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The solution of a puzzle will occur to you after long thought and bring you great good luck.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
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To dream of incoherency, usually denotes extreme nervousness and excitement through the oppression of changing events.... incoherent dream meaning


Classical example in psychology of a disturbed nervous system.

It is necessary to reevaluate your obligation to the community. Become more actively involved. There are tendencies to isolation. Patient and persistent work will bring benefits, or you may be too much of a busybody. It may also be a sign of too much turmoil, excitement, and nervousness.

A possible warning signal: Unwind, make time for self-contemplation. Ants are also considered a sign of intelligence.... ants dream meaning


Overstimulated nerves. Resistance, nervousness, and slight irritation, as in Flea. May also point to Flying. Small things that can be very annoying.

Folklore: Sign of an unsurmountable obstacle.... fly dream meaning


Deeply rooted unconscious content. Almost always a sign of nervousness and unconscious fears. Insects behave like mini-robots and, in that sense, this dream image is a warning against living carelessly.... insects dream meaning

Mall / Market / Marketplace

Points to the dreamer’s social connections. This image shows how you behave toward the outside world, what your connections are to that world, and how you are dependent upon it.

If it is a lively marketplace, it means public contact, commerce, nervousness, chaos.

An empty marketplace points to loneliness. Possibly, it is also a mirror of your inner, personal relationships, or your particular awareness of the world around you.... mall / market / marketplace dream meaning


Speed, nervousness, agility, and poison. Symbol for the planet Mercury.

Folklore: Having fun.... mercury dream meaning


(see Fan, Wind)

The significance of air in dreams often varies with its strength and other characteristics.

For example, a spring breeze is gentle and refreshing, whereas a wind storm may energize or blow away your foundations.

Hot air represents anger and self-importance, especially in the way one speaks (e.g., “being full of hot air”).

Cold air symbolizes real or perceived chilly feelings, to the point of being emotionless and stoic. Alternatively, this can indicate that a cooling-off period is necessary before reapproaching a problem will prove successful.

Humid air portends sadness by its damp nature, or a sense of discomfort that comes with nervousness. Alternatively, since humid air often precedes rain, it can reflect a forthcoming release of pain or period of refreshment.

Dry air reveals spiritual, emotional, or intellectual “dryness” manifested as droll words, tedious actions, or an overwhelming feeling of monotony in your life.

The world’s soul and breath that gives life to all things. In Sanskrit, the word from which we derive “atmosphere” literally means breath.

In Native American beliefs, dreams that center on the element of air are indicating mental issues that need attending.... air dream meaning


Each part of the body symbolizes something different. Fingers indicate blame or direction, arms stand for effective use of skills, and legs are grounding or support.

The nose reveals your instincts and level of honesty (being able to “smell out” a lie); the mouth indicates communicative ability or more metaphorically, tastes and preferences. Eyes represent your spiritual state (the window of the soul) and perspectives. Ears appear as a reminder to listen and hear, the abdomen has to do with birth, fertility, and nervousness (e.g., “having butterflies in your stomach”), and the back is an emblem of support or strength.... body dream meaning


Joyfulness and glee.

Successfully overcoming an obstacle (see Acrobatics). Nervousness and anxiety (e.g., “being jumpy”). Leaps of faith.

Avoidance or hasty movement (“jumping bail” or “jumping on the bandwagon”).

A visual representation of life’s ups and downs, some of which you may presently be experiencing.... jumping dream meaning


Erupting in hives in a dream may indicate nervousness, fear, or worry.... hives dream meaning


Vision: Pesky flies buzzing around you: gossip, and as a result, unpleasantness and aggravation. Catching flies: don’t let others make you nervous; avoid stress at work. Killing flies: you want to avoid distasteful situations—but with litde success. Flies in your mouth: problems with an impertinent person.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about flies usually are a sign of nervousness or something annoying (including people) in vour environment.... flies dream meaning


Vision: Watching smoke rise: you will either enjoy domestic bliss or find refuge at someone else’s place. Seeing thick, biting smoke: resistance from others and a light you can’t avoid. Seeing white smoke: you are lucky now, but know that it will last only a short time.

Depth Psychology: Dark smoke is a sign of trouble to come; light smoke means temporary happiness. Sometimes smoke indicates nervousness and anxiety, or that tendencies lurking under the surface have become habitual.... smoke dream meaning


(see Connecting Devices, Rope, Ties)

Feeling bound or obligated to something or someone.

