Purple Dream Meanings

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Purple Dream Meaning: From 24 Different Sources

Purple may symbolize mystery and therefore represent, in psychological terms, deep intuition or awareness of some as yet unexplored dimension of the self.
Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd
Purple is the color of spiritual vision and royal valor. Purple embodies qualities of intuition, psychic power, and clairvoyance. Purple is also the color of the mystic.
Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green
Used by monarchs for centuries, purple is the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity.

This highly regarded color has connotations of transformation, particularly personal transformation. Esoterically, it represents the crown chakra, which is the highest center of consciousness in certain metaphysical systems.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
The color purple in a dream represents a brilliant and a skillful housemaid. Ifone sees himself lifting something of purple color in a dream, it means that he will hire or kiss a housemaid. Purple in a dream is also interpreted to mean a beautiful woman. In general, the sweet aroma of a purple plant among other fragrant plants represent a woman who has little care for stability, or it may represent a short lived child, or it could mean health problems.

If the color purple is mixed in a bouquet of flowers in a dream, it means love, affection and harmony.

(Also see Colors)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin
Purple is the color at the border of the visible spectrum. You are seeking awareness and transcendence. This is also a symbol of conservative religion (the aristocratic cardinals in the Middle Ages wore purple).

It is also a symbol of royalty, and of woman’s emancipation.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar
The color purple featured strongly in a dream symbolizes personal transformation and spiritual growth for the dreamer.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. An honorable standing, regal bearing, often in social set­tings or possibly the community.

2. Repressed anger or rage.

3. Blood.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
Dreams of the color purple denote spirit, wisdom and intuition.

See Violet and Indigo.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
Purple is usually the color of royalty, high rank, or dignity.

It is a strong color that can not be ignored. Likewise, most people have a strong opinion of purple: they really like it, or vehemently dislike it.

To some people, purple has spiritual connotations.

The Catholic Church uses it at funerals and around Easter time. It represents spiritual and personal transformation. Purple could also represent higher consciousness and spiritual protection.

A version of purple is also the color of the crown Chakra. When interpreting this color consider all of the details in the dream and try to make connections between the above mentioned-ideas and your current issues.

See also: Colors

Dream Source: The Bedside Dream Dictionary
Author: Silvana Amar
A dark red and purple color that denotes dignity, success, honor, and loving happiness.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

A sense of individuality, or the freedom to be yourself and express yourself.

Richness (of life, personality, etc.).

A sense of royalty or distinction.

See also: Color

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
Purple is traditionally associated with royalty and the legal profession. In dreams, therefore, purple is indicative of loyalty, authority and justice. And because purple shades tinge the sky just before dawn and nightfall—times that were once thought to be imbued with mysterious and otherworldly powers—violet, indigo and any shade of purple are thought to possess profoundly spiritual or religious qualities. Whenever they appear in a dream, they may be seen as indicating compassion, deep intuitive wisdom and, by implication, inner peace.

If anyone you know was wearing purple in your dream, could this have reflected your admiration and respect for their spiritual or regal qualities? Or did these clothes irritate you because of that person’s self aggrandizement, or because you feel subservient to some authority figure or institution in your life? On the other hand, could the dream have been suggesting that you, or someone you know, is being a ‘shrinking violet’, i.e. shy and modest?

Purple everyday objects in dreams could also indicate the need for more openness and honesty in your dealings with others. Darker shades of violet may suggest misunderstandings or obstacles that need to be overcome. Violet is also a spiritual color, and brighter shades of violet in a dream are associated with inspiration and stimulation.

If violet features in your dream, have you been feeling as if you cannot relate to anyone? Could your dream possibly be trying to give you added inspiration with regard to a new project? Keywords: devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung
(see Colors)

Dark: Mental stonns and disorientation.

Royal purple: Personal rulership, self-control, and mastery.

Amethyst: Wisdom, especially of a spiritual nature (see Oystals, Gems).

Pale pastel purple: A spring color, often equated with Easter and rebirth.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco
decorating room with: humility becomes you better than ostentation.

riding in a, car: joyful journey through transformation.

wearing: acting royal y wil bring il wil .

robes: have legal authority to proceed.

regal: develop greater self-confidence by overpreparing.

43 dream interpretation about purple related.


(Black; Blond; Bluish-black; Green; Maroon; Purple; Red; Reddish-brown; White; Yellow) The color black in a dream means prosperity, happiness or sickness.

The color blond in a dream means war, sickness, piety, honor or a religious person. In a dream, the color blond also means contemptibleness, vileness, meanness or depravity. Black colored eyes in a dream represent a religious person.

A bluish-black colored eyes in a dream connote opposing one’s religion. Blue eyes in a dream entail religious innovations. Green eyes in a dream represent a religion that is different from all religions.

The color green in a dream also represents a good harvest or prosperity. Green in a dream also means youth or fear of wrongdoing. In a dream, the color blue represents distress, depression, enmity, or it could mean a calamity.

The color red in a dream denotes joy, celebration, spirituality or dominion. Red means the world or material gains. In a dream, the color maroon or a reddish-brown color signifies dignity, nobility, power or it could represent a wealthy woman.

The color purple in a dream represents a brilliant, skillful and a beautiful woman, or it could mean fragrance, instability, sickness, love and harmony. White in a dream also means beauty or it could represent elderly people.

A black flag in a dream means a man of knowledge, a white one representsjealousy, a yellow flag represents an epidemic disease and a green flag means a journey by land.

A black cloud in a dream represents a just judge while a white cloud represents a blessed, noble and true justice. Awhite thread in a dream represents the dawn and a black thread in a dream represents the night.

If one sees his cheeks radiant white in a dream, it means honor, bounty, or it could mean achieving a high rank in one’s community. Unknown white or green tents in a camp in a dream represent the graves of martyrs. Yellow represents strain, sickness, repentance, a son, or it could mean chivalry.

(Also see Flag; Garment)... colors dream meaning


(see Flowers, Gardens, Purple)

Passion: This flower is astrologically ruled by Venus.

In the Vctorian language of flowers, this represents enchantment or being charmed, for boon or bane.

The color of this flower directly relates to the spiritual condition. So, how does the flower appear? Is it healthy, wilted, uprooted, surrounded by weeds}

Among the ancient Greeks, violets represented undisturbed rest and safety from ghosts.... violet dream meaning


Red: Good news. Passion. Anger.

A warning to control your temper. Astrological parallel: Aries

Blue: Enlightenment. Insight. Relief from worry. Assistance from outside sources. Astrological parallel: Libra

Green: Peace. Tranquillity.

The Earth. Money.

A journey. Good news. Astrological parallel: Taurus

Yellow: Intellect.

A problem or puzzle to be solved. Possible setbacks. Gemini. Also: Gold: Leo.

Pink: Love. Compassion.

The attainment of a dream.

Purple: Spirituality; status in one’s own circle. Increased social life, or the desire for same.

Orange: Message from a great Master. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.

Brown: Illness. Materialism.

Black: Unhappiness.

A rough road ahead. Something that the dreamer needs to know. In extreme cases, a death - BUT THE DREAMER’S DEATH IS NEVER SHOWN. Astrological parallel: Scorpio

White: Purity. Success well earned. 1Gray: Gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of the aura of a prison. Some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer’s life, when he or she is merely “marking time.”

A swirl of color: Great joy, happiness, success. Dreams attained. Luck in love. Astrological parallel: The Sun... color dream meaning


This is a peculiarly good dream if one is so fortunate as to see these trees lifting their branches loaded with rich purple fruit and dainty foliage; one may expect riches compared with his present estate.

To dream of eating them at any time, forebodes grief. ... damson dream meaning


A food that is also a root; see “root”, “food”, and “purple”... turnip dream meaning


If the dream does not reflect waking reality, but in­cludes images such as trees that are purple or a dog that purrs, then one is struggling to come up with a solution to difficult­to-understand problems. ... abnormal dream meaning


(Aroma; Perfume; Stigma) In a dream, If dried saffron does not stain the skin or a gown, then it represents lauding someone, commending him, or speaking good of someone.

If its color does stain the skin or one’s gown in the dream, then it represents an illness. Grinding the dried purple saffron flowers in a dream to use it as powder, or as an additive for making perfumes in a dream represents a severe illness, though many people will pray for the recovery of the person who is struck by it, but to no avail.

