Nuclear bomb Dream Meanings

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Nuclear Bomb Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

To dream of a nuclear bomb, suggests feelings of helplessness, being threatened and loss of control. You may be experiencing great anger, to the point of being destructive. You can make things better by acting with intelligence and wisdom. This dream might also mean you are tired of some aspect of yourself. Or, it could indicate that something important to you has ended and big changes are about to occur.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. An extreme, devastating sense of helplessness, powerlessness.

2. Reverse: a need to start over from scratch, a complete changeover.

3. Great rage and hostility, a desire to completely annihilate or “vaporize” the object of rage.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
A dream of a nuclear bomb represents fear of the future and insecurity. You are moving into a time of major transformation and this may be causing anxiety and anger.

See Venting Dreams and Apocalypse.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
If the cloud from a nuclear bomb appears in your dream this is a terrible symbol of utter destruction. However, its shape will be significant; if it appears in mushroom form, it can also be a symbol of regeneration and renewal after the destruction.


Bayonets are thrusting weapons used in conjunction with guns, and in dreams they suggest extreme danger and a desire for total control, either aimed at someone else or directed against you.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung

13 dream interpretation about nuclear and bomb related.


A warning of sudden failure caused by pent-up pressures... bomb dream meaning

Atom Bomb

Anxiety regarding external world, political forces, etc., that the dreamer feels at the mercy of. Often cou­pled with dreamer’s survival strategies.

The end of a particular world for the dreamer, i.e. the end of school life, divorce, loss of spouse. Also: fear of the irrational forces of life and the unconscious which may destroy all we have built—our con­scious self. ... atom bomb dream meaning

Nuclear Explosion

Fear about the future.

See atom bomb. ... nuclear explosion dream meaning

Atomic Bomb

Dreams of an atomic bomb represent the misuse of emotional energy, and its potentially destructive effects. Your dream is giving you the message to find a constructive, healthy and creative outlet for your bottled up feelings.

See Fire.... atomic bomb dream meaning


Bombs going off may represent a big shock thai destroyed what you have built.

A bomb might appear in a dream after a serious loss, such as the loss of a relationship or a necessary declarauon of bankruptcy. Waiting for the bomb to go off in a dream may mean that there will soon be repercussions of actions you have taken.... bombs dream meaning

Bomb Shell

To dream of bomb shells, foretells anger and disputes, ending in law suits. Many displeasing incident{s?} follow this dream. ... bomb shell dream meaning


(airplane) symbolic of spiritual warfare or end-time wars ... bomber dream meaning

Nuclear War

To dream of nuclear war is symbolic of end-time events, Rev. 6:8... nuclear war dream meaning

Bomb Shelter

To see or dream that you are at a bomb shelter, represents the difficulties and sense of helplessness that you are going through. You are seeking for some sort of security Alternatively, it suggests your fear of things that are different from you. Also see “Bomb”, above.... bomb shelter dream meaning

Bombs (or Bombers)

These represent a threat to your way of life which you can avert by judicious action.... bombs (or bombers) dream meaning

Nuclear War / End-of-the-world Scenarios

Although you could interpret your dreams literally, a much more likely interpretation is a symbolic one. In this respect, dreams about nuclear war, the earth exploding, stars and planets falling from the sky, or the superpowers declaring war on each other would be a symbol for the ‘end of the world’ as you know it—in other words, some kind of personal upheaval that would completely change your life. Amongst such events, one should consider: the divorce of your parents, having to move house, ending your time at one school and going to another, having your best friend move and so on. Whatever has changed in your life has rocked your sense of things and your peace of mind on a global level. Therefore, rest assured, the dream is probably not about the end of the world, but is instead about a big change in your world. Whatever and however your life has been up until now, it has changed and it will never be the same again; the positive message that you take from such a dream is that you will emerge from this destruction into a fresh, new phase.

Feeling dramatically out of control in your personal life can trigger apocalypse dreams. These may be caused by hormones in adolescence, the menopause or andropause, the death of a loved one (especially a parent), or divorce and other significant relationship losses. The dream visions of the world ending are an escape mechanism to avoid dealing with a world so dramatically changed by new circumstances. In some cases, world-ending dreams feature the dreamer alone amongst generally unrecognized figures, reflecting the dreamer’s sense of isolation in waking life. When interpreting this type of dream, you should ask yourself, ‘How is the world ending and who is to blame?’ This dream may be calling for you to protect yourself against a risk that takes you well outside your comfort zone, to become more involved in a particular cause, or to think again about the rationale of your fears.

If you are religious in waking life, you may have a dream in which significant icons of your faith initiate, or withstand, the massive destruction. Another scenario is that adherents to your religious or belief system are identified in a particular way and thereby survive the destruction. In these dreams, the world is often reordered. Often, these dreams will accompany a time in the dreamer’s life when they feel that the entire world is against them, and it is only their association with something larger than themselves that can provide a resolution to the struggles being faced.... nuclear war / end-of-the-world scenarios dream meaning


Power, or out-of-control power.

A perceived threat.

A thing or situation you feel could easily become destructive or spiral out of control.

See also: Fuel; Bomb; Hot... nuclear dream meaning


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aftermath of being in a: hard times are behind you.

discover special power: ask someone you highly respect for advice.

being unable to disarm a bomb: your anger is out of control.

disarming: your honesty wil al ow you to avoid danger.

being under: your anger may explode and do your marriage harm.

others: deception in love matters.

bombshell, a: lawsuits extending over a multitude of victims.

dying in a: are deeply hurt.

others: thanks to friends, you’re rescued once again.

exploding bomb, an: a heated discussion with truce and settlement.

hand grenade, a: impending gift.

hurt, you are: are emotional y wounded.

others: are not responsible for other’s failure

immobilized in an, are: treat yourself for shock, then react.

of a: bad news that wil cost you money.

seeing a bomb explode: turn your aggression into a positive force.

people die: your problems are solvable.

smell gas in a: cal gas company immediately.

throwing a bomb at another: returning hostility complicates the issue.

another, you: an apology for your hostility is due.

town ruined in a, your: need to take charge of your life.

all life gone: forward planning prevents financial loss.

but you are unharmed: take charge of family problems and solve them.

trapped in a: both options are needed to solve the problem.

unharmed, are: you are the only witness to your life’s indiscretions. ... bombardment dream meaning