Notes (musical) Dream Meanings

Notes (musical) Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

See Music. Sensuality, desire for harmony and accord (particularly in relationships).

See Concert.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

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Musical Instruments

To see musical instruments, denotes anticipated pleasures.

If they are broken, the pleasure will be marred by uncongenial companionship.

For a young woman, this dream foretells for her the power to make her life what she will. ... musical instruments dream meaning


Important enough to bring to one’s attention and to be taken seriously... note dream meaning

Horn (musical Instrument)

1. Warning or “call to arms” from one level of consciousness to another.

2. A phallus.

3. A call to repent, a moral question (as in a shofar).

4. A feeling that joyful news is coming. ... horn (musical instrument) dream meaning


1. Keeping up, staying ahead with aspects of life.

2. A message is trying to get through, often from one level of consciousness to another.

3. Feelings of guilt, to be held in a dubious light. ... notes dream meaning

Musical Instrument

Often one’s sexual organs; one’s skills in self expression. Large complex instrument: the mind and its influence in the rest of our being.

See organ. ... musical instrument dream meaning

Music, Musical Instrument

Vision: Dreaming about hearing music means being happy and celebrating with the people who are close to you. Listening to annoying music: meeting unpleasant people or finding tension among your friends. Making beautiful music: growing personal and domestic happiness. Jarring sounds: conflict and arguments in the family.

See Orchestra.

Depth Psychology: Listening or hearing beautiful music: inner peace and harmony.

If the music is annoying, of course, it means the opposite.

The dream might also be an expression of your musical talent. Do you play an instrument? If so, what kind? See Dance.... music, musical instrument dream meaning

Musical Performance

(See Delight)... musical performance dream meaning

Musical Notes

Symbolic of the way you live your life.

If the notes are in harmony it symbolizes virtuous living.

If the notes scream it signifies wickedness in your life ... musical notes dream meaning

Fiddle Or Musical Instrument

Music is associated with prosperity in your dreams; it is a good sign.

See also VIOLIN.... fiddle or musical instrument dream meaning


To dream of watching a musical, you are trying to find your way towards happiness in real life.

If you are part of the musical in your dream, this is a lucky omen which represents happiness, harmony and joy. You have the potential to uplift others with your positive attitude.... musical dream meaning

Musical Chairs

If you dreamed about watching/playing the game musical chairs, it symbolizes that you are trying to “get inside” someone’s mind so you can understand their actions better. This dream can also represent the wish to be someone else, especially if you are feeling stressed.... musical chairs dream meaning

Post-it Notes

To see Post-It notes in your dream, suggests your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. Also pay attention to what is written or drawn on the Post-It... that may offer you a clue to what particular aspect of yourself you are not letting go of.... post-it notes dream meaning