Outdoors Dream Meanings

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Outdoors Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

If your dream takes place outdoors, this symbolizes freedom, tranquility, restoration, and renewal. It may also represent that you want to experience and express your feelings and instincts.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
A physical location in your real life.

The public or social aspect of your life.

The “public” aspect of yourself, meaning the “self” you make visible to others (your image, thoughts you share, observable actions, etc.).

Interactions with others.

The idea of what’s beyond yourself or beyond your inner experience.

A particular feeling from your real life, depending on the outdoor location (such as a cemetery representing grief, or wilderness representing feeling free or vulnerable).

See also: Lawn; Backyard; House; Location; Landscape; Forest; Jungle

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

37 dream interpretation about outdoors related.


If you dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the outdoors this foretells much success in your endeavors.

If you dream of going to bed with a stranger of the opposite sex, this is indicative of making friends too fast, and speaks for caution in affairs.

A bed that is not your own shows that you can expect a small increase in good luck in your business affairs, and your own bed offers you security that you may be lacking in your life.

If you are making up the bed you will have callers.... bed dream meaning


To dream of turning on a lamp foretells an unexpected reward for a past kindness.

To turn out a lamp suggests that you will have a holiday or a well earned rest.

A dream of red lamps is a warning of danger due to uncontrolled passion or temper.

An unlit lamp indicates a disappointment, while a dim or flickering lamp forecasts news of an illness.

To hang a guide lamp outdoors or in a window foretells a stroke of good luck.

To break a lamp portends difficulties through lack of trust. Many bright or decorative lamps are a sign of coming festive occasions. Also see “Lava Lamp.”... lamp dream meaning


Example:4I was outdoors in my underpants teaching a group of people. Looking down I saw my genitals were exposed and I had female organs. I felt OK’ (Bill S). Although Bill works in the building trade, he finds it easy to cook, look after his children, cry, and accept his ‘female’ char­acteristics. Being both sexes: might also suggest feeling uncer­tain about our own gender, or having problems in the role of our own sex. ... hermaphrodite dream meaning


Several people in dream: not feeling lonely; involve­ment of many aspects of oneself in what is being dreamt about; social ability. Large crowds: enormous involvement of self in issue, one’s relationship or feelings about the social environment one lives in; in groups we have a feeling of being looked at or on view—how we relate to that may be depicted by what we are doing in the dream group.

See party; roles.

Example: ‘I was outdoors with a group of people acting as leader. We were in the middle of a war situation with bullets playing around us. Maybe aeroplanes were also attacking. I was leading the group from cover to cover, avoiding the bul­lets’ (Paul W). Despite feeling attacked, either by external events, or from inner conflicts, Paul is using leadership skills to deal with his own fears and tendencies.

If a friend told us he had just had an argument with his wife and was going to leave her, we might sit down and counsel them by listening and helping them to son out the hun feelings from their long- term wishes. We might point out they had felt this way before, but it passed—in other words give feedback they had missed. In a similar way, our various emotions and drives often need this son of skill employed by ourself. This unifies us, leading to coping skills as in Paul’s dream.

Example: Walking alone through a small town. I was heading for a place that a group of people, in a street parallel to mine, were also heading for.

A person from the group tried to persuade me that the right way to get to the place was along the street the group was walking. I knew the street did not matter, only the general direction.

The person was quite dis­turbed by my independence. It made him or her feel uncenain co have their leader apparently questioned. I felt uncenain too for a moment’ (Ivor S).

A group of people, as in Ivor’s dream, can also depict how one meets the pressure of social norms. As social relationship is one of the most imponant factors outside personal survival—and survival depends upon it— such dreams help us to clarify our individual contact with society. Human beings have an unconscious but highly devel­oped sense of the psychological social environment. Ivor’s dream shows something we are all involved in—how we are relating to humans collectively. Are we in conflict with group behaviour and direction? Do we conform, but perhaps have conflict with our individual drives? Do we find a way between the opposites? Much of our response is laid down in child­hood and remains unconscious unless we review it.