Security in relationships (e.g., “tying the knot”).

Nervousness (e.g., a stomach “tied in knots”).

Being tied up with: A type of bondage fantasy or cage dream.

Problems and delays that have to be untangled (see Red: Red tape).

Slip knot: Something that’s transitory and offers little security. Alternatively, wrangling your way out of a tight situation, akin to slipping out the back door.

The return of health. In ancient times, knot magic was used as a kind of folk medicine wherein a person’s ailment was bound in a knot, then tossed away.

Being untied: Restrictions and tensions easing. Liberty.... knots dream meaning


Blue always has something to do with intellectual or spiritual events, insights, experiences, and mental processes.

It is the opposite of the emotional red, because it is “cool” and “analytical.” A soft, gentle blue is typically a female color. Blue is a symbol of the emodonal calm and contentment that we all would like to attain. It indicates that you live wisely and with compassion. Blue stands for intellectual goals and insight, faith, and spiritual maturity.

Color Therapy: Blue has antiseptic, cooling, and constricting qualities. It supports healing in case of hyperthyroidism, sore throat, inflammation, fever, ear infection, mental exhaustion, nervousness, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

Depth Psychology: The color of “faraway places” and of infinity, blue is a symbol of faith, longing, and relaxation—but also of turning within, back to the true self, back to the “I.”... blue dream meaning


Vision: Seeing a worm: you find a friend or acquaintance becoming increasingly unfriendly. Somebody might try to undermine your position. \bu have a strange premonition— but vou are still in the dark.

Depth Psychology: Worms are a symbol of intense nervousness or sexual needs. They are also considered a symbol of lower, instinctive urges.

See Earth.... worm dream meaning


Dreams of a heartbeat represent that you are in touch with your passion, love, and the rhythm of your creativity.

If you dream that your heart is racing then you may be processing nervousness, stress or infatuation.

If you dream that there is no pulse, then you are feeling a lack of passion, or you are dying to your former identity, in order to be made anew.... heartbeat dream meaning


Dreams of a stammer signify nervousness, stress and that you are venting out and releasing feelings of -criticism and a fear of saying what you really want to say.

See Throat.... stammer dream meaning

Body Odor

To dream of having B.O.

(body odor) suggests you are experiencing some overwhelming anxiety, stress, fear, or nervousness in your life.

The dream may be a reminder that in order to achieve your goals, you will have to put in a lot of effort and struggle. This dream is also common when the dreamer is sick, especially with a cold or the flu.

If somebody else has B.O. in your dream, you might have hand to stand up for yourself recently in an uncomfortable situation. Or, a certain unpleasant memory is trying to come to the forefront.... body odor dream meaning


To dream that your clothes are dirty and you are trying to clean them means you want to change something about your personality.

To dream that you are constantly changing your clothes represents the need for change and your need to fit into a new situation.

To dream that you can’t find anything to wear indicates anxiousness or nervousness about fitting into some social group or situation - you’re not sure who to be these days.

To dream of putting on or wearing multiple layers of clothing suggests that you are feeling vulnerable and under attack by others.

To dream of wearing the same clothes as someone else could mean you wish you had certain qualities that person possesses. It can also mean you are feeling close to that person.

To dream that your clothes fit too tightly suggests that you feel smothered in a relationship.

To dream that you are shopping for clothes represents your anxieties about trying to fit in.

To dream that your clothes are wet, suggests that you are drenched in emotions. It also signifies spirituality.

To dream that your clothing is torn or ripped, indicates that there is some flaw in your thinking or thought process. Your logic is not making sense. You need to alter your reasoning.

To dream of faded clothing symbolizes lost hopes.

If you dreamed of you or someone else wearing old-fashioned clothing, this suggests that you are letting go of outdated childhood ideas and moving on.

To dream of wearing your clothes inside-out suggests that you need to protect your reputation by cooling down your romantic activities.

A dream about designer or expensive clothing suggests that you are overly concerned with impressing others. This dream symbolizes the act you put on in front of people. Alternatively, it may be an indicator that you are “well suited” for a new role you are taking on.

To dream that you forget to put on an item of clothing, suggests that you are not seeing all sides of a situation. You may be missing important facts, or not understanding a crucial point, that would make things much more clear to you.

