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Obstinacy Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

(Obtrusive; Stubbornness) Obstinacy in a dream means witnessing or committing evil in wakefulness.

To be obstinate, demanding and persistent in a dream also means running away from something, or turning one’s back to a fight, a dispute, an argument or a business. Obstinacy in a dream also may denote a presumptuous and an arrogant person who is disliked by people. Being obtrusive and obstinate in a dream also may mean being exasperated or annoyed about something, or that people dislike to be in his company and have serious reservations about him.

(Also see Obtrusive person)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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Obtrusive Person

(Demanding person; Ignorant person; Obstinate) It is common among the people of knowledge to describe an obtrusive person as a stone.

(Also see Darkness; Obstinacy)... obtrusive person dream meaning


(See Obstinacy)... stubbornness dream meaning

Movement Of The Finger / Toe

interpreted upon 5 sides: sickness, sorrow, dispute & importunity / obstinacy, a violation with his people, and his family.... movement of the finger / toe dream meaning


This industrious animal is a symbol of substantial comfort achieved through your own efforts, unless you killed or injured it which suggests you are ignoring some good advice through obstinacy.

Calm down and listen to your conscience.

See also Animals.... beaver dream meaning


This dream is probably expressing how you feel in real life. Perhaps, you are trapped by marriage, dependence on your parents, or in a job without future. In this case you need to reformulate some aspects of your own situation. On the other hand, you might be trapped on your own conservatism or obstinacy.

If you change the way you do things, you will surely experience a feeling of liberation.

Gypsy tradition says that if you dream that an animal is caught in a net you must act with caution. Otherwise, your plans will fail.... trapped dream meaning


When bulls appear in dreams they might refer to powerful instinctual responses that can sweep us along or cause problems if we try to deny them. Such instinctual urges may be to do with lust and desire, anger at people invading our space, paternal or maternal love and protectiveness, or simply an aggressive bullish trait within ourselves or someone else. It can also suggest personal traits to do with being earthy, basic or sexual in our approach as well as strength, obstinacy and power.

If the bull is aggressive, this shows the frustration that can arise from basic drives being thwarted. For example, a person may have a high libido and feel frustrated with a partner who does not care for sex as much.

If the bull is wounded or killed, this suggests a killing of natural urges or drives for sex and procreation.

If the bull is sacrificed, this can suggest generosity and self giving. The ridden bull indicates harmony between instinct and decision making.

In many cultures or myths around the bull there is the theme of the Hero confronting and overcoming the bull; for instance Theseus and the Minotaur. Victory over the bull therefore represents the human struggle and victory over instinctual or reactive forces influencing consciousness. From this victory a new life or consciousness can be born.... bull dream meaning


Toxic substances, such as cigarette smoke, controlled drugs and alcohol and other environmental toxins that can make you ill and pollute the environment often represent emotional toxins that render situations poisonous to you.

If you do not smoke in everyday life and find yourself lighting up in your dream and enjoying it, this suggests an addictive pattern in real life that may be related to unhealthy eating patterns or even relationships. In some cases, the image can represent unhealthy thinking patterns, such as anger, jealousy or obstinacy.

Knowing that your unconscious has sent you this warning should be enough encouragement to take a look at what is trying to control you and reduce the risks involved. A desire for sex may be expressed in the dream imagery of a cigarette placed between the lips and cupped in the hands when being lit, whilst a stubbed-out cigarette may signal the end of a love affair. Lighting a match could express the dreamer’s desire for enlightenment and spiritual love, matches that refuse to light express spiritual doubt and dead matches symbolize loss of faith. A cigar’s oral and masculine associations have been related to latent male homosexuality, although the cigar-smoking Freud discouraged overdoing this sexual symbolism with his famous comment, ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’.... toxin dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-16-22-36-47-49

another’s: your strange ideas spark another’s creativity.

buying a: your vigorous mind can make judicious decisions.

losing a: obstinacy causes you to hold on to useless opinions.

own, of: another person enjoys the fruits of your labor.

putting on a: your adaptability wil serve you wel .

small, a: are aggressively seeking a larger share of the pie.

sweetheart’s: temptation wil come with a person close to you.

wife’s: avoid making false steps in front of rivals. ... bra dream meaning


lucky numbers: 29-33-37-40-46-52

beautiful, having a: have been able to take life’s blows graceful y.

large: your sternness blocks the free flow of your intel igence.

double chin, others having a: wil be complemented for doing good.

of own: your character just out for exposure.

others hurting their: obstinacy gets in the way of success.

tumor on the, a: il ness to come. ... chin dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-14-16-24-26-32

black: your il -advised changes have disrupted progress.

falling: are working in vain to achieve a desire.

golden: your obstinacy has opened the present difficult period with malice.

of a: avoid being so superstitious, enjoy the peace and relaxation.

own horoscope: long life and fortune in old age with knowledge of the universe.

children’s: new expansion of creativity. ... planet dream meaning


In their positive aspect, insects in your dream represent the power of small things to create big results; they may be encouraging you to focus on the details and work in harmony with others.

