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Oasis Dream Meaning: From 24 Different Sources

(1) An oasis may be a sexual symbol, representing the female genitals. The hot dry desert would then represent sexual deprivation, in a man’s dream.

(2) It may symbolize the reward for exploring your unconscious. (Desert may symbolize the unconscious.) See also Wilderness.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd
Symbolic of the peace of Christ during a time of trouble, Ex. 15:27 NLT
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe
A rare area of water in the desert, an oasis is a symbol for anything of sustenance that exists within a great range of that thing’s absence.

If an oasis appears in a dream, look to where you are feeling an extreme sense of lack in your life.

The oasis is an indication that something you desperately need for your journey through life can suddenly appear in order to get you through even the most difficult of times. This could connect to love, money, affection, or rest.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox
An oasis, in spiritual terms, represents refreshment and the idea of being able to put difficulties to one side for a time.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Psychological / emotional perspective: Most people see an oasis as a place of refuge in a desert. Because of its association with water, in dreams it becomes a place where we can give and receive whatever emotional refreshment is required.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Material aspects: When people are in difficulty, they need a place where they can express themselves – or perhaps renew their own strengths and ability to cope. In dreams, an oasis, particularly when we are lost, represents such a place. It highlights a particular type of sanctuary. You might also like to consult the entries for desert, lose / loss / lost and water.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
An oasis may suggest the need to give oneself a respite from conditions or relationships that may be overwhelming.

The water nourishes the soul and the psyche. Emotional needs may be an issue that require immediate attention. Also, this dream symbol sometimes indicates the need for a vacation.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
Vision: Being at an oasis means your hopes and dreams have not come true and life has not been kind to you, but don’t give up in your efforts to make things better. Maybe your life is like a desert and you went to find that oasis? Seeing an oasis means you can relax now or go on vacation. Leaving an oasis means a difficult road ahead.

Depth Psychology: The oasis means you have left little room for feelings and emotions; you’ve been too busy pursuing intellectual and money matters. Try changing that.

See Desert.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda
To dream of arriving at an oasis and resting predicts the greatest success possible in business and money matters.

If the dreamer dreams that he/she is seeking an oasis and can’t locate it anywhere shows the dreamer has inner fears and insecurities and is subconsciously seeking a safe haven.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams
Author: Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen
An erotic symbol. Relaxing after the troubles of the day, wanderlust, or memories of travel. According to Jung, it is the place that has water in the ground, which he interprets as contact with the unconscious and the possibilities of redemption.

Folklore: Solutions to problems.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar
An oasis in a dream suggests the dreamer is feeling smothered or is not getting the kind of attention she wants in a real life relationship.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
To dream of wandering in a desert and finding an Oasis is a sign of one friend on whose help you can always rely.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
1. Need to find oneself emotionally.

2. Searching for peace in a stressful environment.

3. Need for a vacation.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
Dreams of an oasis represent your inner paradise that replenishes, soothes, nurtures and feeds your soul. This dream represents your desire for rest and relaxation.
Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
1- Most people see an oasis as a place of refuge in a desert. Because of its association with water, in dreams it becomes a place where we can receive whatever emotional refreshment we require.

2- When people are in difficulty, they need a place where they can express themselves - or perhaps renew their own strengths and ability to copc. In dreams an oasis, particularly when we are lost (See Lost), represents such a place. It highlights a particular type of sanctuary.

3- An oasis in spiritual terms represents refreshment, and the idea of being able to slide away from old oppressions.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball
An oasis symbolizes abundance and creativity in the middle of the dryness of the desert, that is, your problems. For this reason, if you cross a desert in dreams and see an oasis in the distance, it means a difficult time that has been worrying you is coming to an end.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke
It is an augury of the beginning of a new enterprise, which has every chance of success.

To dream of reaching an oasis after a trip across the desert.

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
An oasis in a desert can represent: Relief, or a desire for it.

A break from something challenging in your life or mind (a situation, worrying, etc.).

