Nuisance Dream Meanings

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Nuisance Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

Disagreeable news and unhappiness.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
1. Financial success or business gains in the offing.

2. Pos­sible deception afoot.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

39 dream interpretation about nuisance related.

Fly (insect)

Dreams of a fly signify a desire for eyes in the back of your head. You are accessing your acute awareness and survival skills. Or, something or someone is being a nuisance, distraction, and irritant. You are realizing that your persistence is annoying the people in your life. This is a call to take a hint and buzz off.... fly (insect) dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-12-14-39-43-44

being a: wil overcome enemies but not suspicions, which wil obstruct your healing.

consulting a: only you can tel your true body’s health, if you listen.

of a: change of surroundings in your desperation gives false hope.

under the care: wil be a nuisance to society when you attribute your remission to him.

others going to a: are stubborn in undertakings; legitimate treatment may be improper. ... quack dream meaning


A nuisance or minor problem, 1 Sam. 24:14 ... flea dream meaning


A nuisance... woodpecker dream meaning


Symbolic of a nuisance, Prov. 27:14... yelling dream meaning


This dream denotes secret enemies at work against you (Gypsy); interpretation probably derived from the fact that the farmers regard the flower as a nuisance.... dandelion dream meaning

Active / Passive

Example: I was in a house that I lived in many years ago. How I got there I do not know, but I saw myself sitting in an ordinary chair just behind the closed front street door. It was very quiet, and I was afraid, but I did not make any effon to move’ (Mrs J).

When we are an inactive observer in our dream, are all the time on the receiving end of dream action, or as in the exam­ple make no effon to move from discomfort, we are in a passive role.

If this occurs frequently in our dreams, we are probably passive in our waking life. This can gradually be changed by such techniques as active imagination.

It is our own emotions, fears and sexuality we are meeting in our dreams, so it is wise to take charge of our being rather than be a victim.

The following dream illustrates an active dreamer: ‘As I walked toward a house a number of demons or devils came at me menacingly, trying to stop me getting near the house. Although they made all the ghostly noises, I wasn’t at all afraid of them. I felt they were a damned nuisance, and to show them I meant business I grabbed one and with my right hand I gripped its flesh and squeezed. It started to squeak in pain and I squeezed harder’ (Clive J). ... active / passive dream meaning


A tiny fly that lands on sweet fruit, a gnat appeanng in a dream perhaps has a positive message to offer It may suggest that there is a npe opportunity to land on.

A gnat can also represent a small nuisance or a nagging problem.... gnat dream meaning


Dreaming of working for a newspaper indicates that you will have a troublous but interesting career.

Someone will be a nuisance to you if you dream of reading a newspaper.... newspaper dream meaning


To dream of peas symbolizes insignificant problems that are a constant nuisance.... peas dream meaning

Eaten / Eaten Alive

To dream of being eaten alive, represents a part of you or your life that you wish would leave you alone and stop creating a nuisance. It may also mean that your actions are disconnected from your emotions.

If you were eaten by an animal in your dream, also look up that animal in this Dream Dictionary for further meaning.

If you were eaten by humans, look up “Cannibals”.... eaten / eaten alive dream meaning


Emotional nuisance; something within self that bothers you, that you can walk around, but you would probably be happier if you cleaned it up.... puddle dream meaning


Something that “festers” within you (such as a grudge, lingering judgment, or long-term blame of others).

Getting rid of unwanted or undesirable things, or detoxing or cleansing in some aspect of your life (such as decluttering your schedule).

An attempt at damage control or containment.

A nuisance or situation that slowly builds before you’re finally forced to deal with it.

See also: Infection; Acne; Eruption; Skin... abscess dream meaning


Being bitten by an insect or animal can represent a nuisance, fear, or something else that’s “gnawing at you” or “eating you up.” See also the specific insect or animal.

See also: Biting; Attacked, Being; Sting; Insect; Parasite; Eating; Sucking... bitten dream meaning


A message bearer, or the idea of a message or guidance.

A feeling of foreboding.

A perceived nuisance.

Intelligence, resourcefulness, or ability to solve problems.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Bird; Blackbird; Raven... crow dream meaning


Protection or self-defense, perhaps through anger or “heating things up.” Anger, provocation, or a nuisance somewhere in your life.

A reaction to a perceived threat or something foreign, unrecognized, or questionable.

