Nursery Dream Meanings

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Nursery Dream Meaning: From 9 Different Sources

Roaming through a plant nursery may mention a period of personal growth. It may caution you to select only the best experiences for your growth, which will develop into beautiful expressions you may want to present to the world.
Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green
(Greenhouse; Hotbed) In a dream, a nursery represents profits, annual return or a fertile woman. Owning or attending a nursery in a dream means victory, prosperity, marriage, acquiring knowledge, training in arts, or repenting from sin and harvesting the fruits of one’s repentance.

If the fruits of one’s plants turn into gold or silver in one’s dream, it means either benefits, profits, or that a disease will impair the growth of one’s plants, or it could mean unsalability of one’s crop.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin
To dream of a nursery symbolizes how well you are taking care of yourself.

If the nursery is empty or cluttered, you don’t “baby yourself” and look after your own feelings well enough. Be nicer to you! If the nursery is warm and cozy, or otherwise a positive environment, you are doing a good job tending to your own emotional needs. Also see “Baby”.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
As with Babies, it is not considered a good omen to dream that you are in a Nursery.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
1. Fruitfulness, progeny.

2. An environment conducive to growth, cultivation—often of ideas, likely emotional.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
A brand new part of yourself has been born and now needs love and nurturing.
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards
A nursery full of babies suggests that starting a family may be high on your agenda, but it can also mean that you may be thinking about keeping a pet, or nurturing a group of people or a project.

If the nursery is badly run, this is a reflection of your anxiety about leaving your children or a sick family member under other people’s supervision.

If the nursery school in your dream is full of very young children, this suggests that your ambitions will take you far, but if the nursery is empty or deserted, your plans may be unrealistic and you should review them before proceeding further.

If you dreamed of being back at kindergarten, or some other environment strongly associated with the early years of learning, it may be that your unconscious is transporting you back to that time in order to remind you of a valuable lesion that you learned, or failed to learn, there. For example, did your kindergarten teacher encourage you to join in with the activities, and have you been aloof in waking life recently? On the other hand if you dreamed that you were playing around with your friends and driving the teacher to distraction and received a bad report as a result, could this be a pattern that is being echoed in waking life? By reminding you of the relationship between cause and effect, your unconscious may be urging you to stop using immature strategies to gain popularity or impress others, and start applying yourself instead.


If you are baptizing someone, this means you are ready to pass on your knowledge to others. There is also a possibility that you may be having religious beliefs imposed on you if you have this dream. Baptism is symbolic of many things: rebirth, regeneration and renewal and the common theme for all these is the sense of optimism surrounding them.

If you are a Christian, baptism is associated with a washing away of original sin and the start of a new life as a Christian; your dream may have been denoting your wish to be reborn or— depending on who is being baptized or christened—your desire for someone else to undergo a transformation of some kind. On the other hand, your unconscious may also be recalling a baptism you witnessed in waking life.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

8 dream interpretation about nursery related.


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(See House garden; Nursery)... hotbed dream meaning

House Garden

In a dream, a house garden means protection ofwomen’s chastity, the honor of men’s abstinence, denial of suspicion regarding the lawfulness of one’s earnings, or protection of children’s innocence.

A private garden in a dream may mean stinginess, or refusing to satisfy the needs of someone who asks for help, whether his needs are financial or relating to acquiring knowl216 edge.

A house garden in a dream also represents one’s private devotion, fasting, asceticism, piety, fear of wrongdoing, celebrating God’s praises and exalting His holiness.

A house garden in a dream also could mean a marriage within the family, insanity on the part of that house dwellers, paying a financial penalty, or it could mean an imposition.

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A dream of riches and independence to the poor, to the rich temptation (Gypsy). The Providence of nursery legend and mythology, their dream symbolism is apparent... fairy dream meaning


A bad dream for a single man auguring a silly and incompetent wife (Raphael). Modern nursery lore represents the goose as an emblem of silliness, despite that fowl’s illustrious reputation in both Rome and Egypt.... goose dream meaning


If the house is one we know, live in now or in the past, what is said about home applies.

If it is a house created by the dream: one’s body and personality in all its aspects.

