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To dream of the pope indicates extravagance.

If you dream that you are the pope, then you have been overspending foolishly.... pope dream meaning


To dream that you receive a letter means that a new opportunity or challenge will soon come into your life. Letters in dreams can also be a way that your mind sends you messages from your subconscious. Other meanings of dreams about letters: If you dreamed of receiving good news in a letter, your prospects are very bright indeed.

If you receiving a letter that contained anything of a disappointing or upsetting nature, it foretells an approaching struggle. Receiving unimportant or routine letters signify financial difficulties due to overspending.

If your dream concerned destroying an unopened letter, it signals a need to make amends for a past injustice.

To dream of reading a letter addressed to someone else predicts a money loss.

A dream of mailing a letter predicts unexpected good news. Chain letter dreams indicate an unusual new experience in your future.

To dream of looking a letter delivered by messenger (instead of by mail) indicates petty disagreements. Letters written in brightly colored ink signify family and relationship arguments.

To dream of hiding a letter or finding a hidden letter is a warning against an unfaithful friend or lover.

See “Love Letter” for more meanings.... letter dream meaning


A dream featuring captivity suggests tension and overstrain, probably due to overspending; cut down on extravagance of any kind unless the captives were animal, in which case you should soon be finding life most enjoyable.... captive dream meaning


Dreams about earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes all point to inner turmoil or emotional conflict that is shaking the foundation of the dreamer’s world. The dream may often come close to being a nightmare, but such dreams are warning you about something that is going on in your waking life to which you need to pay attention. A dream about a natural disaster is unlikely to be prophetic; it is more likely to be referring to something dangerous in your waking life. For example, an avalanche dream may refer to oppressive forces in waking life threatening to overwhelm you—an avalanche of responsibility, for example, that accompanies the birth of a new child.

If you are swept away in the dream, you are being urged to find something, or someone, to hold onto in waking life to regain stability.

If you dreamed that the earth was cracking open beneath you, this threat may be echoed in changes at work or insecurity within a relationship.

An explosion may reflect sudden changes in waking life or the release of emotion. What damage has the explosion inflicted in the dream? If anything was broken, interpret its symbolism; if someone was clinging on to you in the dream, who are they? If you dreamed you were in danger of thunder or lighting, again this may refer to emotional turmoil in waking life; but a dream about being struck by lighting could refer to sudden insight.

If you dream that you are falling into a dark hole, is there some situation in waking life out of which you feel you cannot climb?

Dreams featuring alarms may be caused by car or house alarms that go off in the night; if there is no external stimulus of this sort, and your dream features a house alarm, does this allude to your family? Does someone need protection at this time? Was the alarm effective in the dream? If the alarm failed to go off, this is an extremely significant symbol.

If your dream features a car alarm, this may allude to some kind of rash behavior and, as men often equate cars with sexuality, you may want to consider it in this context.

Dreams can also often warn of dangers of which we may be unaware in waking life. For example if you dream of overspending, this may suggest you are expending too much emotion on a particular person.

If you dream of escaping from a prison to a happy landscape, this may be a warning that you need to relax more. There are other practical warning dreams. For example, you may dream that your car brakes fail and in waking life find that this is indeed the case. There is usually a simple explanation as your unconscious mind may have registered the fault, but this kind of dream should not be ignored (see ACCIDENTS, ACTION AND ADVENTURES). Similarly dreams of bodily aches and pains and other signs of poor health are also worth taking note of.

See also SICKNESS AND HEALTH.... danger dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Money as power; financial security.

Dreaming Lens: What feelings were evoked by the dream? Was the bank austere and intimidating? What occurred in the bank? Who was there in the dream? Was actual money involved? Did you feel safe about the bank’s involvement in your finances?

Personal Focus: Money is a complicated issue for most people, making any image that relates to money difficult to interpret. There are many contradictions in the way with which this symbol can be associated. Rife with paradox, your own personal relationship with money must be part of arriving at an accurate interpretation. This can be challenging, as most people operate in varying levels of unconsciousness where wealth is concerned.

A bank is a construct of modern society created around the concept of protecting the abundance of the average individual. When examined more closely under the scrutiny of symbolic meaning, a bank connects more to fears around money and the desire to hoard abundance to gain a sense of security about future needs. Additionally, the institution of banking is founded on the greed principal: those who have more tend to profit from those who have less. While perhaps a necessary function in today’s modern world, the essence of a bank connects more to lack than to prosperity.

A bank is where money will be safely guarded while increasing in value over time. Yet in the world of finance, it is the least risky forum for investing and, therefore, represents caution where abundance is concerned. It is also the primary cultural institution connected to expanding lifestyle choices through the borrowing of money. However, this is more likely to connect to living beyond personal means than actual expansion. The reality of being unable to meet a bank’s demands include foreclosure, which represents loss and the consequences of overspending.

