The meaning of the symbols of ruining, burger seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of ruining and burger mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Ruining Burger


Depicts something which causes uncertainty or withdrawal of enthusiasm, creativity or love. Such might be produced by someone’s criticism which evokes our own self doubts; indecision; our own inhibitions or anxieties; maybe even a hidden form of not wanting to succeed because it would confront us with the new—we might fail.

Example: ‘I have this recurring nightmare. I see my mother standing by my bedroom door, blocking it as if I am being trapped and stopped from getting out. I often call to her “Let me out Mum” but she just stands there staring with no ex­pression on her face at all. I end up getting out of bed and switching my bedroom light on and then she disappears. Sometimes I will see her standing by my wardrobe. It seems as if she is always standing by a door and trying to trap me’ (Natalie S). Natalie is 14 and the obstacle she faces in choos­ing her own clothes—the wardrobe—and making her own decisions—her mother—is her own dependence upon her mother, and the need to develop a new relationship with her.

Example: ‘As I was driving along I turned my car over. I wasn’t hurt but could not now get to my destination. I didn’t feel at all upset about the car being damaged’ (Tim K).

The example shows a subtle and self-made obstacle, the damaged car. In fact Tim admitted ruining his own work opportunities —the car—because he was frightened of failure.

The obstacle, obstruction, barner or interference can be a person, wall, river, animal—or it might be an internal thing like paralysis or a lump in the throat. Refer to the entry on the appropriate subject to define what it is acting as an obstacle.

See first example in failure; fence; wall. ... obstacle dream meaning


To dream that you are hunting with a falcon shows that you are in danger of ruining your business reputation by being too aggressive and bringing harm to others.

To see a falcon on the wing shows that you will become an object of jealousy.... falcon dream meaning


To dream about a cheeseburger has two possible meanings.

If you ate the cheeseburger, you are dealing with disappointment or hurt feelings. Maybe you are feeling unsatisfied with some situation or relationship.

The other possible meaning of a cheeseburger dream is that it symbolizes your greed - the bigger and wetter the burger, the more you want. Look inside yourself and ask, which of these interpretations fits you best at this moment in your life?... cheeseburger dream meaning


Hamburger dreams can have two different meanings.

The first is, to see or eat a hamburger in your dream could suggest that you are lacking some emotional, intellectual, or physical thing you need in order to feel whole again. Maybe you are feeling unsatisfied with some situation or relationship.

The other possible meaning of a hamburger dream is that it symbolizes your greed - the bigger and wetter the burger, the more you want. Look inside yourself and ask, which of these interpretations fits you best at this moment in your life?... hamburger dream meaning


Just like fire, firewood is associated with concepts such as ardor, willpower, and bravery. Seeing mountains of firewood means that you will receive providential help, a fortuitous circumstance that allows you to move forward with plans.

If it is wet and cannot be lit on fire, you should be careful: your emotions could interfere with your goals to the point of ruining them.... firewood dream meaning

Fly / Bloodsucker

Unless a real fly is trapped in your bedroom and your unconscious incorporated its annoying noise into your dream, flies in dreams evoke images of persistence, speed and relentless pursuit; they may also symbolize nagging, unwelcome people that you know or the need to be aware of certain negative aspects in your life. In addition, a fly can also represent limiting ideas or an unproductive use of energy; someone might be a‘fly in the ointment’ and ruining things for you.

If a fly settles on the wall in your dream, do you wish you could discover the details about something or if everyone in your dream is swatting away flies for you do you feel smart as in no flies on him?

Blood-sucking insects such as gnats, midges or mosquitoes may represent instincts from the unconscious, the water from which they are bred and the darkness in which they thrive. Symbols of irritation, gnats, midges and mosquitoes, like flies, violate the intimacy of their victims and feed off their blood. Is there someone in your waking life who is sucking you dry and draining you of energy?... fly / bloodsucker dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-07-09-21-34-47

causing another’s ruin: wil have prosperity at a huge expense of conscience.

city, a: wil receive fortune to aid in the rebuilding.

financially, a family being: wil receive money unexpectedly.

home, own: the moment to begin reconstructing your life.

ruining yourself because of wrongdoing: wil be gravely embarrassed.

marriage: are wel -known for being stingy. ... ruined dream meaning


An ending (such as of a process, relationship, or team effort).

