The meaning of the symbols of shot, miss seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of shot and miss mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Shot Miss


1. Willingness to take chances.

2. Very determined.

3. Feelings of love.

4. Religious feelings.

5. Helping others out with advice or spiritual leadership. ... missionary dream meaning


To dream that you are shot, and are feeling the sensations of dying, denotes that you are to meet unexpected abuse from the ill feelings of friends, but if you escape death by waking, you will be fully reconciled with them later on.

To dream that a preacher shoots you, signifies that you will be annoyed by some friend advancing views condemnatory to those entertained by yourself. ... shot dream meaning

Shot, Shooting

To be shot: a traumatic injury to feelings, often out of parental or other close relationship. It need not be something dramatic like being assaulted, but can be a quiet injury like not bonding emotionally with parents. Someone, something else shot: still usually refers to dreamer. Dreamer shooting someone, something: anger, fear or defence against meeting feelings or insights; aggressive sexuality. Idioms: get shot of; shot across the bows, shot in the arm; all shot to pieces; shot in the dark.

See example in abreaction. ... shot, shooting dream meaning


A means of spiritual attack, i.E. Verbal, financial, physical, etc.... missile dream meaning


See “lost”... missing dream meaning


A place of refuge and shelter, i.E.

To help the desolate, whether at home or at a formal mission... mission dream meaning

Amputations / Missing Limbs

This is a dream about diminished capacity or ability. Our limbs are what give us mobility and the dexterity with which to create, both of which are impacted in some way when we lose a limb. Whether it is as significant as an entire arm or leg or just the smallest finger or toe, the appearance of a missing limb or amputation in a dream is reflecting some sort of invasion of your ability to navigate through life. Consider the use of the limb that is missing and you will have more information to interpret.... amputations / missing limbs dream meaning

Dunk Shot

Making a positive move of advancement; see “game”... dunk shot dream meaning


See “melissa”... missy dream meaning


1. One is working too hard (from broadway song “old man river”).

2. Trouble (civil rights upheaval). ... mississippi dream meaning

Missile Launcher

(Ballista; Battering ram; Mangonel) Seeing a mangonel or a missile launcher for hurling heavy stones in a dream means calumny, slander and a false accusation of fornication, untruth, or deceit.

A missile launcher in a dream also means victory for the oppressed and destruction for the unjust ones.

If the commander who is operating the missile launcher in the dream is 282 a ruler, then it means that he will write a letter with strong words to the other party.

The stone or the missile itself represents the messenger, or the carrier of such a letter.

If a superior launches a stone against a subject or an employee in a dream, it means that he will send an investigator, a controller or a supervisor of a stern nature. Watching the launch of a mangonel in a dream implies treachery, betrayal and a cause of’losses and sufferings. It also means defamation of the learned ones, or forcing them to downplay the ruler’s injustice, or to give utilitarian and opportune opinions about sacred religious values. Seeing a missile launcher in a dream also may signify corruption, adversities and trials that will befall the target of such missiles.... missile launcher dream meaning


Symbolic of spiritual warfare or end-times events ... missiles dream meaning

Shot Glass

Dreams of a shot glass represent that you are attempting to be in control your indulgences in behaviors that could get you into trouble.

See Alcohol.... shot glass dream meaning

Shot Gun

Dreams of a shot gun represent intimidation, force and that you perhaps feel backed into a corner. This dream could also signify that you feel forced to do the responsible thing, as in a “shot gun wedding”.

See Gun.... shot gun dream meaning

Shoot, Shot

To shoot someone or to be shot is harming or killing off aspects of the self. Losing energy or life force. To shoot a target is to aim for a goal.

See Kill, Hunt.... shoot, shot dream meaning

Shot At

If you are shot at or hit by something when flying, you need to be on your guard against people who might want to restrain your advancement into the higher spheres.... shot at dream meaning

Missing An Event

Missing an event or time frame (an exam, appointment, bus, scheduled payment, etc.) can represent a missed opportunity or neglected responsibility, or a fear of such.

Consider also the reason you missed or were late for the event (for example, missing an appointment because you forgot about it could represent feeling disorganized in real life).

See also: Late; Failure; Failing a Test; Feeling... missing an event dream meaning

Missing Person

A feeling or fear of neglecting or taking that person for granted.

Exploring your feelings about how much that person means to you.

An imaginary worst-case scenario.

Recognizing that you’re missing something that person represents (fun, spontaneity, being organized, spirituality, etc.).

See also: Lost, Being; Losing an Item; Abduction; Killed, Being; Escaping... missing person dream meaning

Shot, Being

A feeling or fear of attack, persecution, judgment, or other hostility in your life.

A bullet wound can represent feeling victimized, wounded, or taken advantage of in your life (physically, emotionally, or mentally).

See also: Attacking; Killer; Weapon; Killed, Being; Attacked, Being; Injection... shot, being dream meaning