Oblong Dream Meanings

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Oblong Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

An area of our expenence—might be sex, mind, etc.; boundaries of our awareness or what we dare let ourselves experience, physical reality.
Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences
Author: Tony Crisp
Odd shape signifies something is not quite right in what the dreamer is observing.
Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

3 dream interpretation about oblong related.


Emotions, moods and flow of feeling energy. Because of the nature of water it lends itself to depicting aspects of how we relate to emotions; for instance, one can drown’ in or feel swept away by some emotions, at other times we can feel cleansed and refreshed. It also represents our potential to ex­perience many emotions because water can take any shape or move in so many ways. How we relate to the water shows how we are meeting our emotions and moods.

Example: ‘I am in deep water, no evidence that it is the sea. I am wearing my heavy brown coat. I have no fear, no feeling of cold and I pleasantly just sink’ (Mrs B). Mrs B is in her 80s, and is preparing for death in her dreams.

The water in her dream has the feeling of being womblike, suggesting that she senses death as a return to a womblike feeling state, with possible rebirth.

Example: ‘I was then standing in front of a senes of glass water tanks. I had apparently written an article about the balance between intellect and emotion, which had presented emotion in a way to show its equal value with intellect.

The tanks had water flowing through them with a series of valves. This demonstrated the different relationships between intel­lect and emotion. Some tanks were beautifully clear and col­ourful, showing the right balance.

The unbalanced ones had weed growing in them. I was then in a lift with a young woman. We moved close together and kissed. This moved my feelings so much I felt a great melting feeling in my abdomen, and a lot of body sensation against her body’ (Anthony F). Anthony’s dream perfectly illustrates how water refers to the emotions and flowing body feelings.

Example: ‘I was in a hospital ward—maybe for children. I was there to help them. In the ward was a large oblong tank full of water. I got into the water. I realised all the sick people in the ward bathed in the water—not soap, just immersion. This produced feelings of revulsion. I felt I would take into myself their sickness. I also thought that if I drank the water it would show the patients a positive attitude towards their sick­ness. They would no longer be afraid, and this would be a factor in their healing’ (Anthony F). Another of Anthony’s dreams in which he is looking at how to meet anxious feelings about his health. He sees that a more positive conscious atti­tude heals the childhood fears.

Entering water: entering into strong feelings such as might arise in a relationship or new job, sexual relationship, emo­tions which might stand in one’s way—as a deep lake might, or turgid water. Deep water: the deeps of one’s inner life. Hot water: strong emotions—see example in Introduction. Elec­tricity and water: emotions which can generate very powerful reaction to a situation, such as jealousy or anger. Idioms: make water, muddy the waters; tread water, water something down; turn on the waterworks; water under the bridge; hold water, in hot water, head above water; pour cold water onto something.

See fluid; river; rain.

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A dream featuring this underground burrower is a straightforward sign that you are in danger of being undermined by someone you trust; you needn’t be generally suspicious but do be generally discreet How- ever, if you caught or killed the animal, you can expect a rise in status.

Body moles are a very complex subject and to de- termine their meaning in a dream you must corre- late their size, shape, color, and location, so only a gen- eral guide can be given here. A large mole intensi- fies the omen as does a very dark color, and a small mole minimizes i t as does a very light color.

A round shape signifies good luck; an oblong one indicates modest good fortune; and an angular shape foretells a mixture of ups and downs.

A hairy mole portends difficulties, as does a left-sided position; but a mole with one hair (or only a few) modifies the forecast for the better, as does a right-sided location.

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Other Shapes

Similar to the compass needle, a diamond shape in your dream suggests choices and directions in your life; you are at a crossroads and you either have more or fewer options than you thought you had available. In dreams, an oblong shape suggests a specific area of your experience in life, whilst an oval is symbolic of the womb and feminine life. It is also associated with the halo that denotes a spiritual figure in religious iconography. The rectangle may represent the Golden Mean, a geometric figure of ideal proportions that symbolizes the perfect union between earth and heaven.... other shapes dream meaning