A transition, or a feeling that something will never be the same again.

Accidentally breaking an object can represent a feeling or fear of making a mistake or ruining something.

Breaking an object in anger can represent strong feelings (frustration, resentment, etc.), perhaps toward whatever is represented by the object.

Breaking an object on purpose when not feeling angry could represent a desire or decision to be free of or finished with whatever that object represents in your life.

See also: Broken Object; Bursting; Hole; Accident; Destroying; Throwing; Fragment; Agreement, Breaking an... breaking dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-07-11-26-39-44

being engulfed by rising water: overwhelmed by out-of-control, intense sorrow.

causing devastation: head out of bitterness to higher spiritual ground.

deluge, crops being lost in a: have the ability to stay on top of your sensitivities; use it.

of rain: an overwhelming release of emotions.

others being in: love affairs at this time are unfortunate.

flooded, being: wil quietly retreat within yourself.

own home: a friend is trying to help you secretly.

land: worry wil be smoothed away, if you stop the drain on your finances.

flooding house and ruining furniture: temporary il ness to be replaced with love.

you out of own house: have not been able to express your emotions.

heavy rainstorm causing a: an overwhelming release of emotion.

of a big: wil be jilted by lover when you have major financial worries.

others being in a: bothersome pleas and petitions.

relatives: their nature has gone on a rampage.

outrun a, trying to: your anxieties must be faced.

ruin caused by: are moved by passing feelings instead of by inner purpose.

saving yourself from a: your one loyal friend is hopeful and buoys you up.

tidal waves inundating town: in danger of losing your head over a designing lover.

viewing much flooding: to be engulfed by others’ uncontrol ed emotions. ... flood dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-09-11-13-31-37

becoming: wil have intel igence, a secure business and your health.

being insane: wil overcome adversity, through life changes, to the present happiness.

dog, killing a: past misdeed wil haunt; enemies scurry to attack that one flaw.

man dreaming of being: your deep-driven love is ruining your reputation.

woman: wil have a son who becomes famous through extravagant actions.

young girl: wil marry soon if you avoid careless fickle friends.

person being, in the street: others give hostile gossip to people you do not know.

raving, person: your actions have caused another unjustified humiliation.

straitjacket, in a: your nerves are in shreds, your mind in pieces. ... mad dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-24-35-37-44-46

big downpour of, and bad wind: exclude friends from your confidence.

and hailstorm ruining crops: abundant means ahead.

cold: good luck with money, but read the fine print.

businessman dreaming of: misfortune in business.

farmer, without wind or storm: seek pleasures at the expense of another’s prosperity.

dripping into a room: beware of desolation from false friends.

drizzle: less serious emotional situation, fortune wil come in minute doses.

forest: a rich source of inspiration and of healing.

getting wet in a downpour of: suffering from suspicious friends for unperformed duties.

hearing patter of, on the roof: great marital happiness, but business is limited.

humidity, suffering from: your arrogance corrupts you, to your ultimate embarrassment.

mist: problems not seen clearly; are guided too easily by emotions.

others being out in the: find a common ground; yield and hear another’s view.

women: disappointment in love wil reveal a more fertile direction.

poor people dreaming of, with hail: good opportunities and happy life.

rich people, a downpour: losses, vexations, and affliction in love.

puddle, step in a: your slightest misstep wil be exaggerated.

over a: leave the old and fertilize the new.

laying down your coat for another to step over a: your reputation is losing ground.

shelter from the: have found your niche; designs wil mature with springtime growth.

soaked by a cloudburst: success through luck, not brains.

sun shining through the: cry your heart out, and let it go.

very bad, and windstorm: lover wil leave you out in the cold. ... rain dream meaning