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Net Dream Meaning: From 20 Different Sources

Used to catch a lot of fish at one time, a net in a dream may represen: reaping the harvest from out of the subconscious or through some creative project. It may also represent an entanglement or a trap.

A net may also mention the Internet or World Wide Web as being lucrative business networks.

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green
A trap laid out by evil, wicked people, or spiritual enemies, Ps. 31:4
Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols
Author: Tyler Wolfe
A net is a structure for gathering some things while letting other elements pass by, such as fish and water. In this way, it is a symbol for distinguishing between an object of your desire and that which is extraneous. What you are grasping for with a net or what the net is designed to capture is an important part of your interpretation. Such an image in a dream indicates the intention to catch a prized object.
Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox
1. Plans of the enemy;

2. Winning souls;

3. Traps of the Internet;

Job 19:6; Prov. 1:17; 29:5; Ez. 12:13; 17:20; Matt. 13:47; John 21:6-11.

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model
Author: Vincent Wienand
To cast a net as one does when attempting to catch fish or anything of value suggests that one is caught up in a net of intrigue or a complicated life situation.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
Symbol: The net is a symbol of apprehension, confinement, and anxiety.

Vision: Dreaming about fishing with a net: you want to accomplish something, but believe that success is only a matter of luck. Getting tangled in a net: you have been tempted to do something that was unfair to someone else. In a woman’s dream, the net suggests an unconscious wish to be “caught in a man’s net.” In a man’s dream, it also stands for the desire for a relationship. I lave you cast your net? Who or what do you want to catch?

Depth Psychology: A net represents erotic and or sexual needs, the desire for emotional connections, sexual loyalty (getting caught in the net of love), or “finding a good catch.” Be honest, which of the above applies to you?

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda
(Hunting) In a dream, a hunting net means deception, duplicity and fraud.

If one falls into a hunting net in a dream, it means that he will be victimized. Ifone spreads a hunting net and catches an animal or a bird with it in a dream, it means that he earns money through deception and fraud.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin
You want to catch somebody or understand something. Loss of independence, temptation, and possibly something threatening about sexuality. Also, systematic entanglement of emotions and needs, thoughts, and insights. Points clearly to networking and, in that sense, a meaningful connection to others.
Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar
If there is a net in your dream, it suggests that in real life, you feel like you are caught in a complicated situation.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. Feelings of being trapped, “netted”—usually in situations, sometimes in relationships.

2. To have security (or to lack it)— usually regarding activities, often social, sometimes projects or business (as in “working without a net”).

3. Love and commit­ment.

4. Difficulties with business dealings.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
Dreaming of a net can be a wish fulfillment dream or a nightmare depending upon if you are being chased, rescued or caught.

A net in a dream can also represent an abundant future. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern the meaning.

See Web.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
A net serves to hunt, fish, or trap something. In dreams, it reflects the need to have power over other things, be they people, feelings, or objects.

If you dream that you fall into a net, if means that you feel trapped or defenseless, in an emotional relationship or in a certain work situation. In case you dream of a fishing net full of fish, it means that you should have patience to collect the fruits of your labor. On the contrary, if it is empty, it implies that you find yourself in an adverse circumstance. (See HUNT, THIEF, FISH, and FISHING) According to popular tradition, the constellations are the net imposed by heaven so that no one can leave the universe.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke
The idea of catching, intending to catch, or being caught.

Being caught in a net can represent a feeling or fear of being accused, cornered, or victimized.

Being in a high place with a net below can represent: safety (or a desire for it); the idea of moderated risk; feeling open to taking a risk, but only within reason; the idea that someone “has your back” or is watching out for you.

See also: Catching Something; Catching Someone; Hunting; Internet

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
As a hindrance, you are caught in the net or web of your own thinking and cannot see the way out; as a help, a net catches things you want, or can provide a safety when you are working on balance in your life (walking a tightrope).
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards
If a net or nets appear in your dream, possible interpretations include: you are securing something; you are feeling trapped or caught up in a situation against your will; you are losing out or losing something, as suggested by the phrase ’falling through the net’. Dreams of nets can also refer to the Internet; if you are dealing with money matters, nets could be meaning the bottom line or the net figure, with all expenses, financial or otherwise, taken into account.
Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung
To dream of being entangled in denotes worry and a powerful enemy who is attempting to ensnare you (Gypsy).
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream
Author: Katherine Taylor Craig
General Meaning: If positive a net represents mass evangelism or connecting with others.

To be part of a group.

• Negatively it speaks of the snare of the enemy.

• Positive: Depending on the context of your dream, a net could be positive or negative.

• Negatively speaking a net represents being bound, restricted and being under bondage.

• Positively speaking, it could represent evangelism (in the case of catching fish), prosperity and provision.

Visions Positive:

One of our students shared once how the Lord kept showing them a vision of a net over their bed. They searched and searched but could not find the interpretation to this vision.

• It did not seem negative, yet still there was no interpretation. Then one day as he browsed the Internet, the Lord led him to AMI Network. All along the Lord was indicating that he was to become part of a network of believers and ministry leaders.

• So in this case the net spoke of linking up with other believers around the world.

• Seeing a net in a fishing picture speaks of evangelism, the Lord bringing provision and blessing.

• Speaking of Provision and Blessing • John 21:11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, a hundred and fifty three: and even though there were so many, yet the net was not broken.

Negative: In vision I have often seen the enemy using a net to snare and to steal.

• Often when we have been trusting the Lord for provision, I have seen the enemy having horded all our provision into his net. I would then speak forth and demand that he let go of that provision! • When giving personal ministry, I have also seen people bound up in nets. Usually the nets speak of negative words and curses spoken over the person.