If you are a person who likes to work alone, your dream may be urging you to ask for help. On the negative side, insects can represent people, situations or behavior that irritate you. You need to stop trying to brush things aside and deal with whatever it is that is bothering you.

To dream of a solitary insect may be a message from your inner self. That your inner self should employ such an unlikely ambassador is a reflection of your (very unwise) contempt for your inner self, as shown perhaps in the way you exclude it from your conscious life. (Remember the cricket in Pinocchio’s adventures?) A solitary insect may also imply something or someone that is‘bugging’ or even threatening you. It might also suggest you are feeling insignificant, like an ant in the mass of other ants. More positively, a solitary insect can appear in dreams as a reminder of instinctive behavior.

If you are stung by an insect or insects in your dream, this suggests anxiety and grief caused by your own obstinacy; the dream is trying to prick you into taking positive action. The sting may also be an emotional one. Someone may have hurt you or gossip may have stung you. Have you been stung or hurt by someone’s criticism, or was the dream referring to a sting or swindle someone is about to perpetrate in waking life?... insect dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-13-30-32-46-48

buffalo: use your power to get out of the stampede.

water: your resolution wil get the job done.

fighting: have enemies who insist on battle.

herd of, a: prosperity in affairs, felicity at home.

grazing peacefully: should watch speculations for opportunity and take them.

lean: fortune wil decrease through partner’s hostility.

of buying: wil have strength to endure adverse toil.

killing: your obstinacy exceeds your rationality.

selling: be careful in buying and sel ing shares.

of one ox: profitable business undertakings.

in the pasture: wil rise rapidly in present position.

fat: your fortune wil increase through influential partner.

plowing: pul together two divergent associates.

pulling a cart: fortunate in love, poor in worldly goods.

sleeping: loss of friends through il ness.

without horns: favorable developments in own affairs. ... oxen dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-02-04-22-23-25

climbing a ladder to a: solve your problems one at a time to unbounded success.

falling off a: a major relapse in judgment; have no firm hold on the positive.

fixing a leak in a: wil soon take a journey faraway to increase your fortune.

flames, in: you live in fear of impending il ness.

walking toward house with: retreat from present path to the fork in the road.

gutter, standing beneath a rain: wil be corrected, cleansed and sent on a new mission.

leaking: new information is breaking the barriers of your obstinacy.

of own house: predictive of the state of your health.

putting a, on a building: an enemy is watching.

others: wil have a vigorous mind occupied with petty vexations.

shingle: security in life but disappointment in love.

tile falling from a: separation of states of consciousness is deteriorating.

walking around on a: you are at the height of your profession. ... roof dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-10-22-26-27-28

at a distance, church: have chosen your path, which uses al of your inner resources.

climbing up a: map out your area of operations.

being destroyed: another’s envy has reached psychotic proportions.

bells peeling, the: make your move, now or never.

coming down from a: your wishes wil not al be realized.

fortress, of a: wil resist your enemy’s obstinacy and drive him until he is compromised.

going up into a: freedom from embarrassment but loss of money.

gun salute being fired from a: wil be cheated in a wasted effort to impress a lover.

locked up in a, being: are so wrapped up in own pain you cannot relate to another’s.

standing on top of the: think with your heart and intel ect before leaping in.

in the belfry: timing is everything; leave before the bel s begin to tol .

others: much affliction when an unscrupulous person swindles you.

overlooking a city: outline the entire project before you begin.

very high, a: wil have a long life and a pleasant old age. ... tower dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-21-29-30-37-43

balling: can easily extract yourself from a trap.

buying: a present from a recently developed friendship that must remain secret.

man dreaming of: wil attain success with the revelation of your unique techniques.

woman: wil encourage husband by thrift and peace, not obstinate demands.

unmarried person: show indifference when you should be kind.

tangled: your obstinacy is self-destructive; al ow another’s way of doing things.

untangling: your enemy’s case is easily destroyed, if you don’t reveal it now. ... yarn dream meaning