The meaning of the symbols of purple and soup seen in a dream.

Purple soup

What does the symbols of purple and soup mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Purple Soup

4 dream interpretation about purple and soup related.


Royalty and prosperity... purple dream meaning


To dream of soup, is a forerunner of good tidings and comfort.

To see others taking soup, foretells that you will have many good chances to marry.

For a young woman to make soup, signifies that she will not be compelled to do menial work in her household, as she will marry a wealthy man.

To drink oyster soup made of sweet milk, there will be quarrels with some bad luck, but reconciliations will follow.... soup dream meaning

Alphabet Soup

Prepared words that are given for one to digest; see “food”... alphabet soup dream meaning

Campbell’s Soup

Soup in a dream combines many ingredients and simmers them into a hearty meal. Campbell’s soup, for the dreamer who is versed in mythology, may mean you need to open up to a little Joseph Campbell wisdom as a hearty meal for the soul.

(See Soup.)... campbell’s soup dream meaning