In some dreams, a group of people represent what is meant by the word God. This may sound unlikely, but the uncon­scious, because it is highly capable of synthesis, often looks at humanity as a whole. Collectively humanity has vast creative and destructive powers which intimately affect us as individu­als. Collectively it has performed miracles which, looked at as an individual, appear impossible. How could a little human being build the Great Pyramid, or a space shuttle? The Bible echoes this concept in such phrases as Whatever you do to the least of one of these, you do to me. ... people dream meaning


(see Bells, Hourglass, Numbers, Time)

Standing still: Impatience for some event soon to come, or feeling spiritually, emotionally, or mentally paralyzed.

Hands or mmibers moving counterclockwise: Ask yourself if you’re going against a personal taboo or taking a step backward toward obsolete habits and thought patterns.

Punching a time clock: The danger of becoming a slave to schedules and the agendas of other people.

Is the clock digital, electric, a wristwatch, wind-up, a cuckoo clock, or perhaps even a sundial? Each of these has different associations. Digital clocks show that you are living in the present. Electric clocks and wind-up versions are more antiquated, revealing a stronger focus on times past.

The cuckoo clock expresses

craftsmanship. Have you been giving enough time to your arts lately? Lastly, the sundial represents our ancient roots when humans were more intimately aware of nature. How much time do you spend outdoors just appreciating the Earth}

Look at what time the clock gives, and check the numerological significance.... clock dream meaning


Riding a bicycle may represent a way of moving forward toward your goals that may take some effort. It reflects a person with an independent personality, one who is propelled by his or her own ideas.

A bicycle may represent a desire to enjoy the outdoors.... bicycle dream meaning

Jeep Cherokee

A Grand Cherokee is an off-road vehicle, which may point to the identity of someone who enjoys the great outdoors.

The Cherokee Indians, for whom this vehicle is named, may point to someone who is dnven by a heritage that is connected to nature, tribe, and community. Thus, pursuing a Grand Cherokee may refer to pursuing Native American spirituality as a path.... jeep cherokee dream meaning


As high-quality all-weather adventure wear, Patagonia clothing may point to an executive personality who also enjoys the adventure of the great outdoors.... patagonia dream meaning


The places in our dreams are the backgrounds against which we play out the scenes of our life. In general, being outdoors represents our conscious concerns and being indoors reflects deeper and unconscious concerns.... places dream meaning


Moving into a rpnr may point to rhp desire to free up your life.

A tent may also signify setting up a temporary residence or comment on a desire to enjoy nature by camping in the outdoors. Having difficulty in putting up a tent may comment on frustration with your living situation and the impermanence in your life.... tent dream meaning

Bathing, Swimming

Symbol: Dreams about bathing and swimming are always symbols of cleansing and renewal.

Vision: Dreaming about swimming outdoors: everything is looking up because you are gaining strength and endurance. Taking a bath in cold water: your health is good, but you need to be more active. Taking a bath in hot water: illness or problems.

If the water in the tub is clear: a danger is passing, a situation is clearing up. Swimming in a lake with many waves: use your skills to solve a difficult problem and you will succeed! Swimming in murk)’ water points to a negative environment.

See Brook, Foam, Water.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about swimming or bathing always point to an emotional cleansing, like a rebirth. Even if other people are bathing or being bathed, the dream always means your own renewal and cleansing.... bathing, swimming dream meaning

Sleeping, Bedroom

Vision: Looking at people sleeping means great happiness ahead. Looking at one person sleeping: your love relationship will deepen. Sleeping outdoors: a trip in the near future is possible. Sleeping in a wagon or boat: restless days are ahead; be on guard and don’t let people talk you into anything. Looking at a bedroom: your greatest wish is not to be alone anymore— to find someone.

Depth Psychology: Sleep is the symbol of your unconscious fear of or flight from reality. Do you have unknown talents you need to “wake up” ? A bedroom is a sign of your sexual needs. Bedroom dreams usually appear when something is wrong in an intimate relationship.

See House, Room.... sleeping, bedroom dream meaning


To see dahlias in a dream presages much good fortune to the dreamer, if they are old and dying then it is a sign of loss and sorrow.

