Pair(s) Dream Meanings

Pair Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

lucky numbers: 04-09-16-20-40-47

having a, of animals: must find your partner before you can climb the ramp to safety.

anything: are undecided about marriage plans, don’t make them.

earrings: a friend wil share your secrets with others if you lose one earring.

scissors: gossip concerning private life wil turn on its originators.

shoes: disagreements in family affairs.

twins: a split of your personality traits into two personas.

husband and wife as a: must do work that you do not like, to gain love you do.

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Pair / Pairs

The use of pairs in dreams is drawing attention to the idea of duality. We are trying to achieve a balance between the spiritual and material realms.... pair / pairs dream meaning

Pair Of Shoes

If both shoes are seen as torn so badly that they are completely ruined it means his wife will die.... pair of shoes dream meaning


1- The unconscious mind appears to sort information by comparing and contrasting. Particularly when we arc aware of conflict within ourselves, we may dream in pairs (e.g. old/young, masculine/ feminine, clever/stupid).

It is almost as though there is some kind of internal pendulum, which eventually sorts out the opposites into a unified whole.

2- A dream clarifying the masculine side of ourselves may be followed by a dream clarifying the feminine.

The juggling that goes on in this way can take place over a period of time. Often in dream interpretation looking at the opposite meaning to the obvious can give us greater insight into our mental processes.

3- The use of pairs in dreams is trying lo achieve a Spiritual balance.... pairs dream meaning

Pair Of Pliers

Vision: Seeing a large pair of pliers: Someone or something is going to maneuver you into a very difficult situation.

Depth Psychology: Pliers usually represent a present moral dilemma. Who or what is tightening the vise? What kind of trouble are you in? What do you need to do to get out of it?... pair of pliers dream meaning

Bridal Pair

see Marriage... bridal pair dream meaning

Inappropriate Pairing

At whatever stage of life you are, if there is a deep imbalance or lack of harmony in your current relationship, you may find that your dreams take on a warning quality, even becoming haunted and strange. Plants, trees, animals and fish in particular tend to appear as symbols of the life or vitality of the relationship; if you are having relationships problems, you may dream of trying to rescue an injured animal or watering dying plants. Another common dream is entrusting your beloved pet or fish to your partner’s care, only to return and find it neglected, dying or even dead. These may all be symbols of those of your emotional needs that are being starved or denied, and of relationships that are struggling to survive.

Other dreams that signal emotional imbalance in intimate relationships are dreams of houses on fire, bombs that are about to explode or images of starvation, loneliness, torture or neglect. These images are warning you that your relationship is out of balance, dangerously fragile or in need of rescuing in your waking life. An inappropriate meeting or pairing of two objects in your dream, for example a kangaroo and a light bulb, might suggest that you are somewhat concerned about an unsuitable partner; this might either be your own partner, or that of someone close to you—say a son or a daughter. Repeatedly getting the wrong person on the phone, seeing an email error message or simply being unable to communicate may also indicate a disturbing inability to communicate with someone in your life who is important to you.

If you are having problems with your cellphone, this might be seen by Freudians as a symbol of sexual dysfunction or anxiety. Another potent symbol of a relationship coming to an end is the image of gold dust or precious jewels running through your fingers in a dream. The image is even more eloquent if you are running with two cupped hands full of water in an attempt to quench your own or someone else’s thirst and the dream water falls through your hands

A real-life need to resolve relationship problems may be symbolized by dreams about repairing something, perhaps fixing a car or attaching things together with glue, sellotape or bluetac.

If you experience blocked communication in your relationship or suffer from an inability to get through to someone close to you, you may have dreams in which people are staring at one another in your dream but no one is saying. Such a dream may also suggest that now is an excellent time to deepen your relationship, as the silent figures await your signal for a new and exciting phase of your relationship to begin.... inappropriate pairing dream meaning