It is also said that saffron in a dream represents benefits, except if it touches one’s skin or stains it. Grinding saffron in a dream means producing something one will view with pride and be amazed by its results, though again, one’s efforts will be followed by a severe illness. Grinding saffron in a dream means illness, exposing secrets, divulging confidential information, or it could mean deeds that will bring happiness, or it could denote studying, or acquiring knowledge.

If a woman sees herself grinding saffron in a dream, it means that she is a lesbian, or a female homosexual.

(Also see Miller)... saffron dream meaning

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses: jealous’ and alienation in your love relationship. Wilted roses: your love for another person is dying. Getting pricked by a thorn: you will face obstacles on your path and feel hurt in your love relationship.

Smelling the fragrance of a yellow rose in a dream means kissing a sick woman.


Joy and gladness

Joy and friendship.

For example, purple roses are exotic emotions, red is for passionate love, and yellow is for friendship.

The red rose may symbolize desire and passion, but it is also the national flower of England, although both the white rose and the mixed white and red Tudor rose are sometimes used as well. In the United States, different roses have very different functions: yellow roses are given for friendship, white roses are the flowers of weddings, whilst red roses are appropriate at funerals.

(See Rose)... yellow rose dream meaning


To wear a gold, blue, purple, or scarlet robe in a dream is symbolic of holiness, glory, and beauty, Ex. 28:2. If the robe is white it means righteousness.

If the robe is spotted it means sin is in your life, Zech. 3:1-4... robes dream meaning


Symbolic of separation, Gen 1:6.

A dark sky means trouble.

A clear sky means peace.

A red sky means judgment or war.

A purple sky can symbolize the second coming of Christ.

The sky can also symbolize witness and faithfulness, Ps. 89:37... sky dream meaning


Symbolic of a helper, Gen. 2:18.

A loud woman is symbolic of unwise living, Prov. 9:13.

A woman in dark clothing is symbolic of a spiritual enemy, Matt. 13:33.

A woman clothed in purple is symbolic of a good wife, Prov. 31:22... woman dream meaning


A full vineyard, with many bunches of rich purple grapes, symbolizes a life of riches and good fortune. Green, unripe grapes on the vines indicate the potential for riches, but you will have to work at it.... vineyard dream meaning


First off you must explore the feeling you get from the particular color being show to you.Have you preconceived thoughts on certain colors?You have to take this into account.If you hate the color red, say because you had an accident while wearing that color and thereby associate red with accidents, you most likely will not be shown red in a positive dream unless you are being shown to consider red as a more positive color, at least some of the time.So a dream with the color red and a positive feeling about the dream is very important.It is telling you that red can be a positive color for you. Most people dream in colors, but at times some stand out more than others. Colors are symbolic and their symbolism is part of culture. We communicate with color and relate ideas with them.

For example, a bride wears white and black is worn at funerals. Colors also represent energy.

The meaning that you give to the colors in your dreams depends on the meaning that you give to those colors in daily life.

If you “see red” when you are angry, then red symbolizes anger and not passion for you. Some generalizations have been made as to the meaning of colors in dreams. They are as follows Black: depression, sadness, despair. Some believe it symbolizes hidden sexual desires. Blue: spirituality, optimism, positive thoughts, communication. Some believe that when you see it in your dreams, you may be in the presence of your spiritual guide. Green: money, jealousy, health concerns, love. Red: passion, sexuality, anger, warning. White: purity, transformation, cleanliness, dignity.

See also: Pink, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Orange GENERAL MEANINGS OF COLORS Blue = Physical healing particularly of throat, fevers, and infections. Green = Growth, expansion and healing of those areas in association with growth, expansion, abundance. Pink = Unconditional love. Yellow = Nervous system, mind.Friendship. Orange = Expands the mind. Red = Anger, passion.CAKE-Represents something that brings you joy and pleasure and is shared with others.Directly related to celebrations and company. ... color(s)  dream meaning

Violet (color)

Consistency and perfection.

It is the symbol of the search for transcendency (violet is the color on the edge of the invisible, the ultraviolet light). It represents the highest, almost delicate vibration of the spectrum, similar to inspiration and spirituality.

The color violet is very soothing. It depends on light, and under different light can take on very different shades.

Also, but rarely, violet is the color of passion. Red, as the color of the body, and Blue, as the color of the soul, combine to make purple—the body and the soul united.

It is the most important color for the magic of love. As the witches’ color, violet became the color of feminists. In Byzantium, violet was the color of power. Up to the 19th century in some parts of Europe, it was considered a color of grief and sorrow. In Roman Catholicism, it is the color of the robes of bishops. Violet is also used to stand in for black, the symbol of humility and repentance in the Catholic Church.

See Violet (flower), Lilac.... violet (color) dream meaning

Dress, Articles Of

Chain: A chain belt, or similar anicle of dress, denotes union.

Embroidery: Love that could grow to something wonderful.

Fan: Pride, touched with vanity

Feathers: White: a great sense of humor. Black: a pessimistic attitude. Also see Feather.

Garter: A symbol of rank and recognition. You will be promoted, but this will place you in a more vulnerable position. You will have to be much more careful in considering the consequences of your words and actions.

Gauze: Affected modesty

Gloves: Pleasure to come that will be all too brief.

Hat: A new hat is the sign of a surprise.

A hat that is too big is a sign of ostentation.

A hat too small shows that you are overly modest.

Linen: Fortune; abundance.

Muff: Ostentation. You too often do things on a whim.

Needles: Disappointment in love.

Pearls: Tears.

Pins: Contradiction.

Ribbons: Change of employment.

Sash: To be wearing a sash means that you will be singled out for some sort of recognition, but that it will cause jealousy among your friends.

Satin / Silk: Financial gain.

Shoes: See Boots.

Veil: You have something to hide.

Velvet: To dream of black velvet is a portent of a coming death. Purple velvet signifies glory and luxury to come. Red velvet is a dangerous affair that could lead to scandal. Blue velvet is a need for a vacation. Green velvet is a sign of unexpected wealth.... dress, articles of dream meaning

Jimi Hendrix

Twanging notes on his steel-string electric guitar, Jimi may appear from the spirit world as a messenger testifying to the spiritual power of music. In a budding musician’s dream, he may arrive to inspire you to pursue the vocation. Singing “Purple Haze.” he may come to alter your consciousness in order to retrieve a spiritual vision. He represents the mystic or prophet.... jimi hendrix dream meaning


With its purple color and plumpness, eating a plum may denote savoring your youth. It may also mention that you feel too plump or fat. In comparison, eating prunes may represent concerns about old age or looking old. Prunes may also comment on the need to eliminate constipation.... plum dream meaning


Heather in a dream represents tranquility and benevolent power. Purple heather is associated with female nobility and kindness.

To dream of walking in a field of heather implies that you are receiving great comfort from the leadership of a woman in your life.... heather dream meaning


1- Everyone has a fascination for horoscopes, without necessarily understanding the significance of the zodiac wheel.

It is often only when we begin the journey of self- discovery that images and symbols from the zodiac will appear in dreams. Frequently, the animal or creature associated with our own star sign will appear, almost as a reminder of basic principles.

The way we deal with that image will give us insight into how we really feel about ourselves.

2- The zodiac wheel is symbolic of our relationship with the universe. Sometimes the signs of the zodiac arc used in dreams to demonstrate time or time passing, and also suggest courses of action we might take.

For instance, if we dreamt of a girl riding a goat we might have to seek perfection (Virgo) through tenacity (Capricorn). Each sign also rules a particular part of the body; and often a dream alerts us to a possible imbalance.

3- The spheres of influence as described below are;


The symbol is the Ram and it governs the head.

The colour associated with the sign is red; its specific gemstones are amethyst and diamond.


The symbol is the Bull and it governs the throat.

The colours associated with the sign are blue and pink; its specific gem- stones are moss agate and emerald. Gemini The symbol is the Twins (often shown as masculine and feminine) and it governs the shoulders, arms and hands.

The colour associated with the sign is yellow; its specific gemstones are agate and beryl.


The symbol is the Crab and it governs the stomach and higher organs of digestion.

The colours associated with the sign are either violet or emerald green: its specific gemstones are moonstones and pearls. Leo The symbol is the Lion and it governs the heart, lungs and liver.

