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Pushing somebody down the stairs

Bathing with husband in a tub

Swimming in dirty muddy waters

Muddy lake water

Dinning table set with multiple silver forks and knives

Dog sticking up crystal

Snatching mangalsutra in dream

A dream of someone knocking on your head

Spiders in my shower

I dreamt of eating meat with a white worms or maggots on it

Extractie with money shooting somebody

Driving with a van tsunami sea

What does it mean excaping a snake bite in my dreams?

What does it mean when i escape a snake bite?

Grandparents house with green mold on carpet

The meaning of receiving soya milk in the dream

Green mold on carpet

Clorine teeth

Leaving bar

Silver knives and forks placed on a table in front of me

Pink salmon

Kpop idol fingered me

Kpop popstar kissed me

Refusing to go on an errand for someone in a dream

Kpop idol kissed me

Knew silver knives and forks given to me

My brother give me a stone in my dream

A kpop idol kissed me

Deer running on hind legs

Bulan oecah

Toilet breaking

Bulan meledak

Cooking dolma for you in dream

Garri, giving

Sell your suv

Pushing my dad down the stairs

Talking to a celebrity about making plans

Sell your truck

I had a dream my stepdad was molesting my little brother and i tried to kill him

Someone not wearing pants

Demolition of temple

Destruction of temple

Causing decapitation

Leaves in nose

Root growing in hips

Root growing in hipd

Wife stabbing heart

Oilbeen fruit

At my parents house

Start of war

Watching someone else eat

Pushing wheel barrow full of stones

Water rising up and turn black and falling with clean water

The meaning of the symbols of spiritual, rubbing, powder and face seen in a dream.

Someone telling to tie the carabao in grasses area

If someone see bean and cassava in dream

Meaning of killing ants in your dream

Collecting old wrappers for my mum in dream


Losing a gun and finding it again

Cat poo

Shit cat

Sliding down a snowy hill in iceland

Shat cat

Body disintegrated

About collecting old wrappers for someone

Seeing a pool dry up in dream

Seeing a very big car in a dream covered with blue cloth

Eating pork with others

Asking a president of my country for a job

Mom buying a daughter a dog

Jinn child

Man with a tail

Red xhilli

Being kissed by an evil entity

Using peri peri for ritual

Artificially inseminated myself

My face distorted

Dream of seeing self in mirror

What does it mean when waves are hitting into the house?

To see a hiring manager in a dream after the interview

In police

No i

I saw a sheikh in my dream

Dream of dragging a girl

Someone trying to stab

Moms boyfriend tried to kill us

Winning a debate

Dream about teaching student

Me and my boyfriend were stabbed to death by strangers in dream

Eating ripe java

Window painted black

Poking a gaborone viper

Dreaming of dry chapati and soft chapati

Dream about mopping house

Pinching my spine old lady

Soil cutting

Stepping on a knife

Brown ring

Stepping into a butterknife

Loosing both slippers

Dreaming about meat

Dreaming of a black window

Feaces rubbed on the body

Facing a lion faceless people

What mean when you dream the illuminati send you the illuminati membership and certificate?

Pinching my spine

Party in the house

A baby urinating

Parti in a house

So.eobe calling my name

Oxygen chamber

Picking up a dead sister in my car

On old lady pinching my spine

Saying my name

A lot of peopel dancing in the house

What mean when you dream the illuminati send you money?

Someone shouting your name

Husband in a rain

Money in bag

Spiritual meaning of stubborn grass

Kidnapped while driving scooter across crematorium

Dream a pastor giving you bronze and silver coins

Frying plantain

Brother inlaw shampooing lawn

Being lifted up in dream

Old friend as a solder

Tweed caridgan

Sink full of dishes

Dream of drinking a soft drink

Dreaming of myself in a different world with a diffrent family

To see my brother releasing sperm

Dream about me in the village some people are praying and they are praying outside

Riding bicycle while carrying my daughter

Dead mother in law asking for a cup of tea

Living in a vintage dream

When my house is full of bunches of matooke and fresh beans?

Dream of me pounding something for my self and my sister in two different motels

Chased by a ghost

Friends separated

Meaning of picking ripe palm fruit

स्वतःचे लग्न स्वप्नात दिसणे

What does it mean when you get delivered in your dream?

What does it mean when you get delivered in your dream?

