Robber or thief Dream Meanings

Robber Or Thief Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

It is considered fortunate to be molested by a Thief in your dream, provided you escape injury.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
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To dream of being a thief and that you are pursued by officers, is a sign that you will meet reverses in business, and your social relations will be unpleasant.

If you pursue or capture a thief, you will overcome your enemies.

See Stealing.... thief dream meaning


(Thief) In a dream, a thief represents a liar, or humiliation inflicted upon such a person.

(Also see Crocodile; Robbery; Thief)... robber dream meaning


If seen by a trustworthy person who advocates peace and harmony it means he will acquire tremendous knowledge and wisdom. But if he is not trustworthy and does not advocate peace and harmony it means he will pursue the material things of this world.... shroud-thief dream meaning

Thief / Stealing

Fear of loss, particularly in personal relationships, or you want to “steal away” from a relationship. Is something being stolen from you or are you the thief? What is being stolen?... thief / stealing dream meaning

Robbery, Robber

Vision: If you are being robbed: you will have to face losses, but you are not altogether innocent in what is happening to you. Be especially careful right now. Being robbed while on a trip: don’t overdo it when exercising.

If you are the robber: you are about to get involved in a dangerous situation. Catching a robber in the act: be prepared to deal with a loss. Watching a robbery or being involved in one: hidden aggression; you are after something that is not yours.

See Burglary, Thief.

Depth Psychology: The robber is part of your character, symbolizing primitive and dangerous impulses to which you should pay attention.

The dream is also a warning about losses to come— be very careful for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes the dream also warns you about a friend you trusted and who disappointed you.... robbery, robber dream meaning

Thief Or Thieves

This is a bad dream if you are robbed, and shows loss of money in any case.

See ROBBER.... thief or thieves dream meaning

Rob / Robber

See burglar, steal and thief... rob / robber dream meaning

Robber, Robbery

(see Stealing)

If the dreamer is concerned about safety, security, and financial affairs, this dream could reflect those fears. Whether the fear - that someone in some way is going to rip you off - is real or not depends on the circumstances and other symbols in the dream.

If the dreamer is looking for love, this could represent a warning: The dreamer could meet and fall for someone fascinating, but who has an agenda of his or her own and could end up breaking the dreamer’s heart.... robber, robbery dream meaning


(1) The robber may be anyone or any part of yourself that threatens your independence or your chances of finding personal fulfilment. Is treasure stolen? The treasure is your (true) self.

(2) In a woman’s dream it is possible that the robber may be her father or her mother, in which case what she has been robbed of may be her penis! According to Freud, a female infant, seeing boys’ genitals, feels she has been castrated to prevent the fruition of her love for her mother.

Similarly, men may dream of their father as a robber. A male infant, said Freud, desires his mother and fears that his father may castrate him out of jealousy.

The occurrence of such dreams might suggest that the Oedipus complex has not been resolved in the dreamer. (For Oedipus complex).... robber(y) dream meaning