The colours associated with the sign are gold and orange; its specific gemstones are topaz and tourmaline.


The symbol is the Virgin and it governs the abdomen and intestines.

The colours associated with the sign are grey and navy blue; its specific gemstones arc pink jasper and jade.


The symbol is the Scales and it governs the lumbar region, kidneys and skin.

The colours associated with the sign arc blue and violet; its specific gemstones are opal and lapis lazuli. Scorpio “I’he symbol is the Scorpion and it governs the genitals.

The colours associated with the sign are deep red and purple; its specific gemstones are turquoise and ruby.


I’he symbol is the Archer and it governs the hips, thighs and nervous system.

The colours associated with the sign are light blue and orange; its specific gemstones are carbuncle and amethyst.


I’he symbol is the Goat and it governs the knees.

The colours associated with the sign are violet and green: its specific gemstones are jet and black onyx.


The symbol is the Water-Bearer and it governs the circulation and ankles.

The colour associated with the sign is clcctric blue; its specific gemstones are garnet and zircon.


‘I’he symbol is The Fishes and it governs the feet and toes. I’he colour associated with the sign arc sea-green and mauve; its specific gemstones are coral and chrysolite.... zodiac dream meaning


(see Crystals, Gems, Jeivelry, Stones, Purple)

Maintaining control over yourself and your situation. In the Middle Ages, this stone got the reputation of keeping people from getting drunk because whole goblets were formed from it. When filled with any substance, the effect was like looking at wine.

Religious authority in a specific area of belief. This stone appears in both bishops’ and cardinals’ rings.

Psychic energy and prophetic dreams. Pay particular attention to anything “futuristic” about this dream’s story line.

In dream oracles, an emblem that assures safety from harm, or possibly a turn of events for the better.... amethyst dream meaning


(see Flowers, Gardens)

The loveliness of nature, or life itself.

A nearly timeless symbol of love, passion, and the spirit of beauty in all its many forms, having been originally associated with the goddess Venus.

The color of the rose here provides more meaning.

For example, purple roses are exotic emotions, red is for passionate love, and yellow is for friendship.

Thorny roses speak of the difficulties in all relationships. Native American shamans believe that nature hides its greatest treasures beneath such painful traps so that we have to work to receive the prize.

A rose with its bud just opening represents the blossoming of your highest conscious awareness.

Alchemically, the rose symbolizes wisdom; blue roses represent impossible tasks, and gold ones are an emblem for achievement.

Jung believed that in dreams a rose became a mandala representing an integrated person and wholeness.

In Babylonia and ancient Arabia, the rose became an alternative emblem for Paradise with strong sexual connotations of this also equating to a woman’s vulva. Consequently, this can be a dream figure for women, and your feelings toward women.... rose dream meaning


Dreams of a carnation vary in symbolism based upon the color. Red-Compassion, Pink-I’ll never forget you, Purple-Capriciousness, caution, Striped-Sorry I can’t be with you, “Dear John”, White-Innocence, Yellow-Playfulness.... carnation dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: The raising of consciousness and appreciation of something as ethereal as a rainbow suggests the need for a heightened sense of awareness. When it was realized that white light could be split into its component parts the various colours came to have meaning.

For instance, red indicates passion, green fertility, and purple dignity.... rainbow dream meaning


The symbol is the scorpion and it governs the genitals.

The colours associated with the sign are deep red and purple; its specific gemstones are turquoise and ruby.... scorpio dream meaning


This charming purple flower forecasts a quiet but satisfactory love life and a modest but secure future.

See also Flowers, Colors, and Perfume.... heliotrope dream meaning


Hair in dreams represents power. Styling your hair may mention that you are refining your personal power. It may also simply express concerns about your appearance and beauty.

Dyeing hair in various colors may express the powerful attitudes you want to display to the world. Red hair may remark on a fiery and passionate expression of power. Purple hair represents spiritual power. Getting a haircut signifies having your personal power taken away and may be a response to a heated argument in which you felt criticized. Hair falling out in a dream may indicate an emotional response to losing power. It may also mean that you are nervous.... hair dream meaning


If you dream about Flags or Decorations in many bright colours, it signifies continued prosperity and success in all your undertakings. WHITE is always favourable, especially in matters concerning other people, such as public affairs. BLACK is the sinister colour, unless you dream of a funeral, in which case it is appropriate, and signifies only a struggle before success. BLUE and PURPLE represent prosperity through other people, good fortune in your love affairs, and so on. SCARLET or RED is a warning of quarrels, the loss of friends; but CRIMSON denotes pleasant news from an unexpected quarter. YELLOW and ORANGE are mental tints, and show that you need not expect any important change in your affairs for some time. GREEN indicates a journey, or business with people at a distance.... colours dream meaning

Colors / Colorful

If you dreamed of a mixture of bright colors, you can expect increasing security and success in all areas of your life.

If one color stood out in your dream, the meanings are as follows: Black is an unlucky omen unless it is featured in a funeral or other appropriate situation - then it forecasts difficulties to be overcome.

If you feel happy in a dream that features the color black, the blackness could imply your hidden spirituality and divine qualities. Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness.

A dream that strongly features blue may symbolize your spirituality and optimism for the future. Brown signifies good luck with money and comfort at home. It can also symbolize feeling closer to nature. Green is the color of health and good fortune.

It is a lucky omen in dreams. Gray indicates fear and confusion.

If everything in your dream is gray, you may feel emotionally distant or detached. This is a common dream to have if you’re feeling sick. Lavender represents a time of transition - things aren’t very exciting right now. Orange means the dreamer has a lively and outgoing nature. You will have a fascinating life with broad horizons and many interests. Pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness. Dreams that strongly feature the color pink often signify being in love or healing through love. Pink dreams are an omen of success in relationships. Purple symbolizes personal transformation and spiritual growth for the dreamer. This dream often foretells happy social affairs. Red symbolizes sensuality and power.

A dream featuring bright red can sometimes be a warning to watch your temper. White in dreams represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, awareness and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Success will be yours. Yellow symbolizes that you are now, or will soon be, experiencing a time of happiness and good energy.... colors / colorful dream meaning

Other Color Associations And Trigger Words

Amber: Ancient wisdom, knowledge.

Amethyst: Transition to spiritual awareness, higher knowledge, insight.

Apple Green: Powers of healing.

Apricot: Admiration.

Aquamarine: Communication, expanded awareness.

Avocado Green: New beginnings.

Azure: Honesty, sincerity.

Blue Green: Spiritual healing.

Blue Gray: Fear of new ideas.

Blue Purple: Idealism.

Blue Violet: Honor, spiritual truth, devotion, inspiration.

Brick Red: Selfishness.

Bright Green: Uplifting.

Bright Orange: Health, vitality.

Bright Purple: Spiritual insight.

Bright Red: Courage.

Bright Yellow: Enlightened intellect, sense of fun.

Burgundy: Wealth, success, elegance, prosperity; in dreams, indicative of your potential power, or your desire for power and recognition.

Caramel: Career goals, aspirations.

Charcoal Gray: Depression.

Claret: Self-determination.

Clear: Clarity.

Clear Brown: Avarice.

Clear Red: High energy.

Cloudy Orange: Confusion.

Cloudy Red: Greed, cruelty.

Cobalt Blue: Intuition

Copper: Fertility, career maneuvers, passion, money goals.

Coral: Friendship, friends.

Cranberry Red: Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage.

Cream: Acceptance, tolerance, maturity.

Crimson: Optimistic, reckless, mournful.

Dark Brown: Materialistic approach to life, wistfulness, melancholy, indecision, fatigue.

Dark Green: Jealousy, rivalry, ambition, greed, insecurity, selfishness.

Dark Gray: Energy and guidance for problems to come.

Dark Orange: Distrust, deceit.

Dark Pink: Gentle and unconditional love, thankfulness.

Dark Purple: Deep devotion, deep compassion, vision.

Dark Red: High energy, strong determination, strong passion, anger, aggression.

Dark Turquoise: Heightening of communication, sensitivity and creativity.

Dark Yellow: Caution, jealousy, deceit.

Deep Blue: High spiritual attainment.

Deep Crimson: Shame.

Deep Gold: Prosperity.

Deep Orange: Pride.

Deep Pink: Marriage, mature love, trust, thankfulness.

