Reduction Dream Meanings

Reduction Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

See Telescope. Inferiority complex, devaluing the Self. Taking small things too seriously. Possibly a suggestion to expand your frame of reference and thereby grow in awareness.

See also Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar
It may suggest the threat of a loss of prestige or status, as well as the need for affection.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

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Revealed to prevent undesirable reduction... devalue dream meaning


Reduction of something too big is a correction; unnatural reduction that is too small is a lessening of power or ability... reduced dream meaning

Seeing Any Of The Great Angels Of Allah Ta’ala

Dreaming of any of the great angels of Allah (Such as Jibreel, Mikaail, Izrail and Israfeel Alayhimus Salaam) heralds, plentiful rain, fertility of land, abundant risk and reduction in prices of goods or commodities, it is also a glad tiding that the observer of such a dream will attain martyrdom.... seeing any of the great angels of allah ta’ala dream meaning

The Ambiyaa (alayhimus Salaam)

Seeing the prophets of Allah is the same as seeing the angels of Allah Ta’ala suggesting freshness, plentiful rains, reduction of prices of things etc. There is only one exception : the observer will not attain shahaadah by seeing the ambiyaa (As) as is in the case of seeing the angels of Allah.... the ambiyaa (alayhimus salaam) dream meaning


Drives repressed and drives released, stress or stress reduction. This implies a “test by fire.” What is innermost comes to the surface. It might express a fantasy of merging in a relationship, or fusion of different parts of the Self in a developing personality. Also, what was hard is made to flow again.... volcano dream meaning


Most dreams involving calendars signify gradual reduction of worries.... calendar dream meaning


Oddly enough, this noble and elegant fur in a dream signifies a reduction of status and/or income, unless you gave it away, in which case the reverse is indicated and you can expect a sudden rise in status.... ermine dream meaning


Bones can obviously represent death, either literal or metaphorical. They can also symbolize a state of reduction or deprivation (as in being “stripped to the bare bones” and being left with a “skeleton crew”). Less ominously, bones may simply refer to the structure of something.... bone dream meaning

The Effect Of Alcohol On Sleep

Alcohol can have a significant impact on sleep and sleeping patterns. Under the influence of alcohol, the quantity of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep decreases and Stage 4 sleep increases, creating the impression that one has slept more soundly under the influence of alco- hol.

Excessive use of alcohol disrupts the natural pattern of sleep, so that chronic alcoholics who have completely abstained for extended periods of time have been shown to exhibit abnormal sleep patterns. It has been speculated that the disrup- tion of sleep patterns—particularly the reduction of REM sleep (often associated with dreaming)— by alcoholism results in irreversible brain damage. ... the effect of alcohol on sleep dream meaning


Drying due to natural evaporation can represent: Loss or disappearance.



A process of reduction, or a dwindling supply of something.

See also: Dry Up; Dryer; Absorbing; Desert; Hard Object; Eroding; Decreasing; Depleted; Sparse... dry dream meaning

Dry Up

Drying due to evaporation can represent: Loss or disappearance.



A process of reduction or a dwindling supply of something.

Something that is dried up, or that has lost all of its moisture, can represent: dormancy or a rest period; the end of a process or the loss of potential; non-productive; the idea of failure.

See also: Dry; Absorbing; Desert; Hard Object; Eroding; Deterioration; Smaller, Getting; Decreasing; Depleted; Sparse; Scarcity... dry up dream meaning