Officers Dream Meanings

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Any sort of officer, whether of the law or of one of the armed services, indicates trouble. You will have a brush with the law, or experience trouble through some technicalities, due either to something you have overlooked or something of which you were ignorant.

See also Military Officer.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary
Author: Raymond Buckland

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To see respectable-looking strangers arrested, foretells that you desire to make changes, and new speculations will be subordinated by the fear of failure.

If they resist the officers, you will have great delight in pushing to completion the new enterprise.

See Prisoner.... arrested dream meaning


To dream of being a thief and that you are pursued by officers, is a sign that you will meet reverses in business, and your social relations will be unpleasant.

If you pursue or capture a thief, you will overcome your enemies.

See Stealing.... thief dream meaning

Police, Police Officer

Symbol: The police officer in a dream represents the dreamer’s father.

Vision: Aside from the above, a police officer symbolizes constraint and control. Men dreaming about the police feel constrained and controlled. Seeing a policeman: do not get involved in other people’s arguments—you could be seriously harmed. Calling the police: a situation that might have resolved itself is now getting out of hand. Getting arrested: it is high time for you to change your behavior—you were out of control and your actions were ethically and morally suspect. Seeing police officers: what you are about to do is highly improper. Talking to the police: you want to settle a score with someone—however, do it person-to-person, without an audience. Seeing a female police officer: the dream will be emotional in nature.

Depth Psychology: The police officer is a symbol for the internal conflicts you have with conventional rules. On the other hand, the police officer wants to make sure that you at least obey the minor moral laws, and thus is the symbol of your conscience.

An unpleasant encounter with a policeman: a bad conscicncc or guilt feelings.

If the police come as “friends and helpers”: you are at peace with conventional norms, laws, and values.... police, police officer dream meaning


Authority symbols, police officers enforce the rules in life. Dreaming about police can indicate apprehension over failure to perform or to honor obligations and commitments. It can also be a warning to avoid reckless behavior.... police dream meaning

Bell / Alarm

You may have had a dream in which a ringing telephone urged you to pick up the receiver.

If this was the case, who was calling and what did they have to say to you? In both dreams and waking life, telephones are symbols of communication telling you that someone wants to communicate something to you, so perhaps your unconscious is trying to tell you something.

If you picked up the telephone and heard nothing but abuse, this signals guilt about some issue in your waking life.

If the phone rang in your dreams and you picked it up but no one was there, could your dreaming mind have been urging you to remember something or someone, as in ’ringing a bell’? Hearing a doorbell in your dream indicates something new coming into your life; this can be negative or positive, depending on the dream. It could also suggest the desire to hear from someone or make contact with them.

The ringing of an alarm clock in a dream indicates the need to get up and do something; it may also be a reminder of something or someone you have neglected. The ringing of a school bell, or the timer on a cooker, kettle or any kitchen appliance in a dream may also be prompting you to move forward with an idea or gain a new experience in the world. In real life, loud alarms—such as sirens, or fire, burglar, smoke or car alarms—warn us of impending threat and danger, and they do the same in dreamland. Perhaps your unconscious has noticed that your front door is not properly closed or that your car is vulnerable to theft. Alternatively, your unconscious may have been warning you about an overheated situation in your waking life, such as loss of control, invasion of privacy or an impending crisis.

Other sounds that are clear symbols of warning in your dreams include whistles blown by teachers, police officers or referees, the growling of angry dogs or the horns on cars, ships or trains. Such sounds may also indicate that you are defying authority figures in some way; there may have been an allusion to whistleblowing, drawing your attention to a transgression of some kind, either your own or someone you know? Alternatively, the growling of a dog could have suggested that you or someone you know are about to unleash their anger on the world in some way. Air-raid sirens are associated with the fear and pain of World War II and in dreams may express fear of the unknown or longing for old comradeship.... bell / alarm dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-26-34-38-41-47

man in a riding: a great effort wil be required of you.

woman: pleasant play.

masquerade, having a: are discontented with your image and fear repercussions.

officers in uniforms: need discipline and a code of justice to realize high ambitions.

others in different: escape an unhappy position before they do, and blame you.

priest, of a: avoid rivals who claim innocence.

several different, having: have an identity problem. ... costume dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-21-25-28-30-35

coming down the: social disgrace and disadvantageous industry in every realm.

others: loss of friends’ confidence.

crossing a: wil receive hostility from a rival.

going up the, of a ship: a transition out of a difficult past into an adventure.

others crowding to be: turn back, don’t change; make the best of the status quo.

sailors or officers being on a: being restrained by your environment. ... gangway dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-05-19-21-22-46

being a: great affection wil be a factor in your promotion.

four, carrying a coffin: humiliation from the darts of enemies’ eyes.

many: you are a distinguished person who must travel West to benefit from it.

military officers being: wil be deceived by a woman.

poor people: wil suffer constant harassment for fol owing your convictions.

pall over a coffin, putting a: wil receive a legacy.

on an altar: great sadness because of a death. ... pallbearer dream meaning


(Celestial beings; Heavenly beings) If one sees the heavenly angels (arb. Malii’ika) coming before him to congratulate him in a dream, it means that God Almighty has forgiven that person his sins and endowed him with patience, through which he will attain success in this life and in the hereafter.

