The meaning of the symbols of november and seven seen in a dream.

November 7

What does the symbols of november and seven mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: November Seven

7 dream interpretation about november and seven related.


Perfection, fulfillment, and completion... seven dream meaning


To dream of November, augers a season of indifferent success in all affairs.... november dream meaning


To dream of the number seventeen symbolizes the soul.... seventeen dream meaning

Sevenup (7up)

Enjoying a 7UP may be a commentary on some expe- nence or situation you find refreshing, such as joyful conversation with a friend. It may represent enthusiasm. In numerology, the number seven represents a dimension in which spirit is manifest. Thus dreaming of 7UP may point to a desire for a more spiritual life and a more enlightened view of your present circumstances.

(See Soda.)... sevenup (7up) dream meaning

Twenty Four-seven (24 / 7)

Dreams that feature the numbers 24/7 are about an all the time, everyday occurrence, perhaps a habit that is constant, a relationship that is unconditional, or a persistent thought that does not leave you alone. This dream can also be a message to you that no matter what you are going through, the world keeps on spinning and life keeps on. Consider the feeling tone to discern whether the thing that is occurring is bringing you pleasure or pain.... twenty four-seven (24 / 7) dream meaning


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