See also: Pain; Swelling; Allergy; Infection; Warm; Fight; Invaded, Being; Feeling... inflammation dream meaning

Church / Graveyard

A church or religious building in your dreams represents your feelings about religion; if you are not religious, it marks all that is sacred to you in your life. To see the outside of a church in your dream signifies sacredness and spiritual nourishment. It is representative of your value system and the things you hold sacred. To see the inside of a church indicates that you may experience some minor setbacks. However, whatever seems like a nuisance might eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Dreaming of a grave or graveyard is an indication that you must resolve or deal with your feelings concerning the inevitability of death. It may be that you are trying to deal with feelings concerning someone who has died. Alternatively, part of your personality may have been killed off or is buried—or cut off—from the outside world. To dream that you are in a graveyard signifies sadness, unresolved grief or ambivalent feelings about death. It can also represent those parts of yourself that you have killed off or have stopped using. From a spiritual perspective, a graveyard is not only a place of death but also a place of spiritual regeneration and rebirth. To see a mausoleum in your dream signifies possible health issues or anxiety about your health.... church / graveyard dream meaning


An insect or other bug can represent: Something that’s “bugging” you in real life.

A certain quality of the insect that’s significant to you right now.

Think about what that type of insect symbolizes to you personally, and traditional ideas about the insect (for example, ants are often thought of as industrious or well-organized).

Notice what the insect is doing and how (for example, a bee gathering nectar might represent enjoying the sweeter things in life, whereas a bee buzzing angrily around your head could represent a nuisance or threat).

A swarm of insects can represent feeling overloaded or pestered by many small things (such as to-do list items or problems).

See also the specific type of insect.

See also: Animal; Insects (the category)... insect dream meaning


A desire, urge, or compulsion.

A nuisance or something nagging at you, in your environment or within yourself.

Something in your life that needs attention.

See also: Skin; Problem; Allergy; Infection... itch dream meaning


Dangerous beauty, or the dangers of the temptation of beauty.

A nuisance or pest in your life.

Something that you feel or fear is a quiet, lurking threat in your life (perhaps a subconscious dynamic such as a judgment or self-defeating belief).

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Animal; Sting... jellyfish dream meaning


The idea of taking something (time, energy, integrity, etc.) or being taken from, perhaps without permission.


A nuisance, or feeling “bugged” by something.

Dreaming of this insect can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality.

Consider also the insect’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Blood; Sucking; Insect... mosquito dream meaning


Feeling drawn to something or someone.


An instinct or desire, or acting on one.

A nuisance or bother.

Focusing on the “light,” God, your higher purpose, optimism, or something else that’s “light” or that attracts your attention.

Activity during what would usually be a period of rest.

Dreaming of this insect can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality.

Consider also the insect’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Insect; Butterfly... moth dream meaning


Returning home, or to a feeling of “home” within yourself.

A perceived nuisance, or needing to “be a nuisance” to get what you want.

Being or feeling underrated.

The idea of commonness or pervasiveness.

Hiding your specialness.

Finding the specialness in yourself or others.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Bird; Dove... pigeon dream meaning


The idea of assistance, abundance, or a gift (from a person, God, etc.).

Nourishment or replenishing.


Washing away the old and starting new.

Spiritual presence.

Unwelcome rain can represent: a feeling or fear of a challenge, punishment, bad luck, or untimely circumstance in your life; nuisance, frustration, challenge, criticism, or someone’s perceived attempt to “rain on your parade”; “dark” emotions such as anger or despair.

See also: Wind; Cloud; Weather; Flood; Storm; Watering; Water, Body of; Wet... rain dream meaning


Abundance, or the idea of infinity (as in a seemingly infinite number of grains of sand).

A particular location or type of location.

A warm, sandy beach could represent an actual or desired vacation, or a warm, happy mood.

Tiny grains of sand could represent the small things in life, or lots of things that make up a larger whole.

Sand through an hourglass could represent the passage of time.

Sand in your shoe could represent a small nuisance that’s wearing on you.

See also: Beach; Water, Body of; Ground... sand dream meaning


Wetness (such as on a sidewalk or other surface) could represent: Abundance.


The idea of a fresh start.

Slipperiness, danger, threat, or a reason to proceed with caution.

Being “brought down to Earth” or to reality.

Dealing with water and trying not to get wet (such as walking in the rain or carrying a bucket of water) can represent a feeling or fear of messiness, nuisance, or discomfort (physical, emotional, or mental).

Being afraid to get wet or get into water can represent a fear of trying something new or of getting involved in something (as in afraid of “dipping your toe into the water”).