I saw myself pouring water in the grave what does it mean

Old people kneeling down to greet me

To dream of seeing a baby die

Someone removing jigger from your feet

When a man of god hold your hand in a dream?

My neighbor brought a bouquet of red bougainvillea

Stolen gun dream

Eating raw meat with the deceased

Eating with the deceased

Blurred boy looking at me

Knub fingers

Am enemy try to surprise me with red bougainvillea

Blurred boy looking at me the background white

I saw a blurred boy looking at me the background was white and it felt like i was about to leave

Neighbour thief caught

Someone thief caught

Child tying rope around my legs

Stealing a pot

Not picked for marriage

Widow wears gold

Someone you know getting sucked into the ground

What does it mean to dream that you bleed through eyes and red eyes?

Dream of plucking different green to give my sister

A lady sucking manhood in dream biblical meaning | dream interpretation

Dream teller mood

Undoing ball of yarn

Meaning of buying a car in a dream

I saw a bleeding cat in my dream

Riding a pink scooter and stopped for a woman to undo my tangled yarn

Meaning of seeing honey in a dream

Dream being smeared by poop and later washed away

Yellow thread get tied by stranger

Eating jackfruit leaves in the dream



Man with white eyes

Playing with bulger wheat grain

Bulger wheat

Making dua in dream in islam

Filling front pockets of an old red and white pin striped suit case

Texting apps

Late father wearing torn shoes and the t shirt

Satellite coming to you

Dreaming about a white lady fighting for me

Kuburan dipindahkan

A woman exchanging raw food with a man

Saving crush from kidnap

I exchanged raw food with someone

Dream about dead person lying in your house

Refridgerator too full

Buffellows eating grass

Fridge being too full

Playing basketball on empty stadium

Giving a friend dry coconuts

Pregnancy mein kisi ko papita khate hue dekhna

Painful eye

Sore left eye

Snake bit me in butt dream

Talking to a deaf person

Lshape house

Spit on you face

Seeing a woman in ambulance

What does it mean dreaming given a shirt by your ex to wash for him?

When buying second hand cloth in the dream what does it mean?

Water gushing from a tap

Dreaming deceased grandma

Son being arrested and giving up on his goals in life

Ordained priest

What is the meaning of the dream of travelling by water with your mum?

Being ordained jesuit priest

Betekenis kleur groen symbool

Meaning of buying isam

When you are shocked by electric in the dream it means what?

Dream of one zero/one zero/three zero/fire from elcticity

Dream of buying pirewinkle


Transplanting apple

Lizard dying in water

ماهو تفسير رؤية الاظافر رجلين طويلة في منام العزباء

Loose bowels

With dead ex

Holding a cutlass

Seeing two humos camel

Making love with dead ex husband

Dreaming of digging sweet potatoes

Eating cat head

People wearing black and a group wearing white

A lady fully dressed with ornaments and green sadi , had a pooja thali in her hand and looking at me with a smiling face and started worshin


Excited about a kitchen utensil

Picking gold from a mine

Teer num sapna wife exp

Dreaming about fresh okra on the its tree


Exp wife teer number dream

Exp wife teer number

Bird bones

Scratch face

Ex asks help

Women killing snake

To dream of crying over food

Hooded head lady

Beti pita ka sapna sambhog

Beti pita ka sapna smbhog

Okra tree

Dead mother blowing smoke into my mouth

Son crying in hungry

New water mater in dream

I saw myself cutting guava in my dream

Fight husband in the dream

Broke up a marriage at the alter

Dreaming of chapati

Dreaming of bags of mealie meal

Kid without face

Peeling of face dream meaning

Dream of swing your lady freind earring nurses dress

Dream of seeing your lady freind wearing nurses dress

Someone buying me slippers

Royal satin blue dress

Betrayal by mother

Dogs eating

My dogs eating black baby birds

Peeling if skin like new

Selling palm wine in a dream

To see a person limping in the dream

Dreaming about urine in water

Seeing haldi face

Dreaming while looking for an iron to iron a wrinkled clothe

Walking down the hallway in white with veils

Planting corn in the dream

Dreaming been romantic with ex boyfriend

Covered faced maidens

Horny in a dream

Something is blocking the window

Rescuing injured dogs

Seeing hooded maidens marching in a dream

Dream my sister paying a bill for me

Tones of maize grain

Woman in white dresses with hoods covering their faces

Brother and sister kissing romantically

A dreamed about a couple and a baby with them in bed

Blood in your teeth

Reject hug

Eating yam and stew with a friend in a dream

к чему снится новая газовая плита

Boarding a van wearing a school uniform carrying a school bag .in the bag there was two envelope with cash notes inside

Unwanted hug

A stranger without permission sucked on my tits.