On a surface level, banks represent stability, longevity and bedrock of foundation, both personally and communally. Consider your relationship to banks and banking, both in the dream and in waking life, and include your thoughts about money, credit, debt, and financial insecurity when interpreting this dream symbol.... bank dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-18-28-33-40-46

arthritis of the joints: your rigid attitudes and beliefs are met in their silence.

flaring up: eliminate the nightshade vegetables from your diet.

bone marrow transplant: despite your help, another wil feel only ingratitude.

breaking a: a legacy wil be received, causing family discord.

chewing on a: your job is in jeopardy from your apathy.

dead person’s: many troubles from absence of friends.

digging for: disarm your opponent by actively helping him.

funny: sudden humorous reversal of fortunes.

gnawing on a: anxiety is self-induced.

hiding: hold too tightly to old attitudes, which are not essential to your future.

joints, having pains in the: after an altercation wil win affection of a loved one.

many, of: don’t force matters; wait at least a week before completing them.

protruding from the flesh: do not believe those who sugarcoat the truth.

searching for: ask for support to solve problems with opposite sex.

throwing a, to a dog: overspending and frivolous actions wil result in pain. ... bones dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-21-22-28-29-32

living in a: your life of ease wil be more expensive than you thought.

making your home in a: delightful experiences with new friends.

of a: escape your present situation by rising above it.

owning a: success brought about by massive personal effort.

spending the night in a: overspending your income.

suite, being alone in a: family disagreements wil be hampered by old-fashioned ideas.

going to a party in a: wil be highly considered by others.

very fine: wil take a long journey not available to everyone.

working in a: wil find a more lucrative position and better chance elsewhere.

your sweetheart, being in a, with: your affair should remain secret. ... hotel dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-18-27-29-42-51

breaking a, and spilling the water: your concern with appearances shatters your hopes.

broken, a: overwhelming sorrow, causing you doubts and indecision you had hidden.

cracked, a: are stil able to hold your own, but outlook is weakening.

full of flowers: exposure of your overspending on luxuries.

made of fine pottery: value highly loved one’s attributes.

receiving a gift of a: there wil be a radical restoration of your finances.

silver, a: past debts wil be repaid and your coffers wil remain ful .

full of flowers: friends wil aid you when distress appears.

unmarried person dreaming of a: immediate marriage and birth of a son. ... vase dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-8-9-13-17-38

amputated, being: death of an enemy; loss of an expressive part of self.

arthritic: relief from financial worries; affairs wil have no hindrances.

big, having: your heavy-handed manner pushes others into deceit.

blister on a, a: your actions are blocked by your indecision.

blood on your hands: contention in family over deeds il done.

bloody: are guilty of what you have done and what you are thinking of doing.

cold: wil fail to communicate the wealth of your true intentions.

full: others overload you with their chores to escape blame for being unable to do them.

small: others wil succeed at what you have been unable to attempt.

swollen: others’ envy is forcing you to defend a correct decision.

tied: a relative is in difficulty; you cannot save him.

blowing on, to warm: a brief depression clouds your alertness at work.

burned your, having: a business associate seeks to limit you.

child’s being cut off: the child wil elope and you wil celebrate with festivities.

man’s: have overreached in your push for a score and wil be penalized.

woman’s: wil be covetous of another’s husband, thus pushing yours to run away.

clasping hands: unity and completeness of purpose; the natural leader wil lead.

in front of your eyes, your: tolerate another’s mistake as you would your own.

kissing a: an elegant way of expressing an eloquence words cannot.

being kissed: wil be seduced into actions that are fodder for the gossip mongers.

knocking with knuckles: your affections are not required.

wearing brass: take control of those wishing to handle your life.

left, working with the: contrariness leading to an artistic creation.

right: are expending energy without al owing replenishment.

losing a right: disturbing news from father brings difficulty in sharing with others.

left: mother’s il ness prevents your receipt of a benefit.

own, of: perfect accord between husband and wife.

being cut: wil incur debts out of your control; stop the flow.

burning: are unable to perform task, which would prove disgraceful and unprofitable.

clean: wil overcome troubles with the resolution of honest friends.

dirty: the sentence for dishonest affairs is hard labor.

palms: the pattern of your life is exposed; have only to seek it inside.

strong, your: favorable outcome if you finalize the deal now.

tied, are: any chance of creative expression has been denied.

washing: are limiting growth by discarding aspects of self before examining them.

shake, a: begin new project and another, at the point you ful y trust your partner.

firm and friendly: your balanced attitude wil force others to desist in their arguments.

pressure so hard you feel the pain: are under pressure to accept the wrong thing.

weak and clammy: lack enthusiasm and are received in a half-hearted way.

shaking: outrageous demands cause your suffering.

thumb, cutting your: prevent your business from overspending.

ugly and malformed: feel constrained from acting in your own interest.

unmarried people dreaming of their: wil love and be loved with sincere regard.

watch or clock, of a: rapid progression of your affairs; are you ready?

wringing: worrisome issue needs to be worked through. ... hands dream meaning