dream that spades are trumps, means that unfortunate deals will deplete his winnings.... spade dream meaning


One is traveling with others to a place where freedom can be achieved. ... spaceship dream meaning


See Fire, Flames.

The so-called spark of the soul, the divine in us.... spark dream meaning

Outer Space

1. Creativity.

2. Contemplation of long journey.

3. The unknown. ... outer space dream meaning


1. One is involved in something very complex.

2. One is not sure of what one is feeling.

3. Something italian may be involved in a situation. ... spaghetti dream meaning

Shovel, Spade

Introspection, the work of digging into our memories; uncovering our past experience. ... shovel, spade dream meaning


Insufficient, minute power... sparks dream meaning


If one is being spanked, he/she is getting or deserves punishment for doing something wrong that is childish. ... spanking dream meaning


If one dreams of feeding sparrows, it h a sign that the dreamer will be adored by a person of the opposite sex and will lead a life of elegant ease.... sparrows dream meaning


Figurative of godly chastisement to correct, prevent sin, and bless... spank dream meaning


Implement of service; see “food”... spatula dream meaning

Space Ship

Dreams of a space ship represent that you are exploring higher consciousness, that you are curios about for quantum evolution.... space ship dream meaning


A person or object not usually used, except in emergencies, i.E. Feeling like a fifth wheel... spare-tire dream meaning


Suddenly becoming helplessly emotional... spasm dream meaning


See “fishing” and “egg”... spawn dream meaning


Treated like a dog and being deprived of the ability to figuratively reproduce; see “hysterectomy”... spayed dream meaning


Evil is unseen but present in cards, particularly if one is the ace of spades. ... spades dream meaning

Becoming Spattered With Excreta

If a person sees himself or his clothes spattered with excreta of animals which are haraam to consume or he becomes the owner of the excreta or he sees himself guarding such excreta, it means he will receive unlawful wealth.... becoming spattered with excreta dream meaning

Empty Space

(See Deserted; Emptiness)... empty space dream meaning

Hunting Sparrow

A great many sparrows symbolise assets, wealth and booty provided they are hunted.... hunting sparrow dream meaning

Inhaling Spasmodically

(See Hiccup)... inhaling spasmodically dream meaning

Japanese Spaniel

(See Dog)... japanese spaniel dream meaning


(See Palm branch; Palm leaves; Pollen)... spadix dream meaning


(Hand; Measure) In a dream, a span denotes architecture, renewing one’s wardrobe, or travel.

A span in a dream also could represent a compass, or the male sexual organ. Ifone sees himselffighting with a spear that measures about a span in the dream, it means that he will seduce a virgin.... span dream meaning


(See Dog)... spaniel dream meaning

Spanish Fly

(Blister beetle) A Spanish fly is a bad omen if seen in a dream by someone who indulged in abominable and loathsome actions. As for the majority of people, seeing a Spanish fly in a dream is more ominous. However, if a druggist, or a pharmacist sees a Spanish fly or a blister beetle in his dream, then they connote medicinal benefits.... spanish fly dream meaning

Spasmodic Inhalation

(See Hiccup)... spasmodic inhalation dream meaning


(See Pollen)... spathe dream meaning


Symbolic of igniting spiritual desires ... sparkplug dream meaning

Tight Space

A feeling of anxiety produced by being in a small space is a reflection of a situation in life that is suffocating or difficult, Jer. 38:6 ... tight space dream meaning

Sparkling Wine

See Champagne.... sparkling wine dream meaning


An invitation to a place of amusement.... spangles dream meaning


Beware of your enemies. They are conspiring against you.... sparrow-hawk dream meaning


An influential man is attracted to you, but be on your guard.... spats dream meaning


Dreams of spam signify a lack of boundaries and that you are being inundated with energy that you don’t want from people that you don’t enjoy.

If this is the case, then your dream is giving you permission to set clear boundaries with people in your life.

If you dream of being the one sending the spam, then this could be a message for you to reestablish integrity in your communication and be more respectful of other people’s boundaries.

See Pop Ups.... spam dream meaning


If your dream featured sparkles in any form, it is reminding you that all that glitters is not gold, so don’t put too much confidence in smooth-talking new acquaintances, or any product or deal that promises instant results or fast cash.... sparkles dream meaning

Space Toilet

Eliminating spiritual ideas that no longer serve you. ... space toilet dream meaning


Spain occupies most of the Iberian peninsula, which it shares with Portugal. In dreams, it suggests strong traditions. Bear in mind too, the association with bulls and fighting.... spain dream meaning

Spacing Between Words

This indicates social attitudes towards others. Close words are a sign of sociability; large spaces between words indicate a person who is most comfortable alone.... spacing between words dream meaning

Space In Building Or Landscape

This represents your potential or those opportunities that are available to you. To be ’spaced out’ is to widen your personal boundaries through the use of stimuli, some of which may be illicit. Space is also a representation of your cosmic center or place that is, was and ever will be. This idea can widen your present view of the world.... space in building or landscape dream meaning

Space, Outer

New experiences or “unexplored territory” in your life.


A strange or new situation.

Remoteness or isolation.

See also: Sun; Star; Alien; UFO; World; Rocket; Astronaut, Infinite... space, outer dream meaning

Space And Science

Outer space represents the ultimate in mystery, challenge and unexplored potential in dreams as much as in waking life.

This general interpretation is reinforced by the well-known expression ’to reach for the stars’—or to strive to achieve your ambition—and if your dream focused on one particular star or plant, your dreaming mind may have been attempting to bring your aspirations to your attention. The sun, the moon and the stars are traditionally thought to influence a person’s destiny and, according to Western astrology, the Zodiac sign under which you were born, derived from the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth, is thought to influence your character and the direction of your life.

Jung associated different archetypes with specific planets and believed that birth charts would generate archetypal images telling him something about the subject of the chart. He frequently looked at the birth charts of his patients with the assumption that the symbols in the charts made suggestions to him from the collective unconscious about that person’s psyche. Whether you believe in the principles of astrology or not, your unconscious may have tapped into these ancient associations, which is why it is always worth considering them when interpreting your dreams.


Space, The Final Frontier... space and science dream meaning


Something that sparkles (such as sequins, glitter, or sunlight on the ocean) can represent: Richness.



Activity or busy-ness.


See also the type of object that was sparkling.

See also: Reflective Light; Gleam; Light (Illumination)... sparkle dream meaning


The idea of lack or of having to do without something (or a fear of such).


A sparse environment can represent: a perceived lack of abundance somewhere in your life; a desire for more simplicity in your life; the idea that you could benefit from thinking in simpler terms.

See also: Scarcity; Empty; Small; Decreasing; Inferior; Desert; Skinny... sparse dream meaning

Space Suit

1. In the Spirit;

2. Armour of God. Eph. 6:11-18.... space suit dream meaning


Deep space is a strange place to find yourself when you’re supposed to be sleeping, but it’s also exciting and tells of adventures to come. If you’re not already, you’ll soon be breaking new ground, striking out on your own and making your mark. It’s important to note whether you are a passenger or crew member. If the former, you’ll be swept up in the action with little or no say in what’s happening. As a crew member you’ll be working with others to achieve your dreams. However, if you’re the captain of the ship, then you need to take charge in order to fulfil your destiny.... spaceships dream meaning