To dream about clothes that are too big for you, indicates that you are lacking confidence in some situation. You may have been placed in a role that you don’t feel ready for, or are unsure of what to do next in a relationship. Also see “Dryer” and “Washing Machine.”... clothes dream meaning


To dream that you are late for something represents your fear of change and your nervousness about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready or unworthy in your current circumstances. You may also be conflicted with decisions about your future.... late dream meaning

Oven Mitt

To dream of seeing or wearing oven mittes suggests that you are trying to handle a touchy situation in a careful manner. This dream may also refer to nervousness about a romantic situation.... oven mitt dream meaning


If you dream that you are procrastinating (putting off doing something), this represents your fear of change and your nervousness about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready or unworthy in your current circumstances. You may also be conflicted with decisions about your future.... procrastinate dream meaning


If you dreamed of being a prositute, you will get good news from an unexpected source.

If you dream of talking to a sympathetic prostitute, you will be successful in a volunteer project.

If she was rude or mean, you are being warned that obnoxious behavior may cause you to be scorned by someone whose opinion you value. Dreams of prostitutes can also signify a nervousness with the subject of sex.... prostitute dream meaning

Sneak / Sneaky

If you dream of sneaking around, it may symbolize your nervousness about pursuing some path in your life. You may also believe that others don’t support you in something, and you feel like you have to be secretive about your values and goals.

If you are being sneaky in your dream to avoid a certain person, this suggests that you are avoiding some aspect of your own self. Consider the character traits of the person you are avoiding - that will give you clues.... sneak / sneaky dream meaning


Emotional release, nervousness, fear; cooling down a heated situation.... perspire dream meaning


Using a garage for your car heralds a stage where you must choose between several options. The concern for this dilemma is mitigated if the garage is outdoors or you do not own the vehicle. On the other hand, getting into a garage predicts a long period of tension and nervousness; to leave it indicates that a conflict has come to an end.... garage dream meaning


To dream of the loss of an object denotes repression, shyness, an inferiority complex, shame, and ultimately fear. The sense of loss is linked to guilt. Also, you should ask yourself what the misplaced object means to you.

If it is you who is lost, it symbolizes the beginning of a new life phase and expresses your nervousness about leaving behind what has so far been familiar. However, this meaning may be the reverse: in reality you do not know which direction to take. In such moments of utter confusion, it is advisable to go along setting small goals and gradually achieving them.

Losing something cautions that you may be cut with a sharp object by accident.... losing dream meaning


Dreaming that you run—no matter the cause—without reaching the final line is a sign of anxiety and nervousness. This dream indicates that you should monitor both your physical and emotional health. However, if the feeling is nice, running augurs success. (See DROWNING) ... running dream meaning


Dreaming of a fine sandy beach promises peace and sensuality. It suggests the soft touch of the sea, of love, and of the mother. In contrast, the desert sand represents aridity and goes hand in hand with the image of the death. Dreaming that you walk over sand reveals you are afraid of not achieving the goal previously set; whereas, if you find sand in food or clothing, it means nervousness caused by an unstable situation.... sand dream meaning



Expression of feelings.

Sensitivity or sensuality.


Consider what the lips were doing (for example, pursing your lips might represent indecision, and biting your lips might represent nervousness).

See also: Mouth; Communication... lips dream meaning


A real, expected, feared, or imagined challenge or evaluation.

For example, being nervous while taking a test might represent your nervousness about a job interview scheduled later this week.

See also: Problem; Competition; Succeeding; Failing a Test; Interview; Writing; Laboratory; Medical Treatment... test dream meaning


lucky numbers: 17-18-32-41-44-45

having: have strong resources of character to support your actions.

good, for family: your nervousness wil cause you to fail to act.

relative: are easily led, without a distinctive personality to monitor you.

losing: wil defend your interests at al costs.

success of children, for: arguments with relatives over new horizons opening up for you. ... hope dream meaning

Can’t Speak

An inability or unwillingness to communicate or express yourself.

Consider the reason you couldn’t speak.

A throat problem could represent an unwillingness or inability to express yourself or speak for yourself.

Laryngitis could represent the idea of talking too much or expressing a lot (or not enough).

Being overcome by emotion might represent actual emotion you feel about something in your real life, or an in-the-moment reaction to an event in the dream.

Someone else stopping you from speaking might represent a feeling or fear of a challenge, victimization, or oppression.

Being “tongue tied” might represent an issue of overwhelm, pride, nervousness, or self-sabotage.