Deep Red: Unconscious beauty.

Dirty Green: Envy, spite, illness, jealousy.

Dull Gray Brown: Selfishness.

Dull Yellow: False optimism.

Dusty Pink: Sexual desire.

Electric Blue: Individuality, originality, encourages uniqueness, stimulates the need for behaving with humanity, creating innovation.

Emerald Green: Money, prosperity, peace of mind.

Fuchsia: Connection to spirituality and meditation, readiness to let go of old attitudes, preparedness for change.

Golden Brown: Friendship, illumination, wisdom.

Golden Orange: Self-control.

Golden Yellow: Joy, gladness.

Green Gray: Envy, deceit, fear.

Green Yellow: Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.

Gray Brown: Selfishness.

Hot Pink: Sex, lust.

Imperial Purple: Dreams, aspirations.

Indian Red: Leadership, valor.

Indigo: Spirituality, deceit.

Ivory: Superiority, slightly tainted purity.

Jade: Charitable nature.

Lavender: Intuition, dignity, spiritual growth, equilibrium, daintiness, nostalgia, femininity, soothing, affection and devotion.

Leaden Gray: Meanness, lack of imagination.

Lemon: Stimulates and vitalizes the brain. Cleansing.

Lemon Green: A liar, a cheat.

Lemon Yellow: Strong sense of direction in life.

Light Blue: Hope, faith, harmony, peace, tranquility, forgiveness, fidelity, honesty, patience, devotion.

Light Green: Youth, potential, vitality, health.

Light Gray: Fear.

Light Pink: Sexual love, love, romance, grace, joy.

Light Purple: Increased psychic power, spiritual prowess, fantasy, romance.

Light Red: Happiness, courage, success.

Light Violet: Enchantment.

Light Yellow: High wisdom, intellect.

Lilac: Acceptance of responsibility, awakening, enchantment.

Lime Green: Abundance.

Magenta: Emotional healing.

Maroon: Sacrifice, courage, bravery, heroism, strength.

Mauve: Cooperation, trust, and self-confidence.

Midnight Blue: Damaged pride, protection.

Mint Green: Financial gain.

Muddy Orange: Pride, vanity.

Muddy Pink: Immaturity.

Mustard: Difficulty in rationalizing, jealousy,

Navy Blue: Strong emotions, self-pity, wallowing.

Off White: Realism, peace of mind.

Olive: Peace, natural wisdom, uniformity.

Olive Green: Natural wisdom, harmony, need for peace in your environment.

Opal: Transformation.

Opaque: Grounded awareness.

Orange Brown: Self-indulgence, sloth, laziness, immorality, perversion, ignorance.

Orange Red: Sexuality, energy.

Orchid: Physical energy, happiness, power, healing.

Pale Blue: Sensitivity.

Pale Green: Empathy, sympathy, weakness.

Pale Peach: Modesty.

Pale Pink: True love.

Pale Primrose: Great intellectual power.

Pale Yellow: Shyness.

Peach: Innocent love intermixed with wisdom, gentle strength, protection, confidence, communication.

Pearl: Spiritual mediums.

Pink Red: Outrage, imagination, innovation.

Primrose: Optimism.

Quartz: Protection and purification.

Red Brown: Subdued emotions, deep anger, temperamental.

Rosy Pink: Unselfish love.

Royal Blue: Promoting laughter and joviality, loyalty, confidence, friendship, success.

Ruby Red: Passionate love, passionate anger.

Sable: Constancy, prudence, wisdom, abstinence and sobriety.

Salmon: Knowledge.

Salmon Pink: Job satisfaction.

Sapphire Blue: Broader perception, inner peace, spiritual healing.

Scarlet: Lust, excitement, sexuality, physical vigor, vibrancy, ostentation, manipulation, courage, passion, volatility.

Sea Green: Emotional healing and protection, calming influence, dynamic motivation.

Silver Blue: Deep wisdom, intuition, opportunities.

Silver Gray: Meditation, relaxation.

Sky Blue: Increased psychic ability, lucid dreaming, hope, restfulness, peace.

Spring Green: Children, fertility.

Sunlight Yellow: Creativity, warmth, optimism.

Teal: Trustworthiness, devotion, healing, spiritual guidance and teaching.

Tomato Red: Pride.

Turquoise: Healing power, natural energy, the sun, fire, prosperity, peace, generosity, growth.

Vermilion: Creativity.

Violet Red: Passion, sex.

Yellow Green: Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.

Yellow Orange: Intellectual.... other color associations and trigger words dream meaning

Dream It With Flowers

In Victorian America and Europe, flowers were attributed with specific meanings by young men and women who used them during courtship to send messages to each other, whether in a forthright manner or by more clandestine means. Straightforward romantic or poetic thoughts were conveyed by the presentation of a single bloom, whilst lengthier messages were communicated by larger arrangements.

Love and happiness were not the only feelings expressed by these floral epistles. Infidelity, jealousy, disdain and rejection were also expressed by a suitably chosen bloom. Whilst a simple flower may have been sent to a young lady to propose marriage, another seemingly innocuous blossom may have been sent in response, telling the gentleman caller to ‘get lost’. The color of the flower was extremely significant; to cite a few examples, red usually meant love, yellow indicated friendship, lavender suggested enchantment, and orange fascination.

As far as dream interpretation goes, the list of meanings is seemingly endless, as nearly every flower has been attributed with a specific meaning at some point in time. In Victorian times, the range of available flowers was limited, and so certain flowers had specific meanings; today, with so many flower choices, there are no rules—it’s the sentiment and personal association that gives the flower meaning to you in a dream. For those interested in the historic or generally accepted meanings of flowers, the list below has been compiled from a variety of different sources, including the American Society of Florists.

Historic and generally accepted meanings of flowers Acacia: Concealed love, chaste love

Agapanthis: Secret love

Alstroemeria: Aspiration

Amaryllis: Pride, drama

Ambrosia: Your love is returned

Anemone: Sincerity, fragility

Apple blossom: Promises

Arbutus: Thee only do ı love

Aster: Symbol of love, daintiness, contentment

Azalea: Take care of yourself for me, abundance, symbol of womanhood (china)

Baby’s breath: Festivity

Bachelor’s button: Anticipation

Begonia: Deep thoughts

Bells of Ireland: Good luck

Bittersweet: Truth

Black-eyed Susan: Encouragement

Bluebell: Humility

Cactus: Endurance

Caladium: Great joy, delight

Camellia (general): Graciousness, good-luck gift for a man

Camellia (pink): Passionate longing

Camellia (red): A flame in the heart

Camellia (white): Admiration

Carnation (general): Fascination, women, love

Carnation (pink): Gratitude, ı’ll never forget you

Carnation (purple): Caprice, whimsy

Carnation (red): Passion, drama, admiration

Carnation (solid color): Affirmation

Carnation (striped): Refusal, sorry ı can’t be with you, wish ı could be with you

Carnation (white): Sweetness and loveliness, innocence, pure love, remembrance, woman’s good-luck gift

Carnation (yellow): Cheerful for all occasions (except in matters of the heart, when it means rejection)

Cattail: Peace, prosperity

Chrysanthemum (general): Cheerfulness, rest

Chrysanthemum (bronze): Excitement

Chrysanthemum (red): Sharing

Chrysanthemum (white): Truth

Chrysanthemum (yellow): Slighted love, secret admirer

Cosmos: Peace

Crocus: Foresight, cheerfulness, gladness

Cyclamen: Resignation, good-bye

Daffodil: Chivalry, respect, regard, unrequited love

Daisy: Innocence, loyalty, loveliness, purity

Dandelion: Faithfulness, happiness

Delphinium: Boldness

Fern: Magic, fascination, confidence, shelter

Fir: Time

Flax: Domestic symbol

Forget-me-not: True love, good memories

Forsythia: Anticipation

Freesia: Full of spirit, trust

Gardenia: Joy

Geranium: Comfort

Ginger: Pride

Gladioli: Sincerity, strength of character, flower of the gladiators

Gloxinia: Love at first sight

Heather (lavender): Admiration, solitude

Heather (white): Protection, wishes will come true

Holly: Defense, domestic happiness

Honeysuckle: Happiness

Hyacinth (general): Sincerity

Hyacinth (blue): Constancy

Hyacinth (purple): Sorrow

Hyacinth (red/pink): Play

Hyacinth (white): Loveliness

Hyacinth (yellow): Jealousy

Hydrangea: Perseverance

Iris: Inspiration

Ivy: Wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection

Jasmine: Grace and elegance

Jonquil: Desire for affection returned

Larkspur: Beautiful spirit

Lavender: Distrust

Lily (calla): Regal beauty

Lily (day): Enthusiasm, emblem for mother (china)

