Open hearth Dream Meanings

Open Hearth Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

See Fire. Domesticity, protection, as in Parents’ House, as with symbols of Cooking, Baking, Roast.

According to Jung, transformation process in alchemy; something wants to transcend.

Opening (of an Exhibition, etc.) Well-known symbol for new beginnings, as in Baby, Birth, and Child.

Is it a store or art gallery that is opening? What is being shown or sold? The kind of objects that are on display point, symbolically, to the kind of new beginning that is to come.

A bookstore, for instance, might point to education and intellectual subjects; an art exhibition might point to creative / artistic self-development.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

6 dream interpretation about open and hearth related.


1. The center of domestic life.

2. A good omen in most things.

3. Prosperity and a happy home life. ... hearth dream meaning


One should be more open with feelings. ... open dream meaning

Open Door

An opportunity... open door dream meaning

Pried Open

Using force to get control; a warning of presumptuous inquiry... pried open dream meaning

Umbrella (open)

1. Protection from emotional onslaught.

2. Higher aspirations. ... umbrella (open) dream meaning

Open Heaven

1. Revelation or vision;

2. Blessing;

3. Gift from God;

4. Abundance;

5. Righteousness comes down, and with open hearts, salvation is the response;

6. Easy to witness. 2 Cor. 2:12.... open heaven dream meaning