Nightcap Dream Meanings

Nightcap Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

An unexpected kiss will cause much jealousy; beware of practical jokes.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous
There is amusement in store for you after a dream of wearing a nightcap to bed.
Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
lucky numbers: 10-13-15-19-30-42

caught having a, at another’s home: wrangling over the hideous sense of being slighted.

lingering over a: are madly in love to commit to the next step.

serving a, to a loved one: wil expect a goodnight kiss; any more has a price.

wearing a: abundance in business; altercations at home.

with many people, having a: have good fortune to relax for a period.



luxurious, a: your sordid affair wil hurt anyone worth your knowing.

pajamas, putting on: your complex passions wil be unrequited.

children’s: an interminable, agonizing period of waiting.

lounging: a trifling affair of consequence to neither party.

men’s: desperate need for affection and a stable home.

women’s: are ful y displaced from agreement with family.

wearing in wrong setting: need more sleep to clear your perception of reality.

nightwear for daywear: your behavior is too intimate for the occasion.

2 dream interpretation about nightcap related.


A hat, a cover over an oil well, a snow-capped mountain, a nightcap for sleeping, or a nightcap before bed may all indicate sense of completion of some issue, job well done, or a mission accomplished.... cap dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-15-25-28-34-51

arranging: you receive an unexpected visitor.

alterations being made: adjust your outward appearance to match inner changes.

children’s clothes, to: happiness in the family.

others making, for you: the acquisition of an immortal body.

various, on: a prompt engagement.

badly dressed, being: are dissatisfied with your attractiveness to others.

buying: the persona or face you are wil ing to reveal.

blue: wil have a vigorous mind.

brown: joy without profit.

crimson, dresses of: dignity and distinction.

gray: important and very beneficial event to come.

green: financial gains.

many: a conquering of the material.

mauve: being sexual y inviolate.

pink: recovery of lost money.

red: wil receive a sad letter.

new, of: domestic troubles that concerned you are at an end.

nightcap, wearing a: abundance in business.

no, wearing: wil receive plenty of money.

others: gossip spread by you is just as wrong.

overalls, having dirty: watch your diet for a fancy dress occasion.

woman dreaming of a man in: doesn’t know her loved one’s character.

working in: wil be repaid for your kindness with admiration.

overdressed: self-protectiveness.

partly dressed, being: are behaving in an irrational, irritating manner.

plenty of, having: are seriously intent on your ambitions.

putting on: the virtue of each piece of clothing must be discerned.

selling: losses cannot be recouped by sel ing your possessions.

show window, wearing, from a: unexpected death of a relative close to your heart.

soiled: have raw creative power; use it.

spot on, having a: what you desire has one major flaw; get to work and repair it.

tattered, wearing: you emphasize work at your expense.

collecting: appreciate every single thing you have.

ragged: a conspiracy is under way to harm you.

selling: your deception is obvious to others.

teenagers: immature attempts at self-importance.

throwing away: your enemies triumph when you reject a friend’s assistance.

tight: your attitudes restrict your emotions.

unable to get clothes off: lacking ability to conform to social norms.

unwilling to take, off: refusal to reveal real character.

other’s: want to adopt aspects of their life.

wearing wrong, for occasion: what you want versus what others want of you.

above waist only: a warning against snobbery.

below: are uncertain of your social identity.

accessories, odd: you do not have to attend the occasion.

baby clothes: feel childish in adult occasion.

camouflage: are hiding something.

kimono, wearing a: wil attend a fete where you meet your destiny.

soiled: a love affair of haunting consequences.

no blouse: feel you have inadequate breasts.

no pants: rebel ion against authority.

no shirt: have trouble fitting in.

no skirt: a new lover awaits you.

not your own: show admiration for that person.

overalls: are undertaking a dirty task.

plaid: a hearty fortune from activities outdoors.

too big for you: role is overwhelming you.

too much clothing: feel exposed and vulnerable.

too small: role is too limited for you.

weird outfit: are an outsider because you wish to be.

without any, being: pure you; make your appearances what you wil .

missing specific: exposed body part is vulnerable. ... clothing dream meaning