Rest or relaxation.

Abundance, or receiving plenty of what you need.

See also: Desert; Water; Resting

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
(see Desert, Garden, Sand)

The ending of some type of deprivation or spiritual drought.

Fulfilling a thirst for knowledge or spiritual awareness after a long quest.

Mirage of: Your search has not yet ended, even though outwardly it may appear that it has. Look more closely at this situation or person, as there is something of which you remain unaware.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco
To dream of arriving at an oasis and resting predicts the greatest success possible in business and money matters.

If the dreamer dreams that he/she is seeking an oasis and can’t locate it anywhere shows the dreamer has inner fears and insecurities and is subconsciously seeking a safe haven.

Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation
Author: Pagan - Anonymous
lucky numbers: 03-14-20-25-38-39

being with others in an: need respite from overwhelming misfortune in love affairs.

finding an: emotional issues need immediate attention.

when wandering in a desert: your new venture wil become a phenomenon.

leaving an, on a camel: with long-standing support you wil ultimately succeed.

in a jeep: depend on the technical to get the job done.

midnight on an: need a vacation ful of dreams and success in your new, unusual plan.

of an: wil come out wel -nourished from a present danger.

9 dream interpretation about oasis related.


(see Camel, Oasis, Sand) Spiritual dryness.

A retreat to find and understand the sacred, as both Moses and Jesus did in the wilderness.

If you are alone or lost in the desert, a type of desertion dream.

A very dry abyss wherein one may either lose or find oneself.

An unforgiving situation over which you’ll have little control once you’ve entered into that domain.... desert dream meaning

Palm Tree

(Date palm) A palm tree in a dream represents a sire, a scholar, a noble man or a wise man who imparts his knowledge and wisdom to others. Cutting a palm tree in a dream means the death of such a man. Seeing a plantation of palm trees, or an oasis or palm trees in a dream mean leadingpeople and guiding them on the straight path.

If a merchant or a trader sees a palm tree in his dream, it means business success. Ifa shopkeeper sees a palm tree in his dream, it also means profits.

A dead and dried out palm tree in a dream represents a hypocrite.

To uproot a palm tree in a dream means that a plague will befall that place, or it could mean suffering from the persecution of an unjust ruler. Uprooting a palm tree in a dream also means a dead end to one’s plans, or it could mean a dispute.

A palm tree in a dream also represents one’s paternal aunt. Palm trees in a dream also represent Arab women. Ifone sees a seedlingbecome a big palm tree in a dream, it means that a child in that community will grow to be a great scholar. It also connotes that a weak person will grow strong. Seeing a palm tree in a dream also means longevity, a scholar, a teacher, children, a wife, a house, a property, a king, a year, new clothing, money, or bearing a child.

To prune or trim a palm tree in a dream means that one’s adversity at his work or related to his travels will be dispelled.

(Also see Palmyra; Tree)... palm tree dream meaning


Dreams of a camel symbolize that you are able to survive extreme circumstances. You have the inner resources within you to make it through any challenging time, as well as the patience and perseverance to make it through this drought. Your oasis is within you.

See Desert and Oasis.... camel dream meaning


(see Flowers, Fruit, Herbs, Seeds, Vegetables, Weeds)

The condition of the garden can indicate the condition of many things, including your health, a relationship, or a business venture. So, a weedy or barren garden isn’t a good sign, whereas a flourishing garden is very positive.

Planting a garden: Seeding the soil of self with specific virtues that you hope will grow to fullness.

Weeding a garden: Ridding yourself of things that entangle and deter real maturation.

Tilling a garden: Preparation and readiness. Putting things in order so that your goals have good ground on which to develop.

An alternative type of island or oasis dream in which a blossoming garden equates to your image of paradise, or the attainment of some spiritual goal portrayed by what’s growing.... garden dream meaning


(see Garden, Island, Oasis)... paradise dream meaning


(see Desert, Oasis) Spiritual or emotional dryness.