See also: Water; Cleaning; Water, Body of; Watering; Rain; Liquid; Hose; Pipe; Flood; Bucket or Basket; Towel... wet dream meaning


1. Nuisance; Gal 5:19-21

2. Harasser; Mat 10,28

3. Destroyer; John 10,10... armadillo dream meaning


1. Evil spirits;

2. Satan;

3. The occult;

4. Swarm on garbage and wounds;

5. Dead;

6. Beelzebub means “lord of the flies”

7. Corruption;

8. Demon;

9. Curse;

10. Nuisance; Ecclesiastes 10:1, Exodus 8:24.... flies dream meaning


1. Busy place

2. Caged in;

3. Being displayed;

4. Out of your habitat;

5. Out of control;

6. The world; 1 John 2:16.


In a dream I was resting in our lounge with my wife behind my back on the carpet. Next to my head was a fire place , (we don`t have a fireplace in our lounge) my face was very near to the fire place which was not burning at the moment, the outline of the fireplace was dark brown in color, wavy shaped. sudden I felt something touching my face, and it looked liked two legs of an insect, this brownish color thing in the fireplace that was dormant, just came alive. I got up and followed this insect that looked like a blown up flea. it walked down the passage to our bedroom. This blown up flea entered our main bed room, my granddaughters who don`t live with us was in the bed room, normally they are afraid of insects but they just stared at this funny looking creature that looks like a blown up flea. they were not scared at all.

I remember that I went to sit on our bed and this creature tried to climbed on our bed,. . . end of dream

Dream Symbols

See Lounge; Fire place; Face; Flea; bedroom insect.


My dream

Your house represent your body, see house in Room and accessories metaphors) myself and my wife Barbs was lying on the carpet next to the fire place, the fire place also have a chimney, this represents your lungs (my lungs) SEE FIREPLACE ROOMS/HOUSE/ACCESSORIES METAPHORS That which was dormant in my lungs became active. The creature that came alive and looks like a blown up flea, was the cause of my problem,

The Children was not afraid of this creature explained to me that I don`t need to be afraid of this.

I developed high fever (HAD THIS FOR A MONTH) which the doctors could not explain, (fireplace very hot). They took a scan and found that all my glands in the lungs were swollen. The doctors diagnosed me with all the fatal diseases. One specialist told me your glands was swollen and ask me, do I know what that mean. This means that the cancer already spread throughout my body. I said to him that I am not interested in his speculation , that the Lord already warned me in a dream.

The results came back and they diagnosed Sarcoidosis, no RX for it and in most cases the body heals itself.

The blown up flea speaks of just a nuisance and being insignificant, (SEE FLEA in animal metaphors) Fire place (high fever) my lungs, God is good He always speaks to us , He Cares and I give Him all glory.

Just one thing when I received the dream I never rebuked the negative aspect of the dream. when you receive a dream always pray about it, pray against negativity and ask the lord to fulfil that what He promised.

In Isaiah it reminds us that once a year we will visit satan to remind us of the person who caused all our trouble, when I read that portion I said it with such hatred that I AM GOING TO SEEE! YOU BURN IN AGONY!!!! He returned the favour to me with high fever.


Carmen`s dream The Whale and the Eagle

I dreamed I was on a ship and there was a huge whale swimming right next to the ship and it had a fin slightly raised and the water was making a bend, flowing over its fin, almost like a tunnel, or the way air passes over a plane`s wings. Then right above the whale was an eagle, unusually large, flying right above this whale and its wing was directly aligned to the whales fin, right next to the this ship and I was standing right underneath and between the two animals on the ship, they were moving at the same speed of this ship and I was enjoying the ride not feeling scared by the size or closeness of them.

Dream symbols

See Whale Ship Eagle


This is an awesome dream; God is going to use you in a powerful way. These symbols speak of great influence. Ships speak of mega churches and this may represents the entire Body of Christ. Whales represent the Prophetic as well as the eagle. Interesting that the whale swallowed Jonah and he was also a prophet. I see you travelling to the USA and I keep on seeing 700 club. (the eagle is symbolic of America!) . I believe your job description is the media. whales is extremely sensitive animal communicating over long distances, (Airways) and in this manner you will reach the body of Christ (the ship) “I was standing right underneath and between the two animals on the ship,” this prophetic anointing and gifts overshadow you, rest on you AND WILL MOVE IN HARMONY wherever you go, (the whale and eagle moving with the ship) Under his wings you will find cover, the eagles wing aligning it with the fin of the whale reminds me of the stabilizer on a ship that resembles the fin of this whale. The Holy Spirit will give YOU utterance to speak without fear his holy oracles that WILL greatly impacts your audience, blessings.... zoo dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-17-18-20-35-36

helping, in distress: for aid at a propitious time you wil receive a legacy.

