The meaning of the symbols of idli and batter seen in a dream.

Seen idli batter in the dream

What does the symbols of idli and batter mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Idli

5 dream interpretation about idli and batter related.


Necessary “power” needed to accomplish a task... battery dream meaning

Battering Ram

(See Missile launcher)... battering ram dream meaning

Storage Battery

To dream of a storage battery, opportune speculations will return you handsome gains. ... storage battery dream meaning


Carefully using your resources or energy so as to have enough left over for needful times (see Electricity).

Dead batteries indicate that you’ve overstretched yourself and now need to rest.

A source of energy or power within, of which you may be unaware.... batteries dream meaning

Eveready Batteries

With its mascot, the Eveready Bunny, a pack of this brand name of batteries may remark your stored-up energy as being “ever ready” to be used; it needs only to be applied.

The presence of this battery may also suggest that you are all wound up about something.... eveready batteries dream meaning