If one sees the heavenly angels greeting him or giving him something in the dream, it means that his insight will grow. or that he maybe martyrized. Ifone sees angels descending upon a locality that is raging with a war in a dream, it means that the dwellers of that place will win victory.

If the people are suffering from adversities, it means that their calamities will be lifted. Flying with angels or visiting the heavens in their company in a dream may mean that one will die in the station of a martyr and receive God’s utmost blessings.

If one feels scared of the angels in his dream, it means that a fight, an argument or awesome trials will befall that locality. In general, to see the angels descending from the heavens to the earth in a dream means enfeeblement of those who have doubt, and strength for those who have faith and certitude.

If one sees the angels prostrating to him in a dream, it means that all his needs will be satisfied and he will be endowed with good conduct, good behavior and a blessed fame.

If one sees them looking like women in the dream, it means that he lies before God Almighty.

If a pious person sees an angel telling him in a dream “Read God’s Book.” It means that one will attain happiness in his life.

If an impious person sees an angel in a dream telling him “Read your own records.” It means that he may goastray. Ifone sees the angels givinghim glad tidings andcongratulating him in a dream, it means that he will beget a blessed son who will grow to be righteous and an example to be followed. Ifone sees a gathering of angels in a town in his dream, it means that a pious man, or an ascetic, or a great scholar will die in that locality.

If one sees himself looking at the angels in the skies in a dream, it means that he may suffer the loss of a son or his wealth. Seeing the celestial angels (arb. Ruhaniyyeen) in a dream means gaining honor, dignity, blessings in one’s life, profits and a good fame, developing spiritual inner insight, or becoming a business manager. Near the end of one’s life, one who sees such a dream also will suffer from people’s slander and backbiting. He will also lose his good reputation to people’s envy and evil qualities and he will live in tight financial conditions.

If one becomes an angel in a dream, it means tat he will receive honor, power, overcome his adversities, dispel his distress and win his freedom, or it could mean that he will rise in station.

If one sees the angels greeting him and shaking hands with him in a dream, it means that God IAlmighty will endow him with wisdom, clarity and insight. Angels in a dream also represent one’s closest witnesses, guardians, police officers or the emissaries of a ruler. Wrestling with an angel in a dream means loss of status. Wrestling with an angel in a dream also means suffering from distress, trouble, humiliation and falling in rank. Seeing angels entering one’s house in a dream means that a thief will burglarize such a house.

If angels disarm someone in a dream, it means that he will lose his wealth and strength, or that he may divorce his wife.

If angels offer the person a tray of fruits in the dream, it means that he will depart from this world as a martyr.

If angels curse someone in a dream, it means that he has little care for his religion. Ifone sees a gathering of heavenly angels together with the angels of hell-fire in a dream, it means enmity and divisiveness.

If a sick person sees himself struggling with an angel in a dream, it is a sign of his death. Ifone sees an angel taking the form of a child in a dream, it represents one’s future.

If he sees an angel as a youth, the youth then represents the present time and whatever events that will take place during it.

If the angel appears in the form of an old man in the dream, he represents the past.

If one sees the angels praying and asking for God’s forgiveness on his behalf in a dream, it means that one’s spiritual and religious life will grow for the better, and that he will become wealthy.

If one sees angels descending upon a cemetery in a dream, it signifies the presence of blessed and righteous souls in that place. Ifone sees angels walking in the markets in a dream, it means that the merchants are trifling with prices and playing with the measures.

If the angels who are in charge of punishing the sinner in hell walk before a dying person and he does not fear them in the dream, it means peace and tranquility.

If one sees the angels teaching a dying person how to recite his final rites in a dream, it means glad tidings and attainment of what his heart desires, a guarantee of his safety, happiness, joy and of having a blessed and a good heart. Ifhe sees them angry with him or beating him or subduing and taming him in a dream, it means that he may revert to sin, earn the displeasure of his parents, disdain from complying with God’s commands, or he could even come to deny the necessity of God’s religion. Such angels in a dream also represent the emissaries of a governor or his deputies.

If a dying person is told in the dream that no angels have come to see him, then it is a testimony of his good character and piety, or it could mean payment of one’s debts or recovering from an illness. Angels in a dream also could represent scholars, gnostics or translators who understand people’s languages and speak in many tongues. As for Munkar and Nakir, the angels who come to one’s grave upon his burial to question him, seeing them in a dream means prosperity for a poor person, and finding work for a jobless person.