Lily (Eucharis): Charms

Lily (tiger): Wealth, pride

Lily (white): Virginity, purity, majesty

Lily (yellow): I’m walking on air

Lily of the valley: Sweetness, return to happiness, humility

Magnolia: Nobility

Marigold: Jealousy

Monkshood: Beware, a deadly foe is near

Moss: Maternal love, charity

Myrtle: Love, emblem of marriage

Narcissus: Egotism

Nasturtium: Conquest, victory in battle

Oleander: Caution

Orange blossom: Innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness

Orange mock: Deceit

Orchid (general): Love, beauty, refinement, symbol for many children (china)

Orchid (Cattleya): Mature charm

Palm leaves: Victory, success

Passion flower: Burning passion

Peony: Healing, happy life, happy marriage

Petunia: Resentment, anger

Pine: Hope, pity

Poppy (general): Eternal sleep, consolation, imagination

Poppy (red): Pleasure

Poppy (white): Consolation

Poppy (yellow): Wealth, success

Primrose: Longing

Primrose (evening): Inconstancy

Queen Anne’s lace: Delicate femininity

Ranunculus: Radiance

Rhododendron: Beware

Rose (bridal): Happiness, love

Rose (dark crimson): Mourning

Rose (Hibiscus): Delicate beauty

Rose (leaf): You may hope

Rose (pink): Friendship

Rose (red): Love, ı love you

Rose (tea): I’ll remember always

Rose (thornless): Love at first sight

Rose (white): Innocence and purity

Rose (white and red mixed): Unity, flower emblem of england

Rose (yellow): Decrease of love, jealousy

Rosebud (general): Beauty and youth

Rosebud (moss): Confessions of love

Rosebud (red): Pure and lovely

Rosebud (white): Girlhood

Roses (bouquet of mature blooms): Gratitude

Roses (single full bloom): I love you, ı still love you

Smilax: Loveliness

Snapdragon: Presumption

Spider flower: Run away with me

Star of Bethlehem: Hope

Statice: Success

Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage, desire to travel

Stock: Bonds of affection, you’ll always be beautiful to me

Sunflower: Pride, sunshine, adoration

Sweetpea: Shyness, thank you for a lovely time

Tulip (general): Love, flower emblem of holland

Tulip (pink): Caring

Tulip (purple): Royalty

Tulip (red): Declaration of love

Tulip (variegated): Beautiful eyes

Tulip (white): Forgiveness

Tulip (yellow): Passionate longing

Violet (general): Modesty, faithfulness

Violet (blue): Watchfulness, faithfulness, ı’ll always be true

Violet (white): Adventure, risk taking

Viscaria: Celebration

Wisteria: Welcome, steadfast

Zinnia (magenta): Lasting affection, thoughts of friends

Zinnia (mixed): Thinking (or in memory) of an absent friend

Zinnia (scarlet): Constancy

Zinnia (white): Goodness

Zinnia (yellow): Daily remembrance ... dream it with flowers dream meaning




Freshness, natural, or herbal.


A particular geographic region.

A feeling you associate with lavender (such as with the scent or the color).

See also: Flower; Plant; Smell; Purple... lavender dream meaning


This dream indicates the person’s insecurity about their future. It expresses a desire to find transcendental answers. You do not know where your life is going and you want to know. You are in a crisis of identity. However, this dream is positive because it indicates that you are maturing.


analysis of a dream

Julio dreamed: “I dreamt that my tongue itched a lot and I could not alleviate it. I tried to scratch it with my teeth but the taste buds, which were like enormous pink pimples, popped in my mouth, leaving a horrible bitter taste. I looked in the mirror and was shocked to see it so purple. It was a very stressful dream that left a bad taste in my mouth when I woke up.”

The tongue is strongly associated with the act of speaking. In Julio’s case, the dream was a warning for him to stop lying. At the time of the dream, Julio had problems with some friends because of his tendency to lie and talk badly about them. His unconscious was warning him of the “dirtiness” of his tongue and that he should solve it as soon as possible. The bad taste in his mouth is a reflection of the problems his attitude could cause.... tombstone dream meaning

Fish Species

Individual fish species impart their own meanings to dreamers. Pay particular attention to the color of the fish as this will add to the interpretation; for example, a purple fish connotes spirituality. When interpreting the meaning of specific fish in your dreams it is also important to bear in mind cultural associations with certain types of fish that may imbue them with extra meaning. For example, if you are familiar with Japanese lore you may equate carp with courage, love or good luck; the dream carp could, however, be pointing to your tendency to carp on or nag at someone in waking life.

While for Freudians, all fish are phallic symbols, the dream image of cod may suggest a yearning for a homely situation, as cod is basic food for lunch or supper. Because of its legendary instinct to find distant spawning grounds, to dream of salmon swimming up a river suggests that home and family are always paramount in your mind, no matter how far you travel. Dream salmon can also suggest single- minded persistence and wisdom. In folklore, solitary trout were sometimes regarded as guardians of the pool and to dream of these fish offers encouragement that you will rise to the top of your chosen profession.

An eel in a dream may symbolize a slippery acquaintance— someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, because they are not to be trusted. According to Freudians, the eel represents temptation and sexual desires. Dreaming of numerous eels writhing in the water therefore symbolizes a longing for sexual orgasm.

If you managed to catch an eel in the dream, this may be a sign of good fortune. Your good luck may, of course, be tempered if you cannot hold your dream eel in your hands and it slips away from you.

If the eel is wriggling, it is a warning that someone of the opposite sex may be trying to impress you, but may have less than honorable intentions.

Jellyfish may suggest feelings arising from the unconscious that are painful, as well as a sense of helplessness or spinelessness.

If jellyfish appear in your dream, you may feel that you’re unsupported at an emotional level. On the other hand, it could imply a sense of drifting aimlessly, lacking backbone and being spineless in some way. A starfish carries the same symbolism as a star, but represents your physical expression or manifestation of your level of connection to your Universal Source.

If sea bass appear in your dream, they may refer to spiritual talents and the generous sharing of them. A pike also refers to spiritual nourishment, whereas a trout denotes a satisfaction with your spiritual development. To dream of catfish can denote a catty, pretentious or arrogant attitude towards your spirituality, whilst clownfish suggest foolish factors connected to your spiritual development.

Because of its association with the term ’ray of light’, a manta ray in your dream may suggest moments of inspiration or intuition. A sea anemone may represent spiritual diversity, sea urchins suggest spiritual immaturity, whilst sea horses relate to spiritual beliefs that are more grounded in fantasy than reality.... fish species dream meaning

Artichoke / Asparagus / Aubergine

In dreams, artichokes may warn against concealing the truth or giving—or being given—incomplete accounts of the truth. In dream-lore, asparagus is regarded as a symbol of lust and desire on account of its phallic shape.

Asparagus can also suggest prosperity, vitality, youth and abundance.

If the image of an aubergine appears in your dream pay attention to its purple color, but remember that it is also called the eggplant, which may give rise to a quite different interpretation.... artichoke / asparagus / aubergine dream meaning


Because of the different colors in gemstones and the different things associated with them, they can all have slightly different meanings when they appear in dreams.

If a specific gemstone or precious stone appears in your dream, try to work out what that stone means to you. Was it your birth stone or the birth stone of someone you know? You should also consider its color. The texture and any associations or myths connected should also help with your interpretation. It would be impossible to list all precious and semiprecious gemstones, but the following associations with some of the most well-known gemstones should give you some guidelines regarding interpretation; but please note that it is always worth your while to do your own research.