A self-imposed hermetic retreat for the purpose of delving further into your Higher Self or communing with God.

Being buried in sand, or engulfed in quicksand, equates to a kind of death or burial dream in which you feel completely engulfed by people or circumstances that drain your resources, but never give anything back.

Denial and refusing to see the truth for what it is (e.g., “having one’s head in the sand”).

Sand paintings among Native Americans represent healing and knowledge, especially of a spiritual nature. Observe this dream closely to see if any pictographs appear in the sand for further interpretive value.... sand dream meaning


Historically, figs have represented abundance and fertility, as well as sensuality and sexual desires. They can be considered an oasis in your journey across the desert, an oasis that should be taken advantage of with maximum enjoyment.

Fresh and ripe, they indicate happiness; dry, luck that is diminishing. To eat them picked directly from the tree promises amorous pleasures.... fig dream meaning

A Brief Dictionary Of Dreams From The Kabbalah

Danger related to an intense emotional situation. You should be cautious when interacting with others in very emotional circumstances.

Denotes knowledge, especially of a philosophical and metaphysical nature. Intensive study will favor the dreamer.

An elevated characteristic, like friendliness, compassion, or An elevated characteristic, like friendliness, compassion, or healing, is found in the dreamer’s life. A direct encounter with an angel indicates that you should strengthen said quality.

Strength and great achievement. The dreamer has power in a particular situation. If the arm appears wounded, it symbolizes that this power grows weaker.

Something is born, possibly a relationship.

Transition from one situation or point of view to another. The dreamer is experiencing a positive change in his life and attitude.

Divinity. Proximity of favorable events and good luck.

The dreamer cannot, or does not want to, see the truth about a part of their life. Dreams in which you are surrounded by darkness have the same meaning.

Knowledge is near.

It is the human soul. A candle that burns represents a strong soul; one that is dying little by little indicates a weakness of character.

A place to take refuge from a threatening or stressful situation.

Represents innocence and ingenuity, the desire to learn which benefits intellectual development. Sign of the importance the dreamer places on this virtue.

Something has died in the dreamer’s life. Everything will be fine if you accept it and move forward strongly.

A great change is coming in the life of the dreamer. It will be beneficial, but could bring a sudden loss of something, a disruption, or an unexpected turn.

Something has died and is rotting in your life. You should determine what it is and act immediately to “bury” it.

The dreamer is searching for greater satisfaction from life. This image is very positive and signifies inner growth and advancement.

Higher spiritual growth and transformation. If the ship moves quietly over calm waters, the dreamer will find little stress in their life. If the waves are rough, on the other hand, it foretells tensions.

Divine blessing; very positive if it is gold or silver. If it is broken, it means the blessing will be rejected.

Happiness and fun in the dreamer’s life.

Personal violence. Denotes that the dreamer is furious and holds feelings of aggressiveness inside.

A new start, either in a relationship or a job.

A new start, either in a relationship or a job.

The dreamer is ignoring the good advice of a friend or loved one. Indicates that you don’t want to hear a truth you are being told in real life.

Symbolizes the lower passions such as jealousy, resentment, or vengeance. The dreamer should remove these from their life as soon as possible.

Spiritual aridity in some aspect of the dreamer’s life. A way of avoiding it is to find a manner of achieving more productivity and spiritual wealth.

Absence of divinity and saintliness. Ignorance. The more darkness that appears in the dream, the less spiritual illumination the dreamer will have.

A barrier that can be overcome with willpower. Closed doors symbolize a lack of the right attitude when approaching a certain situation.

Peace in general; pacific resolution of a particular situation. DUST. Humility before the greatness of God. Associated with destiny. It reminds you that you should cultivate qualities of deference and submission.

Demonic or spiritually negative forces, such as black magic or malevolence. The dreamer should avoid any matter in life related to such aspects.

Imagination and creativity. If it flies very high it represents a greater emergence of these qualities; an eagle nest is safe place to strengthen them.