(Also see Castration)... angels dream meaning

Marine Birds

They symbolises the ministers of the king or government or their officers and officials if such birds are seen in the water. But if they are seen on dry land it means prosperity, freshness and verdure. And if the birds are green it means grief, sorrow and perplexity.... marine birds dream meaning


To dream of being chased is symbolic of being pursued by a spiritual or physical enemy, Deut. 1:44. If you are being chased by authority figures like police officers, school principals, or other adults, it may symbolize a problem with submitting yourself to authority... chased dream meaning


Apart from a dream of occupation such as an officer of the law, the handcuffs denote rigid ties that are unbearable to the dreamer.

The officers naturally dream of their work a great many times.

If the dreamer breaks open the handcuffs or is released from them, the stigma of mental incarceration will be removed.... handcuffs dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-15-21-27-30-38

ammunition shells: a painful encounter with a dentist.

armed people: wil be visited by army officers.

armed with, being: a good opportunity to gather positive resources.

others: worry wil not be smoothed away easily; complications expand the issues.

armory, in the: others are menaced by your self-protectiveness.

artillery shooting: must choose a single career.

bullets coming toward you: warning of immediate verbal violence.

carrying: wil have a lawsuit if you attack another.

cartridge, an empty: you foolishly vary your al iances; they have united against you.

grenade, a: check your angry, violent, explosive emotions at your own door.

half-cocked: be wary of being incited to lose your temper.

firing: are bound to reject impulsive act.

machine gun, firing a: your enemies’ reliance on uninhibited aggression bears down on you.

hearing a: injured by injudicious actions of friends; watch for who exudes guilt.

owning: financial gains through a miraculous turning of affairs.

revolver, shooting a: lost valuables are discovered.

rifle: another person steals your winnings.

shotgun: two lovers are one too many; decide whom you want!

selling: are in the company of ruffians. ... firearms dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-09-25-29-33-39

being in the: wil suffer from seasickness, but opposite sex loves you on land.

boys: travel to far-off land with a new and kind friend.

enlisted, personnel, of: a victorious undertaking leads to business ruin.

high-ranking, officers: troubles in love from long journeys.

husband dreaming of being in the: need self-discipline; your wife is cheating on you.

wife, husband: victorious tussles with offensive thoughts that you’l commit adultery.

naval battle, winning a: do not take the world’s burdens on your shoulders, not al of them.

falling in the water during a: a long life, with fortunes improving at each turn.

losing a: a great service wil be rendered by a relative.

navigating a small vessel: wil spend long hours and extended travel to study navigation.

large, a: your changeable humor wil be shunned by women.

navigator, being a: abundant problems causing constant vigilance to solve.

noncommissioned, personnel: obscure defenses must be faced to obtain your goal.

released from the: many struggles and untruthful friends. ... navy dream meaning

Reviewing Stand

lucky numbers: 01-02-05-07-22-26

being a reviewer: the reviewed are likely to be hostile in their response.

being on a: a joy of short duration, your ambitions drive you on.

high officials: you have a bad temper when your creative ideas aren’t recognized.

military officers: ambiguous situation could lead to accusations of treason.

people: a sick friend wil recover after you visit.

politicians: are rash and hasty in your conceit; your ambitions wil haunt you. ... reviewing stand dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-10-14-20-22-35

children holding a: parents are unworthy of your self-control.

firing a: your strongarm tactics debilitate your team.

handling a: learn the proper use of your jealousy.

killing with a: be aware of your ability to hurt and be hurt.

officers with a: responsibility requires total knowledge.

using a: be careful and considerate in your activities.

enemies: the return of your lively use of initiative after complications are solved.

policemen: your sensibility and intel igence need to be revived. ... revolver dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-03-09-25-45-47

enlisted personnel in: wil be unable to extricate yourself from big afflictions.

khaki, wearing a: wish to take care of unpleasant visitors with frivolity.

army people in: a rival wil take your sweetheart.

member of own family in: glory and dignity.

men wearing, for their business: abundance in money.

women: strict self-expression wil bring about happiness.

military: are unfitted to fil position in life;must change, using wise, deliberate actions.

officers in: wil receive a promotion in the eyes of those you respect.

selling: friends wil exert influence to help you in more than one onerous task.

wearing a: valor and prominence have to be earned; the opportunity is warranted.

enemies: wil have much dignity in your chosen cal ing and distinction.

helmet, a: an internal disturbance of serious consequences.

lover: wil be guilty of foolish actions toward a stage actress.

others: wil become a military or naval officer.

with epaulets: have honor and consideration for your defeated foes. ... uniforms dream meaning