Inside the house: within oneself. Outside the house and garden: extroversion or the relationship with environment. Ground floor: practical everyday life; sexuality, hips and legs. Basement : unconscious: see basement, cellar. First, other middle floors: internal needs, rest, sleep, hungers; the trunk. Top floor, attic: thinking, the conscious mind, memory, the head: see attic above in this entry. Front of house: our persona, facade; social self; face. Things in house: aspects of one’s feelings and makeup. Other people in^ house: different facets of dreamer. Windows : one’s outlook! on life; how you see others: see larger entry on window below in this entry. People, things coming from downstairs: influences, fears, impressions from unconscious or passions, or from everyday worries. Peo­ple, things from upstairs: influence of rational self. Attackers, intruders from outside: social pressures or response to criti­cisms. Repairs, enlargement, renovation: reassessment or change of attitudes or character; personal growth. Damage, structural faults: faults in character structure; hurts such as broken relationship; bodily illness. House falling down, burn­ing: big changes in attitudes; leaving old standards or depen­dencies behind; sickness: see last example in falling. Cramped house: feeling of need for personal change; feeling restricted in home environment or in present personal atti­tudes. Kitchen: creativity; nourishing oneself; mother role; diet: see cooking. Living room, personal leisure; space’ to be oneself, everyday life. Dining room: appetites, social or family contact; mental or psychological diet. Bedroom: pnvacy, sex; intimacy, rest: see bed under furniture. Study, library: mental growth, mind. Larder: hungers, sensual satisfaction. Toilet: privacy, release of tension; letting go of emotions, fantasies or desire which we need to discharge: see toilet. Nursery, child’s bedroom: feelings about your children; one’s own childhood feelings and memories. Floor: basic attitudes and confidence; what supports you, such as health and good will of others. Ceiling: boundary of ideas or awareness. Row of houses: other people.

See room; stairs; wall; attic in this entry. ... house dream meaning


Inherent Characteristics

The ant is a very hard worker. They live in huge communities where most tasks are delegated to individuals who form work groups to carry out various activities of hunting, gathering, nesting and nursery, habitat construction, and protection. Ants are wonderful builders and architects. Ants are determined and relentless in pursuit of their mission. Ants are unselfish and sacrifice themselves to benefit the community. Learning this valuable lesson of the ant can be the greatest of all gifts. Ants are tireless workers and hunters and teach the art of perseverance and patience in all that they do.

1. Wisdom, Prov. 6:6-6;

2. Irritation; Gal 5:19-21

3. Unwanted guests Zeph 2,1;

4. Diligence; Prov. 6:6;

5. Ant Hill; may mean Low mountain; Isa. 40: 4... ants dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-13-39-47-51-52

another’s: you have an infantile dependence on someone who does not know.

bald, a: you want to return to when bald was adorable.

beautiful, a: you need nurturing and encouragement.

buttocks of a: you are exhausted by constant failure to reunite your family.

carriage, being in a: your responsibilities wil hamper your socializing.

with others: jealous of a sibling; pay attention to your inner child.

crying, hearing a: disputes in the family wil be remedied by an outsider.

diapers, changing: new growth opens to untapped potential.

refusing to change: husband’s job wil take him from home for long periods.

drooling: party with your peers.

feeding a: you wil eventual y reap the rewards of your labor.

first steps, taking: your reluctance to act causes difficulties with associates.

foundling, finding a: take care of al children within your reach.

giving birth to a: start new, more productive direction now.

helpless, a: that of least account proves to be of great value.

many: your friend’s refusal to grow up shouldn’t stop you.

newborn, a: a union at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

in diapers: become open and not fearful of events.

nursery, being in a: things wil not run quietly.

bringing a baby home to a: disturbed love.

nursing, a: concern for your helplessness and wish to be loved.

rocking a cradle: forget selfishness to keep the peace.

sick, being a: your failure to overcome your basic instincts.

and crying: feeling neglected but must take care of business problem.

sitter, a: be wary of your own security; you wil be blamed for another’s anger.

sleeping, a: your future looks bright if you accept your responsibilities.

smart, a very: struggle for the perfection of the higher self.

sucking milk from mother’s breast, a: are too dependent on parental guidance.

wet nurse’s, a: are too reliant upon others who have no loyalty to you.

swaddling clothes, a, in: your ideas are squelched in early development.

toddling, a: sudden independence is intoxicating.

ugly, an: misfortune ahead from someone you trust.

your: a rebirth of self in a state of innocence. ... baby dream meaning