The world is means of life, where all creatures must fight for their existence. Indicates that the dreamer has too many mundane worries.

Everything you do echoes and has repercussions in the hidden worlds. Dreams of this kind remind you of said spiritual truth.

Eternal wisdom, especially religious. The dreamer should seek this quality in their life.

A human eye represents that the dreamer has a correct judgment about some matter or situation. If the eye is wounded or blind, it means the opposite.

The dreamer is falling in a lower level of consciousness and feels negative emotions such as rage, pride, or fear. Without exception, it is a negative symbol.

Abundance and material blessing in the dreamer’s life. Money,

Abundance and material blessing in the dreamer’s life. Money, properties, and other possessions will increase.

Divine judgment of the imperfections and bad acts of the dreamer. Fire also indicates a need for exhaustive moral cleansing and self purification.

Divine order in the universe that translates to the dreamer’s life.

Freedom from mundane worries. Also means that you should use your imagination to experience a greater sensation of freedom when facing trivial problems.

A good emotional state, vitality. The more water that flows, the greater capacity you have to express positive emotions, such as gratitude and compassion.

Something has died in the dreamer’s life; a job, a relationship, or even an important belief.

Precise and elegant decision that the dreamer should make. A very positive symbol.

Liveliness in attitude and beliefs. Reveals an excellent perspective and spiritual growth.

Generative capacity, the dreamer’s potent creativity.

The dreamer has gone astray, has diverted from the soul’s mission and his purpose in life. You must regain your spiritual orientation, above all.

Egomania, pride, and arrogance. The dreamer or someone close to them is behaving ungenerously.

Great ability to overcome and resist. The dreamer needs to develop other elevated qualities such as imagination or esthetic sense.

The dreamer’s life is full of vitality and good intentions.

Virility and sexuality. If it is thick and voluptuous, it denotes sensuality; the opposite if you lose it. Brushing your hair is a sign of vanity.

Each of the twenty-two letters has a specific meaning. In dreams, they indicate elevated communication.

Symbolizes the road or life journey. If it is well traveled, it means the dreamer enjoys a close relationship with others. If the opposite, it denotes loneliness.

The near future. A clear horizon represents good luck; a hard one, on the other hand, indicates problems.

Physical or emotional deprivation. The dreamer feels some

Physical or emotional deprivation. The dreamer feels some bodily or personal need unsatisfied.

The dreamer lacks balance in their life and soon could experience physical or emotional disorder.

Divine illumination. The more beautiful or brilliant it is, the greater the spirituality that will shine in your life.

The present path of the dreamer. If the setting of the dream seems strange, it indicates a new situation or challenges. The presence of companion is a good sign; their absence denotes isolation.

Power and divine judgment. Emphasizes the importance of these qualities in the dreamer’s life.

The taste of the transcendental soul. Whether consciously or not, we experience said condition in some aspect of life.

Submission and sweetness. A shepherd directing his flock signifies that you are taking special care with a certain situation.

Spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The Zohar speaks of a lamb of darkness, which is associated with evil and discord.

Resistance, especially in journeys by foot. Signifies that the dreamer has the strength necessary to successfully resolve a problematic situation.

Divinity, saintliness, and wisdom. This is a superior symbol.

Inability to resolve a certain situation, caused by yourself or by external circumstances.

Courage and spiritual strength. Traditionally, the lion also represents the Jewish community. The image of a lion nuzzling its cubs indicates that you give courage to others.

Sustenance of human existence. Indicates your worries about how to earn a living.

Ecstasy of the soul when it refers to a union with God.

Fantasy, intuition, and receptiveness in the soul of the dreamer. Traditionally, it is related to other hidden aspects of the soul, like imagination and creativity. Equally, it is associated with femininity. MIDNIGHT, however, represents a time of mystic study and contemplation.

State of spiritual satisfaction and happiness. Also associated with physical pleasure, well-being, or healing.