A stranger without permission sucked

Bleeding from teeth

Seeing a blossoming aidan tree

Competition dance

False teeth full of worms

Negotiating vehicle price in a dream

Strange man sucking on my title in dream without permission

Escaped from blood oath covenant

Dreams of seeing marriage of husband and his sister

Starage man sucking on my tits.

Died woman near by house

Ex wife height

Forgetting a bag and looking for it

Dressed in school uniform in a deam yet you no longer schooling

Dream of roti

Ex wife is tall

Frog and poop

Ex wife taller

Ex wife taller then me

Sugar stem

I dreamed about a woman with a man and a baby in bed

Two zero seven and one one four

Two bottles of wine in a dream

Girl with baby in bed

Five five nine dream meaning of white flecks in my hair

Offloading shipping container in a dream

Husband who passed on returning wedding ring

Girl baby and man in bed

Late husband returning wedding ring

Witnessing a marriage of husband and sisterinlaw

Middle of a triangle

Scissors to the mouth

Vomit by a dead

Brother and sisters kissing in dream

Distributing food to widows in a dream

Dream of calabash in water

Dream of swimming with a calabash in hand

Catching big fish using net in river

What is the meaning of a dead parson working i dream?

Vomit by a dead people

A friend and me in a triangle the rocks hangout

Dream with blood stains meani

Feeling tired

Saw myself in the mirror but i was blind

Clock indicated by a dead people

Your big cousin raping lil sister

A circle of stones but your friend in the middle with you

Ocean temples

Poop in sand

Forgot someones birthday

Burying a loved one alive

Dreaming of a family wedding

One day to live dream

Maggots and cockroach s crawling out my bum

Lost wrist watch in dream

Ripe mangoes on tree

Dreaming of zobo drink meaning

Dream of plucking ripe mangoes

Meaning of red herbiscus drinks in dream

Baboon on tree

Meaning of herbiscus petals liquid

Running from someone or something in my dream and always being afraid to the point of sleep paralysis

Mother does not accept my boyfriend

Rocking side to side

Off loading matress

Dream about unknown guy pampering me

Dream of running from someone that is trying to hurt me and afraid to see their face and i never see their face

Somebody giving white beautiful sare to me

Spiritual meaning of malach chapters 1and2

Going off the bridge in a bus or car

Release prisoners from prison

Frying buns and also eating buns in the dream

Smile loveones

Amount of cash

Dreaming frying

Fighting a witch in a dream

Black split lips

Taking abolition at the to of a tree

Woman seing elephant in a dream.

Pigs skinned alive butchery

Blue pigeon

Pig skinned but alive

Pigs skinned alive left to die butchery

I dream giving my brother inlaws son for

When you dream your boyfriend is living in poverty?

Dream of sorghum

I dreamed of yellow birds singing for me happy birthday song

Snakes rocks

Dog and goat mating

I dream about giving food to my brother inlaws son

What does it mean if someone give you sweet in the dream?


What does tomtom mean in a dream?

Chased by goat

Seeing someone selling human cooked meat?

Symbol that indicates the cooked human meat

Bittar gourd

The meaning if you meet your dead mother inn a dream, and i am in my nderwear

Dreaming of breaking broom stick

A person wishing bad on you

Cupen cod

Nine eight nine eight three eight three eight four three

Loloba negotiates in dream

Vomiting egg maggot

Open mouthed fish

Lacrimacao trabalhos espirituais



Washing raw meat in islam

Kamate haka in dream

Catching very big fish

Avoiding sticking in mud dream

River takes away possessions

Receiving a drip in a dream

Shedding leaves

Dream avoiding being caught in mud

Dream being chased by my ex husband

What does it mean when i do kamate haka in my dreams?

Dream of catching very big fish

Eating bread and akara in dream means

What does it mean when you dream seeing a sangoma?

Dream being adopted by someone

Eating, milk and sweet seen in a dream

Ice cube maker

What does it mean when you dream about sangoma?