Purple has long been considered a royal color so it is not surprising that amethyst has been so much in demand during history. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty. Amethyst, transparent purple quartz, is the most important quartz variety used in jewelry. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence, and in dreams the appearance of amethyst suggests healing and transcendence. The gemstone is also a symbol of sobriety and remorse, due to the legend of the origin of amethyst. Dionysus, the god of intoxication, was angered one day by an insult from a mere mortal and swore revenge on the next mortal that crossed his path, creating fierce tigers to carry out his wish. Along came unsuspecting Amethyst, a beautiful young maiden on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. Diana turned Amethyst into a stature of pure crystalline quartz to protect her from the brutal claws of the tigers. Dionysus wept tears of wine in remorse for his action at the sight of the beautiful statue. The god’s tears stained the quartz purple, creating the gem we know today.

Diamond is the symbol of incorruptibility, integrity, perfection and wisdom, so if you dream of it, these may be themes that would repay further investigation in your interpretation. But your dream may also be hinting that you need to look at various facets of a problem. There is also the association with human greed. As a symbol of fertility and regeneration, emerald in dreams suggests personal growth and a connection with the natural in life. The green of the emerald is the color of life and of the springtime, which comes round again and again. But emerald is also the traditional color of beauty and of constant love. In ancient Rome, green was the color of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. In dreams, emerald can convey harmony, love of Nature and elemental joie de vivre.

According to Chinese legend, jade is the sperm of the Celestial dragon that fell to earth; it therefore represents a union between heaven and earth. In the West, jade is more likely to bear the symbolism of its color green. It may also appear in dream word-play. Is there something in your waking life about which you feel jaded and would like to change? In gemstone therapy, it is said that jade stimulates creativity and mental agility on the one hand, whilst also having a balancing and harmonizing effect

A symbol of the inner world of fantasies and dreams, opal stands for intuitive awareness. All of nature’s splendor seems to be reflected in the manifold opulence of fine opals: fire and lightning, all the colors of the rainbow and the soft shine of far seas. Almost ninety-five per cent of all fine opals come from the dry and remote outback deserts of Australia. For ages, people have believed in the healing power of opals. It is reported to be able to cure depression and to help its wearer find true and lasting love. The fantastic color- play of opals may reflect changing emotions and moods; either your own or of the people around you. For example, the sparkling images of boulder opal, the vivid light flashes of black opal or the soft shine of milk opal characterize the colorful world of this fascinating gemstone.

Rubies are a symbol of emotion, passion, empathy and reaching out to others. The most important characteristic about this valuable stone is its color. There is of course a reason for this: the name ‘Ruby’ was derived from the Latin word ‘rubens’, meaning ‘red’. The red of rubies is in a class of its own, being peculiarly warm and fiery. Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of this color: fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind. In the light of this, ruby-red is not just any old color red; it is the epitome of the color: hot, passionate and powerful. Like no other gemstone, ruby is the perfect symbol of powerful feelings. To dream of a ring set with a precious ruby does not symbolize a calm and moderate sympathy that one might feel for someone else, but rather the passionate and unbridled love which two people feel for each other.

Sapphires are symbols of hope, joy and aspiration, and blue is the color most often association with this precious stone. This color is also linked to emotions such as sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty. These emotions are permanent and reliable—they are emotions in which overwhelming and fiery passion is not the main element, but rather composure, mutual understanding and unshakeable trust. Sapphire blue has thus become a color related to anything permanent and reliable, and this is one of the reasons why women in many countries settle on sapphire for their engagement rings. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness, whilst at the same time expressing love and yearning.

The most famous musical example for this melancholic shade of blue can be found in George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Sapphire’s blue color is also evoked where clear competence and controlled brainwork are the issue. After all, the first computer ever to wrangle a victory from a chess grandmaster and world champion was named ‘Deep Blue’.

In many cultures of the Old and New World turquoise has for thousands of years been appreciated as a holy stone, a good-luck charm or a talisman. In Asia and Europe, turquoise is often worn as protection against the evil eye and its exquisite shade of blue is associated with heaven. In dreams it can represent healing and higher aspirations.... gemstone dream meaning


A lush tropical island can represent abundance, adventure, excitement, etc.

    Seeing yourself in a tropical place in a dream:

  • Abundance and lushness
  • Adventure and excitement
    Do not hesitate to move into your desired course of actions for the tropical island speaks of adventure and excitement that may happen if you push through with it. Eventually, success awaits you for the island speaks of bounty and abundance.
  • The feeling of something exotic or different
  • A long distance and Remoteness
  • The absence of society or its rules, conveniences, or protection

The dreamer sees himself/herself walking alongside body of water in a tropical island foretells self-reflection.

This can be associated with your sensitivity to your surroundings. Your dream signifies that you were able to get identified with what was around you. This has something to do with how you deal with your personal and your environment. See also: island, tropical fruitSnakes of different colors
A black or dark colored snake may indicate that there is something ominous going on—or about to happen—in your life, as well as hint at potential problems with past relationships. On the other hand, a yellow or orange snake can indicate happiness and joy, while a bright red one is a sign of intense passion and energy.

Green in dream meaning:
Green is a sign of safety. It means move ahead without fear or worry. Consider this a kind of “green light” for decision-making purposes.

Black in dream meaning:
Black is a sign of evil. If you see a black snake in your dream, it could speak to something dangerous or bad.

Also any dreams of black snakes do not predict anything good. In this case, the snake symbolizes the obstacle you are facing or will face. If you dream of a black snake, it is better to avoid any arguments, disputes and not to sign suspicious contracts.

Avoid anything that could endanger you.

Red in dream meaning:
Red means stop. Should you see a red snake, it could be your mind’s way of urging you to abandon what you are doing and rethink your approach.

Yellow in dream meaning:
Yellow is a sign of caution. This could be your unconscious trying to tell you to proceed carefully.

Light-colored/yellow snake in a dream
There’s something you really want, but you’re not going after it because you’re afraid of the unknown or something new you’re not used to. Because of such fear, you may lose a good job offer or something else that would be very beneficial for your life.

Blue in dream meaning:
Blue is a sign of conflict. Whenever you see a blue snake it dreams, think of this as representative of something you are internally confused about.

Brown in dream meaning:
Brown is a sign of health: Should you see a brown snake in your dream, its presence may speak to health concerns.

Purple in dream meaning:
Purple means passion. Rarely, some people dream about purple colored snakes. Almost always, they represent love and passion.

Orange in dream meaning:
Orange means family. Sometimes, a snake will appear with an orangish color. Almost always, this is symbolic of someone close, like a parent, child or sibling.

White in dream meaning:
White means purity and innocence. If you dream about a white snake, it could speak to some aspect of yourself that is vulnerable.

A white snake in a dream
If you saw a white snake on the floor or another solid surface, it means that you have a clear mind, you finally know what it is that you want to achieve and what steps you need to take. You may also feel that you are finally standing “firmly on the ground”.

If you saw a white snake in the water, it means regeneration and purification of your soul. It can also predict good health or pure intentions.... tropical dream meaning


Universal Landscape: An opportunity or choice to venture into the unknown.

Dreaming Lens: What was the status of the door in the dream: closed, open, locked, or ajar? How many doors were there? What was the size, shape, color of the door(s)? Was there any heightened emotional sense as you approached it? What knowledge did you have, if any, of what might be beyond the door?

Personal Focus: A door is the obstacle that separates a person from accessing whatever is in the room to which it marks the entrance. It represents both opportunity and choice. What is on the other side connects with opportunity. The volition required to open it and cross the threshold connects with choice. Additionally, we are taught in childhood that when one door closes, another one opens, suggesting a correlation with transitions in life.

Even if you think you know what it on the other side, a closed door creates mystery and uncertainty and usually refers to something that is unknown. A door that is ajar or open is an invitation from the unconscious to check out what’s beyond it. The more doors there are, the more complex the choice at hand may be. The size and weight of the door may indicate the importance of the issue being expressed. Shutting a door indicates the will to end something or the ability to set a boundary with certainty and clarity. A door being shut on the dreamer is an obstacle created by another person or a set of circumstances in the dreamer’s waking life. The person creating the obstacle may, in fact, be yourself. If you are not in control of whether the door is open or closed, issues of forced choice or lack of choice could be indicated.

The color of the door can represent the area in life that is referring to the choice at hand. For example, red could mean a survival issue, while purple might be more of a spiritual or soul decision (see Colors). More than one door indicates the complexity of the issue at hand and can be interpreted through numerology (see Numbers). ... door dream meaning

Snake Colors

Snakes of different colors
A black or dark colored snake may indicate that there is something ominous going on—or about to happen—in your life, as well as hint at potential problems with past relationships. On the other hand, a yellow or orange snake can indicate happiness and joy, while a bright red one is a sign of intense passion and energy.

