The meaning of the symbols of nipple, leaking and pus seen in a dream.

Nipple leaking pus

What does the symbols of nipple, leaking and pus mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Nipple Leaking Pus

15 dream interpretation about nipple, leaking and pus related.


See “abscess”... pus dream meaning

Pushed, Pushing

Pushing: being positive in what you want, exening one’s will or effon of will. Being pushed: feeling co­erced or taken for granted. Idioms: give someone the push; when it comes to the push; push off; push/press on; pushover, push one’s luck. ... pushed, pushing dream meaning


See “breast”... nipple dream meaning


You are warned against mixing in loose company if you dream of pushing people or things.... pushing dream meaning


To dream of seeing a leak in anything, is usually significant of loss and vexations. ... leaking dream meaning


To dream of Pushing against a door or other heavy object signifies that some overmastering obstacle will be removed from your path.... push dream meaning


A dream of an adult taking nourishment through a nipple is telling you that your personal debts are on the verge of getting out of hand, but to dream of a baby or a child using one signifies a happy release... nipple dream meaning


Warning one of forceful intimidation... pushed dream meaning

Blood, Pus Etc. Without Any Wound

Bleeding without any wound means he will acquire unlawful wealth. Similarly, pus or blood gushing forth from a fountain in the body and such pus or blood staining his body also means he will earn haraam wealth. How much haraam wealth he earns depends on how much blood or pus gushes from such a fountain. But if the body does not stain it means he will be demoted from his present position.

The degree of his demotion depends on how much blood or pus gushes out.... blood, pus etc. without any wound dream meaning

Leaking Water

(See Seeping)... leaking water dream meaning


(See Ball)... pushball dream meaning

Pushing Someone

(See Driving force)... pushing someone dream meaning


Stepping on a pushpin in a dream may mean that you have been stuck at work too long. As it is used to put important messages in front of your face, a pushpin may suggest that you look at what is in front of you.... pushpins dream meaning

Push / Pushing

To dream that you are pushing a heavy object, symbolizes effort, energy and a new drive to succeed in life.

If you dream of pushing a person, consider how you, or this person, may be a “pushover” for the other in real life.

To dream that you are pushed or being pushed, suggests that you are being pressured into doing something. You may be feeling stressed because you do not have enough time to complete a task.... push / pushing dream meaning

Push Button(s)

A super surprise is signified in a dream featuring push buttons of any kind.... push button(s) dream meaning