Nugget Dream Meanings

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Nugget Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources

An excellent omen of riches and honour.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
1- More often than not a nugget is made of gold and therefore signifies the best part of a situation. In dreams we mav find that there is a piece of information or knowledge that is represented by a nugget.

2- Precious metals are usually found in nuggets in a raw state. Often gold will represent the masculine, and silver the feminine. So, to find either in a dream signifies finding a part of ourselves that we did not know existed. It may be in a rough state, but with work can be made into something beautiful.

3- Spiritually a nugget will represent knowledge, power and psychic ability.

It is the kernel of an idea or concept.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball
To dream of finding a nugget of gold or other precious metal predicts an elevation above your present position.
Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
If you found (or received) a nugget of any precious metal in your dream, you can expect an opportunity which would lead to a spectacular change of circumstances and/or surroundings in the near future.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

2 dream interpretation about nugget related.


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anvil, hammering metals on: wil lose money gambling; invest in own chances.

molding: gains through patient work; proceed one step at a time.

working on an object on: wil not succeed by forcing the issue.

another: good times ahead with partners.

bells, making large: do not be concerned with idle talk of others who can’t act.

burrs on, irritated by rough: avoid those who take advantage of you.

seeing: avoid being too close to false friends.

buying: put your effort on the personal sensitivity of your humanity.

foundry, of a: wil receive compensation for economizing on expenses.

molten: a major transformation is taking place; be part of it.

nugget of precious metals, of a: amazing the wealth within others, as within yourself.

several, of different metals: hard but mal eable strength of character.

radium, handling: money wil burn a hole in your palm.

selling: are confronted with insurmountable obstacles.

uranium: the ideas you are considering are explosive.

using base metals: seek function rather than form.

aluminum: one should not use wil ow when oak is cal ed for.

bronze: your warlike passions are ready to plunder.

platinum: out of gloom comes a chance to demonstrate your work and worth.

statue: aim for the ideal rather than the reality.

welder, being a: be cautious of the oppression of your superiors in your business affairs. ... metals dream meaning


Easy come, easy go is the message contained in a dream featuring the pre- cious stuff as such, i.e., in bars or nuggets, etc.

How- ever, there are many vari- ations dependent on the action and details.

Gold cloth, garments, embroid- ery, or trimmings signify honors and/or recognition; looking for gold indicates that a successful change of unsatisfactory conditions can be made through your own initiative. Finding and/or mining, melting or working with it is a re- minder that “all is not gold that glitters,” and you must guard against a ten- dency to be too easily taken in by appearances.

Hiding it suggests that you are not aggressive enough about protecting your own interests; take positive ac- tion. Stealing or counting gold is a warning that “the love of money” is truly a root of evil and can be very costly.

Items made of gold, such as tableware, jewelry, medals, coins, etc., or gold-plated items, are a forerunner of steady fi- nancial gain.

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