Orthopedist Dream Meanings

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(Bonesetter) An orthopedist who corrects skeletal deformities and sets broken bones in a dream represents a pious governor who governs with justice, teaches righteousness, balances substances and conforms to equanimity. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means presumptuousness, might and audacity. He also represents officiousness, adroitness and resoluteness, for he discards the deficient and brings together what is broken. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means distress and trouble. He also represents an architect, and an architect represents an orthopedist in a dream. Thus, seeing him in a dream also means construction and could represent a generous person who comforts, accommodates and helps a needy person, or a wise man who comforts the broken hearts, ajust judge, a great scholar, a shoe repairman, or a tailor. Ifone sees himself standing before an orthopedist in a dream because of a broken bone or another fracture and then complains about an abscess in his neck, and if the orthopedist opens that abscess with pliers to drain the puss in the dream, then it represents a debt one has to repay, or a votive offering one has to fulfill, or it could mean giving a testimony in court, or accepting the ruling of a scholar. Ifan orthopedist sets one’s broken right arm and ties it to his neck in a dream, it means that someone will oblige him to do him a personal favor and consequently deprive him from attending other duties, or restrain him from serving other charities.

The same interpretation is given for a broken leg.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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(Engineer) An architect in a dream represents both urban developments and urban destruction. He represents joining what is fragmented and breaking up what is whole. Seeing an architect in a dream also signifies trials, evil, calamities and disunity.

If one becomes an architect in a dream, it means longevity because of the architect’s aspirations and he will fulfill his intentions, reach a ranking station and a commanding position in his life.

If one becomes an architect in a dream, it also means that he may become ajudge, or a marriage officiant, or it could represent a poet. Seeing an architect in a dream also signifies richness after poverty and health after sickness.

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Ifone sees them in a good state in a dream, it means that he will attain his goals, be it profits, knowledge, guidance or uprightness.

A governor in a dream also represents an orthopedist, an engineer, gentleness or conformity.

If a governor sees himself hearing a petition from a deranged person, a stupid person, a street sweeper, a baker, a trash collector, a servant, a dancer or a musician in a dream, it means that the governor will consent to the opinions or advice of others inhis ruling, or perhaps he will lean toward the interests of some opportunists.

A governor in a dream also represents a father or a mother who teach their children justice and righteousness and in turn, the child will benefit from them and particularly if he follows their advice.

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