Old lady Dream Meanings

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Old Lady Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

7 dream interpretation about old and lady related.


One who is irritating, but harmless; see “insect”... ladybug dream meaning


1. A good omen regarding health and ambition.

2. A sign of maturity, refinement and thoughtfulness in aspects of life, often relationships.

3. The feminine side of self. ... lady dream meaning

Lady’s Maid

A dream of evil reports that will injure the dreamer (Gypsy). ... lady’s maid dream meaning


Good luck in a small venture.... ladybird dream meaning

Lord Or Lady

To dream that you are speaking to a Lord, or some person in high authority, signifies social success, but not necessarily a monetary gain.

It is purely personal.

See KING.... lord or lady dream meaning

Lady Bug

These amusing creatures in a dream are a sign of easy success in modest endeavors.... lady bug dream meaning

Beetle / Ladybird

To see a beetle in your dream indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised.

If you dream of a scarab beetle—a creature worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of creation—this symbolizes your ability to survive, adapt and change. You may, however, be anxious about death and aging, and so it might also be a dream about immortality. Quite by contrast, to see a ladybird in your dream is symbolic of good fortune and happiness.... beetle / ladybird dream meaning