meeting a: are confronted with unwelcome guests ful of bitterness.

own: are a total nuisance, wasting your time in idle gossip.

very friendly with neighbors, being: loss of humility that would al ow you to make up.

socializing: wil be embarrassed by the bitterness against you that you inspired.

visiting: someone requires attention. ... neighbors dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-21-32-33-36-41

becoming engaged: expect troubles within the family.

friends: wil realize high ambitions.

relatives: family arguments.

betrothed but not engaged, being: wil have troubles with lover.

broken, a: may have to endure disappointments.

of others having, an: make a commitment before it’s too late.

celebrating an: couples everywhere are making you lonelier.

returning an, ring: a change in life wil take years to come.

wearing an: big joy.

others: wil be a nuisance to your friends.

relatives: their happiness is assured in the dul ness that is their life.

social high-class: your parameters for a relationship block your having one.

strong, beautiful engaged person: dishonesty.

quiet or simple: future wil be good. ... engagement dream meaning


Putting up with nuisances.

Letting things “get under your skin” and bother you (but perhaps not doing anything about them).

Repressed anger.

The feeling or fear that a situation in your life is “coming to a head” (that something will soon demand your attention or become a crisis you must deal with).

A physical, emotional, or mental reaction to something (such as to a substance, event, or situation).

See also: Infection; Eruption; Rash; Abscess; Skin; Immune System... acne dream meaning


Interest, excitement, or enthusiasm.

Adding salt to food might represent making things more interesting or “spicing things up” somehow in your life.

Salt used to melt ice or snow could represent: dissolving or getting rid of something unwanted (problems, nuisances, etc.); the ability to “get traction” to make progress somehow in your life (or a desire for such).

See also: Tasting; Spice; Food... salt dream meaning


Attention to detail, or a situation that demands such.

The idea of perfection, or focusing too much on trying to achieve it.

The idea of removing nuisances from your life.

See also: Fragment; Scissors; Size; Eyebrow; Hair; Shaving... tweezers dream meaning

Washing Yourself

A fresh start or a new beginning (or a desire for one).

“Washing away” something unwanted (such as nuisances or self-defeating thoughts).

A desire or need to “clean house” in your physical house, your consciousness, or elsewhere in your life (such as releasing limiting patterns or destructive habits).

See also: Bathtub or Shower; Cleaning; Soap; Water; Drain... washing yourself dream meaning


A wind blowing can represent: Change.

Power, force, or energy.

A dynamic or movement within your life or consciousness (real, desired or feared).

An action taken in response to pressure (since wind occurs as air flows from a high pressure area to a lower pressure area).

Unseen forces that you perceive or imagine to help or hinder (such as God, luck, or fate).

Challenging forces or factors in your life (such as frustrations or nuisances).

Chaos or a loss of control.

Something that’s moving forward (such as a process, a series of events, or the passing of time).

See also: Flow or River; Air; Weather; Storm; Tornado; Hurricane... wind dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-15-24-25-42-47

almond in blossom, of an: a duplicitous relationship with indiscretion and stupidity.

ripe fruit, with: a propitious time for happiness in the home.

apple, an: wil be tempted by deceitful charms in your pursuit of perfection.

ash, an: it is prudent to separate your ego from the surrounding grandeur.

mountain: be prudent with your magical moments that they don’t deny you rest.

aspen, an: lament your actions, as they are the cause of your loneliness.

banyan, a: a never-ending acrimonious argument.

bark of a: keep your inner life to yourself, but be supported by its strength.

damaged: redraw the boundaries to your intimate space.

deformed: the elements of your life have taken their tol .

barren, a: someone is cheating you through their lack of support.

bay, a: guard against self-pity being your merit badge.

beech, a: your cruel narrow-mindedness wil limit the prosperity of your new ventures.

big, without fruit: have total lack of sensibility in your extravagant spending.

birch, a: your love is virtuous and honorable and too meek to appreciate your worth.

birds in a: reflect on the words of others and the songs of a few.

blossoms, with: joy and sweet satisfaction.

without: business wil be increased.

box, a: wil benefit from stoicism and loneliness through the loss of a young person.

branches: family wil divide and spread for each to have room to grow.

burning: nuisance and unhappiness.

cedar, a: have an incorruptible strength of character.

cherry, a: sickness wil block distractions for you so you can concentrate on your education.

chestnut, a: you deserve luxury, if only for a day.

climbing, children: a pleasing variety of knowledge, leisure and diversion.

falling while: restructure your goals to be just beyond realistic.

fruit: are an extroverted, imaginative personality enjoying the forbidden and unusual.

limb, breaking while: usual routes to success are not open to you; be original.

with a ladder: wil attain an important high position and be difficult to live with.

