Redwood Dream Meanings

Redwood Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

Dreams of redwood trees, because they grow tall, represents spiritual growth, mastery; heightened awareness, and great knowledge that is reaching up toward heaven, while remaining deeply rooted to earth.

See Tree.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
Highest energy tree; power, strength, wisdom. Grounded in physical reality yet ever reaching toward the heavens or wisdom from the higher self.

See Tree.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

3 dream interpretation about redwood related.


Tree that is highest conductor of energy next to the redwood.

See Tree.... pine dream meaning


Symbol of individual growth, development through life. Roots are the foundation: strong and deep means connection with spiritual source; shallow is poor support, unaware of inner strength. Trunk represents the backbone, source of kundalini power, strength. Limbs are talents and abilities, opportunities for self-expression. The leaves are the many manifestations of your gifts, the results of flowering or producing in the world. The tree is responsible only for its own growth. Pruning brings more light and healthier growth.

A scrawmy tree means not recognizing potential, self-w’orth. Old gnarled tree means storms of life have taken their toll; one has not learned from lessons or pruned the unneeded parts. Be as the giant redwood, ever reaching upward in majestic self-expression.... tree dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-15-24-25-42-47

almond in blossom, of an: a duplicitous relationship with indiscretion and stupidity.

ripe fruit, with: a propitious time for happiness in the home.

apple, an: wil be tempted by deceitful charms in your pursuit of perfection.

ash, an: it is prudent to separate your ego from the surrounding grandeur.

mountain: be prudent with your magical moments that they don’t deny you rest.

aspen, an: lament your actions, as they are the cause of your loneliness.

banyan, a: a never-ending acrimonious argument.

bark of a: keep your inner life to yourself, but be supported by its strength.

damaged: redraw the boundaries to your intimate space.

deformed: the elements of your life have taken their tol .

barren, a: someone is cheating you through their lack of support.

bay, a: guard against self-pity being your merit badge.

beech, a: your cruel narrow-mindedness wil limit the prosperity of your new ventures.

big, without fruit: have total lack of sensibility in your extravagant spending.

birch, a: your love is virtuous and honorable and too meek to appreciate your worth.

birds in a: reflect on the words of others and the songs of a few.

blossoms, with: joy and sweet satisfaction.

without: business wil be increased.

box, a: wil benefit from stoicism and loneliness through the loss of a young person.

branches: family wil divide and spread for each to have room to grow.

burning: nuisance and unhappiness.

cedar, a: have an incorruptible strength of character.

cherry, a: sickness wil block distractions for you so you can concentrate on your education.

chestnut, a: you deserve luxury, if only for a day.

climbing, children: a pleasing variety of knowledge, leisure and diversion.

falling while: restructure your goals to be just beyond realistic.

fruit: are an extroverted, imaginative personality enjoying the forbidden and unusual.

limb, breaking while: usual routes to success are not open to you; be original.

with a ladder: wil attain an important high position and be difficult to live with.

Christmas, a: joy and happiness, peace on earth.

crooked, a: wil limit prosperity of your new ventures.

cutting down timber: wil incur losses and become another’s servant.

dead: short engagement ending in new growth in a happy marriage.

in someone else’s land: are protected by influential people from the mate of your choice.

cutting up a, in a building: an interesting discovery about your project.

cypress tree, of a: a friend’s help wil bring despair when health problems are discovered.

blowing in the wind: a sad setback wil bring meaning into your home.

diseased, a: your present path is up for ridicule.

elm, a: dignity in a carefree life.

escaping from a forest fire: wil have an unusual accident.

evergreen, an: your strong faith in yourself bodes wel for a long life.

fig, a: wil be prolific in your arguments and adamant in your idleness.

finding a fallen, in the road: misfortune wil cross your path.

fir, a: ever hopeful in the midst of darkening despair.

forest of pine: a family reunion wil provide security and staunch support.

fruit, without fruit, a: your talents cannot be recognized if you don’t expose them.

unripened: your vitality is being sapped by another’s growth.

green, a: unbounded joy wil make you forget al sadness.

grove of, a: wil chair a meeting of several opposing viewpoints.

heavily fruit-laden: riches and fortune in business.

hickory, a: hard, heavy-laden travails in business.

horse chestnut, eating a: failure due to the timing of a short il ness.

Judas, a: your disbelief at being betrayed.

leaves falling in the fall: must overcome situation or ramifications wil fol ow you.

rustling: the voice of Mother Nature manifesting your talents.

turning yellow: il ness to come soon, then everything wil return to normal.

linden, cutting down a: dangerous love affair; security is in conjugal love.

locust: an elegant affection.

logs floating down a river: honor among fel ows who can outrun the flow.

sawing: a comfortable home is satisfaction for hard work.

sitting on a: leisure to carry out the life you want.

magnolia, a: the dignity of perseverance in strong friendships unaffected by distance.

mast of a ship made from a, a: wil get assistance in time of need.

mulberry, a: wil survive by your wisdom, but not your mate’s.

oak, an: sound financial and organized, hospitable family life.

live, hung with moss: a home you find it impossible to leave.

of a: wil receive favors from friends with good intentions.

olive, cutting branches from an: peace, serenity and happiness in al desires.

orange, an: passing discontent at unreciprocated generosity.

palm, a: victory, if you don’t attempt to climb above your abilities.

peach, a: wil have fights because of opposition to your ideas, but never consider separation.

pear, a: opposition in love affairs wil lead to a search for a comforting one.

picking fruit from a: inheritance received from elderly people.

pine, a: tremendous happiness with an honest person.

cone on the ground: a concurrence of events wil redirect your income concerns.

cutting branches from a: wil enjoy congenial work and wel -being.

pineapple, a: fertility-the greatest nutrition per calorie.

plum, a: fidelity to, and from those, who count on you.

wild: independence from vicious gossip.

pomegranate: wil enjoy a quiet future amidst your foolishness.

poplar, a: wil enjoy a large reputation for smal adventures.

twisted: reanalyze your views and prejudices.

prune, to: brings your health to light.

redwood, a: your expansion possibilities are majestic.

resting under a: have the influence of friends, but are alone responsible for your growth.

flowering: are asserting your creative principle.

sleeping: health and vigor are being drained by your responsibilities.

rings of a: wisdom gained from past experiences can be invested in your future growth.

roots of a: depths of the past wil inform the present.

sap from a: wil be happily surprised by a visitor, once the blood of your life.

spruce, a: hope in adversity against those who bear down until they get the advantage.

stump, digging out a: your vigorous inquisitiveness wil prove to be justified.

sycamore, a: curiosity.

tiny sapling: fertility, procreation and poverty until fruition.

trunk, a: continue your family tradition and contribute to your heritage.

unhealthy: your potential has receded into itself.

willow, a: bravery in defense of humanity.

yew, cutting branches from a: death of an aged relative. ... trees dream meaning