To see beautiful dahlias growing in the outdoors you will have good fortune in money matters.... dahlias dream meaning


Dreams of a camp symbolize your desire for connection to the outdoors, adventure, and that you are living on the edge. Camping also represents simplicity and your connection to your survival skills.

If this is a military camp, see Army, Marine, or Navy.... camp dream meaning


To dream of being in a country village forecasts that you will be successful in achieving your goals.

A dream of being in the countryside (outdoors) symbolizes freedom, tranquility and renewal. It also suggests that you want to experience and express your feelings and instincts.

If you dreamed about a foreign country, look up your dream’s meaning under “Foreign.”... country dream meaning


See “Outdoors”, above.... outside dream meaning

Rock Climbing

To dream that you are climbing a steep rock, whether indoors or outdoors, signifies struggles and obstacles in your path. However, it also suggests that you have the determination and ambition to overcome your problems, if you stay focused.... rock climbing dream meaning

Roller Blading / Roller Skating

To dream of roller blading, especially outdoors, signifies that you are moving through life with ease and purpose.... roller blading / roller skating dream meaning


An interesting dream of varied omen depending on details.

If you ate (or prepared) a sandwich at home, you will soon have an opportunity to improve your situation; if you ate the sandwich in a restaurant or at a lunch counter, it is a warning against confiding in casual acquaintances.

Toasted sandwiches or sandwiches eaten outdoors on a picnic suggest that you are contemplating (or involved in) a love affair which could cause you serious embarrassment; in either case, think again.... sandwich dream meaning

Cowboy, Cowgirl

One who loves the outdoors. Man or woman controlling their animal instincts, roping and corralling them; harnessing your power.... cowboy, cowgirl dream meaning


Using a garage for your car heralds a stage where you must choose between several options. The concern for this dilemma is mitigated if the garage is outdoors or you do not own the vehicle. On the other hand, getting into a garage predicts a long period of tension and nervousness; to leave it indicates that a conflict has come to an end.... garage dream meaning

Laying Down

The dreams in which you lay down in bed indicate a period of uncertainty or waiting regarding problems that you do not feel able to cope with without help.

If you are lying down outdoors, something that is causing you suffering is nothing more than a passing concern, not as serious as you originally thought.

If you are sharing your bed with a person of the same sex, in addition to the aforementioned uncertainty, this reflects a concern about what others might think of you. Conversely, if it is a person of the opposite sex, chances are the problems will be solved soon.... laying down dream meaning


Things are changing in a dramatic way.

The combustion of fire destroys everything in its path. However, remember that fire reduces what it burns to carbon, the building block of all life. So while the destruction of fire is absolute, like all change, it is making way for something else to be created.

A small fire or spark may indicate that winds of change are approaching, whereas something raging out of control could be pointing to change and transformation that feels overwhelming and scary. Consider what is burning in the dream, and that will shed light on what a dream that features fire is reflecting. What is burning is likely the most important focus of your investigation.

If it is something you are familiar with, it may indicate that a major transformation is occurring in your life in the arena represented by that thing.

A house on fire connects to a transformation in your personal identity.

A building that is more public relates more to your social identity. An object that you possess could be explored and the meaning you associate with it combined with the idea of radical change in that area.

A fire in nature might point to a loss of resources, nurturing, or creativity.

If someone dies in a fire, that person’s character aspect will inform you of what part of yourself is being sacrificed in order for a new sense of self to emerge.

The size of the fire and your emotional response to it will illuminate issues of overwhelm and loss of control.

A large fire that is out of control could indicate broad-based changes that may be resulting in the total dissolution of the old landscape of your life.

A contained fire could indicate that the change may be manageable and possibly even intentional.

A campfire in the outdoors could represent your ability to create powerful change out of limited resources.

A fireplace or wood-burning stove relates to harnessing change for your benefit or pleasure. While fire is dangerous and violent, it has the power to purify and create the possibility of renewal and new growth. When it appears in a dream, be aware that great change is afoot and that the future is likely to bring new life and new possibility.