What does it mean when you dream seeing a traditional healer?

Nhận định về sự thờ ơ

Dreaming about you have come rich

Eagle biting and i killed it

Dreaming pastor writing

Green maize cop

Death in old neighbourhood

Swimming in clean water

Stalker blood kids school van

Cocking curry


Dream about taking pictures with a former president meaning what?

Seeing me and my brother at higest top of the tower

I saw myself in a crusade

I was myself in a crusade

In the dream i was myself in a crusade

Breaking pots

Carry mother

To see a hand full of precious gemstones

Dreaming praying in the river

The meaning of the symbols of scraping and feet seen in a dream.

Dream of throwing coins

Dance lift

Car rolling away from me

Demon you

Planting church

Wear a chest binder

Husband wearing a black skirt

Looking myself beautiful on a wedding

Fishing line in stomach



Getting married to a rich man

Dead guru disturbed in dreams

Affraid of falling

Harvesting piches with my late grandmother

Smoke bream no

Dreamed my boss congratulating me

Burnd kheer

Washing window

Black kokomo dragon and two green snakes looking at me

Parasites on floor and coming out with my poop

Going on vacation to a disaster


Orange snake meaning spiritually

When you are given a black beautiful dressin the dream?

I dreamt about sucking and fingering a girl private part in the dream

Friend falling in love with classmate

Thick vomit

Pulling intestines out of mouth

Pulled down a hill

Pulling intestines out of moutn

Why did i dream about my friend felling in love with my classmate?

Teeth are falling out

When people collect snails from you?

A president funeral

I saw shivling and then when i offered water to it maa parvati appeared and gave me blessings

Standing on an unstable stool with your left leg


Left testicle sagging

Wearing dead persons clothes seen in a dream.

Toilet with bugs in it

Sun and moon tatttoo man

Talking to my co wife

Glass bes

Making food for a couple

Room spinning

Dreaming of green leaves in a pot

Blood in the milk

Not breathing

The most high

Passing in front of a school, i heard a kid raise a song of thanksgiving. the school owner was sitting in front of the school as i passed.

Pictures slidding up and down


Fish fingerlings

Dream omena

Kusalimiwa ktk ndoto

Dreaming of a flooded river sweeping away cows in large number and fish left in swamps

Breaking arm

Cry of owl

Seeing your enemy in a dream

Man kill nife

What does it mean when you dream eating in a dustbin?

Mother falls down on broken stairs

Getting government job

Snake in the bush dream meaning

Dreaming of a dog with six legs

I dreamt me and my dog killing a sringbok

If someone is selling is property in the dream

My girlfriend being hurt

Applying to study abroad

I dream when i am carrying iron rod in my car

Dreaming of younger sister engagement

Dream of a big snake which swallowed an animal

Dreaming of someone building a brick wall

Traveling to italy to study

You washing someone feet

Sea cruising

Trying to get killing me

Night drem ghost teer no

Eating mukimo

You dreamt your boyfriend is avoiding you

I saw chickens that looked died and then saw health ones and i decided to bring them together and start over by feeding them with starter feed

Seeing a g a male gorilla urinating in your dream

You dreamt you touched your boyfriend he removed your hand

Younger self falling in love

Dreaming someone steal my bible

Heard ball drop

Spiritual meaning of picking kola nut pods in the dream.

When you dream your boyfriend took you to his house?

Smearing with verselin

Dreaming of grinding corn in a posho mill

When your ex gives you his last money?

Dung flies

Ual cross

Hear burning smell

Theif get metal plate

I dream my dead father that he called my name wath is mean

Trans gender


Red eyes in the dark

Baby with shet

President showing affection towards me

Tornado made of water

Driving a private care with my brother

Thief mobile dream number

Slug speed

Slugs being fast

Adream about micheal jackson


Dream of someone eating crocodile

Car trading

Dreaming doing a laundry for ex boyfriend

Decapitated child

A figure took me to save people from murder

Bird with long beak that sucks blood

Married women dreams about being pregnant

Lost my son

Dream of dark figure back eyes speaking to me

Bone of fish inside leather

Turtle biting finger

Stealing coins

Turtle biting my finger

Fish bone one inside leather from the one they break small one from it

Feeding black dog

A scream and moths came out the mouth


Robotic arm

Getting candy in a parade

Emotions of shadows


See snow in a dream

Taking shawer in river

Pooping while sleep

Donning green garmets

Wet soggy stairs

Daughter flying in wedding dress meaning

Water eagles snakes

Breaking someone a virgin

Daughter wearing wedding dress and partying

Eagles was attacking snake

What does it mean in my dream i wear a lot of short skirts?

