Omitted Dream Meanings

Omitted Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

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Some Other Simple Indicators

Large upper loops are a sign of emotion; uneven upper loops show mood swings; closed‘e’s show secrecy; stand-alone or properly formed‘s’s at word ends show independence; angular central cases show an interest in ideas rather than people; uncompleted letter cases show a casual nature with a tendency to gossip; rounded central cases show an interest in people; omitted‘i’ dots and‘t’ cross strokes show forgetfulness and carelessness. The position and style of‘i’ dots show different things: if the dot is ahead, this means an active mind; if the dot is behind, it shows a thoughtful nature; if positions vary, this means a distracted mind; if it is flicked, this shows a sense of humor and if it is directly above and in line, it means an exacting personality.... some other simple indicators dream meaning