The meaning of the symbols of opposite, gender, classmate seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of opposite, gender and classmate mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Opposite Gender Classmate


(See Opponent)... opposite dream meaning


Some dream researchers, especially at the turn of the century, theorized that the symbols in dreams were opposite to what they appeared. Good represented evil, joy represented sadness, a man represented a woman, and so on. This idea is worth considering if the other approaches to vour dream have yielded little or no meaning.

To see two opposite items in a dream can reflect improved balance between different facets of the psyche. Alternatively, this can represent a dichotomy that causes inner turmoil over two equally important goals or ideals.

(see Color)

An optimistic hue, denoting improved self-love, high energy, and a clear emotional state.

Bright, fiery oranges are the color of aggression. This hue needs gentle control so that angry outbursts don’t occur.

Also the color of autumn, thereby denoting a harvest of characteristics that you have sown and tended with care.... opposites dream meaning


To dream of old classmates implies that someone from your past is relevant in understanding a present friendship or association. Some inner realization from earlier days will help you to resolve an issue today.... classmates dream meaning


Dreams of changing gender (for example, a girl dreams she is a boy) are very common. These other “selves” simply represent feelings or thoughts that come from a side of your personality that you regard as being “male” (or in a boy’s case, female). There in many characteristics that we associate with a particular gender, such as aggression being male.

It is normal and natural for this to be played out in your dream as you becoming the opposite gender. It helps you to explore or act out feelings, or burn off negative thoughts, that you would otherwise repress.... gender dream meaning

Road, Opposite Side Of

Crossing over to another reality; balancing.... road, opposite side of dream meaning

Gender Role

Within each one of us there is masculine and feminine potential, and when there is conflict between the two, this can sometimes show itself in dreams of bisexuality or transvestism. Dreaming of a person who is both masculine and feminine either suggests bisexuality or the perfect balance in one person of the masculine and feminine qualities.

If you have a gender-shifting dream in which you believe that you are a member of the opposite sex, this generally is a dream about changes in perspective or exploring different aspects of yourself. Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you have such a dream, as these are more often markers of psychological maturity and development than an indication that something is amiss.... gender role dream meaning