Drinking milk with egg

Cutting fish in to slices

Sapne mein naak nikalna

Being told to get a reservoir

Full moon that looks like a half skull

Dreaming of your ex boyfriend carring dry grass

Moss water swimming

Dreamt exchanging big money with small money

Fire embers in night sky

Dreamt exchangibg

Water in the purse

Fire embers falling from the sky

Seeing bunch of apples

Dreaming carrying a baby climbing steps

Seeing my husband and another woman in our matrimonial bed

Dreaming going on steps with out a problem

Dreaming of dry grass broom

Blue (color

Pussy cat poop

Snake giving birth in hospital

Islamic enterpretaion of billy goat tied up a rope but i was leeping

Seeing lotus flower with kali in my dream

Dreaming a big snake biting father and mother

Growing onions

Vitafer l efectos secundarios

Elephant give birth in a dream

Dreaming my boyfriend getting back with his baby mama

What is the meaning of dreaming my son having a black face?

Sowing beans 2by2

W bangles

Drinking water and fasting

Climbing jack fruit

New shoes dream

Pastor, kissing and cheeks seen in a dream.

Wearing new one single shoes

Dream of flirting and romance in friends group with unknown girl

A hot air red balloon

Monitoring exam

Eating mushrooms growing from my hand

Setting apaper

Receiving baby moving doll

Dreaming of termarind

Five zero zero to one zero zero zero tons of water meaning

My dead dad holding a crying baby

Ask plant in dreams and tabeer


What does mean a friend showing you he has bought a new car?

Burning shrine

Licking legs

Rudraksha tree in dream

Dreaming of myna bird

Fruit bowl falling

Fish bites hand and leg

I dreamt of putting a plate of bread in front of my dead brother but he was alive

Drying white clothes

Man being ok with you posting them on social media

Hot water break the cup

Being replaced with a former boss at work place

Being replaced with a former boss

Lip piercings

Lip rings

Plate meaning

I dreamt hunting with my dog

My kid falling in latrine pit

Running between two running cars

Dogs chasing group of goats

Fighting with someone in my dream

Stranger in garden

Dreaming about someone vomiting purple

Dreaming of a dead sister and accidentally s s water which spreads across the house so fast

Boyfriend got new haircut

Coaching para emprendedoras

Ek car ka behna do ladko ka baik se behna

Sapne me achana se badh dekhna or waha se bagna


Leaving something behind

Chills cold

Sapne m hathi palna


Cold chills

Big white mouse

Horse gram food eating dream


Gatherings of people in past places

Dreaming animals eating my clothes

Dead lizard in my cup of tea

Dead luzard in my cup of tea

Watching myself sleep

Dreaming of a dead lizard in my cup of tea

Dream you seeing bird floating on water

A mad man you

When a mad man is playing with in the dream?

Looking through hole

Dream collecting firewood

What does it mean to dream a cow eating my dress?

Fingerling fish

Sleeping on the top of a bunk bed

Seeing live snakes like green in colour while pregnant

Jujube tree in dream

Mom uncovering son from white cloths

Red swollen legs

Of being lost

You see your x sister n law who acts very cold and she is wearing a pale pink sweater

Trying to save animal from cars in road

सपने में भगवान श्री हरी को देखना

Being bitten by a green snake in a dream

Trying to save opposum from cars in road

You hug but the other person does not hug back

Rocks from the sky

Angry because some people stole from them

Playing tennis with a crush

Being angry because somebody stole from her

Fat lady in dream

Dead big snakes

Being angry in a dream

If you dream two church leaders grabbed money on your left hand side

Being caught in a dream stealing

Being caned by a former headteachers in primary school

Dhol bajate hue toot jaaye

Dreamt of a fat lady

Someone sitting on side of bed

Writing a letter for lawyer

Dreamt of my late mother

Dreaming you peeing in an old toilet

What happen if u see blue sapphire stone broken in dream?

Being chased and attacked by hen

What is the shillong teer number if dead man show and chating with him?

While pregnant you dream about paul

When you can not carry any firewood in the dream?

