Nun / nunnery Dream Meanings

Nun / Nunnery Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

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One who is devoutly religious; they may be substituted for another religious figure... nun dream meaning


For a religiously inclined man to dream of nuns, foretells that material joys will interfere with his spirituality. He should be wise in the control of self.

For a woman to dream of nuns, foretells her widowhood, or her separation from her lover.

If she dreams that she is a nun, it portends her discontentment with present environments.

To see a dead nun, signifies despair over the unfaithfulness of loved ones, and impoverished fortune.

For one to dream that she discards the robes of her order, foretells that longing for worldly pleasures will unfit her for her chosen duties. ... nuns dream meaning


1. Disciplined self.

2. Contemplative self.

3. Feminine sex­ual repression. ... nunnery dream meaning

Abbot, Abbess, Hermit, Monk, Nun, Or Priest

To dream of becoming one, calmness in passion. Merely to dream of one, pride, or malice qf which the dreamer will be the victim.

The significance of this dream is evidently due to the regard in which the clergy of past ages held their gypsy brethren.... abbot, abbess, hermit, monk, nun, or priest dream meaning

Monk / Nun

If a monk or nun appears in your dreams, the positive aspects of this archetype are fairly obvious: spiritual intensity, devotion, dedication, persistence, and perhaps wisdom. Are these qualities you need to develop within yourself? The monk archetype can also suggest the ability to be single-minded, assiduous, devoted to a spiritual path or to any great achievement that requires intense focus. On the shadow side, the role of a religious recluse could be seen as being removed from the real world, overly pious, even privileged in the sense of not having to be concerned about earning a living, or raising a family.... monk / nun dream meaning