(See Flame.)... fire dream meaning

The Element Of Air

You can’t see air but it is crucial for your survival and wellbeing.

The element of air is associated with the Zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. For Jungian analysts, air seeks to establish itself in the realm of the intellect; it is through the process of thinking that we develop ideas and communicate. Air contributes inventiveness, originality, creativity and versatility to the personality. It gives that feeling of freedom and objectivity, and the ability to appreciate the differences between people. In dreams, air encourages you to let your thoughts soar, helping you to realize your full potential.

When air’s influence is exaggerated in a person, we see them as living in a dream world full of unrealistic goals and flights of fancy. Air should seek to maintain practicality and develop consistency in dealing with the real world. You cannot live without air, so when it appears in your dreams, consider its quality. Is it foggy, misty, clear or polluted? The answer will give you an idea of the atmosphere that surrounds you in waking life.

If you are outdoors in your dream and conscious of the clarity and coolness of the air, your dreaming mind may be urging you to give freedom to your thoughts. Or perhaps you feel released from a recent problem or situation. Air may also refer to the way in which you behave. Are you putting on airs and graces, or behaving in a superior way that demeans other people?... the element of air dream meaning


A backyard, back porch, or back patio can represent: A similar casual setting in real life.

The idea of home, familiarity, casualness, relaxation, downtime, social interaction, or play.

The private part of your home life or family life (since a backyard is often hidden behind a house and not easily visible to outsiders).

See also: Lawn; House; Outdoors; Porch... backyard dream meaning


The unknown.

Losing your way, or feeling lost.

Losing perspective, as in “can’t see the forest for the trees.” The idea of infinity, wilderness, or the great “out there.” See also: Thicket; Jungle; Rural; Tree; Outdoors; Darkness... forest dream meaning


A rich or stimulating environment in your life or imagination.

Overwhelm or chaos (physical, emotional, or mental).

A perceived threat or a threatening situation.

A wilderness or the unknown.

A feeling or fear of being lost or uncertain about personal direction.

For more clues, consider the jungle’s characteristics, the events there, and your feelings.

See also: Forest; Thicket; Tropical; Outdoors... jungle dream meaning



A feeling of expansiveness or no limits.

Recreation or playfulness.

Consider also the condition of the lawn (such as a neatly trimmed or neglected lawn representing your perception of someone’s attitude or habits) and its context (such as a wide lawn around a house representing well-established personal boundaries).

See also: Backyard; Outdoors; Thicket... lawn dream meaning

Nature And The Seasons

Dreams that feature images of natural settings relate to those parts of your being that are natural or not molded by conscious ambitions and desires.

In the earliest religions, nature was thought to be alive with a multitude of spirits. The nature spirits were worshipped in order to maintain a harmony with them. Civilization and the advance of technology have inhibited our contact with those elemental energies and spirits. Your dreaming mind may, however, take you on a journey to the realm of nature spirits where you can explore or confront various elements of your unconscious. To go into nature in your dreams is therefore to go into the wilderness of your unconscious where you will encounter primordial instincts. For Freudians, these basic instincts would be sexual, whilst Jung would see natural settings as symbolic of the nurturing but sometimes harsh mother archetype.

Dreams of nature may also reflect your sense of being grounded or connected to Mother Earth. The dream environment may represent your core essence, unaffected by personality traits, your bare nature or something that comes naturally to you and is second nature. Finally, the great outdoors is usually seen as a surrounding that is supposed to bring relaxation and have a calming, nurturing effect on people; your dream may therefore be prompting you to take some time out from your busy routine.


Natural Features... nature and the seasons dream meaning


An actual or imagined social interaction, meal, or gathering.

Nourishment for your body, emotions, mind, or spirit (perhaps obtained from sources outside yourself, such as in nature).

For more clues, consider the type of picnic, what was happening, who was involved, and anything else that stood out.

See also: Food; Eating; Outdoors; Party; Meal; Holiday... picnic dream meaning


A public or social aspect of your life.

Your personal boundary, or the boundary between your personal life (represented by the house) and your public life (represented by the outside world).