Dad hitting

Running barefoot on your wedding dress

Dead man show in dream and chating with him, then what is the relation with teer game

Mimpi menyapu kantor yang kotor

Morning sunray

Guecko bones feet

Mountain melting

Show dead man and chat with him

Someone behaving like a dog

Dead man show and chat with him

Flood, fireworks, water

Crystal turtles

Telling you enemy to resign

When someone had a dream about your mother driving a vehicle?

Dreaming a white chicken what does it mean

Dreaming male lamb sheep while pregnant

Sitting on seat high in the air

Covered by green lanket

One leg in a platrine

Dreaming a white hen

Dream about sangoma

Lying in fetal position

Poached eggs dream meaning

Dream brother in laws is attracted to me

Hunting drone

Mimpi dicium

Volcano eruption while collecting lost loved ones belongings

Dreaming about a pug bite me on the lip

Someone lifted me

Someone lifted me in his shoulder

Deceased father j in a wheelchair

Pain below navel

Jumping off a ledge into the ocean

Parents died in flood

Lip gloss

Blades and blood

Fall inside escalator

Hearing chime when speak with dead

Refuse hug

Fetal position pains

Dreaming about a witch under the moon

Dreaming about a witch riding under the moon

Lying infetal position and father violent

Removing mucous from your mouth

Dreaming about going to take a bath

Dreaming about in the church wesring black

Fetal position and afraid of father

Small river

Aunt who still alive but in a dream she dir

Someone is planning to propose to me

Dream someone proposes to you

Father angry

Father angry at me and sisters

Seeing someone happy nd smiling

Seeing someone happy

Mimpi tentang tetangga yg sudah meninggal

Hidden information

Running from people in slow motion

Varecores vains


Melihat kapal

Melihat kapal berada di atas gunung

Lump on neck and leg

Melihat kapal di atas gunung

Secret; trust

Flying a cat in a dream

Girls play with me

Jute mallow

Running away from fellow gamblers

Men protecting me

Men rescuing me

Draining my pool of water and the person draining it does

Taking pee in flowing water

Terrified of father

Lying in fetal position terrified

Kharab mashin jaan bujh kar kharab kar diya

Catching candy in dream

Catching candy in a parade meaning

Ex wearing a red dress with diamond design

Rattlesnake bitting my daughter

Cooking poo

Breathing cold air in the mouth

Me chasing my mom

An ex with severe leg cramp

Sweeping a bar shop

I dreamed of apan and plate

Seeing my friend travel to mecca

Tying mauli on my wrist

Not having a ticket on the train

Bloody baby chick

Dead relative pulling your ankle meaning

Bathing a baby albino

A woman in red

Someone asks if your ok

Being too old for something

Visiting someone in a hospital

Being too old for something you love

Stealing my boyfriend

Strawberry and oranges fruit bowl

Faster than a train

Long parade

Bike going flat

Bike on a rocky road

Forced date

Forced to blind date

Granddaughter voice

Daughter calling for mom

Dream fruits grow in your fingers

Trapped in a hospital

Daughter saying ma

Dreaming of preparing your self to go to your introduction and you first go to the toilet

Tick in your ears

What does it mean to eat bread and egg in a dream?

Seeing girl vanishing in dream islam

Arecanut farm

Money in bible

My infant baby is walking

What does it mean when someone else ate the meal you made?

Watch office building collapse

Exchange of five zero zero notes in shop


Pulling endless string from your butt

Walking in the main road

Matam in dream

Three burning bushes


Small water crossing

What does it mean for strangers to eat your food?

Meaning of gari in the dream

Expensive meat

Auguste clown

What does it mean to cook in a dream?

Claw machine games

Daughter defecation

Giving sweets

Dreaming food burning in the kitchen

Dreaming of food burning in the kitchen

I see myself ill again n again in dreams

Peeling and washing of beans in the dream

Kiss hands of a celebrity

Pouring anointing oil in my ear

Kiss hands

Pouring olive oil in my ear

Dream about sad baby

Pouring olive oil in my left ear

Some one demand paan in dream

Brown fur coat

Being carried in arm and flying

When i see someone in dream wearing my clothes?