Place of divine inspiration and revelation. Indicates that the dreamer needs to find this place in real life.

Human speech and the capacity to create harmony or conflict. The dreamer should pay attention to the effect their words cause. The dreamer should pay attention to the effect their words cause. A wounded mouth symbolizes a lack of communicative skills.

Judgment and dark qualities. Night is usually associated with demonic forces and emotional negativity.

A place of rejuvenation and replenishment. Indicates the end of the feeling of spiritual sterility in the dreamer’s life. It is a positive symbol.

Dwelling of the divine. The dreamer should seek more consciously the sacred side of daily life.

Subtle, hidden forces in the life of the dreamer. Traditionally, the vision of this symbol was astrological and it was believed that it exercised a concrete influence on our daily experiences.

Exaltation and spiritual pleasure; also, experiencing the sacred through an esthetic activity.

Divine love and compassion. Her oneiric presence confirms the importance of these characteristics in the dreamer’s life.

Protection and divine security. A hopeful and encouraging symbol for the life of the dreamer.

The vital spirituality is flowing correctly. Soon a positive change or great experience will arrive.

Deception and malevolence, disguised as sincerity and attention. Warns that there is someone or something in your life that may be dangerous.

Gratitude. The act of singing, whether it is the dreamer or other people, means that you will soon have something to be grateful for and to celebrate.

The spiritual world; the intangible, pure, subtle, and mystic part of life. A cloudless sky signifies clarity; if it is clouded, it means there is confusion.

Ignorance, passivity, and withdrawal. In its most positive interpretation, it represents waiting without hurry. Falling asleep symbolizes loss of consciousness and acuity.

Character development and personal growth.

Blockage in the life energy, especially in the spiritual sense.

The force of change. To dream of this element means your life will undergo a complete metamorphosis. Hurricanes indicate that said change will be very violent.

Acquisition of knowledge, above all spiritual. It is a positive dream that indicates the dreamer is above all spiritual. It is a positive dream that indicates the dreamer is developing internally.

Will and intention. The sunrise represents the birth of something new in your life. The sunset indicates that some matter is ending. Traditionally it is also associated with masculinity and it’s most characteristic traits such as stubbornness—in a positive sense as well as negative.

Physical vitality. Losing teeth is a warning to the dreamer about their health.

Spiritual desire. Represents that the dreamer is not receiving the spiritual satisfaction they desire.

Physical manifestation of the divine. Indicates that the dreamer must be more conscious of the sacred side of their body.

Life and spiritual knowledge. A flowering tree also represents deserved success; a bare tree denotes a lack of achievement.

Impatience and too much hurry in daily matters. You need calm and balance to avoid the possibility of a serious fall.

Good luck in life.

The dreamer did not heed a very important message. It is necessary to pay attention immediately to any communication received in real life.

The dreamer is recovering clarity, acuity, and personal energy to complete some personal matter.

Pride and arrogance. This dream indicates that the dreamer must cultivate humility.

Spiritual compromise, possibly related to a field of study, training, or an effort in the long term.

The absence of civilization. A place of power and potential danger.... a brief dictionary of dreams from the kabbalah dream meaning


Discovering a treasure or finding money symbolizes a rediscovery of some part of yourself. It could be something that you have hidden or put away previously. This may be the appropriate opportunity to return to pursuing your aspirations. Treasures always symbolize something for which it is worth fighting, despite the difficulties that will arise along the way. With it, you should try to achieve you objectives, although the effort will cost an important sacrifice. At the end you will be compensated and will obtain great satisfaction. The patience and constancy should be your virtues. (See MONEY, DIAMOND, FOUNTAIN, GARDEN, JEWELS, OASIS, GOLD, PARADISE, and PINK)

Old superstitions, in this dream, do not coincide with the modern ones.

If you uncover a treasure it indicates that someone that you love and in whom you confide does not totally deserve you. However, if you find gold in whatever form, then everything will go well.... treasure dream meaning