See also: Door or Entrance; Backyard; Outdoors; House... porch dream meaning


Self protection (perhaps on a subconscious level).

Ability to adapt to a situation or environment.

A particular time you spent outdoors in real life.

Purposely getting a suntan can represent: a desire to project a certain image or control what others think about you, even to your own detriment (such as losing too much weight); exposing (or overexposing) yourself to dangers or toxins (physical, emotional, or mental); the idea of becoming less susceptible to negativity from others (as a suntan increases melatonin in skin).

See also: Sun; Beige; Sunburn... suntan dream meaning


Tall or overgrown grass, brush, or shrubbery can represent: Perceived chaos or wildness, or a desire for more order or control somewhere in your life.

Neglect, or neglected responsibility.

The unknown.

Fear of a hidden threat.

The idea of hiding or being obscured.

Nature or the outdoors.

See also: Forest; Jungle; Vine; Tangle... thicket dream meaning


A piece of wood or an object made of wood might represent: Nature or the outdoors.

The cycle of life.

The result or output of a process.

Fuel, or an input to a process.

Fake (as in a “wooden expression”).

A tool or something that could be used as a tool.

A substitute for something real (as in a duck decoy).

Something perceived as numb, dead, or lifeless.

Also consider the condition and characteristics of the wood and what they bring to mind.

See also: Tree; Stick; Branch; Stem or Trunk; Forest... wood dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Sudden awareness or enlightenment born of divergent, confronting ideas.

Dreaming Lens: Where was the flash of lightning in your dream? Were you witnessing from a safe distance, or were you in danger? Were you indoors or outdoors? Were you actually struck by the lightning?

Personal Focus: Imagine you are in a dark field at night; you can’t see where you are at all. Suddenly, there is a flash of lightning. For that brief moment, you can see everything around you. You see where it is safe to move and where it might be dangerous. Avoid the cliff off to your left. If you go too far to the right, you might be carried away by the rushing river. The lightning abates and you are plunged back into darkness once more. However, now you have the awareness of where you are and can navigate with much more confidence and surety. This is the essence of lightning.

Also consider how lightning is formed. Thick clouds contain both positive and negative charges. The positive charges gather on the top of the clouds and the negative charges drop to the bottom. When they are thrust together by the right weather conditions, the reaction of opposites explodes in an electrical charge of great violence. Therefore, lightning represents the flashes of brilliant awareness that come when polar opposite views come crashing together. These contradictory views should cancel each other out. However, what actually happens is that they reveal a brand new viewpoint that would otherwise have not been knowable.

At this point in time, there is no definitive theory as to why lightning forms. This scientific ambiguity must, therefore, be figured into the meaning of the image. In this way, the awareness and enlightenment that lighting symbolically brings is, ultimately, mysterious in origin.

Another nuance to the meaning of lightning comes from a little known fact. The most brilliant flash that we see when lightning strikes doesn’t actually come from the sky. It is, in fact, a reactive charge that emanates from the ground and moves upward in response to the initial charge that starts in the clouds above. To use this distinction in your interpretation, remember that the initial spark of awareness may come from the heavens and, therefore, be associated with higher thinking or spiritual origins. But don’t forget that the full charge of enlightenment comes from the ground, representing knowledge that was already present in human consciousness. It just needed a divine reminder to initiate it into full expression.

How you experience the lightning in your dream is key to your interpretation. If it is harmful or feels dangerous, then your dream is reflecting Shadow material. This could be anything that inspires the kind of fear that comes from gaining knowledge or information; as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. Look to where you are being guided to choose a path that you are resisting, even though you may know it is your highest choice. If you are delighted by the beauty of the lightening, then your unconscious may be expressing gratitude for the sudden new awareness that is present or right over the horizon. (See also Thunder.)... lightning dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-13-16-33-43-52

alarm while, hearing: be alert to indications of an accident you can prevent.

awakening others: are optimistic of the trust you have garnered.

frightened by: be on guard against future troubles not yet seen in dreams.

alone: with energy and vitality gained and retained, temptations seem irrelevant.

being asleep: be cautious in your actions.

boat, in a: have lost a relationship with the solidness of reality.

