The meaning of the symbols of received, sack and garri seen in a dream.

I received a sack of garri in my dream

What does the symbols of received, sack and garri mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Received Sack Garri

6 dream interpretation about received, sack and garri related.


See “bag”... sack dream meaning


Mighty ruler... garrick dream meaning


Literal, though timing may be elusive... received dream meaning

Sack Race

Being controlled and rushed into doing something... sack race dream meaning


To dream of eating a sack-posset signifies to women much gossiping; and to a man that he shall obtain his sweetheart, of whom a sack-posset is the emblem.... sack-posset dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-27-33-34-40-44

carrying a heavy: unexpected money is received.

coal, of: a productive heart-warming project that no one wanted to do.

potatoes: severe restraint is required toward sexual temptation.

empty: your astuteness and acumen are needed to build your business.

emptying a: a season of sorrow, unemployment and embezzlement.

filling a: acquisitiveness on a dul and ordinary level.

full: are obstructing justice in your drive for financial gains. ... sacks dream meaning