For more clues, consider your feelings, the context, what you were trying to say, and to whom.

See also: Voice; Paralysis; Problem; Helpless; Illness; Help, Calling for; Quiet... can’t speak dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-07-30-38-40-43

beautiful coat, with a: beware of the deceit of seductive charms.

buying a: be on close lookout for other’s potential y dangerous activities.

catching a, in a trap: wil uncover a clandestine relationship.

children playing with a baby: people are abusing your kindness.

hunt, participating in a: are being outmaneuvered; step back and redirect.

killed, a, being: wil overcome the threat of a clever foe.

killing a: success in undermining a quick-witted opponent.

many: enemies are inventive in their sneakiness.

of a: an enemy’s rival is among your acquaintances.

sly, a: a crafty enemy wil subtly amaze you.

surprising a: beware of baseness and trickery on the part of thieves.

tame: your love wil not be misplaced and betrayed.

terrier, a: put your hyperactive nervousness to work in the stock market. ... fox dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-10-11-15-21-25

announcing one’s own: friction from resentment of enemies wil last over time.

annulled, becoming a bachelor after an: have a strong, outstanding personality.

assisting at a: wil have pleasing news of little importance.

bridesmaid at a, ceremony, being a: wil marry soon if sincerely happy for the bride.

bride or groom: major financial loss affecting living standards and health.

children: have a naïve enthusiasm toward a new project.

daughter away in, giving a: good times are ahead; freedom from responsibility.

sister: unexpected big peril of serious incestuous entanglements.

flower girl: wil have a happy future from the care and consideration of family.

maid of honor: wil accept nothing less than the truth.

getting married: melancholy for the guests with unrequited loves.

honeymoon, a: looking forward to future activities.

infidelity: accusing yourself of being unfaithful to an idea.

money, for: your nervousness and irritability are not ways to avert your financial loss.

others announcing their: disagreeable news from those absent.

partner being suddenly grotesque: question if this is the right choice for you.

priest in a, of the: sit back; you’re into obsessing over other’s lives rather than living own.

relatives, announcing to: immediate recovery from being overly committed.

second, a: inner marriage of formerly disjointed aspects of one’s self.

to a younger man: facing a delicate mental outlook that needs restructuring.

secret, a: a disappointing love affair leaves you uncertain and confused.

virgin, to a: frigidness and lack of sympathy from mate.

widower dreaming of: some things cannot be replaced.

wife and husband restating their vows: happiness is ensured until death.

will, against your: a lively and eventful period of excessive responsibilities.

woman dreaming of, to an old man: are tired, sick and stressed from trouble ahead.

young, being an unhappy bride at a: enemies seek her downfal , adding burdens. ... marriage dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-12-17-37-38-39

abroad, being: if your mind is unsettled, consider potential results long and hard before acting.

going: your childish unreliability wil lose you needed respect.

others: triumph over enemies wil bring a sudden and large increase of income.

others: someone wil belittle your accomplishments when their fortunes rise.

alone: wil avoid unpleasant events if you avoid the interference of noisy neighbors.

another: a visit from a distant friend; consider results before acting.

arranging for a trip: beware of friend’s gossip as to why you are taking your trip.

commuting, a married man: a fel ow worker has no excuse for his poor performance.

by subway: are attacking your ambitions by utilizing your subconscious drives.

single man, a: another’s interests may not be in line with the business focus.

woman: wil receive important help from your superiors.

woman: someone with evil intentions is watching you.

galaxy, in the: spiritual journey of self-expansion and heightened awareness.

home from another town, to: present conditions are moving toward positive growth.

in a car: separation from immediate family to journey in an area you alone can go.

carriage: wil enjoy large fortune, if you accept new ideas in your job.

on a horse: wil have dealings with obstinate people, one of them is yourself.

foot: hard work is ahead for you; take care, your health is dubious.

small boat: need to nurture every bit of your self-awareness.

train: think before you act and only after a wel -deserved rest.

tourist, being a: your nervousness is restraining your developing a relationship.

in a group: do not avoid another’s opinion, their advice may be useful.

with business associates: dashed hopes in al present ventures until you find new ones.

firearms: wil soon find a wife, but not before you solve your nervous irritability.

loved one: delays in personal matters due to hiding your insincerity.

others: feel you are stagnating as others leave you in their wake.

your family: wil avoid unhappiness by making necessary sacrifices. ... traveling dream meaning