covered wagon: your trek through the prairie needs your undivided attention.

dreaming one is napping: your body needs emotional sustenance.

daughter, with her mother, a: adoption of a boy disrupts family balance.

family, awakening the: are trusting that the day wil bring success.

going to sleep: wil inadvertently make an influential business contact.

man, with one he doesn’t love: your supervisor respects your talents.

woman, she: advancement through pil ow talk is tenuous at best.

outdoors: relate to the order of the universe.

sleepwalker, being a: have your actions monitored for safety and curiosity.

sweethearts, together: need the interchange of psychic energy.

waterbed, on a: place too much confidence in a persuasive friend of unreliable morals.

with a beautiful young girl: are gul ible to think she is in it for anything but your money.

little child, a: return of simple love and domestic joy.

own wife: wil conform to the desires of a woman of substance.

person of opposite sex: affairs wil go wel if you accept ramifications of deeds.

person of own sex: imminent perplexing differences over trivial matters.

prostitute, a: wil be in pain the next day and spread it to undeserving loved ones.

very ugly man, a: great unhappiness, sickness and displeasure.

woman, with a man during husband’s absence: adversity due to your character weakness. ... sleeping dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-15-25-28-34-51

arranging: you receive an unexpected visitor.

alterations being made: adjust your outward appearance to match inner changes.

children’s clothes, to: happiness in the family.

others making, for you: the acquisition of an immortal body.

various, on: a prompt engagement.

badly dressed, being: are dissatisfied with your attractiveness to others.

buying: the persona or face you are wil ing to reveal.

blue: wil have a vigorous mind.

brown: joy without profit.

crimson, dresses of: dignity and distinction.

gray: important and very beneficial event to come.

green: financial gains.

many: a conquering of the material.

mauve: being sexual y inviolate.

pink: recovery of lost money.

red: wil receive a sad letter.

new, of: domestic troubles that concerned you are at an end.

nightcap, wearing a: abundance in business.

no, wearing: wil receive plenty of money.

others: gossip spread by you is just as wrong.

overalls, having dirty: watch your diet for a fancy dress occasion.

woman dreaming of a man in: doesn’t know her loved one’s character.

working in: wil be repaid for your kindness with admiration.

overdressed: self-protectiveness.

partly dressed, being: are behaving in an irrational, irritating manner.

plenty of, having: are seriously intent on your ambitions.

putting on: the virtue of each piece of clothing must be discerned.

selling: losses cannot be recouped by sel ing your possessions.

show window, wearing, from a: unexpected death of a relative close to your heart.

soiled: have raw creative power; use it.

spot on, having a: what you desire has one major flaw; get to work and repair it.

tattered, wearing: you emphasize work at your expense.

collecting: appreciate every single thing you have.

ragged: a conspiracy is under way to harm you.

selling: your deception is obvious to others.

teenagers: immature attempts at self-importance.

throwing away: your enemies triumph when you reject a friend’s assistance.

tight: your attitudes restrict your emotions.

unable to get clothes off: lacking ability to conform to social norms.

unwilling to take, off: refusal to reveal real character.

other’s: want to adopt aspects of their life.

wearing wrong, for occasion: what you want versus what others want of you.

above waist only: a warning against snobbery.

below: are uncertain of your social identity.

accessories, odd: you do not have to attend the occasion.

baby clothes: feel childish in adult occasion.

camouflage: are hiding something.

kimono, wearing a: wil attend a fete where you meet your destiny.

soiled: a love affair of haunting consequences.

no blouse: feel you have inadequate breasts.

no pants: rebel ion against authority.

no shirt: have trouble fitting in.

no skirt: a new lover awaits you.

not your own: show admiration for that person.

overalls: are undertaking a dirty task.

plaid: a hearty fortune from activities outdoors.

too big for you: role is overwhelming you.

too much clothing: feel exposed and vulnerable.

too small: role is too limited for you.

weird outfit: are an outsider because you wish to be.

without any, being: pure you; make your appearances what you wil .

missing specific: exposed body part is vulnerable. ... clothing dream meaning