Green in dream meaning:
Green is a sign of safety. It means move ahead without fear or worry. Consider this a kind of “green light” for decision-making purposes.

Black in dream meaning:
Black is a sign of evil. If you see a black snake in your dream, it could speak to something dangerous or bad.

Also any dreams of black snakes do not predict anything good. In this case, the snake symbolizes the obstacle you are facing or will face. If you dream of a black snake, it is better to avoid any arguments, disputes and not to sign suspicious contracts.

Avoid anything that could endanger you.

Red in dream meaning:
Red means stop. Should you see a red snake, it could be your mind’s way of urging you to abandon what you are doing and rethink your approach.

Yellow in dream meaning:
Yellow is a sign of caution. This could be your unconscious trying to tell you to proceed carefully.

Light-colored/yellow snake in a dream
There’s something you really want, but you’re not going after it because you’re afraid of the unknown or something new you’re not used to. Because of such fear, you may lose a good job offer or something else that would be very beneficial for your life.

Blue in dream meaning:
Blue is a sign of conflict. Whenever you see a blue snake it dreams, think of this as representative of something you are internally confused about.

Brown in dream meaning:
Brown is a sign of health: Should you see a brown snake in your dream, its presence may speak to health concerns.

Purple in dream meaning:
Purple means passion. Rarely, some people dream about purple colored snakes. Almost always, they represent love and passion.

Orange in dream meaning:
Orange means family. Sometimes, a snake will appear with an orangish color. Almost always, this is symbolic of someone close, like a parent, child or sibling.

White in dream meaning:
White means purity and innocence. If you dream about a white snake, it could speak to some aspect of yourself that is vulnerable.

A white snake in a dream
If you saw a white snake on the floor or another solid surface, it means that you have a clear mind, you finally know what it is that you want to achieve and what steps you need to take. You may also feel that you are finally standing “firmly on the ground”.

If you saw a white snake in the water, it means regeneration and purification of your soul. It can also predict good health or pure intentions.... snake colors dream meaning


Tribe of Asher

Agate signifies Divided into streams or flashes, striking fire, crimson fire.

Asher means blessed. Blanch the self life. Psalms 1:1.


Tribe of Benjamin

Jasper means to polish, prevailing power, strength and was transparent and brilliant. Polish means to make smooth or glossy by FRICTION.

Benjamin means son of the right hand

Jesus as the right hand of God signifying power and authority. Rules and reigns in our lives. When Jacob blesses his 12 sons, in Genesis 49, he describes Benjamin as a wolf that prowls, devouring his enemies in the morning and dividing up the spoils in the evening. (Genesis 49:27). King Saul, and Judge Ehud, were descendants of Benjamin, as was Paul and the prophet Jeremiah.


Tribe of Dan

Beryl means to test, to try, to investigate

Dan means to Judge.

Let Gods test and try us. His judgment is true. Jacob blessed his sons in Genesis 49:16-18, it is stated that Dan would provide justice for his people. The Tribe of Dan is not mentioned as one of the tribes to have 12,000 members promised the Seal of God in Revelation 7:1-8. The name Dan means “to judge” or “vindicate. “


Tribe of Manasseh

Onyx means to blanch, to take the color out and make lustrous.

Manasseh means Blessedness, Forget our sins; forgive and forget. Philippians 3:13


Tribe of Issachar

Amethyst signifies possessor/overcomes and was thought to be purple. is blue (heavenly) in colour; Rev. 21:20

Issachar means ‘to bring a reward’. To know the sign of the times. We find that Jesus is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him prophecy by Jacob “Issachar is a strong donkey, Lying down between two burdens; Gen 49:14


1. Wisdom;

2. Virtuous wife;

3. Priceless;

4. Red; Prov. 31:10-11; Job 28:18; Prov. 3:13, 15


1. Jesus Christ

2. Revelations of God

3. The Kingdom;

4. Gate of the heavenly Jerusalem

5. Faith Matt. 13:46.... agate dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-14-23-35-38-41

buttoning up your: careful restraint is required in speculations.

high against the wind: adversity causes upset in business.

children’s: substantial means.

buying a: wil be a person of honor in family arguments.

outworn: are disil usioned by insincere romantic gesture.

dirty, getting your: wil lose a good friend due to your hypocrisy.

fleece, lined with: wil be depressed without the sun.

losing a: speculation wil cause your financial ruin.

mackinaw, bright plaid: outdoor activities.

worn out: accidents come when defenses are weakened.

of a new: your innermost feelings, if exposed, wil receive honors.

old, an: prosperity comes with the truth; your help wil be sought.

overcoat: how you wish the world would see you.

poncho, a: aid is on its way.

purple, and hat: others regard you with respect.

rain, buying a mackintosh: great strength of character blocks any tendency to steal.

wearing a new: take a fresh view of business troubles for unforeseen gain.

another person’s: wil be forced to seek a friend’s help.

old: a turn for the worse due to others’ dishonesty.

rain: attain an attitude to protect yourself.

torn, a: others wil siphon off your profits; they wil fal into disgrace. ... coat dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-23-29-37-40-43

beautiful, a: wil become social y prominent.

receiving a: wil be helped by an unknown man.

changing a: wil suffer because of your own foolishness.

cleaners, taking a, to the: are spending time with those who wil ultimately harm you.

closet full of dresses, a: constant love of social pleasures.

without: wil have difficulty picking appropriate attire.

cross-dressing, a man: are jealous of mate’s success.

woman: have a selfish, presumptive personality.

dark, a: financial gains if you make the correct impression.

designing a: wil receive a proposition and turn it down.

dirty, a: wil be blamed for business woes.

disorder in your: someone is taking unfair advantage of you.

elderly people, of: wil attend a baptism.

jet sewn on a: a luxury connected to a love affair with a person of wealth.

lining out of a, taking the: beware of rivals.

losing a: expect too many favors from others.

loose, a: wil be cheated by friends.

new, buying a: health and happiness.

nun’s, a: wil receive great honors.

out of style, a, that is: the hostile situation is self-inflicted.

owning a: an unpleasant moment must be delicately handled, to keep it from being exasperating.

black: sadness and grief.

blue, light: promotion in own employment.

brown, a: wil have a high social position.

embroidered: wil receive favors from an unknown person.

fancy, a: presumptuously arriving where you do not belong.

gold, a: wil not shy away from burdens placed on you.

gray, a: wil receive a letter with good news.

green, a: expect the fortune you wish for.

house, a: are very neglectful.

mauve: expect unhappiness.

mourning: death of a relative.

navy blue: misfortune wil be avoided.

nice dresses: efforts wil succeed.

pink: a glorious success.

purple: happy marriage and death of a friend.

red: wil be respected by others.

short: wil do anything to attract attention.

simple: wil have success in love.

tight: are being unrelenting in your control of others.

various colors: wil meet a nice person.

white, a: people appreciate that your intentions are pure.

partially sewn, a: wil be disregarded by friends.

pregnant woman wearing her, loose: are being unthinking in your relationships.

shop window, in a: your ambition is inspired, fol ow it.

staining a: people are talking against you.

stealing a: want respect you feel you can’t earn on your own.

taking off a: forget frivolity, trust only your own counsel.

black: your state of depression cannot be shaken off easily.

blue: unreasonable contempt for danger.

red: wil lose your temper.

tan, a: financial gains.

yellow: become jealousy.

tearing a: your fortune is in danger from your overreaction.

others, your: wil receive the help of a friend.

tear up a, desiring to: success in love affairs.

torn, sewing up a: are neglecting your own children.

train of your dress, having a long: unhappiness.

someone stepping on the: wil have a new love affair.

washing a: be more financial y frugal.

wearing an azure blue: a change for the better.

black, a: a marriage wil take place soon.

at a funeral: inheritance.

black silk, a: wil receive what you desire.

cheap, a: friends wil turn their backs when you are in need.

daring evening dress, a: sickness.

daring evening gown: your selfish, presumptive personality shines.

others: wil be shamed for hiding your feelings from those around you.

gold-trimmed, a: want a higher social standing.

with furs: abundance of money.

red: your arrogance wil come back to haunt you.

too large, a, that is: wil have good employment.

torn, a: are unaware of good fortune.

white, a: big fortune.

yellow, a: your honor wil be deceived. ... dress dream meaning


lucky numbers: 17-19-23-31-33-49

azure blue, of: happiness.

brown, of: wil be double-crossed by employees.

calico, buying: unhappy events within twelve months.

canvas: an unexpected al -expenses-paid shopping spree.

chiffon: frivolous.

crimson, of: good times are coming.

cutting on the bias: a friend in distress.

cypress, having: delay in the conclusion of your business.

of this heavy rich satin: troubles caused by prying into others’ affairs.

dyeing colors: put too much trust in the wrong new acquaintance.

frame for making: efforts are being wasted.

fringe, adding: have knotted up the beauty of your sex.

gingham, bright colored: must choose love of your life now.

gray, of any: wealth.

green: abundant means.

having lightweight: wil be molested.

