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Nuts Dream Meaning: From 13 Different Sources

Symbolic of the blessing of God and the best of the land, Gen. 43:11
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe
To see nuts in your dream signifies craziness or confusion. It may also refer to someone who is “nuts” or someone who is driving you crazy. You may be approaching a waking situation all wrong and need to look at it from a different perspective.

To dream that you are eating nuts, signifies prosperity and the attainment of your desires. This dream may also mean that you are trying to get to the heart of a matter or situation.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
As a rule, it is a fortunate dream that includes Nuts, whether they appear as dessert, or are seen on a tree. But they refer to the family fortunes, rather than to your business affairs generally. Some important wish will be gratified.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
1. Inner character attributes, usually positive traits.

2. Success­ful projects and activities.

3. Good health and well-being. Wordplay meaning craziness, or to be deeply infatuated. Slang for testicles.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
To dream of eating nuts a prophecy that your wishes will be granted.

If you dream that you are gathering nuts it predicts a happy love life.

Dream Source: Psycho Dream Interpretation
Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe
A dream about nuts is foretelling good fortune and abundance.

An empty shell is suggesting that you take precautionary measures to protect yourself in an existing financial matter.

See Acorn.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
To dream of gathering nuts, augurs successful enterprises, and much favor in love.

To eat them, prosperity will aid you in grasping any desired pleasure.

For a woman to dream of nuts, foretells that her fortune will be on blissful heights.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller
Success in love or in married life is the augury of a dream of gathering nuts from a tree.

Eating nuts is a sign of financial prosperity in addition to the foregoing.

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
Prosperity will follow a dream of gathering or eating nuts from trees.

If you dream of screwing a nut on a bolt, it is a sign that you will achieve a new ambition.

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
New seed, potential for growth; time for preparation and working to reap dividends.
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards
(see Eating, Trees by type)

An emblem of male sexuality and virility, equated with the testes. Europeans used to eat nuts at the end of the meal to ensure continued fecundity (that’s how we came by the expression “from soup to nuts”).

If eaten by a woman, a symbol of fertility or pregnancy.

Cracking open: Seeing or revealing the core of the self.

As a play on words, this dream can relate to something that is literally driving you “nuts.”

If eaten (or given) as part of a wedding or other gathering, the symbolism changes to providence and joy.

Among the Scots, nuts were favored for love divinations, and as such may speak of an increasing love in your current relationship, or a new partner. Much here will depend on the rest of the dream’s contents.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco
lucky numbers: 09-16-23-32-37-38

almonds, bitter taste of: have unusual y strong powers of observation; find your mentor.

buying: temporary sorrow as present ventures fail, but wil eventual y improve.

eating: a new friend wil disappoint you with a stupid indiscretion.

sweet: your friends surround you with sweetness.

Brazil: wil contend with obstinate, unreasonable people.

chestnuts, roasted: the warmth of family contentment on the streets of New York.

cracking: success in business through the solving of tough cases.

but not eating: don’t spend but reinvest your profits.

and finding it empty: a dependable person wil renege on a promise.

eating as a dessert: important wish wil be granted.

gathering: are squirreling away creativity for a more propitious time.

hazelnuts: leave the past in the past and recover the present.

hickory: wil succeed in a new project.

hiding: discovery of a treasure within yourself that you are afraid to expose.

kernel, a: the essential force guiding your life needs appreciation from you.

nutcracker, holding a: wil have unhappy days that wil reflect wel on your own actions.

pinching your hand with a: happiness in love affairs.

peanuts, eating: wil be joined by a room ful of strangers.

butter: regret for a lie you can’t apologize for without admitting.

pecans: riches.

pistachio: social entertainment honoring a treasured friend.

shells, cracking: happy marriage and success in an undertaking.

stepping on: wil receive a large profits from smal investments.

throwing away: good luck and a growth of prosperity.

tree, being up in a: your climb is on secure branches with deep roots.

asleep under a: wil have good health.

in the shade of a: are shielded from worries caused by an important friend.

picnic with family, having a: frivolity and amusement with your favorite people.

sweetheart, with a: wil marry a rather agreeable, affluent person.

walnuts: after a spel of bad luck, you wil receive a gift you desire.

8 dream interpretation about nuts related.


You will rise to an influential position.

If you should dream of stepping on and smashing them, the omen is even luckier.... nutshells dream meaning


Trouble from creditors.... hickory-nuts dream meaning


Narrowness, protection, and security.

Folklore: Advancement at work.... nutshell dream meaning

Diamond Nuts

A bag of Diamond nuts may mention that your radiance will be discovered once your hard shell has been cracked open. You may need to crack open your hard exterior to discover the meat or wisdom you really may have to offer others.... diamond nuts dream meaning

Nuts, Bolts, Testicles

Sexual power toward creation, i.e., sexual magick. ... nuts, bolts, testicles dream meaning

Nut / Nuts

Nutmeats, as such, are considered a generally fortunate omen, unless they were wormy or stale, in which case they forewarn of problems arising from deceit and/or hostile competition.

Cracking nuts prophesies success in your current endeavors, and eating nuts signifies improving health for the ailing and contentment for the healthy.... nut / nuts dream meaning

Nuts And Seeds

Although less juicy then fruits, nuts are equally nutritious and satisfying, sharing fruit’s general symbolism of reward, fertility and well-being. And because their edible parts are encased in hard shells, they also denote wisdom and insight that may be hidden or yet to be discovered. To dream that you are gathering nuts could suggest success in business and in love. You may also be trying to get to the core of a matter or situation. To dream that you are eating nuts signifies prosperity and attainment of your desires, but if you dreamed of exerting enormous force to crack open a nut, your unconscious may have been referring to someone in your waking life who is a tough nut, presenting a hard face to the world whilst possessing a tender interior. Alternatively, it may signify some project in your life that is proving to be a tough nut to crack. Bear in mind also that your unconscious may have been making a reference to testicles or ’nuts’, or was reflecting the current craziness of your waking life. Consider also the association with health, as in a ’health nut’, or feeling passionate or nuts about something.

Your dreaming mind may also home in on a particular nut and if it does there may be a sexual connotation. Almonds, for example, resemble female genitalia and because the almond is a symbol of the Virgin Mary, they may also denote virginity or innocence. Bear in mind, too, the phrase ’almond eyed’, which indicates a perceptive individual. Although most nuts symbolize masculine sexuality, the walnut does so more than others, suggesting fertility in particular. To see or eat filbert nuts in your dream signifies peace, harmony and profitable business ventures. Nutmeg indicates a basic natural ability or talent you may be unaware that you have. A nutcracker will exemplify a need for solutions or resolution, whilst a nutshell relates to the shells you use in waking life to protect yourself. A nutshell may also indicate a need to consolidate your beliefs into a basic, simple formula. To see a nut tree in your dream signifies happiness and rewarding experiences in waking life.

Dreams of seeds or kernels pertain to your inner talents and abilities. Other interpretations include: the beginning of something or the completion of a phase or cycle, mission accomplished, fertility and going to seed. They may also be a homonym for ’cede’, or surrendering. Sunflower seeds suggest the emergence of spiritual joy, pumpkin seeds stand for opportunities to express yourself in waking life, hemp seeds refer to a strong or powerful factor in your life and flax seeds signify a way of life that offers multiple benefits.... nuts and seeds dream meaning


1. Wisdom;

2. Fasten; Proverbs 4:7; Heb. 6:1-2.... nuts/bolts dream meaning