Relocating Dream Meanings

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Moving from one home to another can represent an actual or imagined: Change or transition in your life or in your mind.

Fresh start or new beginning.

Escaping, or a desire to do so.

See also: House; City; Location

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

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(Mecca; Mount Arafa; Mount of mercy; Plain of Arafat; Reunion of beloveds) If one sees himself standing in prayers in the Plain of Arafat during the pilgrimage season on the 9th day of the Arabic month of Zul-Hijjah, it means the return of a long awaited traveller to his home, a happy reunion, a family reunion, reconciliation between friends or peace between two individuals. Seeing Mount Arafa or the Plain of Arafat in a dream also could represent the pilgrimage season, or performing a pilgrimage, visiting Mecca on Umrah (See Umrah), or it could mean the Friday congregational prayers, the sixth day of the week, a marketplace, or engaging in a profitable business. Seeing oneself standing at Arafat in a dream also means rising in station, changing conditions, reversal of one’s state from good to bad or from bad to good, or perhaps it could mean death of a beloved such as one’s wife, or it could mean relocating to a blessed place or finding a sanctuary. Seeing oneself at Arafat in a dream also could mean losing a battle to one’s adversary, though the results or consequences of such a battle will bring him honor and exalted station, or it could mean winning the battle against one’s enemy.

If a sinner sees himself praying and repenting at Mount Arafa or near the Mount of Mercy in the Plain of Arafat in a dream, it means that his repentance will be accepted, or that a secret will be exposed, or it could mean that a reunion of beloveds will take place shortly after one’s dream.

If one sees himself standing in Arafa during the night time in a dream, it means that his goals will be attained and that he will satisfy his quest.

If one sees himself standing in Arafa after the sunrise, it means that his question will find no answer.

(Also see Circumambulation; Cradle of Ishmail; Kabah; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Station of Abraham; Umrah) ... arafat dream meaning


If there is a child in the cradle, then you will have a child.

If the cradle is empty it means you will be relocating.... cradle dream meaning


To see a hearse go by means that you will be starting a new job.

To be riding or driving a hearse means you will be relocating.... hearse dream meaning


To see or read an obituary means a close friend will relocate far away To read your own obituary means you will be the one relocating.... obituary dream meaning


An oven or cooking stove indicates that you will be relocating; moving to a larger home.... oven dream meaning


Indicative of journeys. You may be relocating or it may just be a journey away and back home again.

See also Meeting.... sailor dream meaning

Dance Recital

To dream about a dance recital indicates that you will soon be relocating, possibly to a new house or city.

To dream that you are in a dance recital suggests that there may be tension brewing between you and your peers.... dance recital dream meaning


An issue of trust, integrity, support, or self-support.

A feeling or fear of abandonment on some level in your life, including physical (such as your best friend relocating to another state), emotional (such as your partner withdrawing emotional support), mental (such as friends refusing to talk to you), spiritual (such as feeling that God has abandoned you), financial (your parents refusing to help you financially), or otherwise.

The idea of being let down, being left behind, or losing someone or something in real life.

Abandoning yourself somehow (such as not standing up for yourself).

You abandoning someone can represent: a feeling or fear of letting someone down, breaking a promise, or neglecting a responsibility to that person; an emotional reaction to that person or their behavior; the idea of giving up on someone; a desire to get away from someone or something; abandoning yourself.

See also: Rejection; Betrayed, Being; Leaving a Person; Breaking Up; Left, Being; Agreement, Breaking an; Helpless... abandonment dream meaning

Moving Around

Someone or something moving around energetically can represent: Feeling active or high-energy.

The desire for activity, excitement, or interest.

Life or being alive (where movement indicates the presence of life).

Chaotic movement can represent the idea of a person or situation seeming unpredictable or out of control.

See also the particular type of movement.

See also: Alive or Exists; Exercising; Chaos; Trembling; Carrying; Pulling; Can’t Move; Relocating... moving around dream meaning