A friend dressed in sunglasses with her back turned

Death by insecticide

Cutting pig in dream



Ex wearing all black

Motorcycle tyre

Lady wearing yellow green dress

Ex took me out to dinner

Unable to cross the river dream meaning

Clearing drainage channel of water passage

Ex grocery shopping in his underware

My son young crying

Ex buying grocery

Friend, stabbed, knife

Stabbed by a friend

Being amongst white people as a black

Stones dropping from the sky

Dreams of seeing traditional healers

Dreams of being inside the water

My crush sucking my and kissing my lips

Dreams of police

Dreams of being under water

Green airplane

Dreaming of muddy dark brown liquid flooding my house

Me failing to hear the voice of my father near the bank

Demon killed me

Tie up long hair

Food falling off your plate

Large fox

Seeing toilet in dream meaning

Stranger giving me their number

Dismantled car with garbage and poo

Dead brother having a baby

Cut on the head without bleeding

Male and female system dreaming

Snake came out of nose

Snake nose

A baby was crawling and suddenly his leg snapped off

Person with runny nose

Sprouts coming out of friends ear


Cutting a dog in half

Walking in the river in water and stone on soft stones

Fetus in freezer

I dreamt taking pictures in a balcony that fell

I dreamt ft

Meaning of cleaning dried tears in my face in dream

I dreamt st

Sweeping and packing shit

Meanwhile of cleaning a dried tears in dream

Pruning of a tree branches


Eating of roasted palm kernel in the dream

What does nzu mean in the dream?

Mimpi masuk wilayah kurungan tahanan

Food without paying

Given chewing stick

Mimpi masuk wilayah tahanan mau di bunuh

Making a abcean phone call

Mimpi masuk wilayah tahanan eksekusi

Late father wearing different shoes

Washing dishes boyfriend

Selling things

Move items with mouth


Chines food

Someone fitting new dress

Carrying crystal vessels

Someone fitting new clothes

Shadow attacing

Someone calling me

Be in a wedding without invitation, eat food that wasbnot for me

Movie night with crush

Dream of a woman and a child in your husband room

Wrist watch strap in dreams twice meaning

Person that doesnt look the same

Wedding , indians, gangsters, iding , forbidden love

Dreaming about a person not looking like how i knew them

Being chased to be killed

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend not looking like themselves

Kissing a younger women

An ex not looking like themselves

Dreaming of traditional ceremony in which an animal has been slaughtered and lots of peopl eating outside

Carrying glass vessels

When you dream of pot of eggs in oven?

An animal shrinking

Seeing anew born baby crowling

People eating slaughtered cow

Potash eating

Dreaming people eating meat outside in your yard

Pulling stuff out of mouth stuck

Dream while catching fish with my friend and then river dries

La tombe

Baby crowling

Dreaming about soaking in ice

People getting stabbed

Dehydrated cat

People eating meat at your home outside

Dream about someone peeling your skin off

Transport and truck

Lots of people eating meat of a cow that has been slaughtered

What does it means to be washing clothes and then find a lot of periwinkle inside the water?

One shoe torn

Someone else is wearing gray

Dog attacked by hawk

A hawk on top of a lifeless chihuahua

A hawk pulling hair from a chihuahua

Offloading matres in a dream

Saw myself offloadind matres

Dreaming of me recovering cast iron skillets

When my pastor gives me an empty medium gallon and i collect it?

Giving a lot of bread to sister in law

Giving a lot of foods


Dreaming of your car being hijacked by thugs with guns no hi

Dreaming of your car being hijacked by thugs with fire arms

Reverse driving in dreams

Giving of food to others

Fake tooths falls out the mouth

Dreaming while you are driving a borrowed car

Sugarcane carried on lorry

Fake crown tooth fall out mouth

Witch blue eyes

Dreaming of picking ripe peppers in itts treds

Washing jerry can

Dreaming while seeing purple color all over you continously

Bambo bride

Mixing pap and milk

Dreaming while you are blind and u being helped by friends with a walking stick


Cleaning jerry can inside

Dreaming while you are walking around the in the market place with no purpose

Crow with broken wing

Frozen cat in freezer

Giving a lot of foods to sister in law

Dreaming while someone is at the bus stop

I dreamed i shot two fingers off

Shooting two fingers off

Dreaming while you slapping a friend

Lost a hoe

Tonsil stone dreams

I was crossing a bridge over a lake which looked icey and white the it suddenly melted and i plonged in the water almost drowning when someone saved me and i came to shore