Indianhead: wrongdoings wil be recognized.

indigo, dyeing, with: wil have a long stay away from home.

khaki uniforms, of cloth for: are surrounded by anxieties.

lavender, silk: are blessed by the church.

any other: success in own affairs.

linen: wil make certain and secure profit from sustained health.

white, buying: money wil come easily during life.

lining, of, used for: vanity; an imperfection within yourself that needs mending.

buying: wil receive an unexpected visitor.

loom, making yarns into, on a: a promising career in the arts.

of a: recovery from an il ness.

mauve: warning of troubles.

of: the wearing of the pattern of your life experiences.

pinking, of: wil receive consideration from others.

pink of any kind: wil have a happy family life.

others’: certain and secure profit from sustained health.

that has been pinked: joyous times and new clothes.

plaid: kind companions who wil stand by you to the death.

purple: loss of friends.

red, of any: misfortune.

satin: don’t be deceived by flattery; bring the project to your conclusion.

wearing: al misinterpretations are deflected off of you by your confidence.

scarlet-colored, of any kind: danger in love matters.

silk: creating beauty out of chaos.

silver-colored, various: wil have many friends.

striped: face up to deep-seated problem before it resurfaces.

taffeta, blue: wil resume being damaged goods.

velvet: wil have an amorous conversation.

white-colored, various: have unjustified negative thoughts.

woolen: wil make profits from your own products.

yellow, of any kind: wil have sorrow.

zephyr, buying: wil have a serious accident. ... fabric dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-16-19-40-41-43

acacia, smelling an: must control your passions with chaste love.

allergy to flowers, child having: wil be afflicted with skin rashes.

pollen in the air: your dreams need to be fertilized to be realized.

amaryllis: pride, a love affair that wil transform you inside out.

artificial: are astonished at the exorbitant price for services rendered.

aster, picking an: a long-awaited letter is received; be true to the end.

azalea, receiving a bouquet of: your plan wil flourish, if you use temperance.

buying and planting: expect communication from long-lost friend.

beds: al ow a cautious exposure of your talents; success soon comes.

begonia, a: wil receive criticism for your ostentation, not your dark thoughts.

blooming: a new relationship with what is latent within.

bluebells, a bouquet of: many are envious of your constancy in love.

bud, a: a love relationship is germinating; be patient.

holding in your hands: your love affair wil turn sinister.

bulb, a: the unfolding of the layers of toil, as the flower is more able to fend for itself.

buttercup: precious childhood memories of gaiety.

camellia, a: delicacy is reassuring; unpretending excel ence is intense but short-lived joy.

clematis: your mental beauty is suggesting poverty before you reach prestige, lofty goals.

cloudy sky, under a: hard work with little reward; sorrow fal s like a blanket.

columbine, having a: your youthful fol y obstructs your advancement.

cowslip, picking: a pensive winning grace before the battle is on.

crocus, giving a bouquet of: do not abuse the fresh naïvéte; mirth is not youthful gladness.

cut: artificial emotions do not make an impression, nor do they last.

daffodils, growing in the garden: your chivalry wil be held in high regard.

dahlias, in a vase: instability in financial affairs wil settle down.

dandelions fluff blowing in the wind: time to fertilize and weed the lawn; heed its oracle.

dead: regret for unfulfil ed ambition.

decorating yourself with: your relationship is deepening.

delivering: someone needs clarification of your intentions.

destruction of: expect respect for being in the wrong position at the right time.

florist’s yard full of: seek out an oracle for guidance in love affairs.

forsythia on the lawn, yellow: joy wil visit luxurious surroundings.

foxgloves, receiving a gift of: your insincerity makes you unfitted to fil your position.

fragrance, a pleasant: your lover wil be impressed with your good taste.

offensive, an: your recognition wil be formalized in the face of slander.

fragrant: festivities of the young; enticing advice best left unheeded.

fuchsia, a: need a new teacher; have learned al you can from the last one.

gardenia, a: passionate embrace of intoxicating aromas.

garland, having a: hurdles can be jumped with flying colors.

gathering: good relations with future in-laws.

gentian, a: pleasures of life are in touch with the natural; yours are unjust.

geraniums: wil be visited by a beloved person on a long stay.

giving a gift of: your passions must be control ed.

gladiolas: another’s firing wil give you added responsibility and compensation.

goldenrod, a: use precaution in meddling in other’s concerns; encouragement only.

gorse, yellow: luck and prosperity.

hawthorn, smelling fragrant: with quick-sightedness you bring accord among friends.

heather, lying in a field of: simple pleasures in succession, lasting a lifetime.

heliotope, a: quiet devotion of a sensible love is secure in the future.

hollyhock, a: happiness is fertilized even in your present state of poverty.

honeysuckles being in flower: wil move to a contented home and life with new neighbors.

hothouse, in a: an advantageous deal dependent on outside forces.

if in season: great disappointments ahead.

in the house: your sweet disposition wil make the most out of every opportunity.

iris, a: peace and plenty with a faithful mate.

jonquil, yellow: wil receive a passionate love letter.

juniper, eating blue berries of a: be cautious in al your dealings.

laburnum, of a: your forsaken demeanor has a bright yel ow glow of pensive beauty.

lavender dried, amid the linen: exciting adventures surrounded with pleasure.

lotus blossoms: wil be fortunate in gambling with an ecstatic romance.

magnolia, wearing a: wil lose your heart to a Southerner.

marigolds to others, giving: grief cannot block your giving from your frugal side.

receiving a bouquet of: wil incur debts when you overspend unexpected money.

morning glory, a: an elegant, carefree, ful energy climb to heaven.

neighbor’s flowers in blossom: vulgar minds wish to influence your failure.

nosegay, being given a: debts wil be incurred.

of: hopes wil be short-lived blossoms; take this as a suitable time to pursue courtship.

oleander, fragrance of white: a blissful marriage.

out of season: your wishes are realized.

own, in blossom: danger because of a secret.

passion, smelling a: must control your sacrifice and sorrow to inherit wealth.

peonies: an annoying suitor; anxiety from a secret admirer.

petunia as a boutonniere: a drooping emotional life.

picking: big benefit from a steady friendship.

pink: lots of party favors and good eats.

primroses, picking: a smal indication of inconstancy in your flourishing love affair.

purple, having: loss of own estate.

receiving a gift of: have a loyal admirer in love with you.

from far away: wil be an heir to a fortune.

young woman dreaming of: wil have many suitors.

red: dissolution of the family.

ripping up, plants: are the source of your own destruction.

roses: joy from an exquisite pleasure that’s not fleeting.

smelling perfume of: enticing advice best left unheeded.

scent of, coming from the yard, the: loss of friends.

throwing away: wil suffer violent quarrels from own carelessness.

trees in blossom, all sorts of: much recreation is enjoyed.

tiger lilies, a bouquet of: wil be invited to a round of stupid boring parties.

tulips, gathering: wil have a proposal of marriage.

receiving: a recurring friendship that begins where it left off, no matter how long ago.

watering: care for your beauty.

water lilies, picking: an acquaintance wil cause your desires to be out of reach.

putting in a vase: your purity of heart wil gain the confidence of others.

white: smal difficulties.

wild: an adventure with the relaxed beauty of nature.

wilted, a: break off a dead-end relationship.

withered: many suitors, al after the wrong thing.

yard full of: wil have weakness in your body.

yellow: big difficulties. ... flowers dream meaning