• It could also be because of personal sin and getting involved in things they should not have. And so they have given Satan license to bind them and bring a curse into their lives.

• Referring to a net laid by those who speak negative words and a curse over someone: • Psalms 35:7 For without cause have they hidden for me their net [in] a pit, [which] without cause they have dug for my soul.

See also: Fish, Trap.

Dream Source: The Way of Dreams and Visions
Author: Colette Toach
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catching birds in a: are overly suspicious of innocence.

fish: must assert yourself and establish your rights.

something: wil receive a surprise; change of temperature and much rain.

woman, a: family life wil be content, with plenty of money.

fish net, drying in the sun: are self-confident that you and your subconscious are one.

throwing in the sea: are able to handle whatever life gives you.

fly net, breaking a: love affair you would like to forget wil go on the rocks.

catching flies and butterflies with a: have unrighteous desires.

tangled in a: fear of being confined and exposed.

trawler, a: are trying to get the most out of the least effort.

using a: are entangled in an intriguing life situation.

woman dreaming of using a hair: marriage wil last, if you take joy in your new honor.

16 dream interpretation about net related.


If in your dreams you walk among nettles without being stung, you will be prosperous.

To be stung by them, you will be discontented with yourself and make others unhappy.

For a young woman to dream of passing through nettles, foretells that she will be offered marriage by different men, and her decision will fill her with anxious foreboding.

To dream of nettles, is portentous of stringent circumstances and disobedience from children or servants. ... nettles dream meaning

Net / Network

1- A net in dreams usually indicates that we are feeling trapped and entangled in a scheme or situation. In a woman’s dream she will be aware of her own seductive power, whereas in a man’s dream he will be conscious of his fear of women.

2- Women arc often more able to create a network of ‘sisters’ through the use of intuition, and often will svmbolise this in their dreams as a tangible bonding.

3- Unlimited Relationship.... net / network dream meaning


To dream of a fish-net, portends numerous small pleasures and gains.

A torn one, represents vexatious disappointments. ... fish-net dream meaning


To dream of ensnaring anything with a net, denotes that you will be unscrupulous in your dealings and deportment with others.

To dream of an old or torn net, denotes that your property has mortgages, or attachments, which will cause you trouble.... nets dream meaning


Feeling stung by remarks; irritation, feeling nettled; sickness in the body; a difficult situation you may try to avoid, as in grasping the nettle’ or stung into action’. ... nettle dream meaning

Netti, Nettie

God’s gift of grace, see “janet”... netti, nettie dream meaning


A group united in purpose... network dream meaning

Fishing Net

In a dream, a fishing net represents trickery, deception, profits, knowledge, realizing one’s hope, and victory over one’s enemies if one owns a fishing net.

If one sees himself entrapped inside a fishing net, it means that he may be jailed or fall to sickness or marry a rebellious wife, or it could mean money, or a child that will preoccupy him.

A fishing net in a dream also represents a harsh employer, hard working laborers. or an adversity they may suffer. As for a clear minded fisherman who earns his livelihood from a fishing net, seeing a fishing net in a dream represents trials, imprisonment, short breath, or it could mean profits or good news. As for a traveller, seeing a fishing net in his dream means his return home.

A fishing net in a dream also means increasing difficulties for a worried person.

If one who has lost something sees a fishing net in his dream, it means that he will find his lost object.... fishing net dream meaning

Mosquito Net

(See Canopy)... mosquito net dream meaning

Web (net)

(See Knots, Rope, Spider, Spinning)

In the immortal words of Shakespeare, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave.” This dream may represent the web of deception or some other trap of which you need to be aware.

The web of life that interconnects all things, from the smallest grain at sand to the stars. In this case, your subconscious is trying to remind you of your importance in this scheme, and how your life touches everything directly or indirectly.

Attachments and associations. Nets participated in ancient Russian “wedding ceremonies to indicate the unity of the couple and ensure fertility (“a teeming catch”).

Being caught in a net can be an alternative type of cage dream, with slightly looser constraints indicated (rope is easier to get out of than steel). Alternatively, in China this is a symbol of protection. Pregnant women were sometimes surrounded by fishing nets to safeguard die baby from any evil influences.... web (net) dream meaning


Do not be upset by disappointing correspondence; your success is assured in the end.... net-ball dream meaning

Home Shopping Network (hsn)

Dreams of the Home Shopping Network represents a fascination with all that glitters, sales, marketing, convenience, luxury, and instant gratification.

See Shop, Bling-Bling, and Retail Therapy.... home shopping network (hsn) dream meaning


Dreams of this mail order DVD service are about fantasy, escapism, and portals to other realities. Consider the title of the movie(s).

See Blockbuster, DVD and Mail Order.... netflix dream meaning


A dream about networking reflect opportunistic tendencies and is showing you how all the aspects of life are interconnected. Also, you are dealing with communication issues.... networking dream meaning



Although networking seems like a very modern skill tied to career advancement in the media age, it is actually quite ancient. Networking would also have been an integral part of any military alliance as well as all social and clan confederations in prehistory.

If a messenger or journalist appears in your dreams, this suggests that you have the skills to bring information—or power— and inspiration to others. The question is will you use these skills for the good of the group, or for personal gain?... networker dream meaning


On the coast of the North Sea, the Netherlands is renowned for its tulips, windmills and dykes, as well as for its sexual openness and belief in the freedom of speech, thought and action. In dreams, it may be encouraging you to explore your sexuality or to express yourself more openly.... netherlands dream meaning