Christmas, a: joy and happiness, peace on earth.

crooked, a: wil limit prosperity of your new ventures.

cutting down timber: wil incur losses and become another’s servant.

dead: short engagement ending in new growth in a happy marriage.

in someone else’s land: are protected by influential people from the mate of your choice.

cutting up a, in a building: an interesting discovery about your project.

cypress tree, of a: a friend’s help wil bring despair when health problems are discovered.

blowing in the wind: a sad setback wil bring meaning into your home.

diseased, a: your present path is up for ridicule.

elm, a: dignity in a carefree life.

escaping from a forest fire: wil have an unusual accident.

evergreen, an: your strong faith in yourself bodes wel for a long life.

fig, a: wil be prolific in your arguments and adamant in your idleness.

finding a fallen, in the road: misfortune wil cross your path.

fir, a: ever hopeful in the midst of darkening despair.

forest of pine: a family reunion wil provide security and staunch support.

fruit, without fruit, a: your talents cannot be recognized if you don’t expose them.

unripened: your vitality is being sapped by another’s growth.

green, a: unbounded joy wil make you forget al sadness.

grove of, a: wil chair a meeting of several opposing viewpoints.

heavily fruit-laden: riches and fortune in business.

hickory, a: hard, heavy-laden travails in business.

horse chestnut, eating a: failure due to the timing of a short il ness.

Judas, a: your disbelief at being betrayed.

leaves falling in the fall: must overcome situation or ramifications wil fol ow you.

rustling: the voice of Mother Nature manifesting your talents.

turning yellow: il ness to come soon, then everything wil return to normal.

linden, cutting down a: dangerous love affair; security is in conjugal love.

locust: an elegant affection.

logs floating down a river: honor among fel ows who can outrun the flow.

sawing: a comfortable home is satisfaction for hard work.

sitting on a: leisure to carry out the life you want.

magnolia, a: the dignity of perseverance in strong friendships unaffected by distance.

mast of a ship made from a, a: wil get assistance in time of need.

mulberry, a: wil survive by your wisdom, but not your mate’s.

oak, an: sound financial and organized, hospitable family life.

live, hung with moss: a home you find it impossible to leave.

of a: wil receive favors from friends with good intentions.

olive, cutting branches from an: peace, serenity and happiness in al desires.

orange, an: passing discontent at unreciprocated generosity.

palm, a: victory, if you don’t attempt to climb above your abilities.

peach, a: wil have fights because of opposition to your ideas, but never consider separation.

pear, a: opposition in love affairs wil lead to a search for a comforting one.

picking fruit from a: inheritance received from elderly people.

pine, a: tremendous happiness with an honest person.

cone on the ground: a concurrence of events wil redirect your income concerns.

cutting branches from a: wil enjoy congenial work and wel -being.

pineapple, a: fertility-the greatest nutrition per calorie.

plum, a: fidelity to, and from those, who count on you.

wild: independence from vicious gossip.

pomegranate: wil enjoy a quiet future amidst your foolishness.

poplar, a: wil enjoy a large reputation for smal adventures.

twisted: reanalyze your views and prejudices.

prune, to: brings your health to light.

redwood, a: your expansion possibilities are majestic.

resting under a: have the influence of friends, but are alone responsible for your growth.

flowering: are asserting your creative principle.

sleeping: health and vigor are being drained by your responsibilities.

rings of a: wisdom gained from past experiences can be invested in your future growth.

roots of a: depths of the past wil inform the present.

sap from a: wil be happily surprised by a visitor, once the blood of your life.

spruce, a: hope in adversity against those who bear down until they get the advantage.

stump, digging out a: your vigorous inquisitiveness wil prove to be justified.

sycamore, a: curiosity.

tiny sapling: fertility, procreation and poverty until fruition.

trunk, a: continue your family tradition and contribute to your heritage.

unhealthy: your potential has receded into itself.

willow, a: bravery in defense of humanity.

yew, cutting branches from a: death of an aged relative. ... trees dream meaning


Symbolic of industriousness or tiny nuisances, Prov. 6:6. Ant bites symbolize misfortune, Deut. 32:23-24 ... ants dream meaning


Tiny nuisances, things that bother you that you